Your 5-Point Plan for #GivingTuesdayNow May 5

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Please share your ideas with me on Twitter by tagging @JuliaCSocial or on Instagram by tagging @JuliaCampbell77 – I would love to see what you are doing today! .

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NONPROFITS: 15 Instagram Tips, Tricks and Features You Don’t Want to Miss

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Tagging their handle in the caption will notify the organization, but tagging them in the photo itself will let the photo live on the “tagged photo” section of their profile, enabling all of their photos to see. Tap Tagging Options. “You don’t take a photograph.

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The New Email Metric You Might Want to Try

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I had to do this by hand since I was going backward in time, but in the future, I can automate this tagging. With all the tagging done, I could now break down the list. For those of you without this kind of searching and tagging ability, I bet there is some way to do this with Excel.

Apps, Services, and Tools For Nonprofits (Season 2, Episode 6)

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01:16] 2017 Blog Post [01:35] 2018 Blog Post [01:43] Evernote [02:17] Blog Post (Evernote Tagging) [03:38] Slack [06:08] Workflow’s … Continue reading "Apps, Services, and Tools For Nonprofits (Season 2, Episode 6)". Zach and Tim discuss some of their favorite apps, services, and tools. Have your question answered on the podcast by calling in to (575) 815-4573. Click here to listen on YouTube! Topic Timestamps Introduction [00:00] Tools! [01:16]

Launching Your Nonprofit on Instagram – Plan Carefully or Wing It?

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BCNY’s launch strategy included goals for total posts and follower gain, a listing of relevant hashtag and tagging options as well as an editorial calendar broken into day, post topic/theme, and content.

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How to Set a Manageable Social Media Posting Schedule

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At least a third of the tweets you share need to be tagging other accounts or replying to people and starting conversations. As a nonprofit marketer for a small organization, you wear many hats. .

The future of online fundraising

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concepts, such as tagging and feeds, and how they can improve our practices. But with proper use of tagging, RSS, etc., Tags: tags tagging online Nonprofit RSS internet feeds future websites web fundraising ePhilanthropy I received an email from a college student asking if he could interview me about ePhilanthropy and the future of online fundraising. The questions gave me an opportunity to think creatively about the application of some web 2.0

11 Strategic Ways to Grow Your Nonprofit Social Media Followers This Year

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Encourage tagging. Nonprofits use social media platforms every single day to connect with constituents , raise awareness for causes, and collect donations.

Making Sense of Your Nonprofit’s Google Analytics

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We will cover the basics of setting up goals and campaign tagging , two techniques that make this tool much more intuitive and easy to use. It’s time for another budget-friendly (but content-rich) webinar! Join us this Thursday for a BRAND NEW Webinar: Making Sense of Your.

The “How Much and How Good” Grid for Nonprofit Communications

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If you send content people aren’t interested in, and you do it frequently, they will recognize you as someone who is annoying them, and they will go through the effort of unsubscribing or tagging you as spam.

Ten Changes to Make in 2012: Free Webinar Thursday

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For example, here’s one of the ten items on the list: tagging and segmenting your mailing lists. Tagging and segmenting can be very simple (a few extra fields in your database) to complex (with a complete customer relationship management system or CRM). Happy New Year!

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How Nonprofits Can Use Facebook Groups

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Tagging – You can tag any member of the Group in posts and photos. Introduce your volunteers to each other by tagging them in posts.

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How to Create a Facebook Group from Your Facebook Page

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Introduce your volunteers to each other by tagging them in posts. With Facebook-ageddon (Or is it Facebook Zero? The Facebook Apocalypse?) approaching, many of you are scrambling to figure out how to continue to reach your supporters on the biggest social network of them all.

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What the Social Media Success of the ALS #IceBucketChallenge Can Teach Nonprofits

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If you accept the challenge, you are encouraged to donate $10 to the Peter Frates #3 Fund , and you can challenge others  by tagging them on social media.

Nonprofit Marketing Team Roles and Tasks – Who Does What?

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responding, commenting, tagging, retweeting, etc.). I am working with two clients, ASPCApro and the Pittsburgh Park Conservancy , who are both looking at the best ways to staff what are essentially content marketing teams, even though the organizations don’t call them that.

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12 Ways to Get More Fans On Your Nonprofit Facebook Page

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The benefits of tagging the Page are that the Page owner will see it and can highlight it, which will display it to the public and to their fans. By far the most frequent question that I get from nonprofits is: How do we get more fans on our Facebook page?

Marketing Fundraising Events: The Ultimate Checklist

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Hire a professional photographer or videographer ( bonus tip: post photo galleries to your Facebook page, tagging your event in each photo, to generate web traffic ). Kerri Moore. Holding a fundraising event soon?

Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator – Maria Sadowski

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Can’t beat pix of someone banding an eagle, tagging a butterfly, or gathering native seeds for future planting. Maria Sadowski.

#SOCIALNETWORKS: Let’s Check In With Foursquare For Nonprofits

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We have talked about Foursquare , the social network and geo-tagging software that offers opportunities to share your experiences at businesses and organizations of all types. Checking in on the iPhone.

5 Ways to Tackle Your Nonprofit’s Fear of Social Media

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Will you enable picture tagging? Starting out on social media can be a scary proposition for many nonprofits.

2Blog or Not 2Blog

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Thanks to Beth for tagging it for the "np tech group" on SlideShare. Here is a presentation I did with Qui Diaz , my dear frolleague (friend and colleague - Katya's word ) on August 9. Qui has a great eye for design. blogging

Ask Your Base to Make the World a Better Place, Without Spending a Cent: The Give List

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Don't forget to add your ideas to the Give List by tagging your ideas with #givelist on Twitter, or with "givelist" (without the quotation marks) on de.licio.ous, your post or flickr photo so the Give List team can share them with the world. The Give List , launched just last week by Allison Fine and Marnie Web , already lists 71 ways to support communities and causes without opening their wallets.

How I Keep Track of All The Content I Consume Every Day

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Tagging things in Pocket allows you to create your internal search engine of content! A reader asked how I keep track of all the content I consume every day. I use a service called Pocket. Pocket is great and it's FREE!

Online Marketing Terms in Plain English

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Tagging can help the entry be found more easily by both people and search engines. I came across 17 Email Marketing Terms Every Business Should Know last week and it’s a nice summary written in plain English.

5 Quick Social Media Tips to Create Buzz Before #GivingTuesday

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Be sure to use the hashtag in each Story, and location tagging as appropriate, as Stories and posts with these two extra elements reach exponentially more people! Giving Tuesday is just one week away!

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Mastering the Art of Writing a Good Tweet to Promote Your News

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link] - Discover how tagging adds value to your tweets. Boosting the visibility of your message in Twitter searches is easy with PR Newswire’s Social Post™ news release distribution service. Simply submit a news release summary (under 100 characters) with your full release, and PR Newswire will post your message to followers of our general and industry-specific Twitter accounts, along with a link back to your news release.

Dealing with Info Overload: Lists and Lotteries

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This is where my tagging strategy becomes really important, because I don’t want to get sucked into having to absorb everything at the first moment I see it. I woke up this morning and saw a tweet from Drew at Throwing Light , asking me if I ever deal with information overload.

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8 Ways Social Media Is Directly Helping the Victims of Typhoon Haiyan

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Filipina Mai Arnaiz Jardeleza-Cataquiz sent out a call for help via Facebook, tagging a journalist to get attention for her small municipality Estancia. By now you have heard of the complete devastation in the Philippines wrought by Supertyphoon Haiyan.

50 Resources for Getting the Most Out of Google Analytics

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Google Analytics Tagging Demystified - A how-to post on the use of tagging in Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a very useful free tool for tracking site statistics. For most users, however, it never becomes more than just a pretty interface with intersting graphs. The resources below will help anyone, from the beginner to those who have been using Google Analytics for some time, learn how to get the most out of this great tool.

The Ultimate Guide to Social Media for Nonprofits


Tagging and interacting with others can help you get noticed by their follower base too, driving your own engagement. by Zoe Allen. Over 3 billion people worldwide use social media – find out how you can encourage them to become your donors. How can social media help my nonprofit?

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A $400 Billion Industry Powered by Anecdote

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Standards that set the terms for format, definition, structuring, tagging, transcription, manipulation, use and management of data. You’d think a $400 billion industry like ours would have empirically based standards and practices readily available and accessible to all.

tips for promoting your nonprofit's blog

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I recommend posting only when you have something important or interesting to share, hopefully that's once or twice a week. ** Don't be concerned with the words below unless you're interested in tagging or Technorati, which is another way to promote your blog. Beth Kanter asked some folks to provide tips on blog promotion to Alison Lowndes, who started an interesting nonprofit in Kenya.

tips for promoting your nonprofit's blog

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I recommend posting only when you have something important or interesting to share, hopefully that's once or twice a week. ** Don't be concerned with the words below unless you're interested in tagging or Technorati, which is another way to promote your blog. Beth Kanter asked some folks to provide tips on blog promotion to Alison Lowndes, who started an interesting nonprofit in Kenya.

Top Tips for Marketing Your Blog

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To get your blog noticed you must PARTICIPATE in your online community(ies) of interest by: following the conversations you care about reading other people's work linking, linking, and linking some more asking and answering questions tagging and acknowledging great content volunteering for on- and offline projects in your areas of interest 3. Thanks to charitynet.USA for this request. Here are some top tips for marketing your blog. The best way to promote your blog is to do good work.

Enterprise Social Media

Social Marketing and Social Change

In his discussion he also has some comments about community management, participation inequalities, tagging and rating systems and the reciprocal influences of social media and corporate culture. Jacob Nielsen, the guru of usability testing, has a new Alertbox on Social Networking on Intranets that is worth the read. From 14 business case studies he draws five conclusions (direct quote): Underground efforts yield big results.

5 Fictions About Social Media for Public Health and Healthcare

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“We can reach and change the behavior of our target audience through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.”

Q & A on Social Marketing


Tagging: Spare Change , Pulse and Signal, Social Marketing Panorama , Stephan Dahl. Speaking of experts, I would deem Craig Lefebvre as one of them, and an amazing one. On his blog, he recently posted a set of questions terming it “ An Environmental Scan of Social Marketing.&#

Avi Chai Social Media Academy Begins

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I loved that Lisa opened with a social tagging exercise for the group. Yesterday was the inaugural workshop for the Social Media Academy sponsored by the AVI CHAI Foundation.

Top Nonprofit Tips for Social Media

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Wednesday: ABT— Always Be Tagging Social Media for Nonprofits keynote Guy Kawasaki says that taking the extra time to tag supporters in photos and videos is crucial. Editor’s note: Did you miss Social Media Week ? Don’t worry, every week can be Social Media Week for your nonprofit with the advice in this guest post from Social Media for Nonprofits founder Ritu Sharma.

The Power Behind Social Media

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Now the next part of the meme is to tag 7 people who will continue the game by telling who tagged them and then tagging 7 more people who will. This post is dedicated to the awesome women entrepreneurs at the Women's Employment Opportunity Project (WEOP).