Love Those Donor Complaints

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Not only that, they are subliminally giving you, the. Yesterday Roger hamstered hammered away at retention, drawing upon Mark Phillips’ (Bluefrog) wonderful warm and fuzzy hamster parable. In support of Roger’s and Mark’s messages, here’s something more prosaic regarding just one aspect of hanging on to donors … dealing with complaints. In fact, treasuring them.

Interview with Sarah Durham, Nonprofit Communications Strategist & Author of “Brandraising”

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This interview series is produced with the generous support of the Nonprofit Marketing and Fundraising Zone.

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I Hate This Study!

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In short, negative information, even when presented subliminally, is better received than positive info. We have shown that people can perceive the emotional value of subliminal messages and have demonstrated conclusively that people are much more attuned to negative words … Clearly, there are evolutionary advantages to responding rapidly to emotional information. I chose the title of this post carefully … you’ll soon see why.

Giveology: Does neuromarketing research have anything to teach nonprofits?


has transformed entire bars into subliminal advertising through the use of red and white, and shapes that echo their packaging—no logo in site.

i'm IM


Maybe I'll talk John into guest posting about what's with everyone doing everything in lower case lately-"i'm initiative", iPod, iGoogle, is this some kind of subliminal messaging? I was not planning to post tonight, until I signed onto Facebook and checked out a "gift" someone gave to a friend of mine-a mug with an "i'm" on it. According to Facebook, this was a gift from the i'm initiative , and being a curios marketer, I of course had to check out what this was.

Acquisition: Guilty Until Proven Innocent

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And what does that label say subliminally to the layperson? Before we wade into the nuts, bolts, techniques, pitfalls and opportunities in our Acquisition Series, we want to once more remind everyone of the climate in which today’s acquisition efforts are conducted.