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billion) and above South Korea ($267.9 I was browsing the latest report from Giving USA on the size of the giving sector in America in 2013. The overall giving total — $335 billion — is big. But just how big is that … what would be a good comparative measure? What about comparative national budgets? If you take ‘just’ individual donations ($240.6 billion) and bequests ($27.7 billion), that’s $268.3 billion.

Marketing to Kids, Circa 1988

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And boxer Lennox Lewis, fighting for Canada, beat American Riddick Bowe at the Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea in the Super Heavyweight division.

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My Annual Defense of the Practice of Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

What’s the difference between North and South Korea, after all? Now, 59 years later, North Korea… which pursued a course of collectivism and Communism… is still a part of the Developing World. South Korea…which opened its arms to capitalism and democracy…is more modern-looking than Los Angeles. It goes almost without saying that South Koreans enjoy a standard of living that is orders of magnitude better than North Koreans.

Help I’m a Millennial and no one is listening to me!

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” I used to live in South Korea and one of the things that happened in any new job was that colleagues in the office would ask how old you were. Yesterday we talked about hiring discrimination against older workers. But what if you’re younger? What if no one wants to hire you because you don’t have enough experience? What if they want to give you an entry level job because you’re young, not because you can’t do the work?

Fundraising in Russia (kind of sucks)

Wild Woman Fundraising

Then I remembered living in South Korea. In South Korea I ran into a lot of Korean people who were prejudiced against Japanese and Chinese people or even African American expatriates. But Korea is an ethnically homogeneous society. It’s almost Halloween.

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