Early Bird Deadline Sept. 17 – Second NYC Workshop Added

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Early Bird Rate Extended through Sept. Learn more now — The early-bird rate has been extended until tomorrow, Sept. Just Give Us One Day to. Transform Your Marketing Planning. Join us at the October Total Focus Marketing Plan Workshops. 17 – Saves You $100. I’m partnering with my friend, Kivi Leroux Miller, to offer you a special opportunity to find the solutions to your 2011 marketing challenges: The Total Focus Marketing Plan Workshop. Plan in a day—blueprint forever!

Sept 104

Just Give Us 1 Day to Boost Your Nonprofit Marketing Results – Sept. 19 in Chicago

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Register Now! The first 15 registrants save $100. I’m back, along with my friend and fellow nonprofit marketing expert extraordinaire Kivi Leroux Miller, to tell you about this special opportunity to find the solutions to your 2012 to 2013 marketing challenges: The Total Focus Marketing Plan Workshop. Plan in a day—blueprint forever. We premiered the workshop in New York two years ago, and have received five-star ratings ever since.

Sept 126

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Six Figure Cause Marketing Webinar Returns Sept. 14th

Selfish Giving

The Six Figure Cause Marketing webinar begins September 14th from 2pm to 3pm EDT. It’s a three-part program. The subsequent sessions will be held September 16 & 21 at the same time. All the information you need about the program can be found here. This program will be hands-on, practical and each hour will be jam-packed with advice (All delivered with a bonafide Boston accent that will have you giggling for days. But no worries. Here’s your Boston dictionary.).

Sept 65

Danger Ahead—Piggybacking on Tragedy

Getting Attention

Relevance Rules Audience Research campaign Girl Scouts of the USA Nonprofit Communications nonprofit marketing relevance rules Sept. Nothing is more important than communicating the right message to your network at the right place and time! And leveraging a news item or special day by connecting your organization’s issues to it (when relevant!) is a tried-and-true nonprofit marketing strategy with a strong ROI (return on investment).

Sept 163

#SOCIALNETWORKS: 4th-Annual Social Media Week Will Educate & Inspire Worldwide

Non Profit Marketing 360

Why What You Do Matters In Social Media” (London, 24 Sept.), “The App Phenomena In A Fast-Changing World” (Jeddah, 25 Sept.), and “Social Media For Social Action: Empower Your Supporters, Advocates and Customers” (Chicago, 28 Sept.). Social Media Week Sept 24-28! Attendance is just a few clicks away.

Cause Marketing in a B2B Setting

Cause Related Marketing

Here’s how works: When you buy $2,500 worth of Zoomerang services between Sept 13 and Sept 30, 2011, the company will send you via email a $100 GiveNow card from Justgive.org. So if 7,000 people feel compelled by the offer to purchase $2500 in surveys on or before Sept. Most cause marketing is aimed at consumers, but not all. B2B cause marketing takes place regularly, if not commonly.

Sept 124

From Awareness to Action: Using Pledges and Triggers to Make It StickK


The ask was clear: Pledge to go car free and actually go car free on Sept. And then, by pledging, what if I was also able to get a reminder on Sept. To go even another step, what is on Sept. Have you ever forgotten to do something? You’re not alone. This is why to-do lists are so handy–they remind us of the tasks we need to complete. Going through my own mental to-do list on my walk home today, I came across something to add to the list.

The Images You Choose in Cause Marketing Activations

Cause Related Marketing

Witness then the illustration in this effort from Massage Envy for their Healing Hands for Arthritis promotion coming up on Wednesday, Sept. In addition, on Sept. The image you choose to illustrate a cause marketing campaign matters. A lot. That’s because very few people in the United State from ages 25-45 really read anymore. But a cause marketing activation in print requires literacy. So the job of the illustration. along with the headline.

Twestivals Going Local


This year, during the weekend of Sept 10-13th, cities all over the world will again be holding Twestivals, but this time, the local city organizers choose the charity that will be supported. Come join us on Sept 10th at Midtown Lofts and help support Miriam's Kitchen ! At the beginning of the year, I wrote on this blog about an interesting new concept on Twitter: The Twestival."

Sept 133

Reporting the Results for Dine Out No Kid Hungry

Cause Related Marketing

Share Our Strength reports that its one-day ‘Dine Out No Kid Hungry’ campaign at a number of the nation’s restaurants on Sept. 8, 2012 generated more than $5 million, more than twice last year’s total. Regular readers know that I like to report the results of campaigns when they’re available.

Sept 124

The 2016 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


Sept 7 - 8. Sept 8 - 9. Sept 18 - 20. Sept 26 - 29. Sept 28 - 30. In the past year, thousands of nonprofit pros took advantage of our definitive Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar, and we're so excited to share our brand new 2016 list! We've scoured the nonprofit-sphere for high-quality conferences and forums, informal trainings, and more that will be taking place all over the world, focusing on essential topics like: Nonprofit management. Fundraising.

Facing Social Change at the Dinner Table


For the past several months, I have been training for my first half iron-man in Branson, MO Sept. My dad, Scott Rampy, is a free agent advocate, activist, and fundraiser working to end multiple sclerosis. He’s also humble. So he doesn’t say it in his post, but in one year, with two events, no budget, and a handful of volunteers, my dad spearheaded the effort to raise over $250k for the National MS Society–and that was just in his spare time.

Dinner 210

The 2018 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


Sept 12 - 14. Sept 28 - 30. It's finally here! If you loved our 2017 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar get ready for our new, improved, and updated 2018 calendar! We've searched far and wide for the best and brightest nonprofit conferences from all around the country! These conferences range in size, location, and topic. We have everything from: Fundraising & Grants. Nonprofit Management. Marketing & Communications. Nonprofit Technology, and more!

Eva Longoria - Charity Chic at Annual El Sueno De Esperanza benefit gala

The Biddery Blog

Celebrity Gossip Enjoy the pictures of Eva Longoria at Padres Contra El Cancer’s 9th Annual ‘Sue-o De Esperanza’ Benefit Gala (Sept 10, 2009). She’s always been known for her charity work, and last night (September 10) Eva Longoria was spotted attending the Padres Contra El Cancer’s 9th Annual El Sueno De Esperanza benefit gala. The “Desperate Housewives” diva looked lovely as she arrived at the Hollywood Palladium, sporting a ruffly white strapless dress with matching heels.

Sept 40

Theme: Bond, James Bond

The Biddery Blog

The Humane Society of Greater Akron has announced its 9th annual gala event to benefit the animals awaiting adoption will take place Saturday, Sept. Intrigue. Debonair men in tuxes. Glamorous ladies with a secret. Dirty martinis. 26, from 6 to 11 p.m. at The Akron City Centre Hotel. Bone, James Bone ….00K9 00K9 and Kitty Galore will be the main attractions for this major fundraiser. Have fun playing around with the idea of a James Bond 007 inspired event.

Sept 40

Cause Marketing Bail Bond Services?

Cause Related Marketing

Tomorrow, on Friday, Sept. In its very earliest days, Apple Computer donated a lot of computers and equipment to American schools. I can’t remember Steve Jobs or anyone else from Apple talking about why they did it. But I’ve long suspected that Apple wanted to be not only the computer of choice for schools, but schoolchildren. Because schoolchildren grow up to have mortgages and disposable income, and they want to buy electronics and computers from a familiar name.

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Marketers

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

How Sept. It’s Friday! Time for some Mixed Links… I want to organize a session at the next Nonprofit Technology Conference called “Drowning in Too Many Channels? Content Creation Strategies to the Rescue&# If you think that’s a good idea, can you go vote for it here? Hit the plus sign.

Link 144

Let’s Give! The Big List of National, Local and Collegiate Online Giving Days (2016 Edition)

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

SEPT – North Texas Giving Day. Are you thinking about participating in a Giving Day? Good news! There are so many organizations that have given it a try, and YOU can learn from them (the good AND the bad). Look at their websites, donation landing pages, countdown clocks, emails, social media accounts, images, and hashtags. Do a Google News search to check out the earned media these days have achieved. Reach out to a fellow nonprofit and ask them to share their experience.

Nov 154

The secret behind year-end fundraising fall appeals

Fundraising Coach

As a broad generalization, I recommend sending a mailing: now (late Aug/early Sept). Fall is upon us and that means year-end giving is right around the corner. If you haven’t written your year end appeals over the summer , then now is the time to get those done! in mid-November. in mid-December. How to write fundraising letters. Jeff Brooks wrote a great post on how not to write fundraising letters.

Fall 87

Social Change & Other Dates and Holidays

Fundraising Breakthroughs

28, 1963 March on Washington Sept. 11 Day of mourning Sept. 3 Mindfulness Day Feb. 9 Lunar New Year, rooster Feb. 19, 1942 Internment March 1, 1961 Peace Corps est. Mar. 4 World Day of Prayer Mar. 15 The Ides of March Mar. 19 Swallows return Mar. 31, 1927 Cesar Chavez born Apr. 11, 1968 Civil Rights Act Apr. 18 Holocaust Remembrance Apr.

Aug 40

Puma Project Pink, Feel Free Not to Repeat in 2013

Cause Related Marketing

Project Pink had a verification phase in September and the voting began on Sept 24 and ended on October 5, 2012. Today is the last day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2012 and I devote this final pink ribbon post to Project Pink , from Puma, the shoe and apparel company. Project Pink is a contest of the sort made popular American Express’s Member’s Project and Pepsi Refresh.

Sept 127

Cause Marketing and Branding

Cause Related Marketing

Sharpie employees that donated $10 or more to City of Hope got to wear jeans to work the week of Sept 28, 2012 to October 9, 2012. Done right, cause marketing can be a terrific branding tool for the cause and the sponsor. But doing it right is the challenge. It’s easy to slap together a transactional cause marketing campaign for some consumable item; a box of Kleenix, a candy bar, a toothbrush.

How to Get Your Nonprofit’s Story Told During The 2020 Election

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

You should also take note of the Presidential debates, which are scheduled for the following dates: Sept. Creative Commons photo by Marco Verch: [link]. By Peter Panepento. Getting your nonprofit’s story told in the media is not easy.

Oct 232

Racy Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

On Sunday, Sept 18, 2011 the Goodyear tires on cars racing at the NASCAR Geico 400 and O'Reilly Auto Parts NHRA National Top Fuel and Funny Car races featured a show of support for the troops and will benefit the nonprofit charity called Support Our Troops.

Gentle Nonsense, It's Dadaism Month!

Fundraising Breakthroughs

26, Sept. 18, Sept. Today I break the rules of professional business blogging and blog-blab on about ideas pretty much unrelated to my blog's topic (fundraising and social change, for those still tuned in). My ol' college buddy Boog Highberger, current mayor of Lawrence, KS (Go Jayhawks) and unwavering Gentle Anarchist, has declared International Dadism Month. To be celebrated on Feb. 4, April 1, March 28 (coincidentally my birthday), July 15, Aug. 2, Aug. 7, Aug. 16, Aug. 22, Oct.

Aug 40

Yours for the taking (and sharing)

Mission Paradox Blog

For the next five days (from now Sept. So several months back I wrote an E-Book.    I named it Authentic Arts Marketing and it was my attempt to help people spread the art that they create. At it's core is a simple idea:  Your marketing can be (and must be) something more then just a series of tactics designed to move a product.    It can be (and must be) an authentic and powerful expression of your beliefs and values.

Sept 54

FREE Social Media Training Starts Thursday!

Marketing for Nonprofits

The program, called Gear Up for Giving , starts Thursday, Sept. The Case Foundation has put together a great lineup of free tutorials on all things social media for nonprofits. See the video above for an overview of the program.

You Want Start Up Funding for Social Change?

Fundraising Breakthroughs

I'm in a rush, running out of town today and jammed with work and more until their deadline of Sept. Go here. But your project idea had better be good. These folks have been around and they mean business. For those of us who want to support innovation like this , we can directly support one of the Echoing Green fellows in what looks like an innovative funding program with American Express. But yikes!

Sept 40

Cause Marketing Patriots and Public Servants

Cause Related Marketing

In the wake of Sept. In the lead up to Independence Day in the United States, which commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, I spotted a handful of cause marketing wherein the ‘cause’ is a burgeoning new coalition of American servicemen and women, police officers, and firefighters. I’ve already posted on the Lowe’s/Pepsi nationwide co-branded effort that offered discounts to servicemen and women and their families, along with other benefits.

12 digital fundraising trends for 2012 #5 Mobile App vs Mobile Web

Giving in a Digital World

For those interested in the equivalent data for Europe you can read comScore’s EU5 Mobile Benchmark Data for Sept 2011 here – which shows a similar picture.

44 Social Media Books for 2009-2010 Plus One

Diva Marketing Blog

The Digital Handshake: Seven Proven Strategies to Grow Your Business Using Social Media by Paul Chaney - Sept 22,2009 2. Ta da. for your reading pleasure here's a list of titles of social media books scheduled to be release 2009 – 2010. Twitterville: How Businesses Can Thrive in the New Global Neighborhoods by Shel Israel - Sep 3, 2009 3. Ignore Everybody: and 39 Other Keys to Creativity by Hugh MacLeod - June 11, 2009 4.

Aug 76

Paradox Top Seven: Better Then Average

Mission Paradox Blog

From Sept. You hear it all the time.    Nonprofit arts organizations would run better if they "thought more like a business." " What people forget is that there are a range of businesses that you can "think like." " You can think like a business that is innovative and values the people they work with. Or you can think like a business that is trying to squeeze every dollar, sees people as a commodity, etc.

Diva Marketing Talks Online Publications With Deanna Sutton, Angela Benton & Heidi Richards Mooney

Diva Marketing Blog

On Sept. Diva Marketing Talks i s a live, internet radio (BlogTalkRadio) show. 30 minutes. 2 maybe 3 guests. 1 topic about social media marketing. To help you understand how to participate in the "new" conversation without getting blown-up. Miss today's show? You can pick it up as a podcast or listen on your computer. On today's Diva Marketing Talks we're exploring the world of online publications. What makes a great magazine? Content of course.