Global internet statistics for 2018

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The post Global internet statistics for 2018 appeared first on Navigating Digital Disruption. Statistics 2018 digital statistics 2018 internet statistics 2018 social media statistics digital trends global internet use internet statsIt’s that time of year again when digital stats aggregators update their numbers and various annual summary reports come out based on research conducted in the previous calendar year.

3 Shocking Statistics from the 2015 Nonprofit Email Deliverability Study


Nonprofits have never had a more powerful fundraising tool than they now have in email , but there''s a growing concern that they might be ignoring one of the most important metrics for a successful online fundraising program. email fundraising deliverability


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Finally some 2012 Statistics for the African Mobile Phone Market

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Back in March of 2009 I wrote a post entitled “ Latest mobile phone statistics from Africa and what this means ” based on a report that had come out from Blycroft Publishing tracking 2008 African mobile phone market stats. Document Sharing Mobile Research Statistics africa african facts mobile penetration mobile subscribers report smartphone smartphones

Derive psychographic statistics from Facebook in 60 seconds

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Lesson #3: How to get psychographic statistics from Facebook. Learn in 60 Seconds Videos business intelligence data Facebook learn in 60 seconds Mike Kujawski psychographic Social Media Statistics videoAs promised, here is the latest from my “ Learn in 60 Seconds &# video series.

Ultimate Collection Of Loyalty Statistics

The Agitator

The authors — loyalty program marketers Access Development — report that they’ve recorded every publicly available piece of data they could find regarding customer engagement and loyalty and compiled it in the Ultimate Collection of Loyalty Statistics. Of course I can’t personally vouch for the claim made by this headline, but it’s so audacious that I decided to pass the article on nonetheless.

Statistically Speaking, It’s All Good

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So many studies of social networking, fundraising and online marketing have been released in recent weeks that it becomes a major chore to keep them straight. The good folks at Nonprofit Tech 2.0 did us all a favor by compiling eight “ Must-Read Reports for Nonprofits ” into a single post, with links to all eight. A few highlights: The growth of online fundraising slowed last year, to only 15.8%, and 11.9%

Throw statistics out of your fundraising letters!

Fundraising Coach

A Security Blanket, Statistically Speaking. I think nonprofit fundraisers have a love affair with rational phrases and statistics because they feel these make them seem smarter. But do stats love you? : “[statistics] can be surprisingly weak persuaders when you are trying to move people to give.” ” Statistics don’t let them. The statistics and tax deductibility are important. These are the words that matter to us as fundraisers.

Statistics Canada has launched a Census Forum

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A fellow business contact of mine, William Dore, recently pointed me towards a new Census Dissemination Discussion Forum that has been created by Statistics Canada. There aren’t too many questions on there yet, however with a little added exposure from all of us (especially those that actively engage in the world of social media), I’m sure there will be more… Tags: Social Media Statistics Review government discussion statistics canada forum News Rant census

Census 100

How Do Your Email Statistics Stack Up?

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It helps to know if your efforts are producing well or poorly, and it's awfully hard to tell if all you have to look at are your own results. And that can be hard to know for online fundraising. You can get a lot of useful facts from the 2010 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study from M+R Strategic Services and NTEN (PDF; registration required). There's a lot in the report that's worth your noting, but I want to point out a couple of them.

Latest mobile phone statistics from Africa and what this means…

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Tags: Statistics cellular penetration mobile 3g Insight subscribers africa wimax

Africa 144

Lose the Statistics: Take 2

Marketing for Nonprofits

Last week, I wrote this post about the importance of NOT including statistics in your year-end appeals (and for that matter your year-round appeals) if your goal is to raise more money. According to research in behavioral economics, statistics actually depress giving by making us go into an analytical vs. empathic state of mind. The second appeal presented facts and statistics about the millions of hungry children facing starvation in African countries. LOSE THE STATISTICS !

Those Giving Statistics

Fundraising Breakthroughs

In about every third workshop I teach on fundraising, someone challenges the standard statistics on giving. But the statistics are more difficult to find. In the end, though, getting stuck about whether the statistics apply to "my" kind of group can honestly be a form of resistance to the hard work of fundraising. Tags: statistics giving philanthropy non-Church You know, 80% of the people in this county give to nonprofits.

A must read for all digital fundraisers – latest free Global Digital Statistics Compendium from We Are Social

Giving in a Digital World

Step forward those generous folks at We Are Social – who are back with a better than ever update on their annual Global Digital, Social, and Mobile Statistics Report. It’s that time of year again – when fundraisers the world-around take a breath after the end of year seasonal donation high and get ready to do wonderful things in the year ahead. So, when better to get yourself a good dose of digital market insights to help underpin your planning.

Statistics: The dementors of your nonprofit’s story

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

The most important advice I can give you as a storyteller for your cause is to put a single living creature - not a statistic - at the heart of your story. To borrow an image from a very accomplished storyteller - JK Rowling of Harry Potter fame - statistics are the dementors of your nonprofit’s story. If your story stars a statistic, it will suck out the soul of your cause and wring the emotion out of your story.

Want to Raise More Money This Holiday Season? Lose the Statistics.

Marketing for Nonprofits

These are just a a few examples of the types of statistics that you can find on most nonprofit websites. The problem is that research shows that, contrary to popular belief, statistics like these DON'T MOVE PEOPLE TO ACTION. A new book, Change of Heart: What Psychology Can Teach Us About Spreading Social Change by Nick Cooney, documents research which shows why statistics don't work. and lose the statistics. 6 million children die of hunger each year.

Private vs. Public Schools and Marketing Channels (EF-0014)


On today’s episode we discuss our second set of listener submitted questions. This time on if the approach to public and private school fundraising is different and how to determine what fundraising marketing channels to focus on. You can have your question discussed on the show by emailing me – The post Private vs. Public Schools and Marketing Channels (EF-0014) appeared first on MarketSmart, LLC |.

School 133

Key Digital Marketing Statistics for Nonprofits: An Infographic


These key statistics will help you decide what path to take, all in a simple infographic form. If you’re new to marketing your nonprofit online, these statistics will be great for thinking about what channels you want to experiment with and how they compare to print marketing techniques, too. . The post Key Digital Marketing Statistics for Nonprofits: An Infographic appeared first on Twenti for Nonprofits. Archives. by Zoe Allen.

Need-to-Know Digital Marketing Statistics for Nonprofits: An Infographic


Use these surprising nonprofit digital marketing statistics to help direct your online strategies. These great statistics allow you to see the importance of online marketing, the success of social media for nonprofits and the overall progress of digital marketing for the nonprofit industry. . The post Need-to-Know Digital Marketing Statistics for Nonprofits: An Infographic appeared first on Twenti for Nonprofits. Archives. by Zoe Allen.

Is donor retention really where you should focus your time and money?


Yet after all their talk, the statistics say that donor retention just keeps going down. Fundraising average donor retention rate 2017 best practices for fundraising charity blog donor attrition donor cultivation donor retention and stewardship donor retention best practices donor retention definition donor retention statistics donor retention strategies how to retain donors major gift fundraising Philanthropy philanthropy blog Strategy

Donors 126

Joe Rogan, true crime, and the 2nd podcasting revolution

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Podcasting Social Media Statistics Trends bernie sanders joe rogan podcast podcasting podcasting comeback podcasting search trends tim ferrissIn 2007 I subscribed to and became a regular listener of my first podcast, Mitch Joel’s Six Pixels of Separation.

Millennial Statistics You Need to Know


Millennial Statistics You Need to Know. A lot of nonprofits are using the 2012 Presidential campaign season to rally their base and get their constituents out to vote. As organizations fighting for social justice issues every day, having the best advocate in office, is critical to meeting our mission. When you look at your email lists, what percentage is comprised of millenials? If your response is not much, you should consider recruiting more millennials to your list.

Every big online statistic you’ll ever need (or at least quite a few of them)

Giving in a Digital World

I see quite a few online videos summarising the latest ’state of the internet’ But this one from creative agency Jess3 (which I spotted in Fast Company ) is particularly well done – and includes some fascinating data that you don’t normally see. Including a great history of key social media site launch dates (and closures) from 1995 onwards and some scarily big numbers relating to spam and virus activity.

Every big online statistic you’ll ever need (or at least quite a few of them)

Giving in a Digital World

I see quite a few online videos summarising the latest ’state of the internet’ But this one from creative agency Jess3 (which I spotted in Fast Company ) is particularly well done – and includes some fascinating data that you don’t normally see. Including a great history of key social media site launch dates (and closures) from 1995 onwards and some scarily big numbers relating to spam and virus activity

Can Metta Be a Useful Social Media Tool for Your Small Nonprofit?

Social Media Bird Brain

appeal campaign Metta poll sharing Small nonprofit social media statistics video year-end Here''s a little something I created using a new tool called Metta (which I learned about through Take a look and then we''ll talk more. So, as you''ve no doubt figured out, Metta is a tool for taking visuals and putting them together to create a video. I only used still pictures and text, but you can also use video and music or record your own voiceover. You can also include a.

FINALLY REVEALED: Dr. Russell James’ secrets to conducting donor surveys


Fundraising Webinars best practices for fundraising charity blog donor cultivation fundraising tips major gift fundraising philanthropy blog planned giving statistics 2016 russell james words that work Strategy testing the effectiveness of fundraiser job titles in charitable bequest and complex gift planning what is a bequest giftHe’s back! And this time he’ll be talking about one of my favorite subjects — donor surveys. Sure, I’ve got some experience in this area.

Survey 100

How to Make a Stat Work in Marketing

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Hating statistics and other cold hard facts, and loving stories instead, is very popular in our field right now. But what if you could use a good statistic to help tell your story? The life story and the odds of other events within that story are what put the autism statistic in a context that is now much more interesting and memorable. Where have you seen statistics and other cold hard facts work in nonprofit marketing?

Stats 152

6 Reasons Your Nonprofit May Not Be Ready For Social Media

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Marketing Nonprofits Social Media Buffer HootSuite nonprofit social media statistics social media automation If you read this blog, you know that I feel strongly about the potential of social media and digital tools to transform the ways that nonprofits communicate with donors and supporters. Nonprofits are jumping on social channels in greater numbers. The most important social media platforms for nonprofits are Facebook (95%), Twitter (64%), YouTube (38%), and LinkedIn (26%).

End of Year Is Here: Where to Focus Your Attention Right Now


Fundraising strategy best end of year fundraising campaigns best practices for fundraising charity blog cultivation for major gifts donor cultivation end of year campaign fundraising tips giving statistics Lead Generation Philanthropy Strategy year end year end appeal ideas year end fundraising ideas year end giving campaign ideas year end giving letterWell, that was quick, it’s already October (Friday, October the 13th to be exact). Where did 2017 go?

Customer Loyalty is not Customer Retention

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Linkedin Retention Small Business coupons customers e-commerce loyalty StatisticsOne popular application of a customer retention strategy is a loyalty campaign or loyalty program. Just about every business has one, and we love to see our customers completing loyalty programs that truly drive their customers to new levels of engagement. But too many times a loyaty program is seen as the basis for a customer retention program not a supplement to a strategy.

Custom 169

Social Media Revolution 2011 – The new Erik Qualman video

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Another element I wasn’t a fan of was the amount of American only statistics in past videos, especially considering how global social media has become. Finally more of a global perspective on what is going on in the digital universe, complete with some global statistics and a nice African soundtrack. Social Media Statistics Videos 2011 erik qualman social media revolution socialnomics video Web 2.0

Creating a Predictive Churn Model : Part 1

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Customer Service Linkedin Retention Small Business Uncategorized data Planning StatisticsA Predictive Churn Model is a tool that a company can develop to better understand the steps and stages to customer churn, or a customer leaving your service or product. Having a predictive churn model gives you an awareness and quantifiable metrics to fight against in your retention efforts.

Custom 148

Social Media Document Garage Sale – Part II

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How Canadians’ Use of the Internet Affects Social Life and Civic Participation – Statistics Canada. Document Sharing List resources air force blogging chris brogan cnw group documents edelman government hubspot jeffrey roy josh gordon marketing over coffee marketing profs national information society peter bradwell policies presentations privacy commissioner research richard reeves ryan singel Social Media Statistics statistics canada the advance guard twitter uk Web 2.0

A List of Digital, Tech, and Media Trend Reports for 2017

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One thing I really like about the first quarter of the calendar year is that plenty of new statistics and trend reports are made available concerning the field I work in. A general country by country breakdown of digital media statistics. A great source of digital / telecoms statistics specific to Africa.

List 109

The Five Habits of Great Cause Marketers

Cause Related Marketing

cause marketing statistics Cause Marketing Forum cause marketing conference cause marketing campaigns Cause Marketing Jobs cause marketing examples cause marketing companies cause marketing Aristotle wrote, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” Of course, that’s true. There are a whole host of things that are challenging the first times we do them, but become easier as we repeat them. Scientists call it “automaticity.”

Two Great Thoughts from NonProfit Tech for Good

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data fundraising infographics NGO nonprofit tech for good Open Reporting small nonprofits social media statistics transparency Being a former IT worker, I can''t help but geek out when I see technology being used for social good. One of the best groups throwing a spotlight on this is Nonprofit Tech for Good. Technology is crucial to every business and nonprofit and if your small NGO is not keeping up with the latest news in this sector, it could be at a very large disadvantage.

Massive geographical and cultural differences in online sharing

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Research Statistics geert hofstede Internet Trends 2013 Ipsos OTX KPCB online culture sharing Social Media web presence I recently saw a fascinating presentation from KPCB entitled ”Internet Trends 2013 ” where I came across the above chart from Ipsos OTX. It basically illustrates current comfort levels with “online sharing” across numerous countries around the world (note: I modified the chart by also highlighting Canada in red). Context.

Cause Marketing Gamification Targeted to Casual Online Game-Players

Cause Related Marketing

cause marketing statistics Cause Marketing Forum cause marketing campaigns Gamification Cause Marketing Jobs cause marketing examples cause marketing companies cause marketing In another case of cause marketing mashed up with games, GoodGames offers a fraction of a cent to charity every time you play a game like Mahjongg Dimensions or Pyramid Solitaire on their website. Play three games and the cause of your choice…from a list of nearly 110,000 registered charities…gets one penny.

Target 156

Blended Storytelling With Branded Content

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storytelling statistics newsfeeds small nonprofits segmenting infographics social communication curationArtist Unknown nce upon a time, there was a small nonprofit that wanted to infuse some extra pizzazz into its social communications. Big Data left them confused and social media marketers were now telling them that engagement was so Social Media 1.0. Storytelling continued to be one of the best ways to connect with their community, but how to do it in a fresh way? Curation Although.

2009 Social Media User Segments

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Enter the Consumer Profile Tool (below), now with 2009 data, including Canadian statistics! Tags: Compliment Insight Presentation Statistics canadian consumer profile tool data 2009 forrester groundswell marketing segments slideshare social Social Media target audience technographics A while back I read the book “ Groundswell &# by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff from Forrester Research.

#DEVELOPMENT: Do You Have Big Plans For Your Big Data? Not So Fast…

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Though ‘numbers don’t lie,’ statistics do, so an organization must know how it’s going to parse the data is collecting and what it hopes to achieve with the effort. Development Fundraising Apache Hadoop Big Data BigData development Facebook IBM Marketing and Advertising NoSQL Online Communities Performance indicator Social network Statistics Technology TwitterThe latest buzz concept is ‘Big Data.’

Why internet users and social media users are now essentially the same thing

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Insight Rant Statistics comscore Google online Social Media world internet statsAccording to Internet World Stats , there are now 2.3 Billion Internet users on our planet. That’s approximately 33% of the world’s population. Growth over the last decade has been registered at 528%. The growth rate is only expected to increase during this decade. With that in mind, consider these recent ComScore findings: In October 2011, 1.2

Nationality of the Internet

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Now let’s compare this with the latest internet usage statistics from the Internet World Stats data centre (in descending order): Users. Tags: Insight Statistics bear double rainbow economist internet nationality world Take a look at the image below I found in the September 4th-10th edition of the Economist (p.g.

Should Breast Cancer Awareness Be About the Breast More Than the Disease?

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According to the latest data from the National Center for Health Statistics of the 1.1 Citation: United States Cancer Statistics: 1999 - 2004 Incidence Archive, WONDER On-line Database. Komen for the Cure Estee Lauder National Center for Health Statistics KardashianShould breast cancer awareness ever be more about the breast than it is the cancer? I wonder when I see ads like the one at the left by Estee Lauder.

Cancer 159