Training on Writing, Podcasts, and Community-Centric Fundraising Coming This Month

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Online Training: The All-Access Training Pass. Three-Hour Workshop] Learn how to master the seven distinct types of copywriting during this interactive and engaging training opportunity. Nonprofit TrainingHere’s what’s happening this month at Nonprofit Marketing Guide….

Detailing December: A BIG Training Discount and How to Create Style Guides and Annual Reports

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Online Training: Save $200 Off Our All-Access Training Pass NOW. Nonprofit TrainingHere’s what’s happening this month at Nonprofit Marketing Guide…. Access our webinars, workshops, exclusive online courses and downloads, and our Private Facebook Group for 365 days for only $599.


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Get Your 2020 Communications Training Pass

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If you join our All-Access Pass Holder Community now through January 3, 2020, you can get ALL of your training for 2020 taken care of with one purchase of $599. Nonprofit TrainingAre you ready for 2020? You could do your best work ever next year and we want to help!

Get All Kinds of Much-Needed Email Marketing Training This Month

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Online Training: All-Access Training Pass. Nonprofit TrainingHere’s what’s happening this month at Nonprofit Marketing Guide…. Attend live webinars and workshops (including the ones listed below), watch recorded webinars, enroll in exclusive online courses and access our entire library with templates, worksheets, e-books and more, and join our Private Facebook Group all with one purchase. Learn More and Get Your All-Access Pass Now.

Week of Freebies, Day 3: Your Customized Training Plan

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Today we’re going to find your Communications Effectiveness Level and design a training plan for you based on that. Get the free customized training plan that comes with our Free Membership. Get Your Training Plan. Nonprofit Training

Is Your Communications Staff Ready for the Next Emergency? Crisis Communications Training Tomorrow

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You can also attend this webinar and every other training webinar for the next 365 days with an All-Access Training Pass.). Nonprofit Training2020 is barely halfway over and to say we have faced a lot is an understatement.

Heating Up December: Save on 2020 Training, Annual Reports, and Communications Trends

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Online Training: Annual All-Access Pass Sale All Month. Save $200 on the best way to attend all of our training webinars. Nonprofit TrainingHere’s what’s happening next month at Nonprofit Marketing Guide…. 2020 Nonprofit Communications Trends Survey.

12 Free Nonprofit Webinars and Training Videos You’ll Love


trainingIf you’re a nonprofit professional, then you probably know what it’s like to be short on time. Maintaining a work-life balance is hard enough without having to hunt down the resources you and need to develop your skills. That’s why we’re giving you a shortcut.

How Important Is Training for Fundraisers? Very.


The Harris research presents two startling facts about training at nonprofits: 61% of people who left fundraising jobs say they were dissatisfied with their access to leadership training. 34% of current fundraisers are dissatisfied with their access to leadership training. It is striking that engaging in one additional form of training is associated with an increase in revenue of $37,000.”. The post How Important Is Training for Fundraisers?

SURPRISE! Save on the All-Access Training Pass for Kivi’s Birthday

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For the next 2 days (the 28th & 29th), you can save $200 off our Annual All-Access Training Pass. And this is just a fraction of the training available. Save on the All-Access Training Pass for Kivi’s Birthday appeared first on Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog. Nonprofit TrainingIt’s Kivi’s birthday, but you get the surprise!

Starting 2020 Off Right: Save $200 on Your Training Pass, Get Communications Planning Tips, the Trends Report and More

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Online Training: Annual All-Access Pass Sale Ends Monday. Save $200 on the best way to attend all of our training webinars. Nonprofit TrainingHere’s what’s happening this month at Nonprofit Marketing Guide…. Our BIG sale on the All-Access Pass winds down in just a few days.

How Nonprofit Comms Staff Are Getting Training

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We wanted to know the kinds of training people were participating in. For the 5% of you that did not participate in any training at all last year, you definitely need to make a change in 2018! The post How Nonprofit Comms Staff Are Getting Training appeared first on Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog. We asked a new set of questions about professional development for communications staff in the 2018 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report Survey this year.

Week of Freebies, Day 1: Get Your Customized Training Plan

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Want a nonprofit communications training plan that meets you where you are? Get the free customized training plan that comes with our Free Membership. The customized training plan is just one benefit of having a Free Membership to our site. The post Week of Freebies, Day 1: Get Your Customized Training Plan appeared first on Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog. Happy Holidays!

Custom 137

Upcoming Nonprofit Leadership Talks & Training

Fundraising Coach

But I also love giving leadership and fundraising trainings at conferences. Want leadership or fundraising training in your area? I love doing these trainings. If you'd like me to speak to your team around these conferences, or if you'd like me to come to you, let me know by filling out this form: The post Upcoming Nonprofit Leadership Talks & Training appeared first on

Leadership Training

Fundraising Coach

Speaking and training is the heartbeat of what I do. If you''d like my team to consider sending me to your area, or if you''d like to bring me there, please fill out this form: (c) One of the joys of my work is getting to speak at conferences and inspire boards. Since, I''m often asked "When are you coming to my area?", I thought I''d share my upcoming speaking gigs.

Need #NPCOMM Training That Actually Fits YOUR Schedule?

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Our All-Access Pass’ most popular feature is the live training webinars you get to attend for 365 days. You can either get a customized training plan which recommends courses based on your marketing experience or you can access classes based on topics. That’s $499 for 365 days of access to training webinars, self-paced online courses, e-books, exclusive time-saving downloads, and support from fellow nonprofit communicators as well as industry experts.

6 Ways to Train All-Org Messengers

Getting Attention

Your colleagues, board members, volunteers, and loyal donors have tremendous potential to strengthen relationships, drive participation, and raise money IF you launch this six-step training program: 1) Share a clear call to action. 2) Design training to make it easy for your ambassadors to connect & motivate giving and the other actions you need most. Their success stories and flops make great training content. Flickr: Chip Griffin.

How to Do Your Own Nonprofit Communications Audit [Training]

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Has your nonprofit communications plan come together in an ad hoc, on the fly, piece-by-piece kind of way? If so, you aren’t alone. Most nonprofits have added new communications channels one by one. Maybe you added an email newsletter to your print newsletter, and started paying more attention to your website. Then you started experimenting with blogging, Facebook, or Twitter.

Responsible for Graphic Design, but Have No Real Training? Join us Tomorrow!

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If you have been tasked with creating graphics for your organization, but have little to no design training, then our next BRAND NEW webinar is for you! The post Responsible for Graphic Design, but Have No Real Training? You can create powerful images that successfully engage donors, funders, media, volunteers and other supporters in-house. But you have to embrace the CRAP.

A New Way to Train with Us

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While our Annual All-Access Pass is a great deal for live trainings, recorded webinars, e-books, and other exclusive resources, we know not every organization can come up with $699 at one time. You get all of the benefits of the Annual All-Access Pass: Attend live webinars in our Training Webinar Series and watch webinar recordings from the last 3 months. Start training right away!

Does fundraising training focus too much on the ask?


Often I find that major gift (and legacy gift) fundraising education, training, and advice places too much emphasis on ‘the ask’ Yet, in many ways, the ask is the smallest part of most fundraiser’s jobs. So shouldn’t most education, training and advice focus on the rest of the process instead? Therefore, I think most of your time (and training) should be focused on the relationship-building parts of the process.

Training: Getting More Media Attention

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During this month-long e-clinic, you’ll get the training and coaching you need to learn how to get the media interested in your organization and your cause today. You’ll get the basic media training that all nonprofit communicators should have, but just as importantly, you’ll get up-to-the-minute takes on what nonprofits need to be doing right now to get their stories published and produced by the media at both the local and national levels.

Who should pay for your training?

Get Fully Funded

I get so frustrated with nonprofit leaders who are short-sighted and don’t see the benefit in paying for training and professional development for their staff, particularly the fundraising staff. I understand that some organizations are struggling and the training budget is the first thing to go. I applaud those folks who want to pay for books and training themselves. One way to equalize their compensation is to pay for their training.

Launch Your Team of Year-End Fundraisers: Free Training Th Oct 6

Getting Attention

Train them so they’re eager to share key messages to drive giving. With the right training and motivation, you can get help sharing relevant messages in a vibrant and consistent way to extend your reach and increase year end wins. Register Now: Thursday, October 6 at 1pm EDT. Join me to learn how to turn your board, staff, and loyal volunteers into a team of passionate and engaging messengers.

Oct 158

Future fundraising trainings…near you?

Fundraising Coach

My team is looking at expanding the number of trainings I do. If you’re interested in attending an event near you, let us know by filling out the form at: And if you’re interested in having me speak to your conference, staff, or board, please let us know there too: (c) Ask Education Opportunities Events board training fundraising training

FundCoaches: A revolution in fundraising training

Fundraising Coach

Have you noticed how hard it is to find high quality, extremely practical, and affordable fundraising training? That inspired me to work to make it ridiculously easy for people to get fundraising training. He’d come into philanthropy from a business background and couldn’t believe how hard it was to find cost effective, CFRE standard training. Mo and his team flew around the country filming us presenting our training.

Introducing Online Training in Grant Proposal Writing

The Nonprofit Consultant

All-in-all, well over 1,000 individual nonprofit professionals have gone through my grant proposal writing trainings, and have been very satisfied with the results. grant writing online online resources training workshopsFrom 2003-2018 I presented the class Basic Grant Proposal Writing Skills for Nonprofits at the Community Foundation Santa Cruz County about three times each year.

Planes, Trains, Automobiles… and Leadership

Get Fully Funded

I’ve just returned from a short trip to New York and I wanted to share an amazing adventure with you. Part of my travel required a flight from Philadelphia to Newburgh, NY. Everything up to Philly was uneventful. But when I arrived in Philly, I found out they had cancelled my flight to Newburgh and it was going to probably be 9 am the next morning before I could get on another flight.

Ask and Train Your Board to be Powerful Messengers (Hands-On)

Getting Attention

Andy Robinson provides training and consulting for nonprofits in fundraising, board development, marketing, earned income, planning, leadership development, and facilitation. Along with training people to raise money, Andrea Kihlstedt writes, speaks and coaches about campaign campaign fundraising. As ambassadors, they can (if asked, trained and supported) proudly represent your organization within their social and professional circles, finding potential allies and donors.

No-Charge Training: Move People to Act Now w/One-Page Plan (Feb 5 & On Demand)

Getting Attention

Register now for this free training webinar on Feb 5 1-2 ET. Right-Things Right-Now Marketing free nonprofit marketing trainingRegister now, seats are filling fast. And you can watch at your convenience if you can’t make it live. What’s the right way to connect with supporters, and motivate them to act? And how do I know if I’m doing the right things?

Feb 134

Fundraising Training in Lewiston, Maine

Fundraising Coach

I’m honored to be doing a fundraising training in Lewiston, Maine today at 11:30. Ask Education Opportunities fundraising trainingIt’s open to Chamber members and non-members. I’m sure you can pay at the door but since lunch is included with the price, I bet they’d love a call so they can have enough food. Call them at (207) 783-2249 to register or find out more at: [link]. (c) c) The Fundraising Coach, LLC. Get 100 donors in the next 12 weeks?

Upcoming Fundraising Coach Speaking and Trainings

Fundraising Coach

Here are the upcoming trainings and talks for November 2014 into January 2015. Fundraising Training and Keynotes. THE NETHERLANDS: EA-EAZ training , November 18. This training for the Dutch Evangelical Alliance will combine major gift fundraising with inspirational looks at actual fundraising solicitations in Scripture. training at the 8th annual Fundraising Day in Rotterdam! Want fundraising training in your area? I love doing these trainings.

24/7 Access to the Training You Need to Change the World

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With our All-Access Training Pass, you get the latest training on a wide variety of topics – from annual reports, direct mail, and thank you letters to websites, email, and social media. You also get 24/7 access to webinar recordings, checklists, reports, e-books, and our new e-courses with the All-Access Training Pass. Considering a single registration to a live webinar starts at $79, the All-Access Training Pass is a great deal!).

Training: Fundraising for Christian Ministry

Fundraising Coach

Ministry fundraising training Wednesday, August 13. Fundraising isn''t easy. But fundraising for your own ministry support can be even harder! Steve Shadrach knows that better than most. And he has tips and strategies for helping you raise your support and deepening your relationship with God. He''s giving a webinar for The Nonprofit Academy on Wednesday, August 13 at 3 p.m. Read all about it, and register at, 5 Keys for Raising Your Ministry Support. (c) c) The Fundraising Coach, LLC.

50% off fundraising training module

Fundraising Coach

The creators of were frustrated with how hard it was to find CFRE accredited training that didn’t cost and arm and a leg. There’s a lot of terrific training on this site. Other Possibly Related posts: FundCoaches: A revolution in fundraising training. Fundraising Training Videos now available online! SPECIAL: Free Fundraising Coaching 1-on-1 Call with purchase of Fundraising Training.

What Fundraising and Strength Training Have in Common

Ann Green

About a year and a half ago I started doing strength training with a personal trainer. Strength training has a lot in common with fundraising and when I say fundraising, I’m including the stewardship and relationship building components, too. If I ever say one of my training exercises is hard, my trainer will respond, “It’s supposed to be hard.” If I miss a week or two of training, it suffers.

Free Training: Survival Tips for Nonprofit Communicators

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Doing, Not Training: 48 Hours to Save $200

Getting Attention

Now’s the time to join the Tagline Focus Project … Put a motivating, memorable tagline to work to extend your organization’s reach, increase donations and program participants, and attract volunteers. Join me to craft your tagline in just 8 weeks. Save $200 when you register by midnight, Thursday, June 28.

Upcoming speaking engagements & fundraising training

Fundraising Coach

” Most of my fundraising training and speaking is currently done for nonprofits that bring me in to speak to their boards and teams. If you want to explore hiring me to train your team or board fill out the form here: trainings, one in Oklahoma City, one in Tulsa. Want fundraising training in your area? I love doing these trainings. I regularly get asked “Are you coming to my area?”

4 Steps to Training Your Colleagues, Board and Supporters as Powerful Messengers

Getting Attention

So when communications director Jason Baker asked me how to make the most of the messaging, I recommended that his first step be to train his colleagues, board members and large volunteer base as effective messengers. Training your staff and supporters is a highly-effective, low- investment nonprofit marketing tactic, but one simply overlooked by most organizations. Invite colleagues and leadership to join you for an in-person messenger training.

4 hours of free leadership, goal-setting, and fundraising training

Fundraising Coach

As much as I love to do in-person leadership and fundraising trainings , sometimes you just can't get to them. Based on my most recent book, Ask Without Fear for Christian Ministry , this training is a great beginning point for those new to fundraising for ministry and a great, palette cleansing refresher for veteran leaders! And if you want even more, check out more than 80 fundraising, marketing, and leadership training at The Nonprofit Academy : [link].

Goal 55

The Battle More than Training Producing Assistance and How to Win It


You can actually also seek advice from training publishing service for aid. An awesome cope of preceding training data is envisioned with the learner to compose the coursework properly. Training Simply writing Services and Coursework Posting Product – The Ideal Combination Increased the quality of the task can go beyond a impressive sum by brainstorming. Tough subject areas should be chosen for creating tailored training-formulating with your venture.

Fundraising Training Videos now available online!

Fundraising Coach

My goal is to make it ridiculously easy for people to get fundraising training, so I’m thrilled that they’re offering it this way too! Fundraising Secret #59: Get Training for Your Board and Volunteers. Board Training. products Education Opportunities Specials ask without fear fundraising training webinarI’m thrilled to be able to announce that my publisher, 501 Videos , has made the Ask Without Fear DVD set available online !