3 Ways to Identify Your Target Audience

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3 Ways to Identify Your Target Audience. Then, you will need to start with Identifying your target audience. When it comes to targeting and identifying your audience , you must make sure that they’re within the preferences of your business.

You Are Not Your Target Audience

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Putting aside for a moment whether we should call them “target audiences&# or not, it’s always good to remember that, as a nonprofit communicator or fundraiser, you are very rarely the kind of person that you are trying to communicate with. Now, there are several others on the board who are not members of this target audience, primarily white men and women of various ages, most significantly older.

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Donor target ask amounts offend me


I keep seeing software or wealth screening companies providing fundraisers with target ask amounts. How on earth can a software provider or wealth screener (or, sometimes, even a prospect researcher) assume a ‘target ask amount’ without having had a single conversation with the donor? Then you’ll be able to assign real target ask amounts to your spreadsheets. The post Donor target ask amounts offend me appeared first on MarketSmart, LLC |.

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Know Your Target Audiences for Nonprofit Marketing Success (Case Study)

Getting Attention

During the segment on getting to know your target audiences, D.D. segment) her target audiences into three distinct groups that use the park: Families with young children. D Coutts nonprofit communications jobs nonprofit marketing personas planning target audiences Total Focus Marketing Plan WorkshopA huge part of what I love about guiding nonprofit communicators to greater impact is seeing the “aha moment.&#

Using Facebook Targeting to Boost Performance on Organic and Promoted Posts

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Facebook targeting is one of the most powerful ways nonprofit page managers can increase reach. The social network’s incredibly accurate targeting options for ads have long made it easy to control spend. Now page mangers can take advantage of those same targeting tools on organic content. Enabling page mangers to target organic posts gives them a say in the targeting process. Organic Post Interest Targeting. Drew Bernard.

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The simplest targeting approach for uncovering planned gifts


So, if you’re marketing budget is tight and you’re looking to uncover hidden gifts, why not target your staff and you network of estate planning advisers first? But they are great targets as well. Bottom line… if I had virtually no marketing budget but wanted to generate some disclosures so I could steward them properly, I’d target the following groups in order of importance: Board Members.

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Beyond Ad Targeting: What the iOS Changes Mean for Your Digital Strategy

Mission Minded

The post Beyond Ad Targeting: What the iOS Changes Mean for Your Digital Strategy appeared first on Mission Minded. Learn how to stay ahead of curve and creatively overcome iOS hurdles to begin the next chapter in deeply engaging your audiences online.

Powerful, Targeted Facebook Ad Integration Now Available on EveryAction


Businesses and organizations are increasingly finding new ways to engage supporters on Facebook, and one key way is through the use of targeted advertising through Facebook Ads Manager. The new functionality provides the option to indicate which contact records were targeted for the ads, allowing users to measure results of how those ads increase supporter participation and engagement.

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Target Gives, Facebook Votes


Many of us have heard thru some way or other that the Target corporation gives away 5% of its income to various do-gooding, which, as it turns out, comes out to be about $3 million a week. On it's Facebook page, Target is letting people vote for one of ten organizations that should get the cash. This is what differentiates organizations with a targeted, engaged, and wholistic donor engagement strategy and those who don't.

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Connecting with Your REAL Target Audience

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Focusing on Your REAL Target Audience from Kivi Leroux Miller on Vimeo. Nancy Schwartz and I talked this morning about how nonprofits need to stop trying to reach out to the mythical “general public&# and instead focus on the specific groups of people who matter most to your success. We recorded our conversation for you.

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Should you target market financial advisors in order to get more legacy gifts?


But, seriously, the decision to target market to financial advisors depends on the nonprofit that employs you. So, although they might meet with you if you target market them, they probably won’t recommend your specific charity (or at least they shouldn’t). Bottom line: It’s not a sound strategy to target advisors. The post Should you target market financial advisors in order to get more legacy gifts? It depends.

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Pink Ribbon Cause Marketing Targeted to Men

Cause Related Marketing

So where’s the pink ribbon cause marketing targeted at men? My travels yesterday took me to a suburban Ulta Beauty store. There was a great deal of cause marketing going on there, none of it… not surprisingly… aimed at a someone like me. But why not? Men are both directly and indirectly affected by breast cancer. About 2,000 men are diagnosed with breast cancer every year, and about 400 men a year die from it.

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Cause Marketing Gamification Targeted to Casual Online Game-Players

Cause Related Marketing

In another case of cause marketing mashed up with games, GoodGames offers a fraction of a cent to charity every time you play a game like Mahjongg Dimensions or Pyramid Solitaire on their website. Play three games and the cause of your choice…from a list of nearly 110,000 registered charities…gets one penny. These aren''t hard-core games, just versions of familiar favorites for casual online game-players. The games come from Arkadium and the donation comes from advertising revenue on the site.

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Newsletter: Influencer Marketing for Nonprofits ; Why You Should be Targeting Directors Instead of CEOs ; Are you a ‘Geriatric Millennial’?

Selfish Giving

Why your partner outreach should be targeting directors instead of the c-suite. The Cause Docs are back! ???? Joining us on Thursday, June 3rd at 2pm EDT is Lauren Lawson-Zilai , Senior Director of Public Relations & National Spokesperson for Goodwill Industries International.

Who Should Set Fundraising Targets?

The Agitator

Faithful Agitator reader Reinier Spruit at Greenpeace International and 101fundraising blog has shared the results of his interesting survey on setting fundraising targets … We are going down … We have no target! His survey of 103 fundraisers reported that: 29% set their own targets; 53% proposed a target to their manager, who made the final decision; 14% receive a target from “their boss”; and, 4% work without a target (as Reinier says: “Ouch!”).

Level Up Your Permission-Based Marketing and List Building

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Start discussing the concept of target audiences and what it might look like to create communications for them instead of the general public. Work on prioritizing your target audiences and understanding personas.

HOT OFF THE PRESS: A Golden Age of Philanthropy Still Beckons With a New $59 Trillion Target


The post HOT OFF THE PRESS: A Golden Age of Philanthropy Still Beckons With a New $59 Trillion Target appeared first on MarketSmart. Here you can find a combination of two impressive new studies focusing on estimates of wealth transfer and philanthropic giving by households during the period from 2007 through 2061. I find this fascinating because the authors (John J. Havens and Paul G. Schervish) have revised their previous estimate of $41 trillion upward to a whopping $59 trillion.

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VolunteerMatch Enters into Sweet Cause Marketing Deal with Ben and Jerrys and Target

Cause Related Marketing

Tags: Target Scoop it Forward Ben and Jerrys Robert J.

Target 127

Target Audience: A Lesson from Politics

Mission Minded

It’s election season. While you might get tired of the constant commercials, news clips, and solicitations, we have to give a nod to the candidates and their campaigns. Because perhaps more than anyone, politicians know their audience. And, just like our nonprofit branding clients, knowing your audience is the first step in creating the brand, […].

7 Steps to Grow Your Nonprofit Donor Base With Social Media

J Campbell Social Marketing

Fundraising Nonprofits Online Fundraising Social Media Strategy donor retention social media fundraising target audienceSocial Media for Social Good Academy 2.0 is opening soon! Don’t miss out or lose your spot – get on the Early Interest List by clicking here.

How to Identify and Attract the Right Audience on Social Media for Your Nonprofit

J Campbell Social Marketing

This is often the hardest part of social media management and planning for nonprofits – identifying a target audience. . What are you going to say that will inspire and mobilize your target audience – so much so, that they take the action that you want? Target Audience .

Target and the National Teacher Appreciation Week

Cause Related Marketing

Tags: Target National PTA Teacher Appreciation Week Chase's Calendar of Events The World's Best Teacher Giftcard Olene Walker

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Target's Gift Card Cause Marketing for St. Jude

Cause Related Marketing

When you buy a Target gift card worth $20 or more through December 4, the stylish discount retailer will donate $1 to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital up to $750,000.Since gift cards are basically stored-value cards and discount retailing has pretty thin margins, how could Target possibly afford to shed $1 out of every $20, even if it’s promotionally-appropriate given Target’s pledge to give. Tags: Garmin Target St.

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Fundraising Flat Says Target Analytics

The Agitator

Target Analytics has just released its Index of National Fundraising Performance for the 12 months of activity through the 2 nd Quarter of 2010. Here’s a summary of Target Analytics report: Donor declines continued in the first half of 2010, but were smaller in magnitude than were in 2009, partly because of the Haiti-related giving.

5 Steps to Target Donors for Year-End Fundraising Success

NonProfit Hub

A more successful year-end campaign will hinge on your ability to target your donors with tailored outreach. Start your plan now to target specific groups of donors so you can deliver something that’s more relevant and meaningful to each part of your audience this December. First things first, before you can target your donors and speak to them in a way that resonates, you need to know something about them. Targeting Donors for Year-End Success.

Base Your Supporter Journeys in Reality

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

For example, in the chapter about defining your target communities, I spent a lot of time on personas. Fundraising Messaging Strategy Nonprofit Marketing Plans and Strategies Target Audience

How to Learn More about Your Current Social Media Followers

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

But you cannot categorize, segment, and target people directly the same way that you can in email. Nonprofit Social Media Target AudienceLet’s say you started a new nonprofit communications job. They have all the usual channels set up and your job is to improve engagement.

Easy targets

Mission Paradox Blog

As I mentioned in a Tweet last week (@missionparadox), Board members tend to be very easy targets for artistic scorn and ridicule.  This week, I want to switch tracks a bit and talk about the Board of Directors.   They tend to be more financially secure then the artists they work with, which can cause tension.    They also have a significant amount of power and influence within the organization, which is another area of tension.

How to target your nonprofit ads in Facebook

Fundraising Coach

To target your nonprofit’s ads this well, simply go to [link]. Choose the “Advanced connections&# option as shown here: Facebook already lets you target with great specificity. I was just checking in with Facebook, when an NTEN ad caught my eye. It wasn’t the image. Not sure what that is.) But it was the “You’re already a fan of NTEN…&# line.

How to Connect with Your Target Audiences – Get to Know Them!

Getting Attention

Nothing’s more vital to the success of your organization’s marketing than knowing your target audiences. Nothing’s more vital to the success of your organization’s marketing than knowing your target audiences. Without knowing each group well—what’s important to them, what motivates them and their habits—you’ll never connect. And there’s no convincing without connection.

CauseTalk Radio Ep22: Cause Marketing Goes Back to School with Target, Boys & Girls Clubs

Selfish Giving

Today, Megan and I chat with Jenna Reck of Target who explains Give With Target, the retailer’s first-ever initiative that combines cause with back to school marketing, giving $2.5 CauseTalk Radio Podcast back to school boys and girls clubs cause marketing targetmillion in grants as well as $2.5 million directly to schools via a Facebook voting initiative Then Artis Stevens with Boys and Girls Clubs shares some.

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Should Fundraisers Target Boomers?

The Agitator

" Here are Matt’s reasons for targeting Boomers … You will build your career and legacy on their backs. (We Although he was addressing this article to marketers in general, I strongly suspect Matt Thornhill of The Boomer Project would answer nonprofit fundraisers with a resounding "Yes!" We thought we’d start with a personal reason to motivate you to keep reading.) [Ed Ed note: That's Matt speaking.]. They buy things. They try new things.

JAM’N 94.5 & Target Make Cause Marketing Wish Come True

Selfish Giving

Boston’s #1 hip hop station, Jam’n 94.5 , and everyone’s favorite hip retailer, Target , which has a store less than a mile from the hospital, teamed up to reward some very needy kids with a great Christmas and a happy New Year. Target invited the morning show team from Jam’n 94.5 Target also donated all the backpacks for the day. In short, having a backpack donation drive is probably the best I can hope for from Target right now.

Avoid this Communications Don’t – “Our Organization Needs Your Input”

Getting Attention

The engagement you crave comes only when you identify, understand, and speak directly to the wants of your target audiences in language they’ll connect with. Branding and Messages membership recruitment membership retention message development nonprofit marketing target audiencesThat’s the subject line of this morning’s email from our local Jewish Community Center (JCC), asking for my input on its member survey.

The Growing Asian American Market, a Likely Target for Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

Likewise, Asian Americans are emerging as a ripe target for cause marketing. Asian Americans are a peach of a target market for cause marketers. It’s peach season where I live and so with peach juice running down my face my mind naturally turns to China and Asia and the fastest growing ethnic group in the United States. What do peaches and Asians have to do with each other?

Target 127

How to Define Your Target Audience: Is Your Nonprofit a Match for Your Community?

Fundraising 123

Nonprofit marketing results don’t require the target audience to accept the worldview of the marketer before they take action. If people don’t respond to your nonprofit marketing campaign, it is likely a sign that your nonprofit’s advocacy is not a good match for the target audience. They fail to consider that perhaps the breakdown in connecting with the mind of their target audience originates in their presentation and approach and not having a sound understanding of their context.

Target 101

Identify search engine keywords used by your target audience in 60 seconds

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

This week’s “ Learn in 60 Seconds &# video is ready to go. The Lesson? How to identify search engine keywords used by your audience in 60 seconds. I personally think that Google Insights for Search is one of the most under appreciated free marketing research tools out there. I can’t teach you all that much in 60 seconds about this one, but hopefully enough to get all of you newbies interested. Stay tuned for another more “advanced&# video about this tool down the road.

What Do You Think Of IP Targeting?

The Agitator

The capability exists to target email messages to specific consumers (donor prospects?) ” Could represent a powerful targeting tool. A targetable emailing list. Here’s one for you online fundraisers. using their IP addresses, with that information cross-matched with a variety of demographic markers.

Newsletter: How to Sell & Close More Partnerships ; The Business Case for Targeting C-Stores?? ; Are You Ready to Host a Hybrid Fundraising Event in 2021?

Selfish Giving

The docs are back! No, we can't heal America's fractured democracy ?????- but we can address your partnership woes! Remember, we're not real doctors , we're cause doctors (or Cause Docs!)??????? The doc joining us this month is Dan Cohen, Founder & President of Cause Partners.

Politics Of Online Ad Targeting

The Agitator

If you’re in the biz of targeting online ads for member acquisition, fundraising or issue persuasion, here are two articles that illustrate the data-driven capabilities that exist. The first deals mainly with the Republican Party’s use of voter registration data to help target GOTV ads into the Yahoo, AOL and MSN ad networks. The second describes Resonate, an online ad network targeting capability that points messages at netizens based upon their issue preferences.

Register Now for Free Webinar on Thursday on Defining Your Target Audience

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How to Define, Research and Reach Your Target Audience.&# You’ll see how to use that information to craft your campaigns so that they speak directly to these targeted groups, dramatically increasing your effectiveness. Thanks to the more than 200 people who voted on the topic of this Thursday’s free webinar! The winner, with 40% of the vote, is “Forget the General Public! Registration is free and open now. Join us on Thursday, April 2, 2009 at Noon Eastern (9:00 a.m.

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Where's the Social Media in this Youth Targeted Cause Marketing Effort?

Cause Related Marketing

Avon has addressed the challenge by launching Mark , which targets 18-30 year olds with bright, fun, less expensive products than Avon’s mainstream line and sold by youthful reps using a heavy dose of social media. The direct sales business… think Amway, Avon, and Shaklee… has a demographics problem, namely attracting the next generation of sales reps.

Youth 119

Nonprofits, Gun Makers are Aiming at the Same Target

Selfish Giving

Nonprofits and gun makers are polar opposites in many ways, but not in marketing. That’s what I learned from this Wall Street Journal article on the new CEO of Smith & Wesson , a gun manufacturer since 1852. Like the nonprofit industry, the gun industry is in the midst of a revolution – and an upheaval because of the deadly shootings in Newtown last month.