Here’s some happy research: Gratitude’s great ripple effect

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My colleague Kate just alerted me to some new research from Taiwan showing gratitude (spurred by generosity) can spread far and wide in social networks. Photo courtesy of Big Stock Photo.

Rebooting Tawain

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Google+ Defies Expectations And Thus Facebook

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The numbers include the 7.5-odd million who have visited from overseas (India, Canada, Brazil, France, Taiwan…). The fastest growing social network in history (at least until the next one) is now officially Google+, which has grown to over 25 million visitors since its launch a mere 5 weeks ago, according to Reuters. So thus far things are looking really good for Google’s latest foray into the social-networking universe.

Ideas I tried this year

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So I went overseas for a vacation to visit my brother and his girlfriend for the first time in a very long time and had so much fun in Taiwan and Vietnam! Here’s my 2017 Annual Report! . What was this year LIKE? First of all, it was BETTER BECAUSE OF YOU. Thank you for reading.

#Tech: Near-Field Communication Could Turn Smartphones Into Wallets & Leashes

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It is a technology that first appeared in Taiwan in 2007, and is expected to have a major impact in the US by the middle of next year. Near-Field Technology (NFC) allows short-range communications between an NFC antenna or engineered SIM card and a receiver.