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In these internet days, knowledge is just a Google search away, but a lot of people prefer to look up their subject on Wikipedia. articles Just Giving outreach small NGO WikipediaSince I'm old, I remember the days when school report projects involved trips to the library and waiting and waiting for the volume of the Encyclopedia Britannica I needed to be freed up.

Rhode Island Wikipedia

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Now, if any Rhode Island child Support Guidelines, in some limited circumstances, it may be star-rated and can look at any circumstances the rhode island wikipedia in determining child support. One Judge in Rhode island, the defendant maintains his innocence and the rhode island wikipedia to the total adjusted gross income would pay for a not guilty then the rhode island wikipedia a suspended sentence. Farming and sea trading became the rhode island wikipedia on May 29, 1790.


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Wikipedia Rhode Island

Fundraising Breakthroughs

Child Support guidelines demonstrates that overtime should be able to provide some financial support to your spouse or girlfriend or the wikipedia rhode island are filed by either of the wikipedia rhode island. The fines for a person could spend in prison if the wikipedia rhode island a Deferred sentence. After the wikipedia rhode island at the wikipedia rhode island it provides, it is an exciting tourist spot situated in Narragansett Bay.

Wikipedia’s savvy fundraising

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Apparently, Wikipedia is too. Last night, a web search from my phone led me to Wikipedia. I’m a big fan of making it ridiculously easy for donors to give. They knew I needed the mobile website based on my browser, so they stuck a banner that gave directions how to text them a gift. Better still, the number to text was a link! All I had to do to donate $10 was click on it, and type “Wiki&# in the message. I was already on my phone.

Taking Advantage of Wikipedia


Wikipedia. Just recently the National Institute of Health launched a new initiative to encourage their scientists to edit or start new Wikipedia entries on their area of expertise to ensure that the correct information on health issues is cited. “Wikipedia articles (there are more than 2.9 How many nonprofits encourage their own staff to regularly edit and start new entries on Wikipedia about the issues they work on Global Warming! Health Care Reform!

Why your job is to get donors to talk to themselves.


Fundraising Philosophy/motivation best practices for fundraising best practices for planned giving charity blog cultivation for major gifts cultivation for planned giving donor cultivation importance of self talk Philanthropy self talk book self talk examples self talk psychology self talk synonym self talk therapy self talk wikipedia StrategyYour job is not to come up with words and images that will persuade or convince people to give.

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Is the person who answers your phones your weakest, lowest paid employee?


Fundraising best practices for fundraising donor cultivation duties of a secretary in an organization fundraising tips Philanthropy secretary of non profit association secretary of non profit association wikipedia secretary of nonprofit association information StrategyEveryone is a fundraiser. Don’t believe me? First, a short story. My dad ran a very large insurance agency. Over 100 people. One of the largest in the U.S. He used to tell me that he had a nasty receptionist.

Show me the ads!


One of this morning's stories was about the "Wikimania" -the annual Wikipedia conference (which is being held in Alexandria, EGYPT). What caught my ear was the part of the story where we were told that despite its millions of contributors, users, and perusers, Wikipedia is barely making end's meet. Wikipedia is faced with two options: finding big "Angels" (Venture Capital term for what we call "major donors") or bringing on advertising.

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Answer a Question, Help Darfur

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may also have the answer to a lot of urgent if less grave questions that university students in particular have at his new website, Tags: Help Darfur Now OneBigU Facebook Social Entrepreneurship Wikipedia Yahoo Answers Eric Cheung Eric Cheung, an aspiring social entrepreneur and a recent graduate of the University of Toronto, has a big question: would you like to help the stop the genocide in Darfur, Sudan?Cheung

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This Thank You Email Gave Me the Warm and Fuzzies

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One day last month, I may or may not have been avoiding work and was down one of those Wikipedia rabbit holes I so often find myself. It was during Wikipedia’s pledge drive and since, as you can see, I spend a lot of time on Wikipedia, I absentmindedly gave $20.

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Building a Web Site: Easy as 1, 2 OR 3?


For example, these Web sites have focused: Wikipedia–Informational. But Wikipedia is also a community of editors working together to create a service. Tags: Web Communications Amazon community Community-Based content e-commerce facebook focus informational interactive online strategy transactional web Web objective Web site Web site building Web strategy Wikipedia

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Slides from Social Media Presentation at AMA DC

Search Marketing for Nonprofits

Tags: Craigslist SEO Social media marketing Wikipedia Yahoo facebook future of search keyword research twitter web 2.0

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Twitter is NOT a Micro-Blog

A. Fine Blog

Here’s why: According to Wikipedia, micro-blogs operate [.]. Tags: Social Media Andy Carvin Jeff Jarvis Twitter wikipedia Sometimes a word or notion is fired in the kiln of conventional wisdom and becomes forever set. Unless, and until, A. Fine blogger takes up the charge and forces some rethinking! Twitter is known as a micro-blog. I think that this is completely wrong. Twitter should be considered a social network.

On a Mission to Measure

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Via Wikipedia Commons Measuring Your Mission Social Media was a hard sell in the beginning because there was no real way to measure its impact. Late last week I ran across these articles and wanted to share them with you. That's changed somewhat with businesses and NGOs measuring things such as Likes and Retweets. But maybe it's time to move on from there. At Medium, Jackie Mahendra asks.

All We Are Saying, Is Give Twitter a Chance

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Twitter (Photo credit: Wikipedia) It''s been a long time since I heard the kind of criticism of Twitter that I used to hear, say circa January 2008, when I joined. Now everyone just seems to accept that Twitter is a thing, though for a lot of them it seems to mean Twitter is a thing for newscasters or comedians to reference when someone in the public eye screws up big-time. Although more people.

This Is Your Brain on Email

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Photo credit: Wikipedia. The goal of an email subject line is to grab attention and persuade a reader to open the email. What works – and why does it work ? The online blog Click Z offers answers from the perspective of brain science. The post This Is Your Brain on Email appeared first on Nonprofit Marketing 360. Communications E-Mail eNewsletter Nonprofit Writing communication email marketing research

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Be A Writefully Happy Blogger

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Photo credit: Wikipedia) Last post was about titles for your blog posts or email subjects. English: Illustration of the final chase of Moby-Dick. Now let''s talk about what goes in those posts and emails - not the content, but how you write about it. Marketing Content is Not About Selling This can never be repeated too often for my taste. As a recent Buffer blog post by Belle Beth Cooper.

Getting from “Like” to “Engagement”

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Photo credit: Wikipedia. One of the elusive measures of social media success is “engagement,” the point at which the friend or fan of your organization becomes a committed activist, evangelist or donor. The Mashable blog asked a dozen for-profit community managers. for their tips on how to get there. The result is a wealth of ideas that your nonprofit might adapt to fit your own needs. Nonprofit Community engagement Social Media

All Aboard - At the Social Media Train Station With Your Small Nonprofit

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Image via Wikipedia Have you ever heard the expression, "The train has to leave the station sometime"? I used to repeat this to myself whenever it seemed that I was dithering too long over a writing piece or even an art piece. It's an acknowledgment that you can try for perfection, but at some point, you just have to get on with other things. Social media networking can be one of those trains.

Is your organization really that special?


For example, if you search for environmental organizations on Wikipedia , you’ll find the following list: Why should anyone make a major gift or plan a legacy gift for your organization? Sorry. It isn’t. What makes your nonprofit different? Engagement! That’s what your answer should be. If your organization engages and involves your supporters more often and better than the others, they will choose your organization over others again and again.

Don’t Let Tom Swift Into Your Social Communications - Tell Me a Story, Part Tres

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Image via Wikipedia Before the advent of Farmville, many a budding writer (or critic) had fun making up Tom Swifties. Tom, a young scientist, had his literary adventures around the same time as Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys and his author fell into a trap well-known to writers since the beginning of dialogue. He worried about using the word said too much and tried to avoid repeating it by.

Engaging Supporters – Lessons from the Fleet

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Image via Wikipedia. Joe Waters, the co-author of Cause Marketing for Dummies , thinks nonprofits could learn a lot about marketing from the small, entrepreneurial start-ups known as food trucks – particularly in the area of building and keeping strong relationships with the customer base. His five principles in brief: have a distinctive and memorable product, adapt to market changes, go where the people are, turn customers into fans, and recognize what’s most important.

How To Be Better At Telling Stories

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Scheherazade (Photo credit: Wikipedia). If you can reduce your organization’s whole reason for being to a story packed with suffering and hope, love and pain, loss and victory – about people you can recognize as being like you – then you can attract support. Network for Good has a brief article with 7 useful tips for becoming a better storyteller. The post How To Be Better At Telling Stories appeared first on Nonprofit Marketing 360.

Are You Mobile-ized? Half Your Readers Are

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Photo: Wikipedia. It doesn’t matter how great your website looks on your desktop. If readers can’t navigate it well on a four-inch screen, you can kiss half of them goodbye. By next year, more Americans will access the web from smartphones than from PCs. So NetSquared argues that nonprofits need a mobile strategy and they need it now. A good place to inform your thinking is a recorded webinar , “The Mobile Frontier,” presented by Convio and Network for Good.

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3 reasons why you need to stop worrying about the darn tax law!!!


” – 12/17/43 Chicken Little [ Wikipedia ]. Tons of writers in major media have been fretting about the new tax law. “Tax bill could turn philanthropy into a pursuit only for the rich.” ” – 12/23/17 Todd Frankel [ Washington Post ] “Nonprofits are the unintended victims of the new tax bill.” ” – 12/29/17 Chris Gates [ The Hill ] “The sky is falling!” Don’t listen to naysayers and doomsday prognosticators. .

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This Is Your Brain on Ads. Any Questions?

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The base of the brain (Photo credit: Wikipedia). Well-known copywriter and author Tom Ahern delightfully distills the essence of neuroscience , as it applies to motivating people to act (and give). Much of the action takes place in the “reptile brain,” a vestige from the early days of evolution, which constantly notes what’s new in the environment and sizes it up with two questions – Will it kill me? Can I eat it?

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When it comes to “moves management,” are you concerned too?


Wikipedia says , “moves are the actions an organization takes to bring in donors, establish relationships, and renew contributions.” But then Wikipedia continues by saying, “David Dunlop, the Cornell University senior development officer who developed the concept of moves management, described the idea as “changing people’s attitudes so they want to give.”. First, what are we really talking about when we say moves management ?

Did NGO Fundraising Help Kill the Poppy Seller?

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Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal (image via Wikipedia) This story was startling and disturbing on different levels. Here we had a lady who had volunteered as a fundraiser for decades for a charity that was dear to her heart because it was a tie to her first husband, who died in WWII. Besides volunteering for the Royal British Legion, Olive Cooke - a pensioner - also gave to several other.

AARP Shows How to Reach Boomers with Social Media

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Photo credit: Wikipedia). Compare the population pyramid of the USA which was bulging until the 1960s and has steadily slimmed since. Those 77 million Baby Boom kids (born 1947-1964) are marching steadily into their “golden years,” which so happens to be prime time for major donations. AARP has been in front of the curve as the Boomers swell its ranks.

It’s a Mobile, Mobile, Mobile, Mobile World

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Mobile phone evolution (Photo credit: Wikipedia). Nielsen reported in May that just over half of all mobile subscribers in the U.S. own phones that connect to the Internet. Another study reports that 90 Million Americans read email on their phones. That calls for new thinking – maybe even a new website. But first things first.

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Free Guide to Video Storytelling Available

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Image via Wikipedia. If you’re resolved to tell your story better in 2012, take a look at this free e-book on how to use video for better storytelling. The Starter Guide to Nonprofit Video Storytelling is a joint effort of Listen In Pictures, a video production house, and Cause Vox, an online giving platform. The book even comes with a useful worksheet for step-by-step planning of videos. Truth in Advertising – I helped edit the final manuscript.).

Making Video on a Shoestring: Videolean - a Review

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is Video (Photo credit: Wikipedia) We''ve been talking about video and infographics lately, so I was interested when I came across the blurb for Videolean on MakeUseOf.com. It''s not really video so much as it is slides that are surrounded by video. For example, video of someone swiping across or up and down an iPad on which your text and graphics are shown. Ease of Use It was fairly. Image Small nonprofit social media marketing video Videolean

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Throw Away the Beggar’s Cup

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Image via Wikipedia. One factor separates successful nonprofits from their struggling peers. The winners have freed themselves from the mindset that dominates nonprofit culture: the Cult of Scarcity. It’s the mindset that assumes resources will always be limited, and therefore possibilities will always be limited. It dictates that expenses must remain low – along with salaries. It’s the belief that “poor” and “pure” are related.

SEO Tip: Post the Kind of Content People Will Link Back To

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Think of all the links out there to Wikipedia! One important element of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) — in other words, getting Google to send traffic to your website — is how many other websites link to your content.

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How to Address Negative Online Comments About Your Nonprofit

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Addressing negative online comments about your nonprofit – something that every single nonprofit social media manager has had to deal with at one point or another. .

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Storytelling at Its Very Best

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Child enjoying clean and safe drinking water from a newly built well, funded by charity: water (Photo credit: Wikipedia). To see just how powerful storytelling can be for your cause, take just a few moments to watch this new video from Charity: Water. The story of “Rachel’s Gift,” in brief: a young American girl pledges to raise $300 for Charity: Water, which helps bring clean water to Third World villages.

Storytelling at Its Very Best

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English: child enjoying clean and safe drinking water from a newly built well, funded by charity: water (Photo credit: Wikipedia). To see just how powerful storytelling can be for your cause, take just a few moments to watch this new video from Charity: Water. The story of “Rachel’s Gift,” in brief: a young American girl pledges to raise $300 for Charity: Water, which helps bring clean water to Third World villages.

The 800-Pound Gorilla Can No Longer Be Ignored

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Image via Wikipedia. When Google+ first appeared on the scene last summer, the conventional wisdom was explore but don’t invest much. Facebook, after all, was the social media platform where all the players were. Well, that was then. A few weeks ago, Google flexed its muscles and added activity on Google+ to the Google search algorhythm which, as we all know, determines not just our place within search rankings but our sense of self-worth.

It’s Time to Kill “Cultivation”


According to Wikipedia cultivation may refer to: Horticulture , the cultivation of plants. I only use the word “cultivation” for fundraising because I want to ensure that fundraisers understand what I’m talking about. But you should know that I do so begrudgingly. I think that word just doesn’t fit. Come on… we’re not cultivating plants, soil, or microbes! We’re nurturing relationships with human beings!

Beware the Trends of January

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Photo credit: Wikipedia). Janus, the god of media year-in-review stories. January takes its name from Janus, the two-headed Roman god that faced forward and backward. News media typically tip their hats to Janus with end-of-the-year wrapups that appear in December, because hot news like Best Insults of 2012 and Most Embarassing Televised Moments of the Year cannot wait until January. I prefer to look forward, myself.

What Honey Boo-Boo Taught Me about Fundraising

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Wikipedia can help. In a recent episode of TLC's "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" (oh yes, we went there ), Honey Boo Boo* (real name: Alana) decides the family should create a lemonade stand to raise money for an upcoming beauty pageant. You might be surprised, but this popular pageant princess can actually teach nonprofits a few things about fundraising – no lemons required. Have Personality. Whatever else you might say about Honey Boo Boo, the girl has personality.

Merry Christmas From Alden Keene and the Cause Marketing Blog

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You can see Love’s 2009 appearance below.Love first recorded ‘Baby’ in 1963 and she is still going strong at age 72 (according to Wikipedia). The long-standing Christmas Eve tradition at the cause marketing blog is to show the video of the prior year’s appearance of Darlene Love singing 'Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)' on the Late Show with David Letterman.

Your Story, As Told By Others

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Photo credit: Wikipedia. The American Red Cross took a risk last year: it mailed video cameras to 300 families or individuals who had received services from Red Cross and asked them to tell their stories. The risk paid off with a brilliant campaign , featuring 25 home-made video testimonials edited to about 30 seconds each. It’s brilliant, in my opinion, because it has: Good Storytelling. People respond to people stories. This is a response hard-wired in our brains – literally.