Need Something Like Canva But for Video?

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Don’t you wish there was something just as quick and easy for video? Yes, I have video editing software, but sometimes it’s overkill and takes too long to work through. I recorded a one-minute video of me talking and then uploaded it into Typito.

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How to Get People to Share Your Nonprofit Video on Social Media

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You’ve undoubtedly heard that to amplify your nonprofit marketing, you need a strategy to create and share great videos on your website and social media channels. Video is the best performing content type on social. You can’t trick people into sharing your video.

Explain (Video) Yourself

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Consider an explainer video. As Eric Blattberg lays out in this Digiday article, explainer videos are hot. Looking for a new way to reach out to your community?

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Should Nonprofits Use Video for Internal Communications?

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Damien Johnson was a member of our Communications Director Mentoring Program and shared this great idea on using video for internal communications. It wasn’t until a recent change in executive management that the idea of sending our message through video came about. Damien Johnson.

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How the Hemophilia Federation of America Created Their Thank You Video

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If you don’t think you can pull together a thank-you video quickly, Emily Roush-Bobolz, Communications Manager at the Hemophilia Federation of America shares how she did just that. An email promoting Kivi’s webinar “How to Create a Thank You Video by Thanksgiving” popped in my inbox.

3 Quick Tips on Creating Social Media Video that Stands Out

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Social media video continues its dominance over all other social media content, solidifying its role as a critical and crucial element in any nonprofit digital marketing plan. . One-third of online activity is spent watching video. Design your video for the mute button. .

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[Guide] Creating Video for Nonprofits


When you're building a movement, video is an indispensable storytelling tool. By appealing to a wide range of our senses, videos capture our attention and activate our emotions, unlike any other medium. Video has a special place in the digital world.

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Nonprofit Thank You Videos – Binge Watch Here!

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I am so excited about next week, not only because it’s Thanksgiving, but because this is when we see a huge wave of nonprofit thank you videos being released. I’ve started my 2014 Playlist of Nonprofit Thank You Videos. Nonprofit Communications Thank-You Letters Video

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Government Videos Wiki List Experiment

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

This year, I have decided to create a Google Spreadsheet (following the same kind of template), for Canadian public servants to input their favourite Government videos that have been created specifically for the web.

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How to Use Your Smartphone to Make a Donor Thank You Video  

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Creating short, simple thank you videos and sharing them regularly can help combat donor fatigue and deepen relationships, leading to a long-term partnerships. Take these two simple but effective videos made by BellSchool:   [link] and [link]. Free mobile video editor.

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Best Nonprofit Videos of the Year

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Hosted by See3, YouTube and the Nonprofit Technology Network, the DooGooder Awards highlight nonprofits, do-gooders and creators who use video to change the world. Over 150 videos were submitted from around the world with over 20,000 votes cast. Best Nonprofit Video Award.

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Best Nonprofit Videos of the Year

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Another Great Thank You Video You Need to See

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Last October, Kivi presented a webinar on thank you videos. He also sent the thank you video his organization, SwimRVA, produced and I asked him to share their creation process with you. The holiday season was approaching and it seemed like the appropriate time to produce such a video.

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4 Smart Ways to Use Thank You Videos in Nonprofit Fundraising

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We Internet users have a voracious appetite for online video. Video is increasing in nearly every digital channel, from email to web pages to social networks. Marketers across the spectrum are planning to increase their use of videos to educate, service, and sell. Joshua Clay.

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Creating a Thank-You Video in a Day – How This Nonprofit Did It

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Last week Angela Crist, CEO of Findlay Hope House, reached out to me and Kivi about a thank you video they created after attending our recent webinar. Mostly I just wanted to create a video like the Cornell Lab of Ornithology put out last year. Guest Bloggers Thank-You Letters Video

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The Last Word on the #IceBucketChallenge [Video]

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Here’s the video: What do you think? Advocacy Creative Ideas Fundraising Mobile Nonprofit Communications Nonprofit Marketing Strategy Nonprofit Personality Social Networking Trends Video

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A Few Great Thank You Videos

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This may have been the “Year of the Thank You Video” – lots of really great stuff arrived in my inbox in the last week. So much so that even the well-written Thanksgiving messages without videos seemed a little boring and dated to me.

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Tips for Silent Videos (Or When People Turn Off Your Sound)

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On Thursday, I’m presenting a webinar on how to create a great thank you video for your supporters. We’ll talk about the best scripts and soundtracks for these kinds of videos, but what about when you post them on social media and your supporters see it with the sound off?

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How To Fund Your Nonprofit Video

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We''ve had two of three articles on why your small nonprofit should invest in creating a video. This week, I''m sharing an article by another video production company which addresses how you go about funding that video. It''s longer than I might usually post here, but there''s a lot of ground to cover in funding a video production. sponsorship crowdfunding video production funding auctioneering Small nonprofit

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5 Ways to Delight and Retain Donors with Video

J Campbell Social Marketing

By using video of course! Here are just 5 simple ways to delight and inspire your donors with video. Create special videos that they can share with the people who contributed to their Fundraisers – their friends and family who gave to support them. .

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How to Create Social Media Video on a Shoestring Budget – Tips & Tools

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So why are we talking about video? A Tweet with a video in it is six times more likely to be retweeted than just an image. Watch the video to see a live demo of Josh’s must-have mobile apps to create, enhance, edit, and share video on social media: .

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Nonprofit Videos: Best Practices and Benchmarks

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How to Solve Any Nonprofit Marketing Problem [New Video]

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Today I’m sharing the second video in our new series from the Communications Coaching Program for Executive Directors (we call it the CoCoa Club for short.). Can’t see the video player? CoCoa Club Videos Nonprofit Communications Nonprofit Marketing Strategy

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2 examples of great nonprofit video storytelling

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The event was very well put together, but what stood out to me most were the two videos played during the introductions. The video goes on to feature a specific Bottom Line student and her college application process. The second video was from Cradles to Crayons.

Three Pillars of Nonprofit Marketing Management [CoCoa Club Video #1]

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Welcome to our new free video series from the Communications Coaching Program for Executive Directors (we call it the CoCoa Club for short.). Can’t see the video player? CoCoa Club Videos Nonprofit Marketing Strategy

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3 Essentials for Nonprofit Email Newsletters [Video]

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Today I’m sharing the fourth video in our new series from the Communications Coaching Program for Executive Directors (we call it the CoCoa Club for short.). In this video, I share the three essentials I am looking for when I review an email newsletter. (

How to Use Live-Streaming Video to Share Stories as They Happen

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So what is “live-streaming video”? Live-streaming means filming a video as it happens and broadcasting it via social media. This may sound terrifying to the uninitiated but take note: Live-streaming video is the most popular form of video content on the web today.

Video 171

Nonprofit Video Awards Announced

The Agitator

The 2014 DoGooder Video Awards have just been announced. For the eighth year, See3, YouTube, NTEN and Cisco, now joined by The National Alliance for Media and Culture and the National Youth Media Network have combined to select the best of nonprofit videos.

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Nonprofit Video – What’s It Really Worth?

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Videos are a great way to engage and inspire your supporters and Lights. is a nonprofit organization that encourages other nonprofits to use film and video to tell their stories. They are currently conducting a survey of nonprofits about their use of video. Aaron Bramley.

Video 203

The Biggest Mistake Nonprofits Make With Video

Getting Attention

Guest blogger, Annie Escobar is co-founder of ListenIn Pictures which produces compelling video stories for nonprofits. Creating engaging, sharable videos doesn’t seem to come naturally for most nonprofits and I think I know why. The best use of video is not to inform and educate.

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Content Marketing for Nonprofits, Explained [Video]

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Free Guide to Video Storytelling Available

Non Profit Marketing 360

If you’re resolved to tell your story better in 2012, take a look at this free e-book on how to use video for better storytelling. The book even comes with a useful worksheet for step-by-step planning of videos. Image via Wikipedia.

How to Show Impact In Your Nonprofit Donor Thank You Video

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Donor thank you videos may be the perfect solution. Effective donor thank you videos should do 2 things: 1. It’s important to note that donor thank you videos are not traditional fundraising videos.

Video 158

“Social Media At Work” Video for Canadian Public Servants

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Any time I see a government effort in using video these days I like to applaud it. Any time you post up a video you place a powerful digital footprint on the web for others to find. This is especially true if you tag and title the video strategically based on search patterns.

Launch of my “Learn in 60 Seconds” video series

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Uber short 60 second screen capture videos explaining how to do something. Eventually these videos will encompass more advanced tips as well. I’ve been talking about doing this for a while now and finally decided to put tongue to purpose. What is “this&# exactly?

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40k to 4 Million Views! Boost YOUR YouTube Video Views (Case Study)

Getting Attention

BTW, Mark’s video version of this post features a extra tips not found here. The lightbulb really went off when I typed “homeless” into the YouTube search bar.Invisible People undoubtedly has more videos from homeless people than any other content creator.

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12 Ways Nonprofits Can Use Instagram and Vine Videos (

J Campbell Social Marketing

Are you interested in learning about the different ways your nonprofit could be using Instagram video and Vine? How are you using mobile video sharing apps to accomplish your mission and connect with supporters?

Video 219

Quick and Easy Slideshow Videos

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Picovico is a tool you can use for putting together short videos without a lot of investment in time. Add music Create the video. video quick tool small nonprofits Facebook slideshow easyRunning a small nonprofit takes a lot of time. So being creative often has to take a back seat to getting things done. Here's how it works: Sign up for an account or use Facebook to log in. Choose a theme. Add pictures and text. Log In This is the screen you.

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Come, Take a Tour [Video]

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All this month our Annual All-Access Pass is on sale. It’s our biggest sale of the yea r, and when most people buy their annual passes. Here is a little behind-the-scenes tour of the All-Access Pass Dashboard.

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Making Video on a Shoestring: Videolean - a Review

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is Video (Photo credit: Wikipedia) We''ve been talking about video and infographics lately, so I was interested when I came across the blurb for Videolean on It''s not really video so much as it is slides that are surrounded by video. For example, video of someone swiping across or up and down an iPad on which your text and graphics are shown. Image Small nonprofit social media marketing video Videolean

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Create a Thank-You Video…[PLOT TWIST]…by this Thanksgiving!

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Thanksgiving is the perfect time to release a thank-you video. Join us TOMORROW as Kivi presents an updated version of last year’s popular webinar: How to Create a Thank-You Video for Supporters Before Thanksgiving. After this 60-minute webinar, you’ll have: Several proven formulas for successful thank-you videos, including scripts and storyboards. Ways to integrate the video into your year-end campaign. We can’t create your thank-you video for you.

Video 118

Nonprofit Video Production Tips

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

I’ve seen lots of interest from nonprofits in using video to communicate with supporters about their causes, along with an equal amount of trepidation about how to do it. Cymberly Pierce on her blog, Clever Title, also offers some fast tips on nonprofit video.

Get More Video Views & Shares: #501TechNYC (Part 2)

Getting Attention

Thanks to NYC’s 501 Tech Club for inviting knowledgeable nonprofit video makers from Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS and International Rescue Committee (IRC) to share tips, tools, and case studies with us video expert wannabees. Well, that increases tenfold with videos.

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