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Image via Bruce Sallan There are a lot of new services out there and I looked at one this week called Readymag, which helps users create ''microsites, portfolios, photo stories, magazines, and presentations'' using templates. As I browsed through their examples I wondered why a person or NGO with an already significant social media presence would want to use their service. customer service NGO Readymag Small nonprofit Web application

Why the Canadian Digital Service is a major milestone for Canada.

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However, having worked a s a management consultant (specializing in the digital channel) with nearly every federal department, I’m convinced the Canadian Digital Service (CDS) is a legitimate major milestone. What exactly is the Canadian Digital Service?

Welcome Shared Services Canada

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“The Honourable Rona Ambrose ( @MP_RonaAmbrose ) , Minister of Public Works and Government Services and Minister for Status of Women, along with the Honourable Tony Clement ( @TonyClementCPC ), President of the Treasury Board and Minister for the Federal Economic Development Initiative for Northern Ontario, today announced measures to streamline and identify savings in Information Technology (IT) through Shared Services Canada&# , a new government agency ( see full press release ).

Getting Started with Location-Based Services Requires Foresight, Practicality

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Joe blogs on cause marketing and how social media, location-based services and mobile technology are revolutionizing the field at Foursquare, the dominate location based service currently has eight million users. The second step is pick your location-based service.

Instead of Help, Support, Resources and Services

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Social Marketing and Marketing Social Services

Social Marketing and Social Change

" Given the sheer numbers and ubiquity of social services available to meet people’s needs and work toward a better society, there have been few documented efforts to integrate social marketing into service delivery.

3 Resources to Raise More Money with Products & Services

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When shoppers buy a product or service from a business a portion or percentage of the sale is donated to a good cause. The Definitive Guide to Fundraising with Products & Services If you only have time to read one post, read this one!

Service Design for Social Marketers: A Webinar

Social Marketing and Social Change

Jennifer Kasten (Vice President, JBS International ) and I will be discussing ideas and applications of service design in the first iSMA webinar next Tuesday, July 23rd, at 6:30 AM and again at 12 noon EDT.

Service-Dominant Logic and Social Marketing

Social Marketing and Social Change

The essence of their arguments come down to three issues: The internal orientation of the marketing mix in which the four elements are controlled by the producer of goods, services and behavioral offerings has little involvement or interaction with customers. The authors propose a Service-Dominant Logic to understand the purpose and nature of organizations, markets and society. The fundamental assertion of S-D Logic is that all exchanges are service-based.

More Than A Fundraising Dating Service

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With her usual style, grace and sense of humor Margaret Battistelli Gardner, the Editor-in-Chief of Fundraising Success helpfully added to the growing chorus of concern over donor commitment and donor relationship management. Margaret correctly notes “That lazy, ineffectual approach of talking at donors is so over that we need a new word for how over it is.“

Donor Service: Cost Center Or Profit Center?

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The holiday shopping season, coupled with the current wave of renewed interest in raising the minimum wage and the plight of workers at places like Walmart, got me thinking about — what else? — donor retention. Seems to me there is significant similarity between the management mindset of some of the Big Box stores and burger chains and many nonprofits. Let me explain. There are two types of big box consumer retailers.

Determining Attrition in Service-Based Businesses

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Determining customer retention in a professional service business is one of the most difficult business metrics to calculate. One reason for this is the lack of key indicators that product goods retailers benefit from such as close, repetitive purchases, related products and services, lower priced items, and continual need. Beyond great customer service, there are tactical measures you can take to better position and execute retention with your customers.

Changes to our Hosting Services 2012

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A New North we take every stride to make sure our clients have a secure, up-to-date, reliable hosting environment as well as a direct service line to answer all your questions and manage your hosting requests. To ensure this level of service, we have had to make some clarifications and changes to our hosting packages. For many of you, your services will not change. Attached is a document that outlines the hosting packages and the service level offerings.

My thoughts on the Clerk’s 19th Annual Report to the Prime Minister on the Public Service of Canada

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Enabled by instantaneous communication and collaboration technologies, citizens are demanding a greater role in public policy development and in the design and delivery of services. technologies and social media to engage with Canadians, share knowledge, facilitate collaboration, and devise new and efficient services “ Lots of great content, unfortunately still no differentiation between social media tools and actual social media engagement.

Is Your Road to Success Paved with Location Paved Services?

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Not all small businesses are ready for location-based services, but every business is eager to save money and build customer loyalty. So don’t limit your outreach to businesses that already use location-based services, or you’ll quickly run out of prospects.

Applying Service-Dominant Logic to Social Marketing Programs

Social Marketing and Social Change

Rather, we have stuck with the ‘marketing-to’ approach that Lusch (2007) describes as one of stimulating demand through use of the 4Ps in order to get customers to purchase goods, use services or adopt behaviors, and then be satisfied with their decision, in order to meet organizational (or social) objectives. Service-Dominant marketing Logic (S-D Logic) marks a shift from this 'marketing-to' approach to a 'marketing-with' perspective (Lusch, 2007).

Buy One, Give One Cause Marketing for Services

Cause Related Marketing

I’ve certainly seen services that use cause marketing; including law firms, hotel chains and vacation companies. Now a video production company in Belgium is using BOGO to cause market their service.

LinkedIn Launches Board Connect Service

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LinkedIn, the social network for professionals of all sectors, has just announced the launch of their new Board Connect service for nonprofit organizations. Likewise, professionals interested in board service can search out organizations that meet their interests. Best of all, the service is free to nonprofits ( business use of the Talent Finder can cost $1,000). She states that this is true, not just of LinkedIn's new service, but of all board matching programs.

Rockin' With Social Customer Service

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Fast forward 24-months and "social service" is on its way to becoming the new darling of social media. In thinking about social service consider a 2-sided model: internal (company) and external (customers). More on the Pulse of Social Service next week.

5 Steps to Finding the Ideal Email Service Provider

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Have you ever felt trapped by your email provider—dissatisfied with the features and/or service but daunted by figuring out how and where to move? Skip to the 5 Steps Why do you need an email service provider? There were two main problems: We thought the most significant gap was that the customer service team was impossible to reach. There are probably 5,000 ESPs out there, many of which market their services with the exact same language.

Health Care Social Media Review #14: Health Literacy Gems and Treasures


A recent Harris Interactive study found that patients want more access to Web-based health services. Carrot/Stick is a phone-based service that utilizes family and social support to empower smokers to quit. photo by Robin M. Ashford. We are all patients.

Bring back the Jester!

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There is far too much ego in the senior cadres of the public service. Rank is taken far too seriously in the public service in general. Governance Government Rant devil's advocate executives jester joker public service rank senior leadership

Grants for Service Dogs Programs

Seeking Grant Money Today

Planet Dog Foundation Offers Funding for Service Dog Programs Deadline: August 1, 2008 (Letters of Intent) The Planet Dog Foundation ( [link] ) seeks to support worthy organizations through a grantmaking program designed to support 501(c)(3) not-for-profit partners nationwide. Funding is allocated across the United States to promote and financially support service-oriented canine programs. Tags: RFP canine service programs grants the foundation center

Delight to Connect (Case Study: Relationship Building)

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Branding and Messages customer service message development Nonprofit Communications nonprofit marketing Zappos Zappos is known for its operations smarts and customer-friendly orientation. But this delightful addition to the return confirmation email I received from Zappos this morning was a real surprise— That trip over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house went smoothly.

What’s the best way to get higher quality clients and buyers for your products and services?

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the reason I ask you such a provocative question is that we all know that money is inexhaustible, money will always be there, but our time, now, our time is our most precious resource, and we could always use more of that. Even if the clients you have now are sustaining you, wouldn’t you like to have clients that are willing to pay more, and who won’t give you as much trouble?

#Development: Postal Service Rates To Rise on 27 January

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The US Postal Service (USPS) has been on hard times over the last 5-7 years due to the overwhelming presence of email, social networks, and e-fax services. Be that as it may, be prepared for upticks to many of the services. Forever stamps still good after the 27th.

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Where Your Content Marketing Went Wrong

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Update on Adventures in Customer Service You may remember I said I couldn''t recommend Readymag because their customer service wasn''t up to par. Anton Herasymenko content customer service small nonprofits social media This slideshow by Rand Fishkin lays out a lot of what I''ve been trying to say about engagement and using social media to its most beneficial. Give it a look: Why Content Marketing Fails from Rand Fishkin.

Facebook rolling out changes to its Advertising services


This service allows you to target your ads at people for whom you have email addresses. At Donordigital, we manage Facebook Advertising projects for several of our clients.

10 public service ads that aim for humor

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In honor of the Sunday funnies, here are 10 public service ads that seek to use humor to effect change, courtesy of the Huffington Post. Can good causes use humor effectively?

Digital Campaigns: What’s Working Now (2012 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study)

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Here’s a sneak peek at the key findings of the 2012 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study , co-authored by NTEN and M&R Strategic Services: Email is working well for advocacy campaigns.

Making It Work – Nonprofits and Pro Bono Creative

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Welcome back to guest blogger, Susie Bowie, Communications Manager at the Community Foundation of Sarasota County … There’s an unexpected stranger standing at the intersection between nonprofit organizations and creative agencies offering “free” website, advertising or marketing services.

5 Factors to Consider with Merchant Services Selection

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Luckily, there are many companies that provide this service. Yet, merchant services can be complicated and costly (especially without the right partner to help guide you). We’ve provided a list of five important things to consider when selecting a merchant services provider.


Big Data hits Nonprofits! POW!

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You’re working for a social services nonprofit. You can also see what nonprofits are there, and what their service area is. You’re writing a grant. You’re stuck. How do you show the funder the magnitude of the need? Read on!

Cause Marketing Bail Bond Services?

Cause Related Marketing

In its very earliest days, Apple Computer donated a lot of computers and equipment to American schools. I can’t remember Steve Jobs or anyone else from Apple talking about why they did it. But I’ve long suspected that Apple wanted to be not only the computer of choice for schools, but schoolchildren.

Rhode Island Limosine Services

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Rhode Island Escort Services

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An invitation I had to decline

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As well as Carrie Hansen, Product Manager, NorthStar Education Services, Dr. Bronte Jones, Treasurer, St. Vince Sampson, of the Education Finance Council. Recently I received an invitation to “a lively discussion” at the National Press Club in Washington DC between Jeffrey J.

Do you need help planning a #GivingTuesday campaign?

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NOTE: I can only offer this service to five organizations – I am only one person, after all! Fundraising Nonprofits Online Fundraising Social Media #GivingTuesday ServicesI know what’s going to happen.

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Rhode Island Escort Service

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Doing things differently in government

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Certain technological elements are hopefully already on their way to being addressed as stipulated in my blog post on Shared Services. See my blog post on “ How using a marketing approach could help Open Data “ These kinds of terms are hitting the public service like a ton of bricks (even the politicians have finally caught on). Government Insight 10 5 Canada cut-backs effectively efficiently fiscal restraint harper ottawa public service