Happy New Year!

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Agitators in Australia and New Zealand, China, India and Thailand (most of the planet) are already into the New Year, while those in Europe, the U.K.

Did slaves make your bra? Want a fabulous interactive graph to help you decide what to buy?

Wild Woman Fundraising

Or even Thailand? Recently I was sitting on a plane with a charming and socially conscious seatmate , and we were talking about world events, and at the end of our time together, we both agreed, “Vote with your dollars!&#. What does that mean?

#SOCIALNETWORKS: How To Promote Facebook Posts & Why You Might Not Want To

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CecilyK on ‘MomCrunch’ blog says ‘No’ This past summer Facebook launched the opportunity to purchase ‘Promoted Posts’ that ? for at least a $5 fee ? would be promoted across the Facebookiverse.

Facebook Giving: How one donor got recruited

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I first became familiar with the Wildlife Friends of Thailand  (WFFT) because a friend “recommended” it to me on Facebook. I am an animal lover, so I was eager to learn about what these folks were doing to help animals in Thailand. They regularly thank the community for its support: · It was hard for us to struggle through the political tensions in Thailand.

How You Can Get More Money Through Direct Mail: Interview with Jules Brown of “Dear Joan”

Wild Woman Fundraising

Of course, someone in Thailand may well give for different reasons to someone in Tennessee. Image Creative Commons "Money" by Stuart Dootson). I’m so excited to share this interview with you! I interviewed Jules Brown!

My failures of 2017

Wild Woman Fundraising

He went to Thailand and didn’t do his job. It’s time to be totally blunt and honest with you. I’m usually honest-but not this open.

Reader Questions: Humane Society Fundraising, how to overcome: “I only give to people”

Wild Woman Fundraising

Much like child prostitution in Thailand, when it’s no longer lucrative, the traffickers will sell something else.&# Recently a reader came in with a question, how to convince people to give to animal charities?

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Miriam's giving year in review


3) I then broke my own rule again, but giving yet another donation in the same month to the Wildlife Friends of Thailand. So yes, I am showing some of my Gen Y ADD by promising a post about video blogging and getting distracted by other topics, but I was reviewing my documents today for taxes (yes, I get started early), and it occurred to me that it might be fun to review my "giving" from the past year as a case study of a Gen Yers giving habits. The Gen Yers in the wild if you will.

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