Interesting Stats about Nonprofit Newsletters – and Winners!

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Here are some other interesting stats from the survey, which was completed by 419 nonprofits. Thanks to all of you who took our survey this month on nonprofit newsletters.

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Online Fundraising Stats and Trends for Nonprofits

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In addition, Network for Good has released first quarter stats for 2012 on their Quarterly Digital Giving Index. Last month, I highlighted some benchmarks in both social media and email marketing that were released in recent reports so that you could see how your nonprofit stacked up.

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Engagement Fundraising Stats You Should Know


So what do you do with these stats? You can see all the cool stats in the study found here. The post Engagement Fundraising Stats You Should Know appeared first on MarketSmart.

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Email Marketing Stats and Trends for Nonprofits

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We’ll do one more stat/trend summary for you on online fundraising soon! On Wednesday, I shared how nonprofits are using social media according to reports released over the last few weeks. Today, we are going to take a look at email marketing and fundraising using data from these reports: Sage Nonprofit Solutions Email Marketing Report 2012 (Sage). 2012 Online Marketing Nonprofit Benchmark Index Study (Convio). 2012 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study (M+R and NTEN).

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Social Media Stats and Trends for Nonprofits

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We’ll look at key email stats from these reports soon. Last week, I wrote an article detailing 3 big reports recently released on nonprofit marketing and fundraising. There is a ton of information in these reports and it can be a little overwhelming trying to sort through it all. I thought it would be helpful to break those reports down based on certain topics. Today we are going to tackle social media.

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How to Make a Stat Work in Marketing

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The basic stat in all of the ads is that the odds of having a child diagnosed with autism are 1 in 110. Hating statistics and other cold hard facts, and loving stories instead, is very popular in our field right now. I’m mostly on that bandwagon too.

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3 Big New Stats You Need to Know About Donor Advised Funds from Fidelity Charitable


The post 3 Big New Stats You Need to Know About Donor Advised Funds from Fidelity Charitable appeared first on MarketSmart. LIKE THIS BLOG POST? PLEASE SHARE IT AND/OR SUBSCRIBE.

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Social Media Stats

The Agitator

To end your week, here’s a snappy video presentation of internet, web, social media stats. Add that to the latest online video usage numbers from Comscore … the average US internet user viewed 18.5 hours of online video in July. And, as usual, we ask … were any of those videos yours? Don't Miss these Posts communications fun media usage new media online fundraising online video research social networking

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Cool Stats On Social Media Fundraising

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Nonprofit Tech for Good recently proffered 14 “Must Know” stats about fundraising, social media and mobile technology. Here are six to tease you on a Monday morning. I can tell you’re not quite ready yet for heavy lifting this week. Responsive design increases giving 96% on mobile and tablet … 126% on mobile. 59% of those who engage with nonprofits via social media have been inspired further to donate money … and 53% to volunteer.

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22 Really Useful Customer Retention Stats

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That said, the article did include a link leading to some fascinating customer retention stats … 22 of them in fact. Starting with a retention stat you must have heard, and teasing with a few that are less frequently touted, here’s a sampling. Today I stumbled upon an article titled Top 5 Keys to Customer Retention. The article itself was crap, and since it’s my job to protect you from such overwrought drivel, I won’t give you a link to it.

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Which Fundraising Stat Impresses You Most?

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In his Friday post , Roger asked: How many donors must we lose before we learn? The Chronicle of Philanthropy reported that initial results from #GivingTuesday show terrific growth. As they put it, the initial “haul” of #GivingTuesday looks to be $168 million, up from the estimated $117 million last year.

DMA Direct Mail Stats

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direct mail stats from the DMA’s new 2010 Statistical Fact Book: Direct mail accounts for 52% of all mail (over half of all mail has been direct mail since 2007). Ethan Boldt at Inside Direct Mail reports these U.S. Households receive 24.7 pieces of mail per week (down from a high of 26.2 a few years ago). In terms of mail individuals say they "read immediately" … From federal government, 63%. From merchants, 51%. From social, charitable or political senders, 43%.

Here’s how fundraising retention rates compare to other industries


Fundraising donor commitment donor retention donor retention stats fundraising retention rates fundraising statsFitness/health clubs – 72.4% ( reported in July of 2014 ). Software as a service (SaaS) – 46% annual churn leaving 56% of customers retained is considered BAD !

Distracting Social Media Stats

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Although you know I hate to fan your social media flames, here are the latest social media usage stats from the Pew Internet Project. Some highlights: 46% of online American adults are social network site (SNS) users. This figure was only 8% on February 05. Of these, 73% have Facebook accounts, 48% use MySpace, 14% use LinkedIn. 45% of SNS users have college or advanced degrees (now I’m getting more interested), compared to 35% of the entire online population.

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10 Social Media Stats for Nonprofit Marketers

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Here are 10 fun stats on social media that can help you decide how to spend your time. Is one of your 2014 goals to get your social strategy in order? 73% of U.S. online adults now use social networking sites. Source: Pew Tweet this. Roughly one-third of the world’s population is now online. Source: We Are Social Tweet this. 68% of Instagram’s users are women. Source: Business Insider Tweet this.

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10 Mobile Stats for Nonprofit Marketers

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It’s no secret that mobile is quickly becoming the platform of choice for many, but these stats really drive the point home. Nonprofit marketers should heed these trends and factor mobile into their communication and fundraising strategies to effectively attract and connect with donors in the coming years. 56% of all American adults are now smartphone adopters. Source: Pew Tweet this. American adults spend an average of 141 online minutes using mobile devices.

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Global internet statistics for 2018

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

It’s that time of year again when digital stats aggregators update their numbers and various annual summary reports come out based on research conducted in the previous calendar year.

The Stat You Can’t Ignore Anymore

Sea Change Strategies

Today, we were reminded of that stat when we learned that 47% of a client’s revenue is being generated by the 1.4% In Sea Change’s Wired Wealthy report we found that way back in 2008, donors who gave between $1,000 and $10,000 made up only 1% of organizational donor files, but generated 30% of revenue (online and offline). of their file who give gifts over $1,000. The kicker? They have no robust online cultivation program for these donors. Don’t you think they should?

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Data Sheets Fundraising Major Giving Planned Giving charitable giving charity blog engagement fundraising fundraising research Giving USA Stats Lead Generation major gift fundraising major gift marketing Philanthropy Planned Giving MarketingA chart from Third Sector’s Report.

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[Guest Post] 9 Shocking Stats that Should Convince Your Church to Start Using Mobile Giving Today

Fundraising Coach

9 Shocking Stats that Should Convince Your Church to Start Using Mobile Giving Today. Here are a few staggering stats to illustrate why I think we should come into the modern age of online and mobile giving in the Church. If these stats haven’t convinced you to start seriously considering mobile giving for your Church, then think about what the likes of Apple, Starbucks, Amazon, and many others have done to train churchgoers. Today I am pleased to introduce you to

What are nonprofits doing with social media? Six interesting stats

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It’s the week of studies! First we had the eBenchmarks study , then the Convio benchmarks study , and now the Blackbaud social media benchmark study. It’s an opportunity to see how you stack up in all different ways online.

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Impressive Search Engine and Social Media Stats

Search Marketing for Nonprofits

I’m always looking up new stats about search engine and social media use and behavior for various online marketing presentations, and I decided it would be more useful to share them with the world (and have a convenient spot for me to reference them in the future). Do you have other stats that could be added to this list?

The number one reason why you aren’t getting your share of dollars from donor advised funds


I couldn’t find stats on the medians for those sponsor types. Fundraising Major Giving Planned Giving donor advised funds donor advised funds rules donor advised funds strategy philanthropy blog posts philanthropy stats

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3 big reasons why email open rates don’t matter (and what you should measure instead)


Digital Marketing Direct Marketing Fundraising email click through rates email CTR's Email Marketing email marketing best practices email marketing metrics email marketing stats you should be tracking email open rates Inbound phone calls Number of pages visitedFirst, a short story.

Latest Stats On Social Nets

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There’s lots of fresh data floating around on usage of social nets. This summary from comScore indicates that MySpace, with 70 million visitors in February, is still the #1 site for online US adults, but Facebook at 57 million is growing fastest (77% in past 12 months, compared to MySpace’s 3%) and at that rate will soon be #1. Everyone else is far behind in the pack. Other research delves into social net penetration and usage by key audiences.

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Why internet users and social media users are now essentially the same thing

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According to Internet World Stats , there are now 2.3 Insight Rant Statistics comscore Google online Social Media world internet statsBillion Internet users on our planet. That’s approximately 33% of the world’s population.

Why you gotta ask for 39 cents? Fundraising laughs

Wild Woman Fundraising

Appeals Fundraising 101 blackbaud monthly giving stats fantastic monthly giving Fundraising mazarine treyz monthly giving saturday night live why is monthly giving so important Recently I saw this Saturday Night Live sketch about fundraising videos.

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Mobile Impact: 7 juicy stats + a free webinar

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To tide you over, here are 7 juicy stats to help you think about how mobile might affect your nonprofit fundraising and marketing efforts this year: 58% of all American adults are now smartphone adopters. Next week, I will join PayPal’s Tanya Urschel to present a free webinar, Mobile Impact 301: How to Raise More Money via Mobile. This event is part of the Mobile Impact series offered in conjunction with BetterWorld Wireless and TechSoup.

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Kick-off the New Year with a healthy dose of global digital stats

Giving in a Digital World

The strategy projects I work on often involve organisations working in multiple countries, so I’m always on the look-out for research reports that offer country-by-country comparative digital usage data – to help assess the need for office-specific variations in plans or expectations. With this in mind, it was great to see the Global Digital Statistics Report the kind folks at We Are Social Singapore have just made available through Slideshare (you can flick through a copy above).

I was wrong

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Fundraising 101 CEffect Dana Farber Development fundraising fundraising income fundraising stats gayle gifford guest post harvard how to raise individual money individuals money program income Program service income staff capacity The National Center for Charitable Statistics

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Data-fest: Great new stats and insights on social media, Twitter, mobile

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Mashable and George Weiner have some excellent new data to share about social media usage and mobile giving. These three articles are MUST READS: 1. Mashable: Our Social Media Obsession by the Numbers (based on a Retrevo study). Mashable: The Current State of Twitter by Muhammad Saleem.

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Juicy stats, benchmarks and lessons on online giving

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Target Analytics today released the 2008 donorCentrics Internet Giving Benchmarking Analysis, which they admit may just qualify as the longest title in the history of online statistical reporting. In plain English, this is a useful annual study that give you a sense of how 24 big national nonprofits are doing with their online fundraising. You can compare and contrast your results. Loads of fun for the fundraising geeks among us—Benchmark! Experience insecurity! Or smile with schadenfreude!

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A Survey For You! What do you think?

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Tags: Board Conflict Fundraising answers birthday blog charity income on the side inspiration mazarine treyz nonprofit questions school stats survey you

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How to Find a Nonprofit Job After Election Day


The end of the campaign trail is in sight and while it’s hard to think much about anything besides GOTV stats and your campaign team’s eventual glory on November 4th, you can’t help but think: What’s next?

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Nonprofit Technology: Changing The World

J Campbell Social Marketing

Check out these stats, from an infographic created by : 47% of Americans learn about social causes via social media. Technology has changed the nonprofit world permanently.

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Reality Check: Social Media and Mobile

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Yesterday, I offered some stats about who is using the Internet as a reality check on why you need an online marketing strategy. I hope you find these stats useful. We’ve also shared stats on nonprofit email trends , online fundraising trends and social media trends.

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Build Beautiful Charts & Graphs with Data Visualization on EveryAction


With Data Visualization in EveryAction , users can build beautiful, customizable charts and graphs of their data within the software where it resides: Users are automatically equipped with several default 'Analytics Dashboards', which display pre-built charts and graphs for Advocacy delivery stats, Online Activity numbers, Organizing metrics, Contribution summaries, and Email Performance stats.

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Pro Tip – Check How Easy Your Text Is to Read in Word

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Once that is finished, you will see your readability stats. Here are the stats for this post: Were you already using these stats? Here’s a quick tip for you today on using Microsoft Word to check how easy it is for your supporters to read your communications.

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Creating a Thank-You Video in a Day – How This Nonprofit Did It

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Repurposing content we use in other communication (stats, quotes, photos). There is no substitute for up-to-date stats, quotes, stories and photos. Angela Crist.

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24 amazing benchmark reports on fundraising all in one place


26 Really Interesting Planned Giving Marketing Charts, Stats, and Graphs. If you’re like me, you like to noodle data and scratch your head a lot. I’ve done so much head-scratching that my hair is almost gone!

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators – September 21, 2018

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Laura Forer breaks down Budgets, Channels, and Technologies: Stats About Marketing Today [Infographic]. Venkman’s. Atlanta, GA. It’s almost the weekend!

Want People to Share Your Story? Stop Making It So Hard! Do This Instead.

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Prepare branded graphics (your logo plus inspirational quote or shocking stats). A few weeks ago, in preparation for my Nonprofit Marketing Guide Tweet Like a Boss Pass Holder webinar, I had a wonderful conversation with Kids Are Heroes founder Gabe O’Neill.

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9 Great Tips for #GivingTuesday

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In anticipation of the event this post is divided into: 1) stats on #Giving Tuesday, and 2) some quick and easy tips to prepare for #GivingTuesday. December 1st 2015 marks the fourth annual #GivingTuesday.

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