Segmenting Your Donor Services

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It will also ignore valuable donor segments like monthly donors that are often the source of unexpected major gifts or bequests (and, even if they aren’t, are still monthly donors – the best type of non-mid/major donors). Every donor is worthy of respect.

Why everyone talks about segmenting emails but hardly anyone ever does it


Everyone talks about segmenting emails — sending the right message to the right person at the right time. Doing so lets your donors automatically segment themselves into neat little buckets including: Donors who are interested in talking to a fundraiser now.

Segmenting “Cost To Acquire” Using Identity

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Breaking Out of the Status Quo Direct mail Donor acquisition Donor Identity Nonprofit management Online fundraising and marketing Segmentation Uncategorized premiumA couple months ago, I argued that cost to acquire (CTA) was one of only two metrics that matter in a deep, comprehensive way.

Powerful Segmentation Ideas for Year-End Online Fundraising Campaigns

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Segmenting your email list to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time will help you and your nonprofit get better fundraising results – more new donors, more renewals, more monthly donors and higher average gifts. What’s your segmentation strategy?

4 Ways to Segment Your Donors for More Effective Marketing

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We’ve talked before about segmenting your email list to send more relevant communications. Today, Sarah Tedesco, Executive Vice President at DonorSearch , shares some ways to segment your donor lists specifically. The effective and efficient solution is segmenting your donors.

Segmenting Audiences for Social Media Engagement

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To maximize an organization’s effectiveness in terms of marketing goal attainment, an overall audience (or “market” in the private sector) should always be segmented into groups of clients with common attributes (segments) and then prioritized accordingly (target audience).

Question for You: How Do You Segment Your Email List

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For today’s Question of the Week , we are looking at email lists and how (or if) you segment them. There are so many ways you can segment your email list. How do you segment your email list? Want to know more about how other nonprofits segment their lists?

RFM Segmentation: First Refuge of the Scoundrel

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You rail against segmentations that aren’t predictive. But transactional RFM segmentation is not a bad predictor.”. Transactional analysis should absolutely not be the only segmentation you do. Neither should it even be the first segmentation you do. If you were segmenting based on RFM + are they dead, it would make no sense to create 64 different variants of RFM, then apply the “are they dead” filter to every one of those 64 segments. “Wait!”,

2009 Social Media User Segments

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I was very impressed at the time, with what seemed to be the most comprehensive analysis of social media user segments available, explained very nicely in a book. However, for specific descriptions of each segment, please refer to the following presentation: Social Technographics Explained. A while back I read the book “ Groundswell &# by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff from Forrester Research.

The Purpose of Segmentation

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Segmentation is one of the first critical decisions a social marketing or health communication program must make - even if it is to not segment and use the ''field of dreams'' strategy ("If we build it, they will come"). Ethical evaluation of audience segmentation in social marketing.

Simple Segmentation For Smaller Organizations

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And so I was interested to see the results of a survey on ‘Communications Segmenting’ conducted by Bloomerang , the CRM company and Kivi Leroux Miller’s Nonprofit Marketing Guide.

Your youth segment is not “really” chatting on Facebook anymore

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Businesses trying to reach the youth segment did a double take. Let me explain what I mean. Here’s a brief history of Facebook from my own personal experience. I joined Facebook sometime in mid 2006. It was only open to colleges and universities, quickly followed by cities. Up until that point, the main conversation platforms for myself and my close friends other than in-person conversations, email and the phone were tools such as ICQ followed by MSN chat.

Segmentation to Address Racial and Health Inequalites

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"The use of segmentation to identify specific groups of people has become a well-known tactic of many commercial marketers. Hornik and Ramirez (2006) examined the use of segmentation to address racial and ethnic disparities. Related Posts: Segmentation: The First Critical Decision.

Harlequin NASCAR and the art of segmentation

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Segmentation is essential to effective nonprofit marketing. Try to group the rest of your supporters into segments of common passions, paying attention and responding to their interests - like what they clicked on in your last email.

Why Are You Sending Donors This Email?!? A Lesson in Segmentation

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At first I ignored this, thinking maybe they incorrectly segmented their list. By segmenting the list and choosing extremely clear, appropriate calls to action to target each group, I’m sure this organization would have received a larger response to their season appeal.

Brainstorming Donor Identities

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I’ve been preaching testing donor identities as ways of segmentation your file even in my pre-Agitator days. Remember that the goal of a good segmentation – including an identity segmentation – is to minimize difference among group members and to maximize difference among different groups.

Fantasyland Fundraising

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Rather it serves as a poignant reminder of the eternal quest to find a magic segmentation elixir – for consumer marketing, political campaigning, and yes, fundraising. Thus, we’ve decided to stir the “sleeping snake” — the issue of segmentation –again for this week’s series of posts.

Reader Questions: Snow White and the 7 Faces of Philanthropy

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Snow White by 12×07 on And we’re answering MORE fantastic reader questions today! This person we will call Queen B.

Instinct and Conventional Wisdom Are No Longer Enough

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And that’s why we’ve chosen to focus much of this week’s content on the fundamental, importance of “segmentation.”. In short, selecting or segmenting donors using instinct or the conventional approach of simple RFM is no longer enough for organizations looking to grow.

Are we sometimes asking donors the wrong questions?


Fundraising donor segmentation donor surveyIn Abila’s new donor engagement report , the first question they asked donors was, “What matters most to you?” ” Problem is… the answers they allowed were not all that great.

Why “Trust” Matters in Fundraising. And What To Do About It.

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Here, for example, is how the Commitment Score is put to work in file segmentation and targeting. The 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer reveals that trust in the U.S. has suffered the largest-ever-recorded drop in the survey’s history among the general population.

Trust 84

Low Risk Approach to High Reward Discovery

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Yesterday Roger outlined the failings of alleged-segmentation systems that aren’t customized to your organization. Today, I’d like to suggest a proven, low-risk approach to dramatic improvement through better segmentation.

Testing Your Donor Identities

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Previously on donor identity: It’s good to segment by identity. They break your messaging down into concrete segments (e.g. But they must be the right identity/ies. There must be meaningful differences among different identities.

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The Terrifying Freedom of a Blank Sheet of Paper

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You might miss that your mass market messaging may not be working for a segment of your file. It opens new segmented messaging, new list strategies (if you match the message to the donor), and potentially new channels. Behavioral Science Breaking Out of the Status Quo Communications Donor acquisition Donor Identity Innovation Nonprofit management Segmentation Uncategorized premium

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Taming Facebook with identity

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If we have significant results by April 4th for our free identity-based segmentation webinar , we’ll share them there. (If Breaking Out of the Status Quo Donor acquisition Donor Identity Fundraising analytics / data Innovation Segmentation Social media Uncategorized premium

Are You Behaving Like Facebook?

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Segmenting your appeals using donor identity improves both revenues and retention. Breaking Out of the Status Quo Communications Donor Centricity Donor Identity Donor retention / loyalty / commitment DonorTrends / DonorVoice Innovation Segmentation Uncategorized premiumSeems as though all the world– the press, Congress, the European Union, advertisers, competitors and millions of users themselves—are focused on Facebook’s privacy and data practices.

When Brand Guidelines Trump Donor-centricity You Have a Recipe For Disaster


Fundraising Lead Generation Content Strategy donor segmentation legacy gift marketing“Make the font smaller!” ” That’s what the brand police told me to do. I reminded them that the supporters we were targeting for the CGA lead generation effort were over 70.

Alert! Missing Middle Donors

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Fundraising: Innovations & Research Audience Research donor fundraising Missing Middle nonprofit marketing sea change strategies segmentation targets Try this fundraising mash-up to close the giving gap you might not know you have!

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Advocacy Fundraising #3: Finding and Converting Advocates

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Advocacy Fundraising Behavioral Science Communications Donor retention / loyalty / commitment Integrated fundraising and marketing Mobile marketing and fundraising Online fundraising and marketing Segmentation Social media Uncategorized premiumYou’ve defined your Advocate Identity.

Blended Storytelling With Branded Content

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storytelling statistics newsfeeds small nonprofits segmenting infographics social communication curationArtist Unknown nce upon a time, there was a small nonprofit that wanted to infuse some extra pizzazz into its social communications. Big Data left them confused and social media marketers were now telling them that engagement was so Social Media 1.0. Storytelling continued to be one of the best ways to connect with their community, but how to do it in a fresh way? Curation Although.

Introducing TrueAppend for Fundraisers

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Prepare attribute-level match rates to support your own analysis and segmentation projects. Breaking Out of the Status Quo Demographics Donor Identity Fundraising analytics / data Nonprofit management Planned giving / legacy marketing Research Segmentation Uncategorized premiumToday we’re adding TrueAppend to The Agitator Toolbox. This easy-to-use tool enables you to go online and quickly— and without charge – get a demographic overview of your donor database.

Data Driven Campaigns Can Help Small Nonprofits

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data segment research measurement targeting Small nonprofit outreachgraphic via Robert Kirrily on Flickr I really dislike numbers, but sometimes it can't be helped. SSIR has a good article about learning from Obama's data-driven campaigns. They make it about measurement, but I make it about reach. Here's the gist of it: Target your audience for the best returns on your outreach. Example: Obama's campaign focused on buying ads in places where they could.

Obama 109

Crossing the Double Divide, Two Million Dollar Questions


Public Health Social Media audience segmentation digital divide digital literacy double divide health communications health information divide health literacy library outreach media usageEarlier this month, Susannah Fox discussed a health Information divide based on a recent report.

Drive Donors to your Online Donation Page with These Six Marketing Strategies, Part 1

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Here’s a sneak peek of what we’re going to discuss: Segment Your Donors. Segment Your Donors. Before you even start marketing your online donation page, you need to segment your existing database into different groups. Abby Jarvis.

How We Cleaned Up Our Email List and Re-Engaged Our Subscribers

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Thanks to Nonprofit Marketing Guide, we knew it was important to segment our email list to increase engagement. After segmenting the monthly subscribers, our weekly email list was down to about 5,800 subscribers. Aubrey Brennan.

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Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators

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Are demographics important when segmenting your lists? Probably not, according to Nick Ellinger in Demographics: The Second-Best Way to Segment Your File. The Bombay Club. New Orleans, LA.

Why You Need a Good Donor Database

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You can segment your donors by the amount they give and politely ask them to give a little more in your next appeal – $35 or $50 instead of $25. You can segment your mailing lists by current donors, monthly donors, lapsed donors, event attendees, etc.

Your Small Nonprofit's Infographics

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By breaking up your infographic into smaller pieces, you can also orient them specifically to segments of your community, too. image via Flickr We all know that infographics have become a big deal - quite a great visual way to breakdown data for your audience, pleasing both those who like data and those who like visuals. Take a look at this set of guidelines from Nonprofit Tech for Good and. Beth Kanter infographics nonprofit tech for good small NGO Small nonprofit

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Connecting with Donors through Your Database

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To build connection with donors you need to segment accurately and relevantly, offer unique communication plans, determine the right time to communicate and ensure you are providing relevant information about your cause. These are four critical elements for connecting with your donors, but now let’s look at segmentation. Segmentation can be based on the dollar range of gifts or by how recently and/or frequently donors gave.

7 simple steps to qualify your donors


STEP 3: Segment. Now that you’ve properly engaged your donors and put forth some effort to properly understand them, it’s time to segment the data based on a variety of factors. Based on your segmentation, some donors will require highly personal, one-to-one outreach (such as a telephone call or a visit) while others would probably prefer a letter or email. Unsuccessful fundraisers don’t understand qualification. They don’t recognize its power.

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