How to get tremendous satisfaction from satisfaction


You can actually get more job satisfaction by satisfying the wants needs and desires of your donors, board members, volunteers and supporters. Recommendations. >> 5 Opportunities to Boost Giving, Donor Loyalty, and Job Satisfaction. >> Another highly requested blog post on why people give. The post How to get tremendous satisfaction from satisfaction appeared first on MarketSmart | . Fundraising best practices for fundraising job satisfaction Lead Generation

13 Paths to Productivity & Satisfaction—Nonprofit Staff & Consultants

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12) Movement is one of the methods Beth Kanter credits for her satisfaction and productivity, and she explains the whys and hows of movement as productivity boon here. Welcome to the Nonprofit Blog Carnival round-up on The Work Behind the Work —the methods and tools you use to stay focused, productive and happy on the job (or the barriers that keep you from getting there). Alas, most of us can’t count on a sunny afternoon at the pool to recoup.


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Communications Staff Confidence is Up, But Satisfaction is Down

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But for today, here’s a little data niblet to hold you over until next week: The level of confidence that nonprofit communications staff have in their skills is going up, but their job satisfaction is down. Why do you think job satisfaction is down this year? We’ll release the 2017 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report on Tuesday, January 17 and I’m so excited to share it!

Cause Marketing Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Cause Related Marketing

At the bottom of the receipt was an 800-number keyed to a customer satisfaction survey. The satisfaction survey at a regional seafood restaurant gives me a code that garners a free dessert when I complete their survey. Framed that way customer satisfaction surveys qualify as natural fit for cause marketing. Online customer satisfaction surveys represent another chance to do some cause marketing and, perhaps, some marketing for the cause.

Satisfaction vs. Effectiveness

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At DonorVoice, we are constantly monitoring the satisfaction of donors. That satisfaction may not matter to people when they assess your organization. Either way, satisfaction doesn’t equal effectiveness. Then, you want to be setting up tools to assess satisfaction – when you have determined that that satisfaction will lead to results. Was it easy to donate online? How was your experience with that canvasser? How satisfied were you with that event?

How To Improve Your Employee Satisfaction: 4 Top Tips

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

How To Improve Your Employee Satisfaction: 4 Top Tips. By increasing employee satisfaction , you can, therefore, enhance business performance and even increase revenues. To get started, take a look at these four top tips to improve employee satisfaction now: .

Cause Marketing Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Cause Related Marketing

But instead of this rather standard issue campaign, what if instead Pizza Hut offered a donation to your charity of choice… say $0.25… plus the opportunity to donate a much larger amount when you respond to customer satisfaction survey? When you complete the customer satisfaction survey on the phone or online, you are entered into a drawing for a free iPod along with 10 chances to win a daily prize of $1,000. Pizza Hut would like to do some cause marketing with your charity.

How to Set Nonprofit Marketing Goals that Build Your Impact & Satisfaction

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Join Kivi and Me for this Free Webinar. Learn How to. Set the Big-Picture Marketing Goals that. Take You Where You Want to Go! My friend and colleague Kivi Leroux Miller and I have heard so many of you say that your marketing isn’t all it could be. And worse, you don’t know where to start to fix it. You’re frustrated by how hard you’re working without generating the results you expect, and that your organization needs. Aargh!

Goal 147

Your Nonprofit Marketing To-Do List Can Up Your Productivity & Satisfaction

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The biggest challenge I have is being realistic–breaking down large projects into discrete tasks that can be “checked off the list&# which generates a motivating sense of satisfaction. Take three minutes to view this pithy video guide to shaping a to-do list that’ll increase your productivity and satisfaction. Last Friday, like every Friday, I ended the workday by composing a to-do list for the following week.

Back at Nonprofit Marketing: Rejeuvenated & Recalibrating

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all-around personal satisfaction) vs. the career-building/brand development/income lens I’ve used as a primary filter for so long. I’ll be sharing my progress (or not) in morphing my professional and personal satisfaction. Professional Development Nonprofit Communications nonprofit marketing professional lifecycle radical sabbatical sabbatical satisfaction

Top 10 reasons why donors like taking donor surveys


Lead Generation Major Giving Planned Giving strategy donor satisfaction donor strategy Fundraising fundraising tactics that work fundraising tools and techniques marketsmart questions to ask donorsHere are the top 10 reasons why donors like taking donor surveys: 1. They want to be perceived as (or see themselves as) a helpful person. They want to be more involved in your mission. They want their voice to be heard. They want to affect change.

Survey 125

Adventures Ahead—Will Report Back

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Professional Development nonprofit Nonprofit Communications nonprofit marketing sabbatical satisfaction work behind the work Today’s the day—the last blog post before my two-month sabbatical which begins Friday. I’m taking this time to reboot, and to see what bubbles up. And I hope to return in September with a practice for personal nourishment in place, and the confidence and ability to mesh that more effectively with my job.

Report 160

6 Now-or-Never Summer Reboots

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6) Connect with peers in the field to build satisfaction and smarts: Graphic designer Julia Reich uses summertime’s slight dip in her firm’s client work to build relationships (and strategic alliances) with other nonprofit marketers. Professional Development nonprofit Nonprofit Communications nonprofit marketing sabbatical satisfaction work behind the workOur daughter Charlotte is finishing up a blissful summer at a few different day and overnight camps.

Summer 163

The more things change, the more they stay the same


Fundraising Lead Generation Major Giving best practices for fundraising cultivation for planned giving donor cultivation donor feedback survey donor stewardship survey questions donor survey cover letter donor survey email donor survey sample fundraising survey examples major gift fundraising nonprofit survey questions Philanthropy Planned Giving portal bbbsa org toolkits documents steward donor satisfaction survey Using donor surveys

Survey 100

Cause Marketing From the Mouths of Kids

Cause Related Marketing

Nonetheless, customer satisfaction was low because shoppers said they felt pressure to buy more than they needed or wanted. Customer Satisfaction Surveys DECA the Ultimate Question cause marketingLast Friday I was a judge at my State’s DECA convention and a student suggested a way to track customer service that has real potential as a cause marketing overlay. The case study that was given to the students I judged had to do with a chain of electronics superstores.

Cause-Related Marketing with Customer Receipts

Cause Related Marketing

Tags: Customer Satisfaction Surveys JDRF the Necessity of Affinity in Cause Marketing Walgreens paper icons

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No Wonder Defining Comms Success is So Hard!

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numbers registering or taking action); People Joining, Subscribing or Following; and one of the following: Increased Satisfaction among Participants or Supporters Increased Demand or Desire (e.g.

Thrive thru Year End: Together!

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bonding and satisfaction. long-term bonding, and satisfaction all around. Here are some ways teamwork can boost productivity and satisfaction in your org : Extend Reach & Results w/Your All-Org Team of Messengers. So many of you have reached out to me recently in total panic, asking for guidance because you’re stressed to the max by pressures of launches, giving day, and year end.

Measuring Communications Objectives on a Scale

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Measuring communications and marketing work is a challenge because we often have way too many goals and objectives , so it’s hard to decide what matters most.

Give 10 Minutes: Get the Benchmarks & Data You Need

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Job satisfaction litmus test : We’ve seen many reports on job satisfaction, or the lack thereof, especially from development directors and executive directors. Kivi Leroux Miller’s Nonprofit Communications Trends Survey has become the “go to” source for what’s REALLY happening in the world of nonprofit communications and fundraising.

How to Create a Volunteer Handbook Your Volunteers Will Use

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Creating a quality volunteer handbook will strengthen your Volunteer Program and improve volunteer retention and satisfaction. If your organization relies on volunteers, even just a little, you need a volunteer handbook that spells out expectations, policies, and procedures.

How To 223

Mass Customization: 5 Benefits That Can Make Your Company More Competitive

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

Improve Customer Satisfaction. Personalization and mass customization also leads to improved customer satisfaction, particularly in the fashion industry. Mass Customization: 5 Benefits That Can Make Your Company More Competitive. Mass Production has ruled the world since Henry Ford.

Measuring Fundraising ROI with Donor Lifetime Value (Season 1, Episode 4)

Fundraising Report Card

19:35] Customer satisfaction [21:17] Any forgotten channels? [22:19] Learn how to make better fundraising decisions by measuring ROI and donor lifetime value. Click here to listen on YouTube! Topic Timestamps Frequency of donation [02:34] What is LTV not? [03:03] 03:03] Segmenting [05:30] Viability [08:03] Goal ratios? [11:19] 11:19] The Starbucks example [14:04] Profit margins? [19:35]

How to Find the Ideal Name for Your Business

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

That’s why well-known company executives like Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos place customer satisfaction far above profit-making. How to Find the Ideal Name for Your Business. Are you looking to start a business, then having a great name is a must for sure.

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Marketers and Fundraisers

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

What’s more important – donor satisfaction or their experience with your org? Kevin Schulman argues it’s the latter in Don’t Measure Donor Satisfaction (it is a waste); Instead Measure and Act on Donor Experience. We’ve almost made it to the weekend! Let’s celebrate with some Mixed Links… Are you a nonprofit with a budget under $2 million? Sign up to take the Individual Donor Benchmark Survey.

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Get Organized and Increase Your Nonprofit Productivity

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Ah, the satisfaction of moving a task to the “Complete” list! Look at your desk right now, and tell me how many sticky notes are on it. How many to-do lists? How many reminder notes to yourself?

4 Steps to Year-End Balance, Energy, & Focus (Beth Kanter)

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Convince the powers that be of the value of self-care , from fewer absences and sick days to lower healthcare costs and increased employee satisfaction. There’s no better gift than learning from a friend. And what a treat I had recently, learning self-care at work techniques from Beth Kanter , a fellow speaker at the JCamp 180 conference. We all know how pressured year-end is, especially on the fundraising side.

Unhappy at Your Communications Job? Slip This to Your ED

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

In the piece, I talk about the frustrations communications directors share with us every day via our training and mentoring programs, as well as data from the 2016 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report on job satisfaction among nonprofit communications directors. Last week, the Chronicle of Philanthropy published an op-ed I wrote called Why Your Communications Directors is Unhappy and What to Do About It (Subscription required, unfortunately.) .

Jobs 144

Is Community Engagement or Awareness Essential? Depends on Your Mission.

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

For example, in this year’s report across the 10 mission categories, there are no significant differences by mission on how they rated their own communications effectiveness, how they scored on our Marketing Maturity scale, or for communications staff job satisfaction. Will the way an arts organization approaches its communications work vary significantly from a social service agency?

Objectives for Your Nonprofit Communications Plan

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50% fewer students use inappropriate language this semester) Increased satisfaction (e.g., In previous posts, I’ve shared with you the twelve most common nonprofit marketing and communications goals and the twelve most common nonprofit marketing and communications strategies. Today let’s talk about the types of objectives you should have in your communications plan.

#MixedLinks for Nonprofit Communicators

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February 25: Right-Things, Right-Now Marketing: Your One-Page Path to Job Satisfaction and Unequaled Results. Let’s start the weekend a little early with a round of Mixed Links… Nancy Schwartz has some tips to make social media matter more. Although this post isn’t written specifically for nonprofits, the tips in 9 Copywriting Rules To Create Hypnotic Posts Your Readers Will Love will help you create more engaging content for your supporters.

Please Take the 2016 Nonprofit Communications Trends Survey

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Your level of job satisfaction. It’s time to take the Nonprofit Communications Trends Survey for 2016 ! Last year, over 1,500 nonprofit communicators took our annual Nonprofit Communications Trends Survey. and now it’s time to get your predictions for 2016. This report has become the “go to” source for what’s REALLY happening in the world of nonprofit communications and fundraising.

Survey 178

What Questions Do You Include in Donor Surveys?

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

I prefer questions that get at why the donor supports you and their satisfaction with your work and communications with them. I’m getting a lot of questions about questions — the ones you should ask donors or other supporters of your work in surveys. First, yes, surveying your donors a couple of times a year is a great idea.

Survey 211

#MixedLinks for Nonprofit Communicators

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

February 25: Right-Things, Right-Now Marketing: Your One-Page Path to Job Satisfaction and Unequaled Results. Happy Friday! Let’s dive right into some Mixed Links… Third Space Studio and BC/DC Ideas are looking for smaller nonprofits with budgets under $2 million to round out survey data for their 4th annual Individual Donor Benchmark Survey. If you are headed to Austin in a couple of weeks for the Nonprofit Technology Conference, NTEN has Top Tips for an Amazing 15NTC.

The Ultimate Question

Cause Related Marketing

Using Customer Satisfaction to Find DonorsI sat in on a very interesting presentation last week at the Wasatch Online Marketers Association (WOMA) by Ryan Davies of Progrexion, a multi-disciplinary marketing and marketing research firm with offices in San Francisco and Utah.One of Progrexion’s house specialties is customer satisfaction surveys, one of the more dreary (if necessary) parts of.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T Your Way to Donor Retention

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S tart up a donor advisory board of folks willing to share 5-10 minutes/monthly to help you improve your donor satisfaction. Donor retention is an absolute priority (again) for 2014. Yet the path to donor retention success remains elusive for so many organizations. How about yours? Please join me in thanking Frank Barry and the Blackbaud team for sharing donor retention guidance from some of the smartest fundraising experts out there. I’m thrilled to be included!

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What Type of Communications Team Works Best at Your Nonprofit?

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Which produces the most job satisfaction for staff? According to our research, 75% of nonprofit communications teams are organized in one of four ways, based on how the workload for the team is created. We’ve labeled these teams: Integrated. Centralized. Internal Agency. CEO-Led. Next week, Kivi is leading a BRAND NEW webinar that will break down each of these four types and help you determine which one if right for your nonprofit.

Team 136

The Customer Survey as Cause Marketing Fundraiser

Cause Related Marketing

At the bottom of the receipt was an 800-number keyed to a customer satisfaction survey. to the cause in question whenever someone completes their customer satisfaction survey?’ Framed that way customer satisfaction surveys are a natural fit for cause marketing. Online customer satisfaction surveys represent another chance to do some cause marketing and, perhaps, some marketing for the cause. The other day I bought a paper icon at national chain store.

Custom 121

The case for marketing automation: Why nonprofit fundraising operations should automate tasks to optimize staff performance


As a result, it will help you increase employee satisfaction, so staff stay put and the best in the field desperately want to work for you. Fundraising is getting harder. You don’t just feel it. You know it from the data. Retention is getting tougher.

Craft a Positive “Page Not Found” Experience

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Flip Frustration to Satisfaction. But t he right error page—featuring a clear explanation of why visitors are on the page; a simple, bold graphic connected to your organization’s brand; and easy navigation to what “lost” visitors are looking for—can flip their frustration to satisfaction.

Week of Freebies! Reserve 2016 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Your level of job satisfaction. Happy Holidays! It’s that time of year where we show our readers some love with some FREE goodies. While this is the last official day of the Week of Freebies here at the blog, we offer free downloads and resources from Nonprofit Marketing Guide all year long. Our annual Nonprofit Communications Trends Survey is our most popular download every year.

Trends 122

Let’s Talk Business.

A Small Change

It is also becoming increasingly common for businesses to seek out cause based agencies to fund and support to enhance their branding, bolster employee satisfaction, and to catalyze tax benefits. We’ve had some great responses and feedback on our recent post about finding and cultivating Champions for our agencies, and how their throwing a party can be an effective and fun way to acquire new donors.

Is Employee Engagement Your Most Valuable Virtual Asset? [SPONSORED]

Selfish Giving

From profitability to greater consumer satisfaction, the measured impact that engaged employees can have on a business bottom line is undeniable. Employee engagement with social issues has become a must-have requirement to most profit-purpose partnerships because it’s just good for business.