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The 3 Best Ways to Create More Email Engagement

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

We’ve talked about how email opens aren’t really enough anymore (they never really were, but now it’s even more true ). The real metric you want to improve is your email engagement.

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6 Strategies to Boost Donation Revenue for Your Nonprofit

Get Fully Funded

Almost all nonprofit professionals focus their efforts on growth in one way or another, and your team is likely no exception. After all, growth plays a key role in increasing your nonprofit’s impact.


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Embracing Doubt and Becoming the Leader You Were Meant to Be

J Campbell Social Marketing

Listen to a clip above, and tune in to the entire episode at ! In leadership: Do you ever feel like you are making it up as you go? Are you constantly nagged by a voice filled with doubt insisting that the other shoe is going to drop?

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Fundraiser Ideas

Sedo’s available domain names insure all kinds of verticalslanguages, and TLDs. And given the sheer unpredictability of one’s feelings, so it’s easier to create something for discovering a woman’s potential significance on your own life, instead of depending upon anything way your spirit pulls you in any given moment. If you don’t understand her favorite dessert, ask her beforehand of time. Of Rooney and also Joaquin to the supported love match between Nina and Glen.

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The Great Resignation: Why Your Nonprofit Employees Are Quitting and How to Stop It

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Millions of people have quit their jobs across all job categories with many more considering it. While many will argue it’s all about pay, according to Gallup research , the highest quit rate is among those that are “not engaged” and “actively disengaged” workers.

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Donation Processing Set-up: 4 Tips for New Nonprofits

Get Fully Funded

Setting up an online donation system might seem like an easy next step in your nonprofit’s journey. After all, how difficult can it be relative to all the hard work that it’s taken to obtain donor support in your community in the first place?

Nonprofit Board of Directors Term Length: How Long is Too Long?

Foundation Group

The post Nonprofit Board of Directors Term Length: How Long is Too Long? appeared first on Foundation Group®. Board of Directors/Governance Commentary Education Managing a Nonprofit Starting a nonprofit board of directors BoardSource churches founder's syndrome term limits

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Email Welcome Series Best Practices

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Sending an email welcome series is just a smart thing to do. People expect some type of response or confirmation to subscribing or donating and those that read at least one welcome email read more than 40% of subsequent emails for the next 180 days. (If

Newsletter: Nonprofit Puts Partnership Case Studies to Good Use ✅ ; Bad & Tasteless Cause Marketing on 9/11 ; Nonprofit Storytelling Advice from the Creators of South Park ✍️

Selfish Giving

I recently finished writing a bunch of case studies for Penn State Health Children’s Hospital , a member of Children’s Miracle Network. I was happy how they came out, but what I was really impressed with is how the team at Penn State Health used them.

How to Create a Better Fundraising Appeal That Will Stand Out

Ann Green

Can you believe September is already here? It happens to be my favorite month. As someone who doesn’t like heat and humidity, I welcome the refreshing air it brings.

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3 Musts for an Admissions Campaign that Breaks Through This Year

Mission Minded

Learn how you can focus your school admissions campaign for maximum effectiveness and appeal in 2021/22. The post 3 Musts for an Admissions Campaign that Breaks Through This Year appeared first on Mission Minded. Blog Capital Campaign Independent Schools

Tools to Grow Your Nonprofit Mission

NonProfit Hub

Whether you’re starting a nonprofit or looking to grow the support or capacity of an existing organization, you’re in the right place. The nonprofit sector has no shortage of great resources and Nonprofit Hub specializes in providing those that are free, engaging and easily implemented.

POV: Involving Your Staff in Your Capital Campaign and Why it Matters


Years ago, when I first entered the capital campaign consulting field, my mother decided she wanted to support the capital campaign I was working on.

Tips to choose the right content marketing strategy for your business

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

Tips to choose the right content marketing strategy for your business. Are you looking to attract more website visitors? Make sure you attract people that will actually buy from you. For that, you’ll need a content marketing strategy. We have heard about product strategy. Right?