Online Fundraising Stats and Trends for Nonprofits

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In addition, Network for Good has released first quarter stats for 2012 on their Quarterly Digital Giving Index. Other sources for online fundraising trends: Netwits Think Tank by Blackbaud. Fundraising Nonprofit Communications Trends

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Email Marketing Stats and Trends for Nonprofits

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But, in terms of growth trends, online fundraising by organizations with smaller lists is growing fastest. We’ll do one more stat/trend summary for you on online fundraising soon! E-Newsletters Fundraising Nonprofit Communications Online Marketing TrendsOn Wednesday, I shared how nonprofits are using social media according to reports released over the last few weeks.

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Social Media Stats and Trends for Nonprofits

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We’ll look at key email stats from these reports soon. Nonprofit Communications Social Networking TrendsLast week, I wrote an article detailing 3 big reports recently released on nonprofit marketing and fundraising. There is a ton of information in these reports and it can be a little overwhelming trying to sort through it all. I thought it would be helpful to break those reports down based on certain topics. Today we are going to tackle social media.

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Interesting Stats about Nonprofit Newsletters – and Winners!

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Here are some other interesting stats from the survey, which was completed by 419 nonprofits. E-Newsletters Nonprofit Communications Print Newsletters TrendsThanks to all of you who took our survey this month on nonprofit newsletters.

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A List of Digital, Tech, and Media Trend Reports for 2017

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One thing I really like about the first quarter of the calendar year is that plenty of new statistics and trend reports are made available concerning the field I work in. This has been one of my go-to sources on digital / social media governance and hiring trends for nearly 5 years now.

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Nonprofit Newsletter Trends and Tips – Nonprofit Blog Carnival

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Welcome to this month’s edition of the Nonprofit Blog Carnival , where we are looking at trends in nonprofit newsletters. Other interesting stats about publishing schedules and newsletter length. E-Newsletters Nonprofit Communications Print Newsletters Trends

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The 2011 Nonprofit Communications Trend Report

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The 2011 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report is officially available! I hope you’ll download the report and dig into it, but here are several of my favorite stats from it, in tweet-sized bites.

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Distracting Social Media Stats

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Although you know I hate to fan your social media flames, here are the latest social media usage stats from the Pew Internet Project. Tags: Don't Miss these Posts communications demographic trends media usage new media online activism online advocacy online fundraising online publishing online video pew internet project research social networking Some highlights: 46% of online American adults are social network site (SNS) users. This figure was only 8% on February 05.

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10 Mobile Stats for Nonprofit Marketers

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It’s no secret that mobile is quickly becoming the platform of choice for many, but these stats really drive the point home. Nonprofit marketers should heed these trends and factor mobile into their communication and fundraising strategies to effectively attract and connect with donors in the coming years.

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Your Baseline – 2011 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report

Getting Attention

Thanks so much to my friend and colleague Kivi Leroux Miller for surveying 780 nonprofit communicators like you on your habits, practices and preferences, and then sharing what you reported in the new, free 2011 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report.

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Latest Stats On Social Nets

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Tags: DonorTrends communications demographic trends media usage new media nonprofit management online activism online advocacy online fundraising online publishing research social networking

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2009 Online Fundraising Trends

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Also, Convio estimated that the number of online donors would grow from 89 million in 2008 to 110+ million in 2009, which would represent growth in the online donor pool in the range of 24% (Blackbaud has not released figures on the actual online donor growth reflected in its stats). Blackbaud’s Steve MacLaughlin recently published this slide show reporting the 2009 online fundraising figures for 2,335 nonprofits (all transactions processed by Blackbaud).

Key takeaways from the Internet Trends Report

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Meeker, partner at venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, presented the 2014 Internet Trends report during this week’s Code Conference. This annual report is full of useful nuggets, including key stats and opportunities for innovation.

Reality Check: Social Media and Mobile

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Yesterday, I offered some stats about who is using the Internet as a reality check on why you need an online marketing strategy. I hope you find these stats useful. We’ve also shared stats on nonprofit email trends , online fundraising trends and social media trends.

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12 digital fundraising trends for 2012 #4 Microdonations

Giving in a Digital World

It might be every time you go to your local coffee shop (triggered by a Foursquare check-in) or every time your sports team wins a match (using live links to sports stats), or whatever else you like. This is the fourth of 12 posts that I’ll be publishing throughout January on trends I think will prove to be important for digital fundraising in 2012. You can find the previous trend post, on Augmented Reality, here.

The Survey Results That Are Warming My Heart

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As you know, our annual Nonprofit Communications Trends Survey is open, and will be through November 30. Here are two stats that I find encouraging: Almost half of nonprofit communications staff say this is their chosen profession and they plan to stay in the field of nonprofit communications.

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Dashboards to Share Progress: Examples and Tips

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For example, you can color code stats. Marketing Team Nonprofit Communications Trends You can measure lots and lots of marketing and fundraising numbers. But measuring without adding meaning isn’t very helpful to you, your supporters, or your board.

Juicy stats, benchmarks and lessons on online giving

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But keep in mind online giving is tracking (though lagging) to the trends of online shopping and banking. Target Analytics today released the 2008 donorCentrics Internet Giving Benchmarking Analysis, which they admit may just qualify as the longest title in the history of online statistical reporting. In plain English, this is a useful annual study that give you a sense of how 24 big national nonprofits are doing with their online fundraising. You can compare and contrast your results.

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Proof Point #1 — Prioritize Websites & Email

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That’s the call from the 1,500+ nonprofit communicators who shared insights and practices for the 2015 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report. Welcome to the Proof Point series of research findings for you to use when advocating for the marketing approaches you know are right.

9 Great Tips for #GivingTuesday

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In anticipation of the event this post is divided into: 1) stats on #Giving Tuesday, and 2) some quick and easy tips to prepare for #GivingTuesday. December 1st 2015 marks the fourth annual #GivingTuesday.

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Partisan Purse Strings

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But here are some stats that go beyond a few organizations. Demographics Fundraising analytics / data Media usage / trends Mobile marketing and fundraising Nonprofit management premium

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Reality Check: Why You Need an Online Marketing Strategy

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Here are some additional stats on nonprofit email marketing. E-Newsletters Fundraising Nonprofit Communications Nonprofit Marketing Strategy Online Marketing Trends

Goals for Internal Communications at Nonprofits

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For now, let’s just accept the reality of these stats from the 2019 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report. What are your internal communications goals? Not sure? It’s time to figure it out and create some, just like you create goals for external communications.

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Our Top Posts from 2012

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2012 Nonprofit Communications Trends – Infographic. Trends are always hot, as are infographics. Online Fundraising Stats and Trends for Nonprofits. Blogging Nonprofit Communications Trends

How Often Should You Report Results?

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Below I’m sharing a quick video with some stats from our 2019 Trends Report, but I think you’ll also find these resources helpful too: Not sure what you should measure? If you aren’t reporting your communications results regularly to your management and board, you need to start. Start the discussion with these five questions. One of those questions is about objectives for your communications plan. You have more options for objectives than you might think.

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How Often Should You Email Supporters?

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According to our 2012 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report, where we asked how often nonprofits planned to communicate in 2012 with supporters, 77% said they would email at least monthly (16% weekly or more often, 19% every other week, 43% monthly).

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Nonprofit Technology: Changing The World

J Campbell Social Marketing

Check out these stats, from an infographic created by : 47% of Americans learn about social causes via social media. How is your nonprofit embracing trends in technology? Technology has changed the nonprofit world permanently.

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Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators – March 22, 2019

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This week we are talking crowdfunding, making your Form 990 work for you, as well as email and content marketing stats. If you are into data, check out The Ultimate List of Email Marketing Stats for 2019. Stay up to date with the Web Design Trends of 2019 [Infographic].

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Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators – September 21, 2018

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Laura Forer breaks down Budgets, Channels, and Technologies: Stats About Marketing Today [Infographic]. Sponsored by the Public Interest Registry and produced by Nonprofit Tech for Good, The 2018 Global Trends in Giving Report Is Now Available for Download. Venkman’s.

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators

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Marketing Profs shares Content Marketing Stats and Trends in 2017 [Infographic]. Happy Friday! My kids just got out of school so I really need some Mixed Drinks.I mean Links… Kivi is doing a free webinar for Bloomerang, June 1st, on What a Communications Plan Should Look Like.

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#MixedLinks for Nonprofit Communicators

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Persuant has created a new infographic on donor attrition, The Donor Retention Dilemma: 5 Alarming Trends and How to Reverse Them and Bloomerang has some commentary on it. Here are 11 Surprising Donation Form Optimization Stats.

Finally some 2012 Statistics for the African Mobile Phone Market

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Back in March of 2009 I wrote a post entitled “ Latest mobile phone statistics from Africa and what this means ” based on a report that had come out from Blycroft Publishing tracking 2008 African mobile phone market stats.

The State of Mobile in the Canadian Government

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

You may also want to check out my recent CMA Mobile Conference Debrief if you’re looking for stats and trends.

Hispanics Using Social Media

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At Engage: Hispanics , Lee Vann of interactive agency Captura Group offers the latest stats on use of social media by Hispanics. Tags: Don't Miss these Posts charities communications demographic trends direct marketing fundraising latinos media usage nonprofit management nonprofits online activism online fundraising online publishing social networking Some key factoids: 84% of Hispanics have a broadband connection vs. 79% of Whites.

M+R Benchmarks Study

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I also want to encourage you to check out their handy interactive Benchmark Yourself feature that allows you to add your stats for fundraising and advocacy and other metrics to compare with the Benchmarks in the report. The M+R Benchmarks Study came out last week.

Nielsen On Social Net Usage

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And without giving stat details, Nielsen says that offline, active adult social networkers are more likely than the average adult Internet user to be found at political rallies … tweeting, no doubt! Don't Miss these Posts Hot Research blogging branding communications demographic trends media usage mobile advocacy online activism online advocacy online fundraising online publishing online video social networking

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Mixed Links for Nonprofit Marketers and Fundraisers

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Gail Perry has the Top 10 Major Donor Fundraising Trends for 2014-15. Social media blog Buffer has 10 Surprising and Important Social Media Stats You Need To Know.

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Your Advice? Communications Projects for Interns

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Dig into your email newsletter stats, or Facebook Insights, and look for trends that haven’t been uncovered yet. Here’s a question I get a lot. what ideas do you have? What are some good nonprofit communications projects for interns?

Just A Trump Bump?

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I was browsing the latest update on online fundraising trends from Network for Good (via dashboard courtesy of the Chronicle of Philanthropy), which indicates a 21% increase in amount donated online in March 2017 over Mar 2016. Impressive stats. Online gifts were up 23.9% and the number of donors was up 22.4%. Not surprisingly, December was the best month and New Year’s Eve was the best day, capturing $13.3

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Treasure Chest From Pew Research

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Regular readers of The Agitator will know how impressed I am with the research and analysis provided by Pew Research, especially with regard to online trends, media habits, and the confluence of media and politics/advocacy. In fact, Pew now offers direct access to their raw data, as well as a set of useful Trend compilations , if you want to dig deeper yourselves into these areas. Here, for example, is a trend report on what Americans do online.

Top Twitter Tools & Applications

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Tweet Reach – Quick stat tool for gauging the effectiveness of specific tweets. Trendistic – Twitter trend graphing tool. Twitterholic – Ranking tool based on basic stats. CrowdEye – An aggregated tweet search tool with some trending analysis.

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Marketers

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These are year-over-year stats. Blackbaud also released a report, Top Trends in Technology , with a specific focus on fundraising. I also want to thank the bloggers who shared my new report, Nonprofit Communications Trends for 2011 , with their readers.

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A long overdue call to action on cyber-bullying

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I would have a 50/50 split of positive and negative implications for each item (remember, moderation is key): An overview of the modern internet as it relates to students including latest stats, global usage, key trends etc…. I watched Amanda Todd’s tragic video message today.