Donor Psychology: Do you know what really makes your supporters feel good?


Funny thing about fundraising is that it all boils down to this: Making sure that your supporters feel good! I know, I know. In the books and webinars, they’ll say, “It’s all about proving impact and results.” ” Others will say, “It’s all about relationships.”

Raise More Money from Businesses with Purchase-Triggered Donations

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Purchase-triggered donations is a long name for a simple cause marketing promotion. Cause Practices 5-hour energy avon foundation for women cause marketing purchase-triggered donationsWhen shoppers buy a product or service from a business a portion or percentage of the sale is donated to a good cause. A recent example I came across is this promotion from the makers of 5-Hour Energy. Living Essentials, the marketer of.

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From Awareness to Action: Using Pledges and Triggers to Make It StickK


Activate the Trigger: Pledges and Reminders. In short, a reminder would trigger the action I pledged to make. They touched on a variety of applicable concepts to our work–one of the being the role of triggers in behavior change. Have you ever forgotten to do something?

(Re)Defining Cause Marketing

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Purchase or action triggered donation. Cause Marketing 101 cause marketing cause marketing forum licensing pinups point-of-sale Product RED purchase-triggered donationsLast January I wrote a post on What is Cause Marketing? that got a lot of great feedback.

3 Resources to Raise More Money with Products & Services

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Purchase-triggered donations (or percentage of sales fundraisers) is a long name for a simple cause marketing promotion. After a charity pinup program , purchase-triggered donations are one of the more lucrative cause marketing fundraisers.

Fundraising Metrics That Matter

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By my definition an important metric – a metric that matters – is one that triggers the “What-should-I-do-differently-to-improve?” Yesterday I explored ‘vanity metrics’ and briefly explained why they’re not very helpful for serious decision-making.

Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! Die!


This kind of so-called “marketing” will only trigger an avoidance response. I just saw a video for a nonprofit’s planned giving department that made me sick. Truly nauseated. . In it, the fake actor/speaker said the word “die!” ” six times within 90 seconds.

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How To Talk To Donors About Fundraising Costs And Ethics

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Nor whether it will trigger any, many or no donor inquiries to your organization or your clients. I have no idea how much traction the CNN story on the New York Attorney General’s settlement will get.

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Donor Acquisition Series #1-WANTED: An Investment Mindset

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Recalling the fundraising meltdown in the UK triggered by the Olive Cooke affair and the flood tide of negative publicity which was then followed by the ebb tide of accusations and calls for reform Peter asked: “Is it all OK now? Among the first of the New Year’s resolutions received at Agitator Global HQ was one from Peter Maple and his Association of Grumpy Old Fundraisers who know stuff.

Why reciprocity must be an essential tool in your fundraising toolbox


In other words, a gift from you to a supporter (that cost you just a couple of bucks) will usually trigger an exponentially greater gift in return.

Say ‘Yes’ To These 5 Activities

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A reader’s comment to my post Storytelling In The Digital Age got me thinking about the things fundraisers say ‘Yes’ to and those that trigger a ‘No’ In this case, the reader commented, “Would like to get Julia’s book, but Amazon’s $38.73

Start Putting These Words Everywhere Right Now


Here are some of the many life events that trigger this kind of thinking: Birth of a child, grandchild, niece or nephew. Every single one of your supporters wants to have a meaningful life and wants to be remembered fondly after their lifetime.

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Creating Great Donor Experiences

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Tom’s post Designing a Customer-Centric Organization triggered a number of valuable comments from readers. I especially note Tom Ahern’s channeling of Mark Phillips insight, “The only thing worth a damn is the donor experience.”

Is Digital Damaging Your Retention Rate?

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triggered my desire to tie the three topics together. On their face, three topics covered by The Agitator over recent days seem quite different — the rise of marketing pros in nonprofits … #Giving Tuesday … and email ad nauseam.

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How to use verbatims and digital body language to raise more money


Then, find out what you can do that will trigger those good vibes and they will give— A LOT. Recently I was interviewed by a woman named Mazarine at Wild Woman Fundraising ! You can hear the interview here.

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Donor Age … Does It Matter?

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My question is triggered by two Abila reports — one released, one teased at the current AFP conference and about to be released. I mean, beyond ‘ripeness’ for soliciting bequests (and even here, one could argue it’s never too early to plant and nurture the seed). I mean in your day-to-day communications to and stewardship of your active donors.

11 Questions Every Donor Asks

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An advert in one of the fundraising ‘trades’ triggered me to look up Canadian fundraiser Harvey McKinnon’s ’11 questions every donor asks’, as presented in his book of the same name. Whenever I see a teasing list like that I just can’t resist taking a look … will I agree/disagree … could I add to it … could I better it? Harvey’s list is pretty darn good … “Why me?”. Why are you asking me?”. “Do Do I respect you?”.

Doing The Same. Hoping For A Different Result.

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have triggered a lively dialogue for which both Tom and I are grateful. Tom’s pieces on Who’s Fibbing? and Are We Getting Roasted? Vigorous discussion at the Agitator’s family table is always welcome.

Fundraising Common Sense

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Tom and I are always grateful for Comments by fellow Agitators and we weren’t disappointed to the remarks triggered by the post on the 2015 Fundraising Effectiveness Project Report. All the insights were terrific, but I was particularly struck by Michael Rosen’ s comment on how quickly some folks seem to dismiss the importance and skill required for solid donor retention. As Michael reports, “…I’ve been involved with the nonprofit sector for decades.

Case Study: Raise More, Ask Less

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Patrick’s Day post last year — Are You Abusing Your Donors? — triggered a barrage of comments and protestations pro and con. My St. I knew some nerves had been struck. And it wasn’t because of leprechauns or green beer. It was because I raised the question of whether we should reconsider, revise or evolve the direct response fundraising playbook rule that says, “The more you ask the more you raise”. To those who like their playbooks simple, I guess the question was unsettling.

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Challenging A Sacred Cow

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Fix It on barriers to growth was triggered by Jay Love’s prediction that when Giving USA 2015 was released it would show that once again charitable giving in the U.S. Our recent post Stop it. would not exceed 2% of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Sure enough, two weeks later on June 15 th Giving USA 2015 was released and once again reported that charitable giving remained at the 2% level. The same 2% of GDP that Giving USA has reported year after year after year.

The Season Ahead

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Next week triggers the starting gun on the sprint to year-end. For many Agitator readers summer’s over. Our readers in the US will mark the end of summer with this Labor Day weekend.

Are you taking notes?

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Write thoughts and takeaways briefly, enough words to trigger the recall when you return to them, ensuring that you can expand when entering that information into your database later.

Simple Rules, Part II: How to Get Better #NpComm Work Done Faster

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Timing Rules specify that certain actions take place when triggering events happen. Yesterday I introduced you to some of the concepts from Donald Sull’s and Kathleen M. Eisenhardt’s Simple Rules: How to Thrive in a Complex World (Amazon).

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3 Resources for Newbies: What Exactly is Cause Marketing?

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They include: Checkout Programs Percentage-of-Sales Buy-One, Give-One Digital Programs Action-Triggered Donations Cause Products You can see examples of all these top fundraisers on Pinterest. For example, check out my board on action-triggered donations.

Raise More, Ask Less — Part 1

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Patrick’s Day post — Are You Abusing Your Donors? — triggered a barrage of comments and protestations pro and con I knew some nerves had been struck. I’ve been around long enough to know the unmistakable squeal of conventional wisdom being challenged. So, when my St. And it wasn’t because of leprechauns or green beer.

Donor Sapiens … Extinct Or A Myth?

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He observes that at that stage, fundraisers “… spend most of our resources in conceiving appeals, looking for stories and finding the right words, images or videos to trigger the donor’s emotions so that they will engage with us.” I just read some great fundraising observations by Francesco Ambrogetti, writing in 101Fundraising.

The 5 Questions Nonprofits Always Ask Me About Fundraising Emails

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Honestly, even big orgs sometimes send email when they can pull the trigger. Photo Credit: p/ekEBbH. I love writing email appeals — diving deep into an issue, learning about the inspiring work that nonprofits do, and weaving words that inspire generosity.

Walk In The Donor’s Shoes

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Editor’s Note: This guest post by international fundraiser Francesco Ambroghetti was triggered by our piece, Your Call Is Important To Us. Please Continue To Hold. At last month’s International Fundraising Conference in the Netherlands, participants in a Master Class made calls and online visits to a variety of charities posing as donors attempting to make a contribution. Francesco summarizes team’s experiences and outlines lessons learned.

Best Cause Marketing Campaigns of 2012

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Best Purchase-Triggered Program: Team USA & Raise Our Flag. Best Action-Triggered Program: Chipolte Boorito for Chipolte Cultivate Foundation. I searched through all my posts and Pinterest boards from last year and came up with my 2012 picks for best cause marketing campaigns.

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The Danger Of Widget Mentality In Fundraising

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Our interest in all this was triggered by the press and public’s outrage over Face-2-Face and telemarketing techniques that’s spilled forth in the UK. I wonder how many donors give in spite of the fundraising machine, not because of it? Here at The Agitator and over at our sister company DonorVoice we focus on that question a lot.

Focus On Fundraising Metrics That Really Matter

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By my definition an important metric – a metric that matters – is one that triggers the “What-should-I-do-differently-to-improve?” Yesterday I explored ‘vanity metrics’ and briefly explained why they’re not very helpful for serious decision-making. Or how, in the case of Benchmarking, they’re often ignored or mis-applied. Today, we’ll move to metrics that truly matter.

Ep217: Skincare Brand Donates When You Show Some Skin Online

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Rodan + Fields' upcoming campaign #RFGoNaked that encourages customers to post a makeup free selfie to trigger a donation to their global partners.

If This Then That. When Google isn’t enough…

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IF –>Point at the website/social media platform/search query/ rss feed you are referring to and specify a trigger. We all know “googling” things in 2013 is ubiquitous.

Don’t Make It Look TOO Nice

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” Here are some likely triggers for this kind of thinking (regardless of the actual price associated with them): Glossy paper. Your reaction when your Executive Director says, “This looks TOO nice.” ” via GIPHY. Heard this one before? The theory is that donors will think you wasted their money if any of your communications look like they cost you cash money to produce them. This theory holds that all of that money should be going to programs and services.

Media Relations: Too Valuable NOT to Use

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Once you get started with media relations tactics, you will see so many ways in which you can use press to trigger change to move your organization’s cause or issue forward.

Why You?

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If you opened only one, some filtering process was already triggered — brand. Imagine that today, by sheer coincidence, you received mail solicitations from two different organizations with international child sponsorship programs, neither of which you presently support. Take off your professional fundraiser’s cap if you can, and explain to me what would happen. Would you open neither, one or both?

Re-engaging Lapsed Customers/Donors

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In the commercial world, marketers use all sorts of personal and individual behavior (or inactivity) data to trigger relevant customer contacts aimed at repeat sales or ‘softer’ relationship building. Everybody in marketing — whether they’re selling cars, cell phones or causes/charities — has the same problem … keeping their current customers engaged.

Make Your (Re)Brand Magical!

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Whether we’re talking Red Cross or Coca-Cola, brands that work connect with our hearts and minds to trigger emotion and action. Thanks to guest blogger Caryn Stein, VP at Network for Good. I’m so eager to share with you the incredible learning experience I had at the recent Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC).

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[Update] Komen Crumbles: Busted Nonprofit Brand (Part 3)

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In refusing to acknowledge the hotbed issue of abortion services (provided by PP) that is at the very core of their defunding, and neglecting to address their decision head on, they triggered doubt and unease. Read the main story here.

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