The Fog of War

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What does Robert MacNamara’s experience of the Vietnam War have to teach us about fundraising? A lesson from a previous generation. What can we learn from The Fog of War?

Volunteers: A Major But Oft-Overlooked Resource

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His pedigree — Medal of Freedom winner, former Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare under Lyndon Johnson (until he resigned over the Vietnam war), author and Gentleman — didn’t blind him to the importance of volunteers. Tom and I began working together 46 years ago at Common Cause , founded by the remarkable, accomplished and extraordinarily prescient John Gardner.

The Best Cause Marketing of 2008

Cause Related Marketing

There may well be… and probably is… some brilliant cause marketing coming out of Senegal or Bengal or Finland or Vietnam or Rio de Janeiro that I just don’t know about. First off the usual disclaimers. This is by no mean an exhaustive list.

Rockin’ Into The Future

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Asking $15 a head from citizens to join an organization intending to reform government and end the Vietnam war made absolutely no sense they said. In 1969, even with my hair in a mega-fro and wearing an embroidered and beaded denim work shirt (or maybe because of that) I was hired as the fundraiser to raise the seed money and help launch a new U.S. citizens’ movement called ‘Common Cause’ My professional colleagues thought I was nuts.

Tale Of Two Donations

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I was a grad student studying political theory at the time (arguably, an intellectual) and I received a direct mail appeal focused on how the seniority system in the US Congress was causing all sorts of bad policy … including funding for the Vietnam war. Decades ago (I won’t admit exactly how far back that was!) I made my first donation.

Raise a Glass Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

So toast someone with a Vietnamese beer at Shebeen and perhaps a kid in Vietnam learns a marketable skill. At the yet-to-open Shebeen Bar in Melbourne, Australia when you order a beer or wine from a developing country, a donation will be made to a cause in the drink’s country of origin.

How to Write a Letter to the Editor that Gets Published and Read (Case Study)

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We see this in Vietnam and in Russia—anywhere that a government is unable to devote sufficient resources to the public-health system, or unwilling to regulate a private one.

Look at what works, not what is broken: Positive deviance and bright spots

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Sternin approached problems in a truly innovative way: Rather than focusing on what was wrong in neighboring Vietnam, he decided to look for solutions to change that already existed in communities. From SnakeCorp on Flickr. I had such a nice comment in my last post from Jim Lord.

Gamified Cause Marketing and Half the Sky

Cause Related Marketing

The game is mediated by a character named Radhika, a mother of two, who starts in India and then makes her way to Kenya, Vietnam and Afghanistan, before landing in the United States.

B2B Cause Marketing From the Financial Industry

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The firm’s founder and CEO, Walter Mischler, was disabled in the Vietnam War. I posted on B2B cause marketing last Friday and really didn’t expect to come back to the topic for a while to come.

Ideas I tried this year

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So I went overseas for a vacation to visit my brother and his girlfriend for the first time in a very long time and had so much fun in Taiwan and Vietnam! Here’s my 2017 Annual Report! . What was this year LIKE? First of all, it was BETTER BECAUSE OF YOU. Thank you for reading.

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The Best of Social Marketing in 2016

Social Marketing and Social Change

Government-led macro-social marketing programs in Vietnam: Outcomes, challenges, and implications. This article examines government-led macro-social marketing in Vietnam, a country where the national government is interested in using social marketing to engender societal change.

Cause Marketing for Veteran's Causes Shows Support for Military Vets

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Many American political leaders have never served, in steep contrast to, say, the Vietnam War era when nearly 2/3rds had served in the military. In the lead-up to Veteran’s Day, held in the U.S. last Friday Nov.

Remembering Kay Partney Lautman

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In fact, many of the museums that line the Mall in Washington, DC – the United States Holocaust Museum, the National Museum of the American Indian and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial — stand as a living legacy to her good, tough advice. Tomorrow, Lautman Maska Neill & Company , the fundraising firm founded by Kay Lautman will hold its 20 th Anniversary reception.

My First Nonprofit Job

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As much as he may have been lionized in certain west-side, ultra-liberal enclaves, he was quite reviled and hated elsewhere, especially in areas where there were many veterans of the Vietnam war. A first blog posting after a long absence is always difficult; so many things to talk about, it's hard to decide what the most relevant topic would be. First, let me remind you where I've been.

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On a personal note: A moment that shaped me

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Vietnam Airlines Flight 815 crashed at Phnom Penh airport on September 3, 1997. I posted this on LinkedIn this week and thought I would share it with you. I was asked to write about what inspires me. I think “inspire” is perhaps not the right word given the tragedy I describe here. It was unspeakable. This is how it has shaped me, ever since. It held the fundamental lesson of life - one I should have known but just didn’t quite get till then.

The Best of Social Marketing in 2012

Social Marketing and Social Change

The impact of social franchising on the use of reproductive health and family planning services at public commune health stations in Vietnam. The people who take the time to develop, write, review and publish papers on social marketing in the peer-reviewed literature are some of my heroes.

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