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Make It Easy to Spread the Word (Case Study)

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But I see so few orgs that ask supporters to spread the word on vital asks, and even fewer who make it easy (and far more likely) for them to do so. Film Festival which I’ve previously spread the word on— and current goal (to boost submissions by COB today ).

7 Conversion-Killing Words

The Agitator

Most of the time you read advice about words that are good to use in fundraising … like ‘you’ But here’s a fascinating article on seven words to avoid on your website conversion pages. Spam (such an evil word, it hurts results even to say you won’t do it!). We (a word referencing the messenger not the recipient, thus distracting.

4 Motivating, Memorable Words (Message Case Study)

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If crafted right, these eight words (or less) will complement your organization’s name to convey its unique impact or value with personality, passion, and commitment. Magical, memorable and likely to be repeated, in just a few words! You have a priceless, DOABLE opportunity to position your organization, programs, services, campaigns, and events in audiences’ hearts, minds, schedules, and wallets: Relevant messages ! Your tagline is the heart of your message platform.

Consider using the word “consider” more often


“Consider” is a very powerful word for fundraising. So, I suggest you consider using the word “ consider ” more often. The post Consider using the word “consider” more often appeared first on MarketSmart |. Consider this.

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Start Putting These Words Everywhere Right Now


Put the following words everywhere you possibly can: “Please consider making a gift to {your organization} in your will and financial plan.” The post Start Putting These Words Everywhere Right Now appeared first on MarketSmart.

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ACTION! 61 Words & Phrases for Email Advocacy Campaigns

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Try one of these tried-and-true words and phrases to get the open, click and completion! Sending a petition, pledge or other advocacy call to action to your email list? I’ve combed thousands of emails from top advocacy organizations to get these phrases that work…so you don’t have to!

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More Than Words: Why Visuals Are Critical in Pitching Your Story

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

As someone who earns a living largely through the written word, I’m about to make a difficult admission. When you’re pitching a story to the media, words aren’t enough. But don’t just take my word for it. Peter Panepento.

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3 Ideas for Getting the Word Out to Your Donors About Online Fundraising Campaigns

J Campbell Social Marketing

The same applies for online fundraising campaigns, but nonprofits are less confident in their respective abilities to spread the word for those campaigns. The post 3 Ideas for Getting the Word Out to Your Donors About Online Fundraising Campaigns appeared first on JCSM.

L.L. Bean's Cause Marketing in Six Words

Cause Related Marketing

Twice now I’ve written about cause marketing campaigns that can be summed up in six-words. Both times I heard back from readers inspired to pen their own cause marketing summation in six-words. The six-word line is; “You Share.

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Make it Easy to Spread the Word: Press Kit+ (Case Study)

Getting Attention

Asking partners, friends and fans to spread the word may be the most effective, yet least expensive, marketing method there is. The Method: Make it easy for partners and bloggers in the nonprofit arena, plus YouTube influencers, to spread the word.

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Optimizing Your Website for Word of Mouth

Cause Related Marketing

Last Thursday, January 10, I heaped praise on the TOMS Shoes use of strategic cause-related marketing to improve the world, launch their business, and generate terrific word of mouth.Their appeal is specific, easy to understand, and streamlined.

Your Org’s Personality in Three Words?

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Do you see your organization in these words? What’s your organization’s personality in three words (either now, or what you aspire to)?

Top 5 Words to Avoid to Achieve Messaging Awesomeness

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” In today’s guest post, Erica Mills of Claxon Marketing takes it to the next step by showing how specific words can actually debilitate your messaging. But finding the right words is hard. So you’ve got to make your words work. There’s always a better word.

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No words necessary

Donor Power Blog

Just a 4-word phrase, “Worth a Thousand Words”. But have you ever thought about telling your story without words? I came across a picture the other night on Facebook that I promptly shared. It had no explanation, no tag, no link, no credit, no nothing.

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Words Or Video … Content Still King

The Agitator

Seth Godin blogged recently that while the web was built on words, today’s internet is built on video … “Much more difficult to create well, far more impact when it works.” ” He argues that professionalism still matters, even if anyone with a smartphone can make a video. But here’s his clincher point: “Great video doesn’t change the rules. A great video on your site isn’t enough.

Words vs Video

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I love words. I’ve made most of my career out of educating and persuading people through words. And yes, with an occasional photo or graphic to back me up. But now there’s video … but not just video … online video.

The Only Famous Last Words That Count

Getting Attention

The only famous last words that matter are your call to action. Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan aced it in his closing statement to last week’s debate: “The choice is clear, and the choice rests with you. And we ask you for your vote. Thank you.”

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Pro Tip – Check How Easy Your Text Is to Read in Word

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Here’s a quick tip for you today on using Microsoft Word to check how easy it is for your supporters to read your communications. Word has the ability to let you know your Flesch Reading Ease score and your Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level.

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The Most Sinister Word in Fundraising

The Agitator

In his remarkable new book How To Turn Your Words Into Money , Jeff wisely alerts fundraisers to the manifestations and dangers of the most sinister word in fundraising. The word?

Powerfully Memorable, in 8 Words or Less (Case Study)

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

One important ingredient is your tagline — those vital eight words or less that complement your organization’s name to convey its unique impact or value with personality, passion, and commitment.

Here’s why you should remove the word "bequest" from your vocabulary


The word bequest sucks when it comes to generating planned gift revenue. The post Here’s why you should remove the word "bequest" from your vocabulary appeared first on MarketSmart | . Stop using it.

Beware Of The ‘S’ Word!

The Agitator

Excuse me, but I just gotta get this out of my system. I am so fed up with reading and hearing from those who use the term ‘strategy’ without the slightest idea what it means. It’s a disease of dumbness and idiocy that has particularly infected the consulting community.

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3 ‘Sounds-Like’ Word Fails that Kill Your Content

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

But the English language is tricky, with many words sounding alike. Nancy Schwartz. You labor long and hard to get your marketing content right. We all do. That’s why it’s so dismaying when I see errors like these in campaigns and updates from organizations like yours.

Showing Off Your Non-Profit: A Word About Tours

A Small Change

A donor tour is possibly one of the most exciting parts of fundraising. Tours give you the opportunity to show off your organization and talk to your donors face to face. They provide you the chance to share all your organization’s wonderful stories and provide a context for the work that you do.

Watch how much words matter

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

I spend a lot of time on this blog talking about how much words matter. We need to choose words that stir the imagination, spark emotion and transport with story. The words the woman puts on the sign at the end of the video are impossible to ignore.

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9 Words for Nonprofits to Avoid in 2011

Fundraising 123

Last January's " Words for Nonprofits to Avoid in 2010 " turned out to be Big Duck's most popular blog post of 2010. It warms the cockles of my heart to know that you all value words so much. As I look again at last year's list, I'm also pleased to see that I stand by my advice with regard to the words system, infrastructure, capacity, impact , and catalyst. I'm not a totalitarian when it comes to words. Use the words you want to use.

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10 Dumbest Words Used By Fundraising Consultants

The Agitator

Specifically, I’m singling out those fundraising, branding and communications consultants whose misuse of words and aversion to simplicity and clarity only serve to muddy the waters with their confusion. Words matter. Relevance – a tricky one since it once was a useful word.

The most important words of your email?

Fundraising Coach

You can read more about these email subject line tips at: The post The most important words of your email?

Can changing your words help you raise more money?


Here are some of the most powerful words used frequently in advertising: finally. Here are some of the most powerful words used for persuasion: you. thank you (two words…). Want to see which words work for planned gift marketing? The post Can changing your words help you raise more money? suddenly. announcing. introducing. improved. amazing. sensational. remarkable. fantastic. revolutionary. startling. miracle. magic. offer. quick. wanted. challenge.

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When Words Fail

The Agitator

Confession: I’m a slut when it comes to words. In Tom’s words: “Brand” used to mean logo, typeface, color, packaging, jingles and ads. I believe, too much so, that they matter more than any other symbol of human communication.

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The Best Words

The Agitator

He says he titling it: Never Use a Word You Can’t Spell. Here he teases us with the chapter on words. Anybody who needs to deal with the written word would benefit from a read, but you’ll especially enjoy it if your fundraising role involves preparing or approving copy. Copywriting pro Denny Hatch is writing a book on, well, writing. Should be a gem.

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3 Big Reasons You Should Remove the Word “Bequest” from Your Vocabulary


The word bequest sucks when it comes to generating planned gift revenue. The post 3 Big Reasons You Should Remove the Word “Bequest” from Your Vocabulary appeared first on MarketSmart. Stop using it.

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Research Can Tell You Which Words to Use

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

So we began using the word “fixed,” but many still did not relate. Overpopulation” is certainly a word that I would not have expected to enter the common vernacular when “spay and neuter&# had not! We responded by creating a new advertisement that spread the word of St.

How to Get More People At Your Nonprofit Event Using Facebook

J Campbell Social Marketing

7) Be explicit in asking people to help spread the word. Ask the Event Hosts, nonprofit staff and volunteers to help spread the word about the Event to their networks. The real purpose of promoting the event on Facebook is just that – promotion and word-of-mouth marketing.

See what happens when donors and board members switch a few words


Shortly after that meeting I heard a major donor say nearly the same darn thing but they switched a few words around as follows: “The only time I would feel comfortable giving a donation. Did you notice which words got switched?

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What Words to Use Instead of the Infamous “B-word” (Bequest)


Last week one of my blog posts told you make sure to stay away from the word “bequest” in your communications with donors. But I failed to tell you what word or words to use instead.

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Write Your Way to Connection & Action

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Then learn and laugh as you gobble your way through Jeff Brooks’ new guide to writing great nonprofit content: How to Turn Your Words Into Money: The Master Fundraiser’s Guide to Persuasive Writing. Grab your copy of How to Turn Your Words Into Money today! Writing content marketing Future Fundraising Now How to Turn Your Words Into Money jeff brooks messages Nonprofit Communications nonprofit marketing

A word from The Networked Nonprofit: People are partners, not ATMs!

Wild Woman Fundraising

A word of caution, I made a myspace page for my nonprofit in 2007, and my boss was all, “Oh no u didn’t!&# Want social proof that your nonprofit should have an online presence? I submit this case study for your consideration.

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2 of the least common words fundraisers hear

Fundraising Coach

Happy New (Fiscal) Year! July 1st is the start of the new fiscal year for 100′s of 1,000′s of nonprofits. You’ve just closed the books but now you have an even higher bar to reach. Here’s a quick video with a sincere message to all who fundraise: thank you.

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What’s Your Six-Word Annual Report for 2012?

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

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