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Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Monarch. Kansas City, MO. Photo Credit: Deena Davis. It’s that time again! Are you ready for the best articles, posts, tips, and more from around the world of marketing and fundraising? It’s time for Mixed Links….

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3 things you can do when fundraising is no longer fun and you want a new job.


Turnover. If you’ve been in fundraising for any length of time you probably already know that turnover is a problem in the sector. According to the Chronicle of Philanthropy , the average turnover rate of nonprofit fundraisers is sixteen months. Ack! .

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Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Ward 8 – Boston, MA. I hope you all had a fantastic week! Let’s start winding down and check out the best articles, posts, tips, and more from around the world of marketing and fundraising. It’s time for Mixed Links….

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Top 3 ways to determine whether or not a so-called expert is worth listening to


Most people don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. On social media you’ll find a lot of people posting and making comments on posts. At conferences you’ll hear speakers babble on about stuff.

Astonishing! If you have more women of color presenting at a conference…

Wild Woman Fundraising

This year at the Fundraising Career Conference , we had 6 women of color presenting, out of 9 presenters in 11 sessions. . Heres’s what I found with this lineup of speakers, after 4 years of running this online conference.

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Prospect Research and the Consideration Continuum with Kelley McGeehan (Season 2, Episode 8)


Kelley McGeehan is Principal Consultant and Owner of McGeehan Research. She is a prospect researcher and in this episode we get a chance to explore why prospect research is valuable, the consideration continuum, why some organizations fail even with the right data at the right time and much more. You can find Kelley at

Fundraising- A new craze! Go fund yourself

Wild Woman Fundraising

Here’s what’s happening. Everyone’s a fundraiser now. Because we are seeing a maturation of online fundraising, a greater availability of crowdfunding platforms (550+ at the last count) and a deterioration of the social safety net.

How to Attract and Keep More Monthly Donors


Monthly donor or sustainer programs are a relatively low-effort and high-impact way to increase donor retention and donor lifetime value, while also providing a steady and predictable stream of revenue that can help your nonprofit better budget and plan for the future.

10 Ways to Become A Stellar Nonprofit Storyteller

J Campbell Social Marketing

I am on a mission to help nonprofits of all sizes become better communicators. This is the third part in a multi-part series on nonprofit storytelling designed to show nonprofits the most effective ways to amplify their stories using digital storytelling techniques. Click for part one and part two.

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators #18NTC Style

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Cane and Table. New Orleans, LA. Greetings from New Orleans! Kivi and I are here for the Nonprofit Technology Conference. For those of you who can’t be with us, I am dedicating today to rounding up communications and marketing breakout sessions from this year.

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The Fundraising Career Conference ROCKED!

Wild Woman Fundraising

Here’s what people said about the Fundraising Career Conference Presenters! Great 3 days of fantastic presentation material by amazing professionals and speakers.

5 Signs Your Nonprofit Needs a New CRM


We all aspire to live by the age-old mantra “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” but often we get so used to our familiar tools and processes that it can be difficult to know when to honestly evaluate them for broken parts.

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Stuck On the Bottom Line

The Agitator

Why, for nearly six decades, has American philanthropy failed to grow beyond a 2% share of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP)? After all, decade after decade athletes break new records, horses run faster, crop yields bloom with increases and on and on.

How to Get Award-Winning Email Engagement as a Nonprofit

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

When Jen Billow shared with her fellow Communications Director Mentoring Program participants that her organization, the Park City Education Foundation, had received accolades from Constant Contact for their awesome email engagement rates, everyone wanted to know how.

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BENCHMARKING YOURSELF: Ever wonder how you’re doing compared to others?


If you’re competitive like me, you probably want to see how your organization compares to its peers. Now you can do that in seconds, for FREE! My team took all the data from our Fundraising Report Card (2,600 organization’s transactions) and built a nifty little live benchmarking app.

15 Masks-What type of leader are you?

Wild Woman Fundraising

What’s your leadership personality? When you look at your work, what helps you? What hinders you? Is it people around you? If so, what archetypes could their personalities be playing out? I was chatting with a friend recently about leadership personalities.

5 Features Environmental Organizations Need From Their CRM


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How Well Do You Know Your Donors?

Ann Green

You already have a core group of donors and other supporters, but how well do you know them?

Inclusive Conversations: Are Your Communications Making FRIENDS or FOES with People of Color?

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

CultureStrike’s Julio Salgado reimagines 90’s sitcoms with diverse casts. A lot of my peers grew up watching the popular 90’s sitcom FRIENDS. But not me.

Mass marketing, relationships and trust.


One-to-many marketing/fundraising relationships are the same as personal relationships. Trust is essential. But, if you send spammy emails and direct mailers that are impersonal, irrelevant, interruptive, and annoying, your supporters won’t trust you or your employer.

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8 Ways That Nonprofit Digital Storytelling Can Advance Your Cause

J Campbell Social Marketing

I am on a mission to help nonprofits of all sizes become better communicators. This is the second part in a multi-part series on nonprofit storytelling designed to show nonprofits the most effective ways to amplify their stories using digital storytelling techniques. . There is a myriad of benefits that can be gained through a strategic online foray into storytelling—benefits that will resonate throughout the entire organization, from donors to clients to staff.

The Road to the Big Easy: EveryAction at #18NTC


As our team settles into post-conference life, we're looking back at a whirlwind of a week spent in beautiful New Orleans for one of our favorite nonprofit conferences: the 2018 Nonprofit Technology Conference. Here's a recap of all the fun! Booth Buzz. Fortunately, we snapped a picture of our booth before the crowds assembled.

Why You Need a Good Donor Database

Ann Green

What type of donor database do you have, or do you even have one at all? If you’re using Excel instead of a database because it’s free, stop doing that. A spreadsheet is not a database. Your Worst Fundraising Enemy.

Do you aim your messages at supporters or targets?


Unfortunately just about all of us are capable of conceiving of people as just functions rather than human beings.

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(Lack of) Speed Kills

The Agitator

When Amazon started, people were nervous about providing a credit card number in hope that their books would arrive. Don’t @ me, 25-and-unders, this was a real thing.) Will my book arrive? Will it be what I intended? Is this whole Internet thing a scam?

How This Nonprofit Added Four Six-Figure Event Sponsors In 18-Months [SPONSORED]

Selfish Giving

Elyse Meardon is proud of her work with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMN) - and rightfully so. As managing director of CMN’s signature dance marathon program, she and her team are stewards of the fastest growing peer-to-peer fundraiser in the country!

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Social fundraising data report for nonprofits - powered by CrowdRise and GoFundMe


The Social fundraising data report for nonprofits was created to use the massive amount of GoFundMe data tracked through campaigns, donations, and social sharing to help nonprofits better understand and use social fundraising. Marketing Data

Inclusive Conversations: Confrontation versus Conversations

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Two weeks ago, my college friend Kim Pevia and I led the second webinar in The Inclusive Conversations series called How to Talk to Your Boss (and co-workers) about offensive communications.

Using Facebook to Acquire Donors with Mark Santiago (Season 2, Episode 7)


Mark Santiago from Converge.Digital shares how to use Facebook strategically to build trust and acquire new donors. For more info about how Converge helps nonprofits get more donors, visit: Converge.Digital. You can also download Mark’s free Facebook Fundraising Blueprint here: Click here to listen on YouTube! Topic Timestamps. Who is Mark Santiago? [02:36]. 02:36]. Facebook [04:37]. Quality versus quantity [05:30].

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Confucius on Fundraising Tech Tools

The Agitator

The other day I received an email from the admirably and voraciously curious Simone Joyaux attaching the 2018 Global NGO Technology Report listing the “10 Most Effective Tools” for online use by nonprofits around the world. Simone asked: “Do you believe the nonprofits are “correct”?

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Diva Foodies - My Newest (Ad)Venture!

Diva Marketing Blog

Diva Foodies , is a sister company to Bloomberg Marketing , serving the food industry. . I am delighted to work with people who are passionate about their business including foodprenerus, chefs, cookbook authors, media companies and caterers.

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Going Small Can Pay Off Big: School and Nonprofit Social Media Campaigns

Mission Minded

While the importance of having a social media presence is relatively well understood, pinpointing the how, where, how much, why, and for whom can be paralyzing for small nonprofit organizations and school communications teams strapped for resources and time.

Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator – Angel Mills

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Angel Mills. Welcome to our latest installment in our series on the “Day in the Life” of nonprofit communicators! This series lets you describe your workday in your own words. We’d love to feature YOU in this series!

The difference between goals vs. quotas for major gifts and planned gifts fundraisers


I am a big believer in setting goals with my staff, not administering quotas. When we sit down to set goals, I prefer to collaborate with my staff, not dictate activities to them. Here’s the difference between a goal and a quota. Goal: The object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.

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