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We’ve talked about word-of-mouth (WOM) as the top driver of today’s consumer decisions. Here’s a report from Online Media Daily on an interesting Yahoo study that has attempted to drill into WOM behavior. It notes that 76% of all WOM still occurs face-to-face … however, increasingly it just might be that two individuals are sitting side-by-side talking about something they are viewing on their respective smartphones!

Why Your Nonprofit Should Start A Social Media Ambassador Program

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1) WOM (word-of-mouth) works. People don’t trust institutions. Edelman just released a new report showing the following dismal statistics about public trust: .

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Social Media - Learning From Each Other

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A thank you post to the great people who generously participated and gave of themselves to create a "real time social networking" environment last week at the American Marketing Association Social Media Bootcamp in San Antonio.

Donors may be helping you -- or hurting you -- more than you think

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Wom" is short for word-of-mouth, the always-powerful force in marketing that has become super-charged by the web and by the fact that so many people don't trust advertising any more as a useful source of information.). Technorati Tags: fundraising , WOM.

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Newsletter: GameStop Aims to Score $100K TODAY for Charity ; At What Stores are Consumers Spending Money?; Nike’s Lesson for Nonprofits??

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But how do you generate WOM? GameStop is uniting the gaming community TODAY to raise $100,000 to support Make-A-Wish Foundation and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. And I'll be watching it all on Twitter where they are having an all-day Twitter-a-thon.

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Social Media or Advertising Campaigns?

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Are they digital WOM? Just Thoughts for a Friday the 13th afternoon. Over the past few years I've asked hundreds of people what they thought social media meant. Duncan Wardle's, VP Global PR for Disney, response was typical of most. - " Creating dialog with consumers.". . Spent the last 2 days at social media events in Atlanta. Blogwell, complements of Gaspedal, and Atlanta Interactive Marketing, sponsored by an alphabet soup of Atlanta marketing groups: AiMA, AMA, AAC, BMA, PMA.

Y Gen Y?

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My first engagement with your cause was through mainstream media or WOM (real and virtual). So … we’ve been lapsed for a minute… we know. But, we’re reactivated with plenty to talk about!

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So I did what any social media marketing diva would do I began a networking search through blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, email and traditional WOM too. When you first step into social media it's often like being the new kid on the block.