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How to ask for a gift: Do you really have to ask?


At MarketSmart, we don’t close sales and we don’t close deals. When it comes to how to ask for a gift, you’ll see there’s a parallel with how we conduct sales, and how nonprofits should raise funds.

To Boost or Not to Boost – Facebook Ad Tips for Nonprofits

J Campbell Social Marketing

Reaching your fans on Facebook is getting increasingly harder, especially if you don’t have a large marketing department or tons of time to spend creating posts. But don’t despair!

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You Need an Email Welcome Series

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Whether they are signing up for an email newsletter or donating to your cause, it’s important to make new supporters feel all warm and fuzzy about getting involved with your organization. An email welcome series is a great way to start building relationships that can last.

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July 23 Free Webinar: Launch Team of Passionate Messengers

Getting Attention

Learn how to ask, train, and support your team in this free webinar on July 23. Register now. We all have an incredible resource right in front of us — our colleagues, board, donors, volunteers, and members.

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How to Get People to Share Your Nonprofit Video on Social Media

J Campbell Social Marketing

You’ve undoubtedly heard that to amplify your nonprofit marketing, you need a strategy to create and share great videos on your website and social media channels. Video is the best performing content type on social. Having videos on your website increases the time spent on the site by 71%.

Tell the Stories Your Donors Want to Hear

Ann Green

How often do you use stories when you communicate with your donors? Most likely, not enough. That’s a mistake because people respond better to stories. .

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators – July 5, 2019

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

For those of you actually at work today, welcome! I, too, am not taking a long weekend after the holiday so I can bring you the best articles, posts, tips, and more from around the world of nonprofit marketing and fundraising.

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Crowdfunding on Social Media: 4 Design Tips to Drive Donors

J Campbell Social Marketing

Guest Post by Fundly. Crowdfunding is one of the most influential campaigning techniques to come onto the fundraising scene. A technique that harnesses the power of social media, sharing, and personal networks, crowdfunding allows anyone to create their own fundraising campaign.

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Online will-making tools: My pros and cons.


Brace yourself. . This is a long post because there’s a lot to be said. . I wrote it because digital will-writing tools are popping up to help your supporters facilitate their planning conveniently online. That’s creating both opportunities and challenges for fundraisers.

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Entice Your Donors With Visual Stories

Ann Green

In these days of information overload, it can be hard to get your donors’ attention. In my last post, I wrote about the importance of telling stories. Written stories are great, but since donors get so many messages from different sources they may not want to read another word. .

Getting Through a Summer Funk #NPCOMMLIFE

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Working during the summer can be rough. Friends are posting pictures of their awesome vacations while you are stuck in the office. Productivity can plummet and motivation can be non-existent. “ I just wanna be outside! ” you internally scream as you stare out the window.

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How to Call Out the President’s Racism When Your Organization’s Mission isn’t Specifically Tied to Social Justice

Mission Minded

Recently, a client approached me with a challenge: is there a way that our organization can call out the President. The post How to Call Out the President’s Racism When Your Organization’s Mission isn’t Specifically Tied to Social Justice appeared first on Mission Minded.

Are your letters to major donors and donor prospects any good?


Direct mail is NOT dead! However, ‘ spray and pray ‘ direct mail should be! Long live one-to-one, highly relevant, personalized communications— including direct mail letters! Direct mail letters are powerful because, when done right, they make donors feel good.

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Show Some Donor Appreciation by Holding an Open House

Ann Green

Many nonprofits do a poor job of showing appreciation to their donors, but you don’t have to be one of them. . There are many ways to show some donor appreciation. One idea is to have an open house at your organization. If you can’t hold one on-site, have it at a restaurant or other venue.

3 steps for less stress in fundraising for the next six months

Fundraising Coach

Do you feel it? The airports and highways are filled with last minute vacation seekers. Back to school supplies are flying off shelves. The school buses are doing practice runs. It's almost the fall.

Did You Meet Your Fundraising Goal?

Mission Minded

Did you meet your fundraising goal? If not, take a look at your brand. For many nonprofits, when your fiscal. The post Did You Meet Your Fundraising Goal? appeared first on Mission Minded.

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5 Social Media Survival Strategies for the Small Shop Fundraiser

J Campbell Social Marketing

Are you spending your days creating content for every social media imaginable — and getting very little in return? I was invited to give a presentation on Pamela Grow’s Motivate Monday webinar this week, and the topic was Social Media Survival Strategies for the Small Shop Fundraiser.

GUEST POST: A Great Idea… Connecting With Donors Through Photo Books


This is a first! I’ve never had anyone write a guest post for my blog. But when I saw what Daphne Powell was doing to grow relationships with her donors, I reached out to her to see if she might consider telling you her story.

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How to Get Ready for Your Year-End Appeal

Ann Green

Can you believe we’re already halfway through August? Like it or not, September will be here before you know it. Fall is a busy time for nonprofits, especially if you’re doing a year-end appeal. You don’t need to mourn the end of summer yet, but you should start planning for your year-end appeal.

Giving headlines should grab your attention, but not for the reasons you think

Fundraising Coach

Private coaching clients have been emailing me the doom and gloom articles on the latest Giving USA report. Giving was up about $3 billion but when adjusted for inflation, giving was down in 2018. This should grab our attention. But not for the reasons you think.

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Why You’re Not Ready for New Key Messages

Mission Minded

You may be worried that your messaging is stale, or that you need a new way to tell your organization’s. The post Why You’re Not Ready for New Key Messages appeared first on Mission Minded.

Social Fundraising Best Practices for Nonprofits

J Campbell Social Marketing

What is social fundraising? What makes it so powerful? And how can small nonprofits start their own programs to recruit and mobilize social fundraisers for their cause?

If you like VERITUS GROUP and you like me… now you can get both together!


Alignment. Have you ever met someone for the first time but felt like you had known them forever? Like you had a mysterious connection instantly? That’s how I felt when I first met Richard Perry and Jeff Schreifels (from Veritus Group) in Philadelphia years ago.

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Improving Donor Communication: A Q&A Guide for Nonprofits

Ann Green

By John Killoran. One of the most important assets of a nonprofit is its donors. Donors are crucial to the growth of your nonprofit, so it is key to both attract new donors while also keeping up relationships with previous donors.

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Why you should come to the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference? Alumni tell you.

Fundraising Coach

Wondering why you should come to this year's Nonprofit Storytelling Conference ? I could share why I think you should. It's an event like none I've ever been able to be part of. But as a co-producer of the conference, you'd expect me to say that.

Look Behind the Brand: Army & Navy Academy

Mission Minded

Karen Buck is a Senior Brand Strategist at Mission Minded and co-led the rebranding of our client Army & Navy. The post Look Behind the Brand: Army & Navy Academy appeared first on Mission Minded.

6 Tips to Create Better Nonprofit Instagram Stories – According to Instagram

J Campbell Social Marketing

Instagram Stories are taking the social media world by storm, and nonprofits are jumping on board! Nonprofits like , TWLOHA , Best Buddies , and more are providing insight into their work and build community with their followers through their daily and weekly Stories.

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At last, the Fundraising Report Card is now 100% free for nonprofits


In case you’ve never heard of it… The Fundraising Report Card is a little application I had my staff build a couple of years ago.

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Newsletter: Should Partners Make a Minimum Commitment? ; GameStop Salutes ‘The Brave’ with POS Fundraiser ; ACLU is Rocking Instagram Without Photos

Selfish Giving

Newsletter reader Trish Conklin , Director of Corporate Sponsorships at One Warm Coat , had a great idea for a survey question: Does your nonprofit require corporate partners to make a minimum revenue commitment?

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Engaging your community is made easier with new marketing integrations


In the nonprofit event world, email communication is still king in driving interest to your fundraising events, ticket sales and registrations, or getting supporters excited about supporting your cause. Marketing CrowdRise Updates

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Charity in Scotland and Ireland


by Angharad Miller. Starting a charity can seem like a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be! We’ve compiled an ultimate guide to help get you and your nonprofit up and running. Where to begin.

10 Reasons to Attend the Nonprofit Social Media Summit

J Campbell Social Marketing

If you are like most nonprofit social media managers, you came to this work sideways, if not completely by accident. . You were working hard, maybe as a volunteer, program officer, Board member, development director, marketing intern – and then BAM! . Let’s get on social media!”

A perfect example of ‘spray and pray fundraising’


This email wasted my time and annoyed me because… I don’t know this person. I don’t know this organization. I didn’t give her or them permission to email me. I have no connection whatsoever to this cause or this organization.

Newsletter: How to Process Point-of-Sale Donations ; Rival Clubs Offer Charity Donations to Customers That Abandon SoulCycle ??? ; Five Nonprofit Chatbots That are Worth Talking To

Selfish Giving

Newsletter reader Robyn had a great question last week. Here's the question and my answer. I am trying to find out how local businesses partner with us to raise funds. For example, we have some local businesses that want to help us raise funds the week of Boulder Pride (i.e.

How to Use LinkedIn to Level Up Your Nonprofit

J Campbell Social Marketing

Should your nonprofit be on LinkedIn? What are the advantages and strengths of a dynamic LinkedIn presence for your org? Is it really worth it for nonprofits?

How to Use LinkedIn to Level Up Your Nonprofit

J Campbell Social Marketing

Should your nonprofit be on LinkedIn? What are the advantages and strengths of a dynamic LinkedIn presence for your org? Is it really worth it for nonprofits?

3 Quick Tips on Creating Social Media Video that Stands Out

J Campbell Social Marketing

Social media video continues its dominance over all other social media content, solidifying its role as a critical and crucial element in any nonprofit digital marketing plan. . In case you (or your supervisor or Board members) are not convinced: .

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