What everyone is missing about the 2018 $410 billion giving figure from Giving USA


The post What everyone is missing about the 2018 $410 billion giving figure from Giving USA appeared first on MarketSmart, LLC |. $410 billion. Hooray! Right? Not so fast! Lots of folks are not so happy. So today I’m going to tell you what they are missing that makes them all wrong for being so salty. First, here are some of the downers I recently read and heard after the $410 billion figure was announced. . Holding pens.

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What Everyone Is Missing About The Giving USA 2018 Annual Report (EF-S03-E01)


Learn what everyone is missing about the 410 billion dollars in giving as reported by Giving USA’s 2018 annual report. The post What Everyone Is Missing About The Giving USA 2018 Annual Report (EF-S03-E01) appeared first on MarketSmart, LLC |. Learn more about MarketSmart at [link]. Podcast

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Donor Nation USA

The Agitator

I was browsing the latest report from Giving USA on the size of the giving sector in America in 2013. At that level, Donor Nation USA is the 16th largest nation in the world in terms of revenue, ranking just behind #15 Sweden ($277.6 The overall giving total — $335 billion — is big. But just how big is that … what would be a good comparative measure? What about comparative national budgets? If you take ‘just’ individual donations ($240.6

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Brown University Rhode Island Usa

Fundraising Breakthroughs

In the brown university rhode island usa that one party agrees to pay for your lawyer will not relieve an individual member from facing personal liability for their own actions or negligence. Apart from drawing droves of well-heeled citizens to its beautiful homes every summer, Rhode Island automatically continues even after the brown university rhode island hospital or even might, mirror the brown university rhode island usa a hearing. If the brown university rhode island usa.

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Charitable Giving Recovering Faster Than Anticipated – Giving USA

Fundraising Coach

In the latest edition of npVoices , host Steve MacLaughlin interviews Gregg Carlson of the Giving USA Foundation about the 2013 Giving USA report. Giving USA 2013. The latest Giving USA report is fairly encouraging. This is a big deal because between 2007 and 2009, charitable giving in the USA dropped 15% ! Another interesting trend in the Giving USA report is that giving to arts and culture is increasing. Buy the report at the Giving USA Foundation site.

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Giving USA 2013: GoodNews … And Bad

The Agitator

Giving USA 2013 , the annual report on philanthropy, published by the Giving USA foundation and researched and written by the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, was released yesterday. Despite good news for some sectors (I’ll get to that in a moment) there’s nothing in Giving USA 2013 or in any of the other data and reports I’ve seen that indicates some miracle recovery.

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Using Social Media: 11 Steps to Success (NA'AMAT USA Convention)

Fundraising 123

I had the pleasure to present to an audience at the 40TH NA'AMAT USA Convention in Boca Raton, Florida on July 14, 2010. Download the presentation slides now! Here is a recap of the topics covered: The case for online fundraising & outreach (including some juicy stats) What is Web 2.0/social media anyway? Absolutely essential guiding principles What to do, What to avoid If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our team at fundraising123@networkforgood.org !

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#GRANTS: Sony USA Offers Year-Long Support To Many Types Of Nonprofits

Non Profit Marketing 360

In this post, we turn to Sony USA, which offers numerous outlets where such 501(c)3 organizations can purchase Sony’s products at a notably reduced rate. Nonprofits depend on technology for communication, internal organization, and creative outreach. Many of the tech corporations who design and build the cameras, computers, smartphones, and tablets for nonprofits also offer grants and other avenues of support for those nonprofits and charities.

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‘Little Miss USA’ Doll Ad for American Red Cross

Cause Related Marketing

Like Pepsi with milk, or peanut butter and bacon sandwiches.Likewise this ad for a collectable doll doesn't quite work.The doll, called Little Miss USA, was issued by the Alexander Doll Company in the wake of September 11 in support of the American Red Cross.Plenty of cause-related marketing appeals popped up after 9/. Tags: Little Miss USA American Red Cross social marketing Alexander Doll Company Longfellow 9/11

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Charitable giving on the rebound, says Giving USA

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

The latest Giving USA report was released today, showing that total U.S. You can visit Giving USA for a free summary , or to purchase the full data set and reports. Chime in below and let us know how you use reports like Giving USA and what other data you’d like to see charitable giving increased for the fourth consecutive year in 2013. Overall giving grew 4.4% last year to an estimated $335.17

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Care2 Awards Eighth Annual Impact Award to GREY2K USA


Care2 is pleased to announce the winner of the eighth annual Care2 Impact Award

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Nonprofit job openings on the West Coast of the USA

Fundraising Coach

I recently received an email from Waldron HR about job openings in on the West Coast. There are positions for EDs, CEOs, Directors. There’s even an odd listing for a City Manager (not sure how that’s “social enterprise” but hey, why not?). You can check them out by clicking on the picture or going to: [link]. (c) c) Marc A. Pitman, FundraisingCoach.com. Know you should be fundraising but just need a little kick? Sign up for the weekly Fundraising Kick !

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Giving USA is out, and it says giving is up

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Here’s some good news: According to the newly released Giving USA 2011, giving was up 2% (adjusted for inflation) in 2010 after two years of record decline, totaling $290B last year in the US. Individual giving (73% of total giving) and bequests were way up, while foundation giving was flat. Corporate giving was up a surprising 9 percent (adjusted for inflation), fueled in part by in-kind corporate pharmaceutical donations.

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Thanks to Giving USA and Third Sector’s Gross Domestic Philanthropy report , we now know that the United States continues to be the most charitable nation on the planet. Data Sheets Fundraising Major Giving Planned Giving charitable giving charity blog engagement fundraising fundraising research Giving USA Stats Lead Generation major gift fundraising major gift marketing Philanthropy Planned Giving MarketingA chart from Third Sector’s Report.

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5 Inspiring Nonprofit Online Campaigns for Mother’s Day

J Campbell Social Marketing

UNICEF USA. UNICEF USA has created a specific board for Inspired Gifts. Fundraising Marketing Moms Nonprofits Online Fundraising Pinterest Social Media Mother's Day nonprofits on Pinterest Northwestern Medicine online campaign Opportunity International Oxfam America SOS Children's Villages UNICEF USAI am always looking for creative ideas to give the mothers in my life – not just on Mother’s Day, but to celebrate all special occasions. (I

5 Very Inspiring Nonprofit Fundraising Campaigns for Mother’s Day

J Campbell Social Marketing

UNICEF USA. UNICEF USA has created a specific board for Inspired Gifts. Fundraising Nonprofits Online Fundraising Pinterest Social Media fundraising campaign Mother''s Day nonprofit storytelling Northwestern Medicine Opportunity International Oxfam America UNICEF USA Vitamin Angels I am always looking for creative ideas to give my moms on Mother’s Day (I have a mom, a step mom and two mothers-in-law).

Danger Ahead—Piggybacking on Tragedy

Getting Attention

Take the Facebook post pictured above, from Girl Scouts of the USA, relating the Daisy badge for courage and strength to qualities demonstrated on September 11, 2001. Relevance Rules Audience Research campaign Girl Scouts of the USA Nonprofit Communications nonprofit marketing relevance rules Sept. Nothing is more important than communicating the right message to your network at the right place and time!

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Immediate Methods Of MLA vs. APA In The Usa. coursework writing service usaPractical Essay Writing Help Plans Described. The majority universities demand their students to publish essays, and plenty of scholars find they need dissertation assistance. Essays really need a massive amount considering ability and excellent producing skills together with period and patience.

How did donations fare in 2009? Down, says Giving USA data out today

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Giving USA today released their data on charitable giving in 2009. You can get a free executive summary here. The highlights: Total estimated charitable giving in the United States dropped 3.6 percent in 2009 (-3.2 percent adjusted for inflation). This reflects the continued recession in 2009, which particularly affected charitable recipients that otherwise receive contributions for new buildings, endowment campaigns, and long-term planning.

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Giving USA Reports On 2016 Giving

The Agitator

Giving USA has released its annual study on giving, reporting that for 2016 all giving rose to $390.1 billion, or 1.4% over 2015 (inflation adjusted). That represents 2.1% of gross domestic product, slightly above the 1.9% average of the past 40 years.

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Girl Scouts of America Subtly Changes its Logo

Cause Related Marketing

Girls Scouts of the USA, the world's largest organization for girls, recently updated theirs in a very subtle way.(The Tags: Fast Company Nonprofit Logos Girls Scouts of the USA What do you do when you're a 98-year-old institution and you think your logo doesn't quite work anymore?Girls The photo illustration comes from Fast Company magazine).I I understand the pressures to change organizational logos having been through the process myself. But looking back on that.

Giving increased.7% but you won’t hear anyone celebrating and that’s really too bad


Smartideas giving usa 2018 giving usa 2018 report highlightsRemember when the Lilly School predicted at least a $13 billion drop in giving due to the Trump Tax Cut (which would have taken us to $376 billion)? Instead, we saw a.7% rise in real dollars to $427.71 billion. They should have egg on their faces for their doomsday prediction. Instead I’m seeing reporters spin the data saying “the tax cut made people less generous.” ” Good grief! Not true.

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Size Matters in Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

I was reminded of this when I saw this ad for Outdoor Research in Outdoor USA Magazine , a trade publication that I picked up at the Winter 2011 Outdoor Retailers trade show. Outdoor USA Magazine is tabloid sized and printed on matte paper. Barry White Outdoor Retailer Trade Show Outdoor USA Magazine Outdoor Research Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor EthicsMaybe it’s the old school Barry White I’m listening to as I write this, but size matters in cause marketing.

Cause Marketing Your Customer Satisfaction Warranty

Cause Related Marketing

A news report in Outdoor USA Magazine put Sole’s U.S. Ford Dress for Success Aeron chairs Big City Mountaineers Outdoor USA Magazine Herman Miller Soles4Souls Sole Junior AchievementOrthotic insole maker Sole offers a cause marketing approach that addresses a different side of business than I’ve ever seen before.

Cause Marketing Odds and Ends

Cause Related Marketing

The most interesting wrinkle in this year’s campaign is a kind of virtual paper icon campaign for the benefiting charity, Global Green USA. The money is donated by Electrolux a dollar at a time to Global Green USA’s green schools initiative when you virtually plant a flower.KaBOOM, the nonprofit playground builder. Tags: Kelly Ripa Global Green USA Disney Crowdspring OyHello KaBOOM First Book YMCA Echoing Green Julianne Hough Electrolux Jumpstart

Using Cause Marketing Money to Fund Your Charity’s Endowment

Cause Related Marketing

When I read the news item in Outdoor USA Magazine, a trade publication, above it occurred to me that one of the ways a charity could use cause marketing funds is to build an endowment. Komen for the Cure Children's Miracle Network Benefits of Cause Marketing Outdoor USA Magazine Activation St. One criticism of cause marketing I often hear is that money raised that way is almost certain to be a pittance for most charities.

Five Words: Maria Sharapova and Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

Ten years ago USA Today looked at more than 250 charities closely affiliated with sports celebrities and found a mixed bag. USA Today reported that while intentions were often good, few athletes or even their representatives were well prepared for the work of running a charitable foundation. Alden Keene Cause Marketing Database Tom Cruise TagHueur Maria Sharapova Renee Zellweger Leigh Steinberg USA Today Jerry Maguire Cameron Crowe Steve Young

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Dove’s Cause Marketing of Self Esteem, Part II

Cause Related Marketing

Colored Charity Ribbons Campaign for Real Beauty Girls Scouts of the USA Dove Self Esteem Fund Unilever Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty was launched in September 2004 on the heels of global study commissioned by Unilever called ‘The Real Truth about Beauty.’Among Among the findings was that a scant 2 percent of all women defined themselves as beautiful.

Outré Cause Marketing?

Cause Related Marketing

I saw the item in Outdoor USA Magazine. Komen for the Cure Man vs Wild Bear Grylls Boy Scouts of America Outdoor USA Magazine Born Survivor Gerber Discovery ChannelBear Grylls, the eat-anything host of the Discovery Channel’s hit show Man vs. Wild (called Born Survivor in the U.K.), recently endorsed a compact knife for Boy Scouts, sold by American knife maker Gerber.

Cause Marketing from El Presidente

Cause Related Marketing

a gallon, according to a report in yesterday’s USA Today , with at least half a dozen states reporting $4 a gallon gas. CITGO, therefore, is effectively controlled by Hugo Chavez, the autocratic president of Venezuela who has no love for the United States, and who has expressed his feelings about the USA frequently and venomously. CITGO Hugo Chavez USA Today Time Inc. CITGO, the oil refiner and gasoline marketer faces a number of brand challenges.

Using Cause Marketing to Preserve Retail Pricing Power

Cause Related Marketing

That question came after reading the unsigned editorial at the left in a recent issue of Outdoor USA Magazine , a trade publication of the outdoor retailers and manufacturers industry. REI business benefits of cause marketing Outdoor USA Magazine Facebook Deals Groupon The North FaceThe Consumer Wars have been fought, and frankly, Consumers won. In the process, retailers ceded their pricing power and maybe their sustainability. Can cause marketing come to the rescue?

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Giving Makes a Slight Rebound. Is this the New Normal for Nonprofits?

Marketing for Nonprofits

The highly anticipated GIVING USA 2011: The Annual Report on Philanthropy for the Year 2010 was released today. Giving USA stewardship fundraisingIt shows that over $290 billion was given to charity last year. Adjusted for inflation, this is a 2% increase over 2009. This is mixed news for nonprofits because while giving is up 2% over last year, this gain does not make up for the two years of dramatic declines due to the recession.

Cause Marketing in the Economic Downturn

Cause Related Marketing

Giving USA Social Media Guerilla Marketing Transparency social marketing PR supported cause-related marketing Get Your Chin off Your ChestIt’s probably just superstition, but I have steadfastly avoided posting anything about the recession.After all, considering the amount of liquidity sloshing around after all the actions already taken by central bankers in Asia, Europe, and the United States, it’s plain that the real problem right now isn’t access to capital.

Paul Godfrey and Milton Friedman

Cause Related Marketing

Tags: Milton Friedman University of Utah Paul Godfrey Giving USA New York Times Magazine Corporate Social Responsibility

Spending Dollars to Raise Pennies? II

Cause Related Marketing

Tags: IEG Newsweek Giving USA Red Campaign Jessica Bennett

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U.S. gets a new President, White House launches new web site & blog…

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Tags: president Compliment government obama inauguration blog barack politics Notice USA whitehouse socialmedia

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A FREE Conversation About Charitable Giving You Can't Afford to Miss

Marketing for Nonprofits

On June 10 , the Giving USA Foundation will release the latest edition of Giving USA - THE authoritative source of information on U.S. Tags: Giving USA online events fundraising Chronicle of Philanthropy This beautiful photo is by Mr. Kris. philanthropy. Want to see how your fundraising results stack up vs. other charities? Want to know what you can expect from donations in 2009 and beyond? Want some suggestions for how to change your fundraising course, if necessary?

June 32

2% Giving Flat for Forty Years

A. Fine Blog

charitable giving is estimated to be only 2 percent of average household disposable (after tax) income (Giving USA Foundation 2011). These data come from the annual report of Giving USA. Uncategorized Blackbaud embedded giving Giving USA philanthropy United StatesBlackbaud released a report called Growing Philanthropy in the United States this week. Why do we need to grow philanthropy? Because: In the U.S.,


Marketing for Nonprofits

Tomorrow Giving USA will release it's 2010 statistics for giving in the United States. Giving USA big thoughtsUnfortunately, I am not on the blogger outreach list for this study, which means that I'll have to wait along with the rest of you to learn what they have to say. :(. Scoop or no scoop, I've spent this weekend thinking about the state of giving in the U.S. (No, No, I don't have a COMPLETELY lame social life.) And, here is what I've come up with.

fundraiser, poet, friend: Jason Shinder, 1955 to 2008

Studio 501c

I worked with Jason when I was at the YMCA of the USA, and like so many others who knew him, I know that my life is richer for it. Tags: ABOUT STUDIO 501C COOL TOOLS FUNDRAISING PRODUCTIVITY art friend fundraiser fundraising Jason Jason Shinder philanthropy poetry Shinder Writer's Voice YMCA YMCA of the USA I don't know anyone who is a better fundraiser than Jason Shinder was.

Try the “100 Days” Theme for Your Next Video or Email

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

UNRWA USA referenced 100 days in its subject line for an email that talks about what’s been accomplished in response to the pandemic, with an ask for additional support during this crisis.

fundraiser, poet, friend: Jason Shinder, 1955 to 2008

Studio 501c

I worked with Jason when I was at the YMCA of the USA, and like so many others who knew him, I know that my life is richer for it. COOL TOOLS FUNDRAISING PRODUCTIVITY art friend fundraiser fundraising Jason Jason Shinder philanthropy poetry Shinder Writer's Voice YMCA YMCA of the USAI don't know anyone who is a better fundraiser than Jason Shinder was.

Thin Mints Live On!

A. Fine Blog

The Girl Scouts USA announced a major restructuring yesterday — but, thankfully, the thin mints live on. Tags: Frances Hesselbein Social Media LMK (Let Me Know) Washington Post Girls Scouts USA The Washington Post reported yesterday that the Girl Scouts are engaging in a major restructuring to reverse the decline in membership that they, as well as other stalwarts of the 20th century nonprofit membership based organizations, like Boy Scouts [.].