From Awareness to Action: Using Pledges and Triggers to Make It StickK


Activate the Trigger: Pledges and Reminders. In short, a reminder would trigger the action I pledged to make. They touched on a variety of applicable concepts to our work–one of the being the role of triggers in behavior change. Have you ever forgotten to do something?

Raise More Money from Businesses with Purchase-Triggered Donations

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Purchase-triggered donations is a long name for a simple cause marketing promotion. Cause Practices 5-hour energy avon foundation for women cause marketing purchase-triggered donationsWhen shoppers buy a product or service from a business a portion or percentage of the sale is donated to a good cause. A recent example I came across is this promotion from the makers of 5-Hour Energy. Living Essentials, the marketer of.

Donor Psychology: Do you know what really makes your supporters feel good?


Funny thing about fundraising is that it all boils down to this: Making sure that your supporters feel good! I know, I know. In the books and webinars, they’ll say, “It’s all about proving impact and results.” ” Others will say, “It’s all about relationships.”

(Re)Defining Cause Marketing

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Purchase or action triggered donation. Cause Marketing 101 cause marketing cause marketing forum licensing pinups point-of-sale Product RED purchase-triggered donationsLast January I wrote a post on What is Cause Marketing? that got a lot of great feedback.

3 Resources to Raise More Money with Products & Services

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Purchase-triggered donations (or percentage of sales fundraisers) is a long name for a simple cause marketing promotion. After a charity pinup program , purchase-triggered donations are one of the more lucrative cause marketing fundraisers.

Need Inspiration?

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His post triggered all sorts of associations in my mind, vaguely connected to ‘inspiration’ but still somewhat weird … that’s the way my brain works! But most lists urging you to trigger emotions in direct marketing do tend toward the negative. Jeff Brooks wrote a marvellous post reminding us fundraisers that our job is inspire, not describe.

This Is Your Brain on Ads. Any Questions?

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Ahern’s bottom line is that the latest brain science confirms what direct mail marketers have known for years: people respond to emotional triggers, not reason. The base of the brain (Photo credit: Wikipedia).

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Fundraising Metrics That Matter

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By my definition an important metric – a metric that matters – is one that triggers the “What-should-I-do-differently-to-improve?” Yesterday I explored ‘vanity metrics’ and briefly explained why they’re not very helpful for serious decision-making.

How To Organize For Miracles

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Which brings me to the ‘miracle’ of the ACLU’s swift, precision-like response across the nation to civil liberties threats triggered by the election and inauguration of Donald Trump.

Nazis. War. Hurricanes. Famine. Google Gold.

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hurricane season right around the corner, and heaven only knows what other natural or man-made disasters lying just ahead, potential donors, credit cards in hand are poised to ’emergency donate’ If your organization works in a space given to rage, disaster relief, or any number of other issue areas where emotions are on a hair trigger … are you ready? Using ‘rage-donate’ — as triggered by events in Charlottesville — as an example, Nick.

Time to stop pointing fingers at Facebook and take some responsibility ourselves.

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

This data breach has a significant silver lining in that it triggered international attention and sparked a global discussion on the topic of data privacy.

How Will Hurricane Harvey Affect Year-End Giving?

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In 2005 the devastation from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita triggered $6.5 billion in donations and pledges from individual citizens, foundations, and corporations, according to the 2007 Giving USA report, an annual snapshot of American philanthropy.

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You Really Need a Fabulous Case for Support

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Why fear is such a powerful emotional trigger in case writing. Whether she actually asks it out loud or not, a donor’s first question is always: “Why Should I Give You My Hard Earned Money?” ” The answer to that question starts with your case for support.

Case 158

How to Ensure Stakeholder Support for Your Organization’s Name Change

Mission Minded

But when necessary, and when done well, a new name can trigger powerful outcomes for an organization. If the idea of changing your nonprofit’s name feels overwhelming and scary, you’re not alone. Changing your name is a huge undertaking that’s not without risk. But there’s more to naming success than finding the perfect new moniker. […].

9 reasons why people put money in holding pens (such DAFs or foundations) instead of giving directly right away


They have a good idea of which organization they want to give to but feel they still need to do their due diligence before they pull the trigger. Indecisive. They want and need to give and they might have organizations in mind, but they haven’t decided where to give yet. Fearful. They are afraid to give impulsively. They’ve done that before and encountered donor remorse. So they put the money in the holding pen as a ‘circuit breaker’ 3. Unprepared.

The Season Ahead

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Next week triggers the starting gun on the sprint to year-end. For many Agitator readers summer’s over. Our readers in the US will mark the end of summer with this Labor Day weekend.

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators

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Beth Kanter shares How Nonprofit Professionals Can Manage Workplace Stress Triggers. Ward 8 – Boston, MA. It is a rainy day here, but it’s never too dreary to share some Mixed Links… First things first, we are having an All-Access Pass sale through July 7, 2017.

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Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! Die!


This kind of so-called “marketing” will only trigger an avoidance response. I just saw a video for a nonprofit’s planned giving department that made me sick. Truly nauseated. . In it, the fake actor/speaker said the word “die!” ” six times within 90 seconds.

Is Digital Damaging Your Retention Rate?

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triggered my desire to tie the three topics together. On their face, three topics covered by The Agitator over recent days seem quite different — the rise of marketing pros in nonprofits … #Giving Tuesday … and email ad nauseam.

Rate 62

Believe in “The Fantastic Four” if you want to market planned gifts the right way


Here are “The Fantastic Four”— Four ways to help your supporters get past the avoidance response that usually gets triggered when they receive end-of-life messages.

Term Paper Subject Ideas


In truth, it’s triggered terrific analysis with artists creating paintings to symbolize the problem of sex violence. To start with, for those who don’t know howto publish technology term papers studying an excellent example will offer you a overall ideal about the thing you really have to check closely at. The exact initial requirement concerning subjects for your term newspaper ought to be the the subject ought to be both inventive or original.

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Say ‘Yes’ To These 5 Activities

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A reader’s comment to my post Storytelling In The Digital Age got me thinking about the things fundraisers say ‘Yes’ to and those that trigger a ‘No’ In this case, the reader commented, “Would like to get Julia’s book, but Amazon’s $38.73

Why reciprocity must be an essential tool in your fundraising toolbox


In other words, a gift from you to a supporter (that cost you just a couple of bucks) will usually trigger an exponentially greater gift in return.

Tools 130

Creating Great Donor Experiences

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Tom’s post Designing a Customer-Centric Organization triggered a number of valuable comments from readers. I especially note Tom Ahern’s channeling of Mark Phillips insight, “The only thing worth a damn is the donor experience.”

All Your 2016 Goals Start with This Statement [Only Chance in 2016]

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Why fear is such a powerful emotional trigger in case writing. If you want to raise more money in 2016, you first need to have a fabulous case for support or case statement.

Goal 146

How To Talk To Donors About Fundraising Costs And Ethics

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Nor whether it will trigger any, many or no donor inquiries to your organization or your clients. I have no idea how much traction the CNN story on the New York Attorney General’s settlement will get.

Vice Cream

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My second video-inspired post of the week is triggered by an enthusiastic review of Vice Cream’s marketing campaign by Melissa Ward at Target Marketing, for her regular Friday “What were they thinking?’

Making Giving A Habit, Like Toothbrushing

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The Classy article talks about three generic building blocks of habitual behavior — a recurring familiar cue that triggers the action, the routine that follows (ie., I was ‘captured’ by this article title from Classy — How to Make the Donation Process a Habit. In Classy’s view, like that of many fundraisers and their consultants, it all boils down to how the donor experiences giving to your organization.

Are you taking notes?

A Small Change

Write thoughts and takeaways briefly, enough words to trigger the recall when you return to them, ensuring that you can expand when entering that information into your database later.

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Back To Basics: Lifetime Value (LTV)

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Tom’s rant, A Man of Infinite Patience in a World of Imposters , triggered helpful comments from fellow Agitators on what can be done to help organizations better focus on understanding and measuring retention rates and other key metrics.

Rage Donations: Give Before You Explode!

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Doing The Same. Hoping For A Different Result.

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have triggered a lively dialogue for which both Tom and I are grateful. Tom’s pieces on Who’s Fibbing? and Are We Getting Roasted? Vigorous discussion at the Agitator’s family table is always welcome.

Customer Retention Strategies for Financial Institutions

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We call these events “triggers” An Ounce of Prevention. Knowing how to anticipate life changes or “triggers” is a critical aspect of retention. Once you have an idea of what events or triggers are coming up in your customers’ lives, you can start to understand and reach out to them with effective messages that meet their needs, or help them in these times of transition. The key is to identify the triggers, create a plan, and execute it.

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CEO Compensation: Value vs. Price

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Nonetheless, a Tweet from @nonprofitnews alerted me to an Air Force Times ‘exclusive’ Important in terms of the questions it triggers. For some inexplicable reason, Tom let our subscription to Air Force Times lapse.

Price 62

Cause Marketing Via Buy One, Give One, #1

Cause Related Marketing

A variation is when you buy one thing and it triggers the donation of. Buy one, give one' (BOGO) has been around for a couple years now and the cause marketing practice is still growing dramatically.

Simple Rules, Part II: How to Get Better #NpComm Work Done Faster

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Timing Rules specify that certain actions take place when triggering events happen. Yesterday I introduced you to some of the concepts from Donald Sull’s and Kathleen M. Eisenhardt’s Simple Rules: How to Thrive in a Complex World (Amazon).

Rules 159

Three More Ways to Raise Money with QR Codes

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QR Code links to a coupon or offer that triggers a donation. After scanning the QR Code, the user gets a mobile coupon or an offer that when redeemed triggers a donation from the business. I started this post over at the Inspiring Generosity blog at

Ep217: Skincare Brand Donates When You Show Some Skin Online

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Rodan + Fields' upcoming campaign #RFGoNaked that encourages customers to post a makeup free selfie to trigger a donation to their global partners.

Donor Acquisition Series #1-WANTED: An Investment Mindset

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Recalling the fundraising meltdown in the UK triggered by the Olive Cooke affair and the flood tide of negative publicity which was then followed by the ebb tide of accusations and calls for reform Peter asked: “Is it all OK now? Among the first of the New Year’s resolutions received at Agitator Global HQ was one from Peter Maple and his Association of Grumpy Old Fundraisers who know stuff.

Challenging A Sacred Cow

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Fix It on barriers to growth was triggered by Jay Love’s prediction that when Giving USA 2015 was released it would show that once again charitable giving in the U.S. Our recent post Stop it. would not exceed 2% of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Sure enough, two weeks later on June 15 th Giving USA 2015 was released and once again reported that charitable giving remained at the 2% level. The same 2% of GDP that Giving USA has reported year after year after year.

USA 49