6 Advanced Twitter Features for Nonprofits

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As of August 2016, Twitter has 313 million monthly active users. If you or your nonprofit are one of them, explore these little known Twitter features that might make the social network more useful for you and your followers. Twitter (@twitter) July 26, 2016.

The JianGate Twitter Universe Visualized

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Again, I admit that I am usually the first to criticize others for jumping to conclusions way too early on social media (before any facts are known), and yet here I was, doing just that, fervently defending the “innocent until proven guilty” principle.

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#Social Networking: Netflix Losing Control of Social-Network Goodwill

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The draw of the story about the media-streaming service raising its rates by over 60% earlier this week (a raise that will not have an impact on current subscribers until the fall) is how Netflix’s subscribers jumped all over the service via their social networks and Facebook.

SHOW US YOUR LISTS! 8 Ideas for Nonprofit Twitter Lists 

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Every time I teach a Twitter class, I’m surprised at how many seasoned Twitter users DON’T use lists. A Twitter list is a curated group of Twitter users. It is an incredibly useful feature that makes Twitter much more manageable.

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BOOKMARK THIS: Big List of Twitter Chats for Nonprofits (Chat Tools, Too!)

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Yearning for company, learning, or meaningful connections on Twitter? Try a Twitter chat! TWITTER CHAT A conversation that happens on Twitter that’s focused within a certain time (usually an hour) on a specific topic and by a specific person or organization.

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Top 10 Twitter To Do’s for Nonprofits

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Despite having 600 million active Twitter users with over 135,000 more joining the party every day, nonprofits have been slow to get on the Twitter train. If they are using Twitter, it’s often in fits and starts, with no clear strategy and very little consistency.

Should You Sync Your Facebook and Twitter Updates?

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Nonprofit Communications nptech Publication Management Social Networking Writing for the Web We''ve Moved! Update your Reader Now. This feed has moved to: [link] Update your reader now with this changed subscription address to get your latest updates from us. We''ve Moved!

Two Free Twitter Network Visualization Tools

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Lately, my associates and I have been doing quite a bit of social network visualization research for clients, typically using raw social data and comprehensive, fee-based custom tools. I would like to point out two such tools today, both of which rely on the Twitter API.

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Can’t Keep Up? 6 Ways to Get More Out of Twitter In Less Time

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Twitter remains the second most important social media tool for nonprofits. However, a serious lack of time, resources and strategic planning for social media and communication seems to put a hamper on many nonprofits’ participation on the second most popular social network.

11 Things Nonprofits Can Learn About Using Twitter from the @NYTimes

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million (yes, million) Twitter followers, The New York Times is one of the most respected and reputable Twitter accounts out there. Granted, The New York Times has a full social media desk with a team devoted to reader engagement and news journalism. With over 10.6

Why Using Facebook and Twitter Alone Isn’t Smart

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I recently shared some advice in a Chronicle of Philanthropy article on Tools to Schedule and Plan Your Social Media Outreach. Using Facebook and Twitter alone, without an additional management tool, isn’t the smartest approach to your social media.

4 Ways To Set Yourself Apart With the New Twitter Layout

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Twitter is changing its look , and like it or not, your nonprofit better be ready. Here are 4 ways you can set yourself apart using the new Twitter layout. With the new feature Pinned Tweet, you can pin one tweet that you would like to feature to the top of your Twitter profile.

#SOCIALNETWORKS: StumbleUpon An Early & Still Independent Social Network Web Searcher

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Creating social networks before anyone knew what they were. Within the Interests tab of your account, you really can see where Twitter and Facebook got some of their ideas and how no ‘genius’ works in isolation.

9 Tips to Improve Your Small-places Writing: How to Compose Better Microcontent and Social Network Updates

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" With Twitter, you only have 140 characters, but leave room for retweets by others. This works best in social media, but you really have to know your audience. For more detailed information and examples on microcontent, check out Kivi's e-book from Network for Good - Big Impact in Small Spaces: 9 Ways to Write Better Email Subject Lines, Headlines, Tweets and Facebook Updates.

Demographics of Social Network Site Users - 2013

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The rise in the use of social network sites (SNS) among internet users over the past 7 years has been dramatic. Twitter is used by 16% of internet users; the 18-29 year olds, African-Americans and urban residents were significantly more likely to use it than other groups.

Might a Rotating Twitter Account Work for You?

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I managed to stay awake long enough last night to catch the Colbert Report, where Stephen talked about a very interesting marketing concept: a curated Twitter account with a rotating voice each week. Content Curation Creative Ideas Nonprofit Communications nptech Social Networking twitter

Membership 2.0: A Socially Networked Museum Membership

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Membership organizations looking for ways to entice constituents who have demonstrated an interest in their organization but haven't made the commitment to join are sure to find inspiration from the Brooklyn Museum , which recently launched a socially networked museum membership called 1stfans. William Cary: 1stfans is the first socially networked museum membership. Tags: Case Studies & White Papers Fundraising Social Networking

Everything You Need to Know About Hashtags

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This list shows you the most popular daily hashtags you can use on your social networks to increase your presence and engagement. BOOKMARK THIS: Big List of Twitter Chats for Nonprofits (Chat Tools, Too!). One of the best ways to use hashtags is via a Twitter Chat.

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How to Use Hashtags to Promote Your Cause

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Harness the power of hashtags to promote your organization on social media with How to Use Hashtags to Promote Your Cause. Useful nonprofit Twitter chats for nonprofit professionals. Social Networking

Want People to Share Your Story? Stop Making It So Hard! Do This Instead.

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We chatted about how he became a big fan of Twitter, and then he asked me to look at this section on his website called Share Our Story. All the posts – for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google Plus – are written for you.

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5 Easy Hashtags Hacks for Nonprofit Marketers

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Twitter étiquette tells us to use just 2 hashtags per tweet (3 is pushing it). to research the popularity of any hashtag on Twitter, plus related hashtags to help you pair wisely. Do a Twitter audit on their account with Twitonomy.

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10 Twitter Tips for Nonprofit Organizations

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Newsweek said it best: "Suddenly, all the world is a-Twitter." " Simple and powerful, Twitter is a must for nonprofit organizations. I created and manage a portal to nonprofits on Twitter @nonprofitorgs and based on my experience using site, I have crafted ten of my favorite Twitter Tips for beginners: 1. Nowhere is this more true than on Twitter. Twitter functions much like Karma. Twitter is about conversation.

NONPROFITS: 15 Instagram Tips, Tricks and Features You Don’t Want to Miss

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The photo social network Instagram is on its way to 1 billion users, alongside Facebook and WhatsApp. That makes Instagram twice as big as Twitter! That pace of growth is faster than Facebook (23% growth) and Twitter (50% growth). “You don’t take a photograph.

Hashtags for Every Day of the Week (Nonprofit Edition)

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Looking for an easy content idea for Instagram and Twitter? Nonprofit Communications nptech Social Networking TrendsTry a day-of-the-week post with one of these hashtags. Some of them, like #ThrowbackThursday and #InspirationMonday, can even be used on Facebook.

Using Hashtags to Promote Your Cause [Free Download]

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Our social media and online campaigns adviser, Kerri Karvetski, has been killing it lately when it comes to hashtag training. Useful nonprofit Twitter chats for nonprofit professionals. Nonprofit Communications nptech Social Networking

How Often Should We Email, Mail, Post.

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Twitter Updates: Multiple times a day. Social Networking TrendsWe get questions all the time about the frequency with which nonprofits should be communicating.

Feeling the Love for Twitter

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Twitter. Pick whatever metaphor you like, but Twitter is always coming in as the runner-up to big bad Facebook. But guess who’s there for Twitter, wanting to take it to the prom and even maybe marry it someday? Nonprofit Communications Social Networking

REPORT: Facebook Levels Off While Instagram Rises

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According to the latest research from Pew Research Center , more Americans are branching out from Facebook to try second and third social networks. Percentage of Online Adults Who Use Social Media Sites | Create infographics. Lots of overlaps between Instagram and Twitter users.

Tips for Writing Facebook and Twitter Updates

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But what else makes a good nonprofit Twitter or Facebook update? I think this boils down to three basic choices in nonprofit social media. With your goals in mind, now go to the three G’s of positive social media marketing : Be Genuine, Generous, and Grateful.

CASE STUDY: How MomsRising Uses Hashtags to Help Meet Its Mission

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I asked MomsRising Director of Social Media Strategy and Blogging Anita Jackson ( @anita_sarah ) to tell me more about MomsRising’s use of hashtags for its two regular weekly Twitter chats. On Which Social Networks Do You Use the Hashtag(s)?

50+ Nonprofit Instagram Accounts You Should Follow Right Now

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Make sure to post photos of your trail experiences on our Facebook page, or use #RTCOpeningDay on Twitter and Instagram! Nonprofit Communications Photography Social Networking Looking for some good examples of nonprofits on Instagram? Grab your phone and get inspired.

Social Media Takeovers: 6 Nonprofits That Gave It Up for Good (PLUS: 6 Tips for Getting it Right)

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Would you hand over the keys to your nonprofit’s Twitter or Instagram account to a volunteer, partner, artist or celebrity? . Here are 6 tips for executing a social media takeover of your own. Broaden your network. Instagram to Twitter is a common path for takeovers.

How can nonprofits monitor their online reputations?

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This month’s Net2ThinkTank Challenge is, “What are your best practices for effectively monitoring online feedback about your organization, cause, or social enterprise? Dormant stage — one in five companies don’t use social media. Do you have a Twitter account?

Twitter Etiquette For Agencies/Freelancers

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Social media moves so quickly that no one person holds all the answers, knowledge or even the questions. In this series, Just one Crowd Sourced Question , I reach out to my social networks and ask folks to share just 1 tip on a social media issue. .

Recent Facebook Algorithm Changes and What They Mean for Nonprofits

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How much of an impact these changes will have on your content being seen will depend on your current content strategy, how shareable it is, and the degree to which it taps into your supporters’ sense of social self. Well, Facebook is a social, public platform. Drew Bernard.

All We Are Saying, Is Give Twitter a Chance

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Twitter (Photo credit: Wikipedia) It''s been a long time since I heard the kind of criticism of Twitter that I used to hear, say circa January 2008, when I joined. Now everyone just seems to accept that Twitter is a thing, though for a lot of them it seems to mean Twitter is a thing for newscasters or comedians to reference when someone in the public eye screws up big-time.

Promote Your Organization with Hashtags

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Our online social media campaign advisor Kerri Karvetski shows you how to harness the power of hashtags to promote your organization on social media with How to Use Hashtags to Promote Your Cause. Useful nonprofit Twitter chats for nonprofit professionals. Social Networking

Nonprofits @ the Oscars: How to Photobomb, Newsjack and Steal the Spotlight at the Academy Awards

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Check the trending sections of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for rising content on Oscars night. The social media team at NASA had a blast with #RealGravity : Congrats to #Gravity for another win at the #Oscars2014 for best director! Follow Those in the Know on Twitter.

How to Use Hashtags to Promote Your Cause [Free Download]

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Our social media and online campaigns adviser, Kerri Karvetski, has created a new download for you on how to harness the power of hashtags to promote your good cause on social media. Useful nonprofit Twitter chats for nonprofit professionals.

How to Get Retweeted

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John Haydon is presenting this Wednesday’s webinar called Twitter for Nonprofits: The Truth about Tweeting for Your Cause (July 21, 2010, 12 pm ET / 9 am PT – One hour earlier than our usual time). Write Pithy Headlines – On Twitter all we have is 140 characters.