Sample Online Fundraising Plan

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This is a sample plan for an imaginary local animal rescue organization called Save the Animals (STA) which is trying to take their outreach efforts online to become well known in the community. While the specifics of your online fundraising plan will be unique for your organization, the overarching themes will likely be similar. This intensive plan calls for a relatively high budget but you will likely want or need to dedicate much less.

A Sample Donor Appreciation Certificate

Fundraising 123

Pop quiz! Don't panic--you won't be graded on this.) What is the number one reason donors become "one-time" instead of "recurring"? Jeopardy music begins to play. One-two on the timpani.* And, time's up!

Sample Calendars: How Often to Send Direct Mail and Email [Video and Download]

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Then download one of the sample calendars for free. The sample calendars tell you when to send direct mail and email appeals, and direct mail and email newsletters, by quarter and month.

And another thing about donor-advised funds…


Fundraising Philosophy/motivation strategy acknowledging gifts from donor advised funds donor advised fund acknowledgement letter sample donor advised fund grant restrictions donor advised fund thank you letter donor cultivation gift acknowledgement letter sample Philanthropy recording gifts from donor advised funds soft credit acknowledgement letter example StrategyI know, I disagree with many others on this issue.

Email as a Fundraising Tool – Episode 4


Podcast donation email sample Email Marketing email template asking for donations fundraising email best practices fundraising email ideas fundraising email sample fundraising email to coworkers Marketing channels personal fundraising letter sample sample email fundraising campaign

Email 21

5 best practices for delivering progress reports to your major gift and legacy supporters


Fundraising annual report samples charity blog donor retention fundraising reports fundraising tips major gift fundraising nonprofit annual report examples organization annual report sample progress reports progress updates

Building awareness for planned giving is easier and less expensive than ever


Promoting planned giving doesn’t have to be expensive. If you have traffic on your website, you have a chance to promote planned giving for pennies per click. Try retargeting ads! What is retargeting?

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How to ask your board members for year-end gifts


Fundraising strategy donor communication tips fundraising do's and don'ts fundraising lessons fundraising pro tips fundraising tactics How to ask for a donation how to ask for year-end gifts letter to board members asking for contribution letter to board members asking for contribution sample board member solicitation letter letter to board of directors guide marketsmart Nonprofit Marketing Blog sample fundraising letter to board members SmartideasI know this is important.

3 questions every major donor asks themselves after they give


Fundraising Major Giving Philosophy/motivation donor cultivation donor cultivation questions donor interview questions donor survey sample fundraising tips how to ask for a major gift interview questions for a philanthropist major gift ask role play major gift cultivation major gift fundraising qualifying donor prospects questions to ask a potential donor“What did they do with my money?”. Would my money yield more impact if I gave it to another organization?”. “Do

Sample Solicitation Semantics

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Sample solicitation semantics… Sometimes we get lost in the semantics of how to ask for a gift so I thought I’d provide you with some examples of ways you can ask for money. Try to say that ten times fast.

8 ways to get people to read and answer your emails in your fundraising job

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Board Cultivating donors Grants Sponsorships fundraising emails fundraising sponsors how to get sponsors sample blogger pitch email sample board member email sample donor email sample foundation emails sample sponsor emails sponsor emails

Email 50

A challenge for the fundraisers of the world…


Fundraising best fundraising tactics charity blog cultivation for major gifts cultivation for planned giving donor cultivation fundraising goals fundraising objectives examples fundraising strategies pdf fundraising strategy plan fundraising strategy sample fundraising tips most effective fundraising strategies nonprofit fundraising strategy template Philanthropy StrategyFundraisers have more competitors now than ever before. Your competition is global.

7 steps to decline donations you can’t accept


Fundraising strategy charity blog cultivation for major gifts cultivation for planned giving decline donation request email decline donation request sample donor cultivation engagement fundraising fundraising tips how to decline a donation offer how to decline a request politely how to turn down a donation Philanthropy response to decline sponsorship response to donation request solve problems unable to sponsor letterShe was really ticked off because they wouldn’t accept her gift.

Get Attention With Your Next Multichannel Campaign

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Thanks to co-guest-bloggers Amy Sample Ward and Allyson Kapin. In the just-released Social Change Anytime Everywhere: How to Implement Online Multichannel Strategies to Spark Advocacy, Raise Money, and Engage your Community , Allyson Kapin and Amy Sample Ward guide nonprofit staffers through developing and powerful integrated approaches to asking for money, time or support. Strategy Allyson Kapin amy sample ward campaign marketing multichannel marketing nonprofit marketing

Should you target market financial advisors in order to get more legacy gifts?


Fundraising strategy best practices for fundraising charity blog creating a legacy society donor cultivation establishing a legacy society fundraising tips legacy gift marketing legacy societies legacy society names examples Philanthropy planned giving fundraising strategy planned giving marketing materials planned giving marketing plan sample planned giving strategic plan StrategyIt depends. I find myself saying, “It depends” quite a lot these days.

One Fundamental Thing Nonprofits Need To Know About Social Media

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photo credit: mkhmarketing via photopin cc –> One of my favorite nonprofit technology evangelists is Amy Sample Ward, the innovative and creative CEO of the Nonprofit Technology Network ( NTEN ).

Where are you spending your marketing dollars?


If your organization has 10,000 active donors, it’s very likely they’ll be categorized as follows: A small number will generate 80-90 percent of the revenue. Mid-level donors will have a lot of potential for major giving.

Getting Your Donor to Give More in Your Year End Appeal

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Appeals Cultivating donors appeal letter sample child welfare appeal letter direct mail package sample faith based appeal letter lakota appeal mazarine treyz st josephs year end giving How do you get your donor to upgrade? If you take a page from St.

FREE Sample of Teasta premium teas

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Get your FREE Sample of Teasta premium teas before you purchase them. Add a maximum of two different sample blends to your cart. Here is what you need to do. Use the coupon code TRYME at checkout to get them delivered for free.

Interview with Amy Sample Ward on New NTEN Conference

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Amy Sample Ward. I am speaking with Amy Sample Ward, CEO of NTEN and all-around powerhouse. Events Leadership @amyrsward amy sample ward LCS leading change summit Nonprofit Technology network NTC NTEN

A Sample Government Blogging Policy

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The current GCpedia (internal government wiki) has numerous pages outlining “best practices&# and sample guidelines that are ready for use. Due to the Treasury Board’s current focus on internal social media initiatives, I have recently received an influx of requests to help public servants develop external social media engagement guidelines, particularly ones to do with blogging.

How can nonprofits monitor their online reputations?

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Amy Sample Ward has put together a marvelous resource list here. And you can also buy The Networked Nonprofit by Beth Kanter and Alison Fine , and Social by Social , by Amy Sample Ward and others, put out by OpenMute press.

FREE New Webinar: Make Better Nonprofit Annual Reports Now! April 13th, 2013

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Date: April 13, 2013. Time: 1pm EST, 12pm CST, 11am MT, 10am PST. Cost: FREE. Are you creating your annual report right now? Are you tasked with showing your board and your donors what you’ve accomplished this year? Do you want to improve on last year’s annual report?

A surprising way to increase planned gifts

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Ask Fundraising Secrets Samples & Tools centre for sustainable fundraising planned giving rogareUsed with permission of ken_mayer on Flickr I love that we live in a time of actual research of fundraising.

Plan 39

A surprising tweak to increase donor retention

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Love (Stewardship) Samples & Tools donor retention ken burnett I''ve worked alot on donor retention and often written about the importance of keeping the donors you already have. But in a recent webinar on storytelling for nonprofits , I had a rude awakening.

Are you going to #NTC12? Say hi to me?

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PLUS, now that my friend Amy Sample Ward works at NTEN, I want to support the #NPTech community a bit more! Amy Sample Ward @amyrsward. Here’s a non-usual blog post. I’m going to the NTEN conference for the first time! What? I hear you saying. Mazarine, you didn’t go to #SXSW for 3 straight years while you lived in Austin, and NOW you’re going to NTEN’s 2012 conference? In a word, YES. It’s going to be fun!

Sample These Tasty Nuggets from Fundraising and Marketing Experts

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For several months it has been my privilege to conduct interviews with many talented experts who advise nonprofits on fundraising and marketing. The interviews appear weekly on the Nonprofit Marketing 360 blog. Below are links to the interviews that have appeared so far, and a salient excerpt from each interviewee. Sarah Durham - author of Brandraising and founder of BigDuck agency.

Use our sample email communications calendar


We invite you to download this sample email communications calendar to use as a template for your own planning. You can download it by clicking here: Sample Email Communications Calendar. UPDATE on July 18: Read Wendy’s latest article - Three online strategies to improve a monthly donor sustainer program. Keeping tabs on upcoming email communications and segmented audiences can be difficult.

The 5 Best Leadership Books for Nonprofit Leaders

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Board Members Book Review Natural Abilities Personal Leadership Samples & Tools An executive coaching client recently asked me about my favorite 2 or 3 leadership books. Here are the first five that came to mind. Not surprisingly, each one is within easy reach of my desk.

Best 49

Amy Sample Ward talks the Future of Fundraising Online and CSR

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realtime web social media amy sample ward corporate social responsibility csr facebook future interview JustGiving listening dashboard mazarine treyz Mobile Donations netsquared online rss reader techsoup web 2.0What's next on the horizon for nonprofits fundraising online?

Guest post: Mary Cahalane on Thank You Letters!

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Acknowledgement Appeals Cultivating donors Fundraising appeal letters donor guest post how to write a thank you letter mary cahalane mazarine treyz nonprofit thank you letter sample nonprofit TY letter stewardship thank you for your gift thank you letter twitter friends

Reader Questions: What are the best fundraising blogs & books?

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get advice on how to write grants, perhaps some grant samples, and just. Amy Sample Ward’s Nonprofit Technology and Fundraising.

Best 56

Content calendar templates for social media

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So I asked colleagues for their favorite samples. Love (Stewardship) Internet & Social Media Samples & Tools social media Earlier this week, I wrote on how to jumpstart your year end giving.

[Guest Post] Three Ways Nonprofits Can Use Promotional Products Effectively

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Guest Posts Samples & Tools nonprofit marketingI met Elaine Fogel a few years ago when she organized a conference in DC. I’ve been impressed with her commitment to nonprofits and her knowledge of promotional items. (I I call it schwag.)

Upcoming Nonprofit Leadership Talks & Training

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Samples & Tools Specials associations conference for nonprofits speaking trainingAre you in Orlando, Salt Lake City, Austin, Seattle, or Kansas City? I'll be coming to each and would love to get together. Most of my work is private, with individuals and nonprofits. But I also love giving leadership and fundraising trainings at conferences. Here are some events I'll be presenting at: WALT DISNEY WORLD: 9/11-16 NCDC Annual Conference (September 12-15).

Viral Fundraising Samples and Mini-primer

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Durrette Consulting has created some good viral fundraising campaigns that can be found here: [link] Also available at the link above is a brief explanation of viral fundraising. Key takeaways include: Viral fundraising campaigns can take many forms and are.

How can Nonprofits use Web 2.0 for fundraising? An Interview with Amy Sample Ward

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Part one of an interview with Amy Sample Ward. realtime web social media american red cross amy sample ward Case Foundation Chase corporate social responsibility csr facebook interview mGive nonprofit nonprofits nptech Pepsi real-time web web 2.0Fundraising Leadership Netraising Web 2.0 Web 3.0

Reader Questions: How often should you communicate with your supporters?

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Click here to view a sample from the Atlas of Giving. So recently I asked my fantastic, dedicated, smart group of people who subscribe to my enewsletter , “What do you want to know more about?”

Why I pay for the Chronicle of Philanthropy

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Book Review Samples & Tools fundraising training nonprofit leadership Years ago, the school that employed me as a fundraiser paid for a subscription to the Chronicle of Philanthropy. So when I began running a development shop, I made sure the Chronicle subscription was in my budget.

Are you following up on your quality of life? #followupfriday

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Samples & Tools followupfridayIt's Follow Up Friday! In most of my #followupfriday email reminders , I encourage subscribers to reach out to people or following up on uncompleted tasks. Often they're following up with donors and prospects and staff.