The Season Ahead

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And Agitators Down Under and elsewhere in Asia, Africa and South America are looking forward to either putting away or getting out their gear for the next season. For many Agitator readers summer’s over. Next week triggers the starting gun on the sprint to year-end.

On Giving Thanks

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And, as for Agitators in Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and South America we trust you’ll at least give thanks that the next two days will be Agitator-free.

Happy New Year!

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and North and South America are still in their New Year’s Eve mode. Agitators in Australia and New Zealand, China, India and Thailand (most of the planet) are already into the New Year, while those in Europe, the U.K.

Do we really understand monthly giving?

A Small Change

While catching up, she tells you about her recent trip to South America. Delighted to offer a guest posts this week from Josh Collier , Development Officer at Tacoma’s Youth for Christ. He is a friend, colleague, and terrific fundraiser. Enjoy: Most of us offer monthly giving as an option at fundraisers and in appeal letters – but do we really understand the potential of effective monthly giving? It’s easy to underestimate that monthly giver.

The Influential Fundraiser: Using Psychology to Win Over Donors

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He works internationally in Europe, the United States, Africa and South America. What does the latest scientific thinking tell us about how people think and make decisions ? And if you could use this knowledge with donors, board members and colleagues would it make you a fabulous one-to-one fundraiser- confident to handle the most challenging situations?

#SocialMedia: Turns Out, Twitter Can Start Revolutions Mr. Gladwell

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And now the so-called 99% who began the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York back in mid-September have found kindred spirits in cities throughout North and South America, Europe, and the western Asian continent. What a difference a year can make – not always for the better, mind you. But in today’s post we see grounds for optimism when it comes to the development of social networks and of social movements forcing political and economic change.

Cause Marketing in and for Patagonia

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Patagonia, that region of Chile and Argentina at the southern tip of South America famous for its beauty and end-of-the-earth ruggedness, had a terrible fire in 2011 that left vast areas denuded of trees.

AIDS HIV Grants for American, Canadian, Carribbean, Central, or South American Nonprofit Doing Specific Work

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For this funding round, as in previous years, EJAF invites LOIs from any proposed project that is aligned with EJAF grantmaking priorities including HIV programs focused on gay men's health and rights, African American health and rights, youth mobilization for sexual health and rights, syringe access and harm reduction, prisoner re-entry, and scale-up of quality HIV programming in the southern United States, Puerto Rico, Latin America, and the Caribbean. From The Foundation Center. [If

The People Who Communicate Corporate Social Responsibility Can't Make a Business Case For It

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The poll was part of a series from Ragan that regularly queries some 425+ corporate communicators in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

Who is a major donor?

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Judith Nichols is a development practitioner, author and consultant with a variety of not-for-profit clients across the USA, Canada, Australia, South America, the United Kingdom, and Europe. This is part two in a series of ten on major gifts for your nonprofit. To read part one, go here ! What are major gifts? Gifts that make a significant difference for your organization. Why pursue leadership or major gifts?

Starting Your Major Gifts Program

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Judith Nichols is a development practitioner, author and consultant with a variety of not-for-profit clients across the USA, Canada, Australia, South America, the United Kingdom, and Europe. This is part one in a series of ten on major gifts. What are major gifts? Gifts that make a significant difference for your organization. Why pursue leadership or major gifts? Because this is the way you can get money in the shortest amount of time with the least cash outlay by your nonprofit.

Sheroes You Should Know: Inspiring Stories for #WomensHistoryMonth


When she wasn't busy mentoring Francis Ford Coppola, pioneering the invention of the boom mic, or accepting her star on the Walk of Fame , Arzner was also the first woman to join the Director's Guild of America. EMILY's List , She Should Run , and Emerge America are working to empower women from all walks of life to run for office and fight for more representative government - they've got our vote! she·ro (pl. sheroes) : a woman regarded as a hero.

Reverse sexism in fundraising is not a thing, sorry

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And I’d convince the leaders of Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Central and South America to invade and colonise Europe, right? Recently AFP put out an article on international women’s day, which said, “ Where are all of the men ?”

Europe 130

It's a dot-org world, after all

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PIR, itself a dot-org and a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, has achieved much of the recent growth in dot-org registrations through promoting it in "developing regions" of South America, Asia, and Africa. According to the Public Interest Registry (PIR), the folks responsible for the ".org" org" top-level domain, there are now over 5,000,000 registered dot-orgs worldwide.

How to translate mood-killing words into mood-making words

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“We are grateful to you for your support—for helping young people in one of the poorest areas of South America become effective agents of social change and economic development.” I had lots of emails and comments in response to my post earlier this week on 18 mood-killing words to banish in 2012. The feedback fell into three categories: 1. Amen, agreed. Banish all jargon! I mostly agree but what about when you’re addressing foundations or government?

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Survival Of The Fittest?

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Scott is a 33-year-old ex-nightclub promoter who "got religion" while vacationing in South America, then deepened his epiphany by doing a volunteer stint on Mercy Ships. NY Times columnist Nicholas Kristof just wrote the fascinating story of Scott Harrison, a fundraiser and skillful marketer who, as Kristof puts its, is making clean water sexy. Some important fundraising lessons here.

Diva Marketing Talks Social Media + eMail with Simms Jenkins and Morgan Stewart

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Western Europe, and South America. Diva Marketing Talks i s a live, internet radio (BlogTalkRadio) show. 30 minutes. 2 maybe 3 guests. 1 topic about social media marketing. To help you understand how to participate in the "new" conversation without getting blown-up. Miss today's show?

More On Cheque-less Fundraising

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Fundraisers with an international perspective noted that cheque-writers were already in the minority … Richard Pordes described the wide use of credit cards and GIROs in Asia and South America. Melvyn Gattinoni also described his experience in Latin America, where credit card giving predominates, and with it, more widespread monthly giving.