Really Vancouver youth? Really?

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There is nothing new in the behaviour of youth that has changed. Let’s not lie to ourselves, we’ve all done irresponsible things in our youth that we later regretted.

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Your youth segment is not “really” chatting on Facebook anymore

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Businesses trying to reach the youth segment did a double take. Let me explain what I mean. Here’s a brief history of Facebook from my own personal experience. I joined Facebook sometime in mid 2006. It was only open to colleges and universities, quickly followed by cities. Up until that point, the main conversation platforms for myself and my close friends other than in-person conversations, email and the phone were tools such as ICQ followed by MSN chat.

Youth And Online Politics

The Agitator

Here’s a good Independence Day read for our American Agitators in particular, but for all who want more insight into how online tools are re-shaping political participation amongst youth (15-25 year-olds) … Participatory Politics: New Media and Youth Political Action , funded by an arm of the MacArthur Foundation. ” Heaps of data in here regarding the online behaviors of youth.

10 Safe and Fun Youth Fundraising Ideas

Fundraiser Ideas

However, youth fundraising raises significant safety concerns. The following are 10 safe and fun youth fundraising ideas your children can use to positively contribute to their favorite cause: Recycling. Kids can raise money and be environmentally responsible in the first on our list of youth fundraising ideas. Youth groups should approach their church to get permission to sell after Sunday services. Face painting is a fun and easy fundraising idea for older youth.

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CauseTalk Radio Ep62: Youth-Focused Agency Helps Marketers Woo Millennials

Selfish Giving

In this episode of CauseTalk Radio , Megan and I talk to Aria Finger , COO of millennial-focused nonprofit and President of TMI , a new youth-focused agency. CauseTalk Radio Podcast cause marketing millennials thumb condoms tmi youth

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Where's the Social Media in this Youth Targeted Cause Marketing Effort?

Cause Related Marketing

Avon has addressed the challenge by launching Mark , which targets 18-30 year olds with bright, fun, less expensive products than Avon’s mainstream line and sold by youthful reps using a heavy dose of social media. So given the youth of the audience and Mark’s sales approach, I wonder where the social media element is to this cause marketing campaign?

#URBANFARMING: 2013 NYC Youth Internship Applications Now Available

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The folks at East New York Farms are now taking applications for the 2013 Youth Internship program. ENYF are looking for youth ages 13-15 who live or go to school in East New York and are interested in making a difference in their community.

#GRANT: Dell Computers & Dell Foundation Offer Resources For Youth & Environment

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In all these cases, the foundation clearly wants to support the youth in the US and abroad. Dell Computers was founded in 1984 in Austin Texas and it became a worldwide leader in online sales of MSDOS/Windows/x86 computers within a decade. Michael and Susan Dell established their foundation in 1999 in an effort to present their booming company as a corporate citizen.

The 5 Best Nonprofit Digital Stories from TechSoup’s Storymakers Contest

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Youth or STEM Story. Free Running in Baltimore by Wide Angle Youth Media created by Tyson Sanford-Griffin. “‘Free Running in Baltimore’ was created in Wide Angle Youth Media’s Mentoring Video Project Program. Alexandra Ale Bezdikian.

How to Perform the “You” Test for Donor-Centered Communications – Do You Pass?

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” (Actually it will tell you how many times the letters “y-o-u” are in that order That means it will also catch words like “youth” or “young” but you’ll get an idea.

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Next? Nonprofit Communications Jobs

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Communications and Marketing Coordinator Collier Youth Associates (Morganville, NJ). Communications & Marketing Coordinator Youth Policy Institute (Los Angeles, CA). Youth Marketing Video Producer PETA (Los Angeles, CA).

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Less IS More, but Harder

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Despite her youth, Malala’s words show her insight and communications finesse! 17-year-old Malala Yousafzai gave an unforgettable speech as she accepted her Nobel Peace Prize today. In fact, this core message from the speech is an unbeatable combo of passion, specificity and brevity. Use this triad as a checklist for your organization’s messages. Less IS more— much harder to craft but totally worth it. “This award is not just for me.

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25 OMG Nonprofit Communications Jobs: Moving Up Monday

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Director of Communication Thrive Foundation for Youth (Menlo Park, CA). Marketing & Communications Associate Interfaith Youth Core (Chicago, IL). Please post your nonprofit marketing jobs here. Advocacy/Editorial Officer AJC/Jacob Blaustein (New York, NY).

Grants for Nonprofits, Youth Groups, or Schools Working With Youth Doing Student-Led Service Learning Project

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Deadline: October 2, 2009 Applications Invited for State Farm's Youth Advisory Board Service-Learning Grants Program The State Farm Youth Advisory Board is a group of thirty diverse youth that helps create and oversee a State Farm -funded grantmaking initiative for student-led service learning projects in the United States as well as Alberta, New Brunswick, and Ontario, Canada. Visit the Youth Advisory Board Web site for complete program guidelines and online application.

Where’s the Love: Is Your Communications Strategy LGBTQ Inclusive?

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A success story came from Janeen Gingrich, interim chief executive officer at SHIFT NC , an organization that helps schools, healthcare providers, and other youth-serving agencies improve adolescent sexual health.

Year Long Grants for Youth Social Entrepreneur Nonprofits

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Deadline: Open Starbucks Foundation Offers Support for Young Social Entrepreneurs A program of the Starbucks Foundation , the Starbucks Shared Planet Youth Action Grants program is designed to help young people realize their natural potential to reinvent their local communities. million in total has been invested in youth-led initiatives around the world. Tags: youth groups RFP social enterprises grants the foundation center From The Foundation Center.

Three Different Grants For Atheletics and Sports: U.S. Soccer for Youth, U.S. Football for Youth, and U.S. Girls Sports Ages 8 - 13

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The 2012 Soccer for Success SIF Subgrant will support the replication of Soccer for Success, the foundation's free after-school youth development soccer program, which was designed to combat childhood obesity and promote healthy lifestyles for children in low-income urban communities. The subgrant program seeks to invest in nonprofit organizations serving economically disadvantaged youth in grades K-8. RFP youth sports grants the foundation center

UK charity launches online Favour Farm to encourage youth volunteering

Giving in a Digital World

V – the UK charity that aims to inspire youth volunteering has just launched a fun new site called The Favour Farm to encourage young people to do favours for those around them in everyday life. It’s an interesting youth-focused take on the ‘random acts of kindness’ idea that has been promoted online for a while through sites like , , and

UK charity launches online Favour Farm to encourage youth volunteering

Giving in a Digital World

V – the UK charity that aims to inspire youth volunteering has just launched a fun new site called The Favour Farm to encourage young people to do favours for those around them in everyday life. It’s an interesting youth-focused take on the ‘random acts of kindness’ idea that has been promoted online for a while through sites like , , and

Nonprofit Branding: OOPS! Blowing off a Major Donor

NonProfit Branding

How dumb… This is another embarrassing mistake from my youth. I hogged the media spotlight. Denied access to the woman who actually owned the media! Pretty cool lessons here about judgement errors that beginners must avoid, the public role of the development officer and Major Donor Abuse…… Fundraising

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The Power of Youth Philanthropy

Fundraising Breakthroughs

Kristof writes in yesterday’s New York Times about how youth are rocking out with philanthropic endeavors. Nicholas D. One New York high school student raised $57,000 to help build an elementary school in rural Cambodia. In a similar vein, two high school students in Massachusetts raised $420,000 to aid the people of Darfur. These “piggy-bank philanthropists,” as Mr. Kristof labels them, are inspiring. They demonstrate what creativity and drive can do to create real change in the world.

Long Term Grants for Programs Developing Queer Youth Leadership Or Programs that Empower the Community

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Queer Youth Fund Accepting Letters of Intent Deadline: October 2, 2007 (Letters of Intent) The Queer Youth Fund is a donor-initiated grantmaking program housed at the Liberty Hill Foundation ( [link] ). A group of committed donors developed the fund to provide large multiyear grants to groups that address the multitude of issues queer youth face as they acknowledge and celebrate their sexuality, identity, and seek to become empowered leaders in their communities.

4-H Rebrands – Simply, Effectively & Memorably (Case Study)

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This ad conveys, in just a memorable second, 4-H’ positioning statement: “4-H is a positive youth development organization that empowers young people to reach their full potential. I was pleasantly astonished to see this sign at JFK airport last month.

It's Funny - But Not On YOUR Account

Social Media Bird Brain

Image via In past posts, I''ve warned about the dangers of thinking youth was a prerequisite for handling your small nonprofit''s social media accounts. Here''s an object lesson in what can happen when you put an intern in charge of your Twitter account without supervision or - apparently - even occasional oversight. This case-in-point is brought to you by the Seattle Department. blogs interns NGOs posting Seattle small nonprofits social communications social media

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Great Nonprofit Marketing Jobs: Movin’ Up Monday

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Design Intern , Advocates for Youth (Washington DC). Please post your nonprofit marketing position here for full-time or part-time staff, consulting or internship opportunities. New Opportunities. Communications Director , National Safe Boating Council. Manassas, VA).

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Still-Time Summer Marketing Sizzlers

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I work with a few organizations that focus on reaching youth. They have to adjust their communications approaches to compensate for the schedule and location shift many youths have during the summer. They also continue to reach out to youth directly. Part 1. Dig in a.s.a.p.

Grant For American or Canadian Youth Under 19 Who Are Using Music To Solve Community Issue

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The project must be youth- -led and -driven, creative, and demonstrate an original idea for solving problems and creating change. Tags: youth groups RFP music the foundation center From The Foundation Center.

Your New Nonprofit Marketing Job: Movin’ Up Monday!

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Communications & Outreach Manager , COMPASS Youth Collaborative, Inc. New Opportunities Associate Director of Communications, Conservation Land Foundation (Durango, CO) Communications & Outreach Manager, COMPASS Youth Collaborative, Inc.

Sponsored New Environmental Classrooms for Youth In Domestic Violence Shelters

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From The Foundation Center. [If If you are interested in this grant opportunity, click "Link to Complete RFP" at the bottom of this blog post for more information] "Deadline: August 1, 2012 "Mary Kay Foundation Invites Applications for Nature Explore Classrooms to Help Domestic Violence Survivors Heal "The Mary Kay Foundation and Mary Kay, Inc.

Grants Available to Camps, Schools, or Other Nonprofits Introducing Youth to Manufacturing And Engineering Careers

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Tags: American public schools youth groups education vocational education camps

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Marketers and Fundraisers

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If you work with youth, you might want to check out the Family & Youth Services Bureau’s new online course for how to construct and manage a successful education plan.

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Grants for Emprical Research Programs Improving Lives of U.S. Youth Between 8 and 25 Years Old

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Grant Foundation Accepting Letters of Inquiry for Studies on the Use of Research Evidence in Policy and Practice Affecting Youth "The William T. Grant Foundation seeks to fund high-quality empirical research with the goal of improving the lives of youth between 8 and 25 years of age in the United States. The foundation is interested in policy and practice directly relevant to youth in the U.S. From The Foundation Center. [If

‘James Caan’ Talks Retention

The Agitator

In his youth, curly-haired Roger was often mistaken for James Caan, actor of The Godfather fame. You’ll recall that Sonny Corleone was a hothead. And nothing makes Roger hotter than fundraisers’ neglect of donor retention.

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Your New Nonprofit Marketing Job?—Movin’ Up Monday

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Content Director , International Youth Foundation (Baltimore, MD). Please post your open nonprofit marketing position here —for full- or part-time staff, consulting or internship opportunities. New Opportunities.

The Digital Youth Project: Teen Socialization and the Internet

Social Marketing and Social Change

The Digital Youth Project , funded by the MacArthur Foundation, released their results yesterday. The media release from the Foundation notes the significant findings: There is a generation gap in how youth and adults view the value of online activity. Adults tend to be in the dark about what youth are doing online, and often view online activity as risky or an unproductive distraction. Youth are navigating complex social and technical worlds by participating online.

Grants Available for Schools & Youth Non Profits Creating Sun-Safe Outdoor Areas

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Tags: American public schools youth groups RFP sun safe outdoor areas grants American Academy of Dermatology the foundation center

Grants for U.S. Organizations Helping Youth Adopt Healthy Diet and Exercise

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This national program annually awards fifty grants of $10,000 each to community-based groups that develop creative ways to help youth adopt a balanced diet and physically active lifestyle. Local organizations that work with youth are encouraged to apply. The target audience must be youth between the ages of 2 and 18. From The Foundation Center. For more information on this grant opportunity, click "Link to Complete RFP" at the end of this post].

WOWza Nonprofit Marketing Jobs

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Communications and Marketing Manager Youth Frontiers (Twin Cities, MN). Post YOUR comms job here —nonprofits, grantmakers, B Corps & vendors serving nonprofits. Communications Coordinator First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee (Milwaukee, WI). Communications Manager, Shared Value Initiative FSG (Boston, MA). Communications Manager Kinship Foundation (Chicago, IL). Communications Manager Mental Health America of Texas (Austin, TX).

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Grants for LGBTQ Youth Who Have Transformed Their Experiences With Bigotry and Discrimination Into Something Good To Improve the Community

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Unlike scholarships based on grade-point average or written essays, the Colin Higgins Foundation looks to communities across the United States to nominate and lift up LGBTQ youth activists who inspire them and play critical roles in their schools, organizations, and community spaces. From The Foundation Center. [If If you are interested in more information on this grant opportunity, click "Link to Complete RFP" at the end of this post.]

Nonprofit Video Awards Announced

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For the eighth year, See3, YouTube, NTEN and Cisco, now joined by The National Alliance for Media and Culture and the National Youth Media Network have combined to select the best of nonprofit videos. Topic: Need to do more to end tragedies like youth suicide.

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