10 reasons you should be using RSS RIGHT NOW

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Do you know what RSS is? RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. I have a page where I keep all of my RSS feeds. Why should you use RSS feeds? If you’ve never used RSS before, don’t worry. Share this on Technorati. Have you ever been completely overwhelmed by the internet? It’s like the best library in the world about everything you want to read and it’s always adding new books and it NEVER STOPS!

e-newsletters better than web site or RSS for building relationships, study suggests

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Any nonprofit interested in effective online communication should check out the executive summary of a fascinating study -- by the highly regarded Nielsen Norman group -- on e-mail newsletters , how to make them user friendly, and their value compared to web sites and RSS (also known as web feeds or news feeds). On e-newsletters vs RSS (web feeds): "Feeds are a cold medium in comparison with email newsletters. Technorati tags: net2.

free guide is a handy tool for nonprofit public relations

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Essentials would be just as helpful to nontechies in nonprofits who want to learn how to interact with external audiences through social bookmarking, RSS, blogs, podcasts, and more. Technorati tags: net2. Tags: BLOGGING COMMUNICATIONS COOL TOOLS MARKETING RSS WEB Via Steve Rubel, here's a succinct, free 30-page guide from PR firm Shift Communications on how to use the Web for public relations. Written for PR specialists, PR 2.0

3 posts = a great primer on blogging and web communications for nonprofits

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Technorati tags: net2. Tags: BLOGGING BRANDING COMMUNICATIONS EMAIL FUNDRAISING MARKETING RSS WEB Two of my favorite bloggers recently published posts that, together, provide a great overview of the importance and potential of web-based communications for 501c3s. These articles would be good to share with an executive director or team that is beginning to explore how to use the web to build relationships with donors, volunteers, clients, members, and other stakeholders.

report compiles good blogging advice for businesses and nonprofits; as always, beware of absolute truths

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Now that readers can elect to automatically receive new blog posts via email and RSS (news feeds), the promise of a new post daily is not necessary to lure readers, and the volume of daily posts can overwhelm readers and bloggers both. -- "Participation is essential in the blogosphere. Technorati tags: net2. Tags: BLOGGING COMMUNICATIONS EMAIL MARKETING RSS WEB

But They All Want 5 Years of Experience!

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Another thing you can do is set up RSS feeds for nonprofit grantwriting jobs. Share this on Technorati. You’ve Got Advice! Yesterday, I asked YOU some questions about your career. Today, I’m answering reader questions. This question struck me as pretty common with the people I’ve met through running the job club. How do I get experience in doing a job, so that I can get hired for the job?

How Nimble are Your Development Skills?

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Whether it’s mobile giving or using an RSS feed on your nonprofit website or blog, you need to be constantly creating more value for your nonprofit and your position. Share this on Technorati. Can you take your skills into the 21st century? Last week I attended the RISE Austin conference. One session I attended was with Manuel Zarate , President and Founder of HBMGinc.com.

flip the funnel, but flip it feasibly

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As Seth says, "A Squidoo page contains links—links to products for sale, to reviews, to pictures, to videos, to RSS feeds, and to blogs. Technorati tags: net2 nonprofit.

welcome to studio 501c

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In fact, much of the advice here will be pretty basic, as I find that even many brilliant leaders in the social sector know little about RSS , blogs as communications tools for nonprofits , or all that Google can do for them! Technorati tags: net2. This is a resource for ordinary people doing extraordinary things -- social entrepreneurs and nonprofit staff and volunteers, i.e., those who work hard every day to make positive change.


a blog can be like a business lunch

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If this is true for your nonprofit, encourage these major stakeholders to subscribe to RSS or email feeds of your blog. o If you plan to post frequently on a number of topics that will not interest all stakeholders equally, consider a blogging platform that allows you to categorize posts and RSS feeds. Technorati tags: net2. Beth Kanter, a thought leader in the world of nonprofit blogging, recently shared some useful criteria to help nonprofits decide whether to blog or not.

Bloggers Flash Back to 2006 and Flash Forward to 2009

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Improved and simplified RSS feeds would help more novice RSS users add blog feeds to their subscription lists. With greater east of RSS use, and better cross interfaces, more bloggers could reach wider audiences. I'd like technorati (or equivalent) to work as advertised.