Writing a Donor Centered Website

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You can’t just add a “Donate” button to your nonprofit’s website and expect it to be successful. Like all of your communications, your website needs to focus on your potential donor. What do potential donors want to see when they visit your website?

Writing a Donor-Centered Website [This Week]

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

You can’t just add a “Donate” button to your nonprofit’s website and expect it to be successful. Join us this week for Writing a Donor-Centered Website with Tom Ahern. Like all of your communications, your website needs to focus on your potential donor.

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Tips for Nonprofit News Writing

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

News Writing is one of the seven writing styles that all nonprofit communicators should master. In the world of nonprofit comms superlatives, news writing wins for the “Writing Style Used Most Often When It Shouldn’t Be.” Nonprofit PR Nonprofit Writing

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How to Write a Nonprofit Social Media Policy

J Campbell Social Marketing

If there is no place to add this policy to your bio on a particular social media site, make sure this public-facing policy resides somewhere on your website. . The post How to Write a Nonprofit Social Media Policy appeared first on marketing for the modern nonprofit.

Why Visitors Abandon Your Website (And How to Fix It)

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Don’t let your website visitors get away! The website’s design had been created to mimic popular viral news sites like Buzzfeed. Many nonprofits have a website design that serves their needs or tastes but doesn’t serve their constituents as effectively as it could.

Before and After – This Website Redesign Lowered Bounce Rates Significantly

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Your bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to your website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page. It means you need to redesign your website! If our website was better…” My first year at Iona Senior Services, I heard this phrase more times than I can count.

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Ditch Your Nonprofit Website Slider or Carousel and Do This Instead

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

We are planning to refresh our website design later in the year, but there’s one thing we decided to get rid of sooner than later: the image slider we had at the top of our homepage. Do Rotating Sliders Help or Hurt Your Website?

Write Better than Ever Before

Getting Attention

You can get it all with Jeff Brooks’ Turn Your Words into Money: The Master Fundraiser’s Guide to Persuasive Writing. You’ll learn and laugh as you gobble your way through this guide to writing good—then great—messages that spur the actions you need. Overwhelmed by a huge writing to-do list for right-now campaigns, the annual report, and probably some special projects thrown in just because we don’t have enough to do.

How You Can Revise Your Website, Raise Your Gifts 30%

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Creative Ideas Fundraising Guest Bloggers Nonprofit Communications Online Marketing Writing for the WebWe've Moved! Update your Reader Now. This feed has moved to: [link] Update your reader now with this changed subscription address to get your latest updates from us. We've Moved!

20 Tips to Energize Dull Nonprofit Writing

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Is your writing dry and boring? Eliminating jargon and overall wordiness is a great place to start, but here are 20 more ways that you can bring your writing back to life. Then go back and write. Make the reason you are writing crystal clear.

Is Your Website in Good Shape?

Ann Green

As summer winds down and you start getting ready for year-end fundraising, you need to make sure your website is in good shape. How does your website fare? Make it an entryway to the rest of your website. Is your website mobile and tablet friendly?

How to Get Your Website in Good Shape

Ann Green

Unlike social media, you control your website. How does your website fare? Make it an entryway to the rest of your website. Do you periodically survey your supporters to get feedback about your website? Is your website mobile-friendly?

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Does your website suck?

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If your website sucks, you may not be as successful as you’d like. I’ve looked at a lot of nonprofit websites. Many look as though they were thrown together at the last minute or were done in response to someone saying “We need a website.” Here are some things you can do now to get your website up to snuff. Make sure your organization is clearly identifed on the website. Write it with heart and feeling to engage the reader emotionally.

Hot Topics in June: Nonprofit Writing, Donor-Focused Digital, and Press Releases

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Here’s what’s happening in June at Nonprofit Marketing Guide: Online Training: June 4 & 6: The 7 Styles of Writing Every Nonprofit Communicator Should Master [Two-Part Webinar Series] Learn how to master the seven styles of copywriting for more successful communications.

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How to Plan a New Website Without Your Head Exploding

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

If your website is stuck in the past, it may be time for an upgrade. Jennifer Doron of the Ohio Environmental Council shares how she approached the process of creating their new site to writing a novel. Early in my writing career, I read this quote by E.L. Jennifer Doron.

Is Your Website Up to Par?

Ann Green

One thing you need to do before you switch from going to the beach to apple picking is to make sure your website is up to par. How does your website fare? Make it an entryway to the rest of your website. Is your website mobile-friendly?

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Appeal Letter Writing 101

Ann Green

Let’s get back to basics with a little appeal letter writing 101. Direct them to a user-friendly donation page on your website. Generally, the more people you involve in writing your letter, the worse it becomes. Fundraising Consultant Tom Ahern refers to this as letter writing by committee. Read on for more advice on writing a great appeal letter. Fundraising Letter: How To Write A Compelling Appeal (+ Examples).

How You Can Write a Better Fundraising Appeal

Ann Green

Now it’s time to think about writing your appeal. You can stand out if you take some time to write a better appeal. Direct them to a user-friendly donation page on your website. Your entire staff doesn’t need to be involved in writing your appeal.

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Creating Website Content: What Do Your Visitors Really Want?

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Your website is out there for all to see. So how can you create website content that all kinds of potential visitors will find interesting and engaging? To keep it simple, let’s group your website visitors into three categories: Strangers: People who know nothing about you. What kind of content does your website need for each of these groups? If someone knows nothing about your organization and lands on your website, what’s the first thing you want them to see?

Does Your Website Display What People Want To See?

Non Profit Marketing 360

You have about 10 seconds to make a good impression on your website. Advice Cross-Post How-to Nonprofit Web and Print Writing Content management websiteDoes your content satisfy the expectations of your readers? Nonprofit communications consultant and blogger Kivi Leroux Miller suggests the right content for three different audiences: strangers, friends and your most devoted fans.

20 Resuscitation Tips for Lifeless Writing

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

It’s nonprofit writing! Not all nonprofit writing, of course, but a fair amount of it. Here are 20 ways you can bring your writing back to life. Then go back and write. Make the reason you are writing crystal clear. It’s dry. It’s boring.

Nonprofit Marketing Wake-Up Call — 3 Right-Now Website Revisions

Getting Attention

I was shaken by new stats on a crucial shift in online user behavior– only 5 to 15% of your website users are coming in through your home page. Write/revise content to provide context , so users understand and can act, no matter what page they’ve come from (which may be Amazon, a competitor’s site, weather.com or another page on your org’s site). Tags: High-Impact Websites gerry mcgovern Getting Attention home page jakob neilsen Nancy E.

Managing Content on the National Wildlife Federation’s Website

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Ever wonder how national nonprofits with hundreds of staff manage all that content on their websites? Kristin has agreed to do a series of blog posts for us later this spring, as NWF more fully develops its “governance&# structure for managing the website.

What’s Happening in July? Better Websites, Simple Rules, and a Pass Sale

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Online Training: July 10 & 11: Writing a Donor Centered Website. Learn how a few changes to your website and donation pages can make all the difference. Email Subscribers: I will send the Nonprofit Writing Prompts email newsletter this week with prompts for August.

Write, write, write - Surf the Wave of Web 2.0

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If you want your message to get noticed, be sticky, passed along or retweeted, you have to write about it. AND just writing it isn’t enough, you have to find the forums to share what you have written. . . You have your own website. Sometimes it is easier to update your Facebook page and forget about your website. Ideally, pushing everyone to your website is the way to go. All of this should be linked to your website or your website to them. .

Let’s Find the Best Nonprofit Blogs

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

With apologies to amazing voices such as Vu Le and Beth Kanter (and the founder of Nonprofit Marketing Guide, Kivi Leroux Miller), this search doesn’t include those who write blogs about nonprofits. For added inspiration, here are five excellent blogs that I’ve found: To Write Love on Her Arms — This powerful blog captures first-person accounts of what it’s like to live with addiction, depression, and other mental-health challenges. The quest is on to find the best nonprofit blogs.

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What’s wrong with the words on planned giving websites?


Now that I have your attention, I’m actually going to tell you that the problem with planned giving websites doesn’t begin with the words. It begins with who is writing them. If you owned a car wash, would you get your employees to write the copy on your website?

Let’s Start a Nonprofit Plain Writing Movement

Ann Green

Its mission is to help government and businesses write clearly. There’s even a Plain Writing Act, which “requires that federal agencies use clear government communication that the public can understand and use.” Is your writing personal and conversational?

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How to write knockout proposals

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I read this book last week called “How to Write Knockout Proposals&# by Joseph Barbato. Spend the time reviewing the potential funder’s website or guidelines. Barbato says “Your goal is to write a persuasive proposal that will get funded.&# I agree. Grant WritingIt was a quick read and had lots of golden nuggets. I thought I’d share a few with you along with my interpretation of them. One size does not fit all.

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Interview Questions to Help You Write Great Donor, Volunteer, and Client Profiles for Your Newsletters

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Profiles are perfect for newsletters and can easily be re-purposed for your blog, website, annual report, or even social media. To write a good profile about a client, donor, volunteer or other supporter of your nonprofit organization, you need to see several sides of that person.

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8 Secrets To Writing a Great Nonprofit RPF With Ease [Free Template]


Keeping these eight basic do's and don'ts in mind as you write your RFP will simplify your workload and yield great results!

Improve Your Nonprofit Website’s Search Results – #10NTC Tips

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

It’s a mouthful, but it boils down to this one simple idea: Getting Google and other search engines to point people to your website. Getting your website to rank well for your keywords is an important long-term marketing strategy for every nonprofit.

Search 271

Unlock Your Grant Writing Talent

Get Fully Funded

The biggest tip about writing a grant is to get over your fear: of failure, of not getting it right, of not including enough…what ever your mind is telling you to hold you back from ever trying to write that B-I-G grant. This is great advice for writing grants. From here, what would you write? Stay away from the ‘I don’t know how’ mentality and go for writing at least one grant in this manner.

How to Serve Two Audiences with Your Nonprofit Website

Fundraising 123

Q: Our website has two target audiences, donors and researchers. How can we appeal to two extremely diverse audiences with the same website? If you can write your from the "I" perspective, such as "I am a researcher", people are more likely to latch onto it. How should you figure out what parts of your website are most useful to which audience? What do you use our website for now? Make your nonprofit website work for you.

How to Make Your Website Eligible for the Google Ad Grant


Follow our checklist for a professional nonprofit website that’s eligible for $10,000 in advertising credits from Google. This means your website could appear to an audience of thousands, and more exposure will hopefully mean more donations. Why do I need a good website?

Ads 52