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We’ll Keep Up With It All So You Don’t Have To

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I was recently emailing with someone who worked in a fast-paced, for-profit job for years but said she was finding that “nonprofit marketing has A LOT of moving parts.” ” Sound familiar?

Photos to Fire Up Year-End & Protect Privacy

Getting Attention

Flickr: AFGE. Dear Nancy: Our last two year-end campaigns were centered around client stories, each powered by a photo or two. We got fantastic feedback on these stories and I planned to feature similar profiles this year.


10 most popular posts of 2018

Wild Woman Fundraising

If you’ve ever wondered what the most popular posts are in this fundraising blog- which is increasingly becoming a career blog, and a leadership blog, well, wonder no longer! I give you: The 10 most popular articles of 2018 plus ONE MORE.

A nonprofit’s guide to bringing fundraising events online


We often talk about how the modern nonprofit is bringing an increasing number of events and fundraising efforts ‘online.’ But what does that all really mean? How do you take something that’s so tangible and experiential and get that same energy for the components you move online?

Guide 74

Less Stress This Year-End Season? Yes, Please! #NPCOMMLife

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

This time of year is extra busy – understatement of the week, right? You not only have to deal with the regular stress of the holidays, but also the added strain of year-end campaigns at your organization. Even if you have nothing to do with fundraising at your organization, I thought we could all benefit from some tips on how to relieve some of that extra stress that crops up during this time of year.

What to do when a supporter notifies you that they left your organization in their estate plan but won’t take your calls.


I know, it’s frustrating. You want to thank them but they won’t respond to your outreach. First things first. There are a bunch of reasons why they won’t reply. Perhaps they are private people. Perhaps they’re afraid you’ll ask them for more money. Or, maybe they like to engage with your organization and its mission , but YOU are an entirely different story. They have their reasons.

Plan 100

6 Simple Steps To Your Annual Fundraising Audit

Fundraising Report Card

Preparing for the end of year is stressful. Executing your end of your strategy can be even more challenging. We get it. No matter what, 2019 will be here before you know it, and the beginning of the calendar year is a great time to audit your annual fundraising performance. The post 6 Simple Steps To Your Annual Fundraising Audit appeared first on Fundraising Report Card. Analysis