40k to 4 Million Views! Boost YOUR YouTube Video Views (Case Study)

Getting Attention

Guest blogger Mark Horvath founded and leads Invisible People who shares how to boost your YouTube views from meh to magnificent. With a focus on homelessness education, an average of 40,000 monthly views was amazing, or so I thought. From 40,000 views every month to now more than 4 million views every month ! Our average view duration is 2:41 – almost 3 minutes! Each video has around 100 views after being online for almost a year!

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40k to 4 Million Views! Boost YOUR YouTube Video Views (Case Study)

Getting Attention

Today he shares how to boost your YouTube views from meh to magnificent. With a focus on homelessness education, an average of 40,000 monthly views was fantastic, or so I thought. From 40,000 views every month to now more than 4 million views every month ! Our average view duration is 2:41 – almost 3 minutes! Our channel has generated high views before, but traffic was always just a temporary spike after a media hit.

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Re-Viewing and a Review

Social Media Bird Brain

Image via Alfred Hitchcock Geek One reason I have thought about ending this blog is because I didn't think I had anything in particular to add to the cacophony of advice and insight from people who have made giving advice and insight a profession (and do damn well at it). My own insight has never seemed to me to be particularly. insightful. Maybe it's because I live in my head that I. titles not-for-profits ideas social media advice giving 2.0 review Small nonprofit

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Get More Video Views & Shares: #501TechNYC (Part 2)

Getting Attention

This video has been viewed 5 million times on Facebook ! Lane and Cathe agree that in-house creative guidance is a must for producing a video that gets viewed and shared. posting the link to the YouTube version) to generate far more views and shares. That approach is a barrier to generating views and shares. Without investing in promotion (focus on Facebook and YouTube ads, and Twitter clips), it’s almost impossible to grow views. Read Part One.

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A View From a Different Window - Curating Content

Social Media Bird Brain

Image via FreeFoto.com Art and museum curators are professionals at putting together exhibits. Basically, what a curator does is to show you the art the way she sees it: underlying themes, ideas, context, relationships. In social media, content curation is slightly different: "Content curation is the process of sorting through the vast amounts of content on the web and presenting it in a.

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Antibodies View Retention As Disruption

The Agitator

There’s little doubt in my mind that, when it comes to ‘retention’, the powers-that-be in most organizations will view any serious efforts to improve donor loyalty and commitment (retention) as disruptive. In turn, they will either deliberately or subconsciously move to subvert any efforts at improvement. All organisms contain antibodies — cells in their immune systems that identify, attack and neutralize foreign objects. The same holds true for nonprofit organisms.

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Charity Videos Get Viewed

The Agitator

Yesterday I wrote about the march of online video into the media repertoire of mainstream America. Basically, everybody watches them, and an impressive and growing percentage of us originate our own video content and post it on the web … even if it’s just marking a friend’s wedding or our dog’s best trick. Ace fundraiser Willis Turner commented on the post with skepticism: “As usual, lots of interesting information about engagement but not a word about money.

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WANTED: Your Views And Your Help

The Agitator

Now’s your chance to make your views known in a helpful and empirical manner. Your voice and your views matter. Adrian Sargeant and the team at the Hartsook Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy and Marc Pitman, CEO of The Concord Leadership Group , need your help. Here’s why. The Hartsook Centre and Concord folks are conducting a new study of nonprofit leadership.

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A New View of Grant Resources

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

A truly sustainable funding model is the holy grail of nonprofits. A great way to achieve that goal is by making sure you have a diversified revenue stream that includes individual donations, fees for service, and grant funding. A healthy organization can stack up these funding sources for a strong foundation that supports their mission.

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A Donor’s Unexpected Earth Day Point of View

Get Fully Funded

When I worked at the local food bank, I had a major donor who revealed an unexpected point of view that seems appropriate for Earth Day. Here’s the story. This lovely lady had been a regular donor to the food bank for many years. One day I invited her to lunch to get to know her better. I asked her why she liked the food bank, expecting to hear a story of personal connection or compassion, like the stories I heard from lots of other supporters.

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Life Without Facebook ~ A View From Gen Y #4

Diva Marketing Blog

Jessica Roby n, a typical millennium and 7-year Facebook member, has not seen any of the new time lines for brands. You see, on January 13, 2012 Jessica disabled her account and began an experiment of "Life Without Facebook. ". This q uasi social media reality series with Gen Y Jessica Robyn takes us into her world of Life Without Facebook where she offers her insights into the questions: Why ? What now? How do you exist without Facebook?

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Seven Words That Will Make Your Web Site Worth Viewing

Fundraising 123

What are the seven words that will make your Web site worth viewing? Seven. A number like any other. But it does seem to come up on a fairly regular basis: the Seven Wonders of the World, the Seven Deadly Sins, and the Seven Dwarfs: Happy, Sneezy, Sleepy, Bashful, Doc, Dopey, and (my favorite) Grumpy. Phone numbers have seven digits. And may say the optimum brand name should be no more than seven letters long.

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Your Views On The ‘Trick Or Tweak’ Debate?

The Agitator

Could you resist reading an article titled: “Simple tweak could nearly double the amount you give to charity”? And what would be your first expectation of what that ‘tweak’ might be? A matching gift offer? Some design/creative gimmick? A breakthrough premium? Use of a video? A magic word in the email subject line?

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Life Without Facebook ~ A View From Gen Y #3

Diva Marketing Blog

It's 2004. You're a college freshman. You and your friends sign up for a new internet platform called Facebook. It becomes an interactive scrapbook of your life. Flash forward 7 years. You disengage from Facebook. This is a special Diva Marketing q uasi social media reality series with Gen Y Jessica Robyn who takes us into her world of Life Without Facebook. and offers her insights into the question Why ? Part #1 Part #2.

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Life Without Facebook ~ A View From Gen Y #2

Diva Marketing Blog

This is a special interview series on what life is like for Jessica Robyn Porter , a Gen Y-er, who disabled her 7 year old Facebook Page. We're calling it quasi social media reality ! Part #1. . Diva/Marketing/Toby : The big question I've been asked is, "What were the reactions from Jessica's Facebook friends?" By the way, how many friends did you have?

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Newsletter: Remembering a Nonprofit Legend ; Here’s Your Social Purpose Playlist ; This Nonprofit Grew Its YouTube Channel From 40K Monthly Views to 4M

Selfish Giving

How Mark Horvath at the nonprofit Invisible People grew his YouTube channel from 40,000 monthly views to 40 million. John Haydon didn't work in corporate partnerships and cause marketing. He was so much bigger than our little niche. John was a bonafide superstar in fundraising.

Life Without Facebook ~ A View From Gen Y #1

Diva Marketing Blog

More than 800 million active users has given Facebook the enviable status of the golden child of social networks. With multiple generations sharing photos, updates and videos Facebook might even be considered a the biggest digital family reunion ever! However, as with any 'family' sometimes you need a bit of a break. That's what's happening for the people who 'grew-up' on Facebook. the Gen Y or the Millennial Generation. They're signing off from Facebook. Some for forever.

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Using a Matrix Map to View Impact and Profitability

NonProfit Hub

Simply put, the matrix map allows organizations to view both their impact and profitability at the same time. The post Using a Matrix Map to View Impact and Profitability appeared first on Nonprofit Hub. Denise McMahan is a guest contributor for Nonprofit Hub, and is the founder and publisher of CausePlanet.org where nonprofit leaders devour Page to Practice™ book summaries, author interviews and sticky applications from the must-read books they recommend. _.

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Use This Sea Change in Our Country to Shake-Up Your Marketing Point-of-View

Getting Attention

Obama's inauguration is a huge change for our country. The crowd in DC and the record-breaking count of TV audiences shouts that. Among many, there's a palpable sigh of relief today, and a massive return of hope. Less comfort for others; but still recognition of a huge change. So YOUR MARKETING has to change with it. Effective communication is based on your understanding of whom you're having a discussion with, and her perspective, passions and needs are.

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Customer Service Social Media Style: A Pulse of the Industry View Part 1

Diva Marketing Blog

What do people do on social networks and blogs? They "talk" of course! They talk about what is important and what is mundane. More frequently, however, those conversations are directed, not to friends or family, but to the people who represent brands. These chats are about service and product concerns. Social (media customer) service" and the "social customer" are impacting how business is being conducted and will be conducted.

Two Views Of Social Media

The Agitator

Here’s how Jeff Brooks at Future Fundraising Now views social media — basically, as the enemy of fundraising! Here’s how Beth Kanter at Beth’s Blog views social media. This post might separate The Agitator’s ‘communicators’ from the ‘fundraisers’! She’s more interested in ‘change’ than fundraising. Which ‘school’ do you belong to? Or are you a marketer?

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Haiti one year on – the view from an online donor’s doormat

Giving in a Digital World

A year ago this month, along with millions of others world-wide, I donated online in response to the terrible earthquake that hit Haiti. However, rather than chose a single charity out of the wide range running appeals I decided to give £20 to each of the UK’s ten leading relief and development organisations to see just how the experience of being an online donor varied across the different brands. And vary it certainly did.

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#COMMUNICATION: Is Your Nonprofit Staff Conversing With Both Audience & Each Other?

Non Profit Marketing 360

To inspire a desired action from constituents or customers, Michael Brito encourages organizations to practice ‘ reciprocal altruism ‘: “We must stop referring to customers as target audience, segments or page views; and consider that they are real people, with real emotions.

The Skinny on Direct Marketing 101 – The Basics: A Participant’s View


This following article was originally published in March 2016 by the Direct Marketing Association of Washington and is reprinted with permission. On March 2, I had the pleasure of attending DMAW’s DM 101 Course – The Basics. It was a wonderful event and like most ideal association communities, DMAW provides an excellent full day introductory seminar that has become the standard for bringing industry newbies, mostly 1-4 years in their careers, up to speed.

A different point of view.

The Nonprofit Consultant

One of the most popular posts on this blog is one the earliest. It is also the one that seems to upset the most people. I'm referring, of course, to my posting on nonprofit grant writing fees versus commissions. In that posting, I explained why I follow the AFP Code of Ethics and refuse to write grants on a contingency basis.

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Facebook Trust: A Point of View From The Millennium Generation

Diva Marketing Blog

Jess graciously agreed to an interview for Diva Marketing to share her views. One might say that my 22-year old niece Jessica Robyn has “grown-up in social media.” She was actively involved in Live Journal when she was in middle school. She joined Facebook when she began college in 2004. Her 491 friends are truly people that she knows and has allowed into her virtual world. Early this week Facebook changed the rules of their game I was curious about Jessica’s reaction.

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“A Room with a View… of Everything” Giving power users tools to relate sets of data across the organization with JCA Answers for The Raiser’s Edge™

JCA Insights

A few days ago I wrote about the creative use of JCA Answers by one of our clients, National CASA. Another clever use of Answers for The Raiser’s Edge comes from the Perkins School for the Blind in Boston. Like National CASA, Perkins uses The Raiser’s Edge not only for fundraising, but as a complete CRM to house additional education-related information.

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How to Get More Views for Your Video


If you’ve ever made an online video before, you know the level of work that goes into it. But creating a compelling video is just the beginning of the process. Getting your video seen—and by the right people—takes just as much work, if not more. Crossing your fingers that your video will “go viral&# is a bad idea for a number of reasons , not the least of which is that you learn absolutely nothing about what works and what doesn’t.

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New digital tracking study reveals UK consumer views on promotional email and social media use

Giving in a Digital World

I’ve embedded a copy of the main research presentation above, so you can take a look at the top-line findings ( or click here to view on SlideShare ).

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It's A Stressful Time of Year for Nonprofits, Especially Now, But Also A Time For A New (Survivable) View

Seeking Grant Money Today

As for the view on the horizon. Consider, from this point of view, what the strategic options are to keep your organization running, growing, and healthy based in real regional information (facts). As we head into Thanksgiving, this week, our heads are buzzing with realities based in this year.

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Why the Washington Post shouldn’t view Facebook as an ATM machine

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

The Washington Post had an article yesterday (registration may be required to read it) that made the same mistake nonprofit marketing folks often make when judging the relative value of Facebook: it simply looked at Facebook as a place you post a cause and expect the dollars to roll in. If it doesn’t do that, the Post concludes, it doesn’t work. I’ve heard fundraisers say the same thing. But there is more to the story.

A Few Simple But Powerful Points of View That Can Get Your Nonprofit's Team Together and Motivated

Seeking Grant Money Today

Being this is the case, we have a few suggestions to help you implement a new and fresh point of view among your nonprofit's volunteers, staff, and leaders. __ Consider the agency's mission statement and the organization's goals that have been set for 2010. Sometimes having a fresh lens through which the team views the end goal through is very powerful. We, here at The Grant Plant, LLC hope that you: had a good holiday season, didn't get too terrible stressed (ha!),

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Giants Fans Create a Civil Community

A. Fine Blog

Tags: Social Media Big Blue View Bryant University Bulldogs Ed Valentine New York Giants

Hobbies of Nonprofit Communicators – Continuing Education

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

View this post on Instagram. View this post on Instagram. We’re wrapping up our look into the new adventures you got into during the past year with a few of you taking on the challenge of continuing your education. Other pandemic hobbies we’ve looked at: Pets. Music.

Is Your Leadership in Touch with Reality?

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

We will likely share an aggregated view of the results after 50 people (or so) have taken the quiz. In my book, The Nonprofit Marketing Guide , I list ten realities of nonprofit marketing.

Say No to Scarcity: Embracing the Abundance Mindset

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

It’s present in how we view and promote those we serve. When we view our work through a scarcity mindset, we develop a deficit view of the organization and, ultimately, a deficit view of those we serve.

Web Accessibility Through the Lens of Your Brand

Mission Minded

Why web accessibility and ADA compliance matter, and how you can view them through the lens of your brand. The post Web Accessibility Through the Lens of Your Brand appeared first on Mission Minded. Blog Digital Nonprofit Web

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Replay: Using Email to Engage Activists, Cultivate Donors - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - frogloop


Incase you couldnt join us or want to catch something you missed, youcan still view a free replay of the webinar in its entirety here. frogloop Home frogloop Home Receive monthly updates Subscribe to our RSS feed Follow frogloop on Twitter Most Popular Posts Social Network ROI Calculator Social Networking for Nonprofits: ROI, Tracking Tools and More "While Theyre Hot!"

A New Landing Page, Just for Fundraisers


Using the Fundraising Management Landing Page in EveryAction, it's easier than ever to view this data, access critical lists of top donors, search for specific contacts, analyze campaign performance, and more. At the top of the page, the fundraising stats widget allows users to easily view year-over-year stats about their fundraising program - from the total number of donors, to the total number of contributions and sustainers.

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Social Fundraising Is The Most Effective Form of Online Fundraising

Blue Sky Collaborative

Social Fundraising: Why Your Organization Needs to Leverage The Most Effective Form of Online Fundraising View more presentations from sburadagunta

XXX Mobile Game

Fundraiser Ideas

Getting along with the in laws supports the well being and health of one’s relationship, so being well-received with his family will go along way in staying satisfied and connected (particularly when he respects their view ). Sedo’s available domain names insure all kinds of verticalslanguages, and TLDs.

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51% of Donors Not At All Interested in Social Networks - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - frogloop


A slightly distorted view? frogloop Home frogloop Home Receive monthly updates Subscribe to our RSS feed Follow frogloop on Twitter Most Popular Posts Social Network ROI Calculator Social Networking for Nonprofits: ROI, Tracking Tools and More "While Theyre Hot!"

April 28

How to Rock Instagram without Photos

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

View this post on Instagram #KeepAbortionLegal A post shared by ACLU (@aclu_nationwide) on May 14, 2019 at 3:03pm PDT They also do factoid text posts like this. View this post on Instagram As many as 60% of women incarcerated in local jails haven’t even had a trial, much less been convicted of a crime. ? While Instagram is definitely a visual platform and photos are best, you can still manage a successful Instagram strategy without photography.

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