Answering the Question About ROI


I’m always floored when a prospective new client asks me about ROI (return on investment from marketing). There simply is no direct line to ROI. The post Answering the Question About ROI appeared first on MarketSmart.

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Nonprofit Facebook ROI—Yay or Nay? (w/John Haydon)

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Get ready for a roaring point vs. counterpoint, thanks to Facebook for Nonprofits expert John Haydon, who shares his Yay below. I’ll be following up with mini case studies and links to research supporting my recommendation. Please share your Facebook plan (or plan not to use) and why here, and/or tell us what it does (or doesn’t do) for your organization. NAY, IN MOST CASES.

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Where Focusing on Social Media ROI Fails Us

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However, much of the current discussion and debate around social media ROI focuses on the Doing goal. Don’t use the lack of good tools to measure emotional ROI as an excuse for your nonprofit to avoid using social tools. Nonprofit Communications Social Networking nptech roi

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The Social Media ROI Argument: Fighting Back With a Simple Survey

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After that, we do have a big, ugly ROI question staring us in the face. Although it’s not the absolute answer—it’s only part of this constantly evolving ROI challenge—it will facilitate a better understanding of what your followers have gotten out of your social media presence.

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How to measure ROI of social media? Book Review: Measuring The Networked Nonprofit

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What’s the ROI? How can you measure ROI on social media for your nonprofit? There are ways to show the ROI of various social media efforts, such as, for example, showing that social media increased donations. How to measure ROI of social media?

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Acquisition: Its Costs And ROI – Part 2

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That’s why so many fundraisers and their consultants persist in using the meaningless, if not idiotic, measures of ‘cost of fundraising’ and ‘ROI’ rather than develop strategies and steer their programs based on the key metric of Lifetime Value.

February’s Nonprofit Blog Carnival: Going Beyond Resolutions

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Jeremy Koch details how to establish SMART objectives for your email marketing campaign to measure ROI. Nonprofits ROI Strategy blogging Goals measurement Non-Profit Blog Carnival roi SMART objectives

3 smart new metrics to measure your fundraising effectiveness


Fundraising strategy annual giving metrics charity blog fundraising kpi fundraising measurement thermometer fundraising metrics dashboard fundraising metrics for nonprofits fundraising roi benchmarks major gift officer performance metrics measuring fundraising effectiveness Philanthropy StrategyI’ll bet you make lots of calls. You set appointments, uncover needs, make presentations, write proposals and close gifts too, right? I did it too.

Nonprofit Blog Carnival: Going Beyond Resolutions (Call for Submissions)

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Being a data nerd with a serious focus on getting ROI (return on investment) for my clients, I want to hear from you about the thrills, chills, and challenges in creating SMART objectives, to accompany your big-picture lofty goals (and resolutions). Happy February!

Magic Fundraising Machine Boosts ROI

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As you can see from the results below, this new technology made a real difference in the ROI of the package. For years I’ve been quietly steaming about two inventions that I suspect have done great damage to effective direct mail fundraising. Even calling them out will make me seem like a Luddite, a curmudgeon or worse. But truly, I haven’t lost my mind, so bear with me.

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Fundraising metrics: you have to see them to believe them


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An interesting take on the ROI of Social Media

Giving in a Digital World

I was preparing a presentation the other day when I came across this great video by Erik Qualman of Socialnomics , packed full of interesting statistics and insights relating to the growth of Social Media. Now, I’m an avid reader of digital usage research as part of my job but the way Qualman presents the case for the importance of Social Media and what it means for consumer engagement really captured my attention and is well worth a look.

3 Things To Do Instead of Facebook Marketing in 2014

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Marketing Nonprofits Social Media 2014 Email marketing Facebook marketing Marketing strategy Nonprofit blogging resolutions roi social media marketing 2013 was certainly a banner year for Facebook. Some mind-blowing statistics: There are over 1.19 billion users worldwide.

Where are you spending your marketing dollars?


If your organization has 10,000 active donors, it’s very likely they’ll be categorized as follows: A small number will generate 80-90 percent of the revenue. Mid-level donors will have a lot of potential for major giving.

How to Measure the Performance of your Government Social Media Initiative

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Measurement analytics impact performance measurement reporting ROI Social Media This post is based on a comment I left on the following OECD blog post the other week : Measuring government impact in a social media world.

#SOCIALNETORKS: NTEN 2012 Report Shows Real ROI Growth Over Past Year

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Spoiler Alert: Nonprofit use of social networks is growing, and with that use most nonprofits are enjoying significant returns on investment (ROI). So the ROI on $3500 could be $215,000! The ROI potential has simply become too lucrative to ignore.

#SocialNetworks: Does Your Nonprofit Still Doubt There’s an ROI For Social Media?

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The rich information of ROI comes from drawing out the quality of interaction that each platform/account encourages – admittedly, a tougher exercise. His results show how advantageous StumbleUpon is for him, yet how Facebook referrals do not present a meaningful ROI.

What’s Wrong With Reaching Out to Bloggers?

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Of course, Phil’s referring to grantmaking and funders, but he could just as easily be referring to the corporate board members that fill our nonprofits, insisting on metrics and ROI for our social media relationships. What is that ROI?

Support Your Small Nonprofit's Social Media Supporters

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video ROI creativity support sharing nanowrimo engagement NaNoWriMo provides a lot of support to those idiotic brave enough to try to write a 50,000 word novel in one month. You can get writing buddies, there are sprints, meet-ups, pep-talks, virtual get-togethers, and writing advice on all topics. And naturally, there''s the goal-oriented support of helping you track the number of words you get done, including a graph that shows your improvement.

Shape Content for Action


The author writes: What matters varies from campaign to campaign, but there is one global truth: the one constant in metrics is ROI. So, how do we obtain ROI? But it doesn’t get us to ROI–yet. Photo by Derek Lyons.

How Businesses Can Measure ROI on Cause Marketing

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As I work almost solely with small and medium-sized businesses–and not the Warlmart’s, Starbucks or Chili’s of the world–this is how we measure the ROI on a cause marketing program. Great ROI, eh? Cause marketing delivers karma points and ROI for businesses.

Oh ROI, Oh ROI - Is That Your Horse?*

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Investment or Influence? It's Not That Simple

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Let's look at ROI, for example. not-for-profits choices Brian Solis ROI investment solutions social media marketing influence Small nonprofit salesI know most blogs focus on providing a solution with a viewpoint that backs that up, but I've come to realize that one person's solution can be another person's headache and that, like social media platforms, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all answer. Nor is the world easily divided into this versus that.

The Right Tool May Be in Your Head

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strategy ROI tools goals platform not for profits community social media Small nonprofit46 and 2 Tool Head by Justin Roberts In its younger days, social media was full of such conversations related to tools - tools for using social media, tools for managing social media, tools for measuring social media. Tool Overload New platforms and tools were coming out like water from a broken pipe and I imagine that a lot of people either threw their hands up in disgust and walked.

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Proving Social Media’s ROI – 67 Cases

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Use this valuable resource the next time you have to answer the ROI question. “What’s the return on investment?” ” is one of those questions we’re frequently asked by nonprofit executives casting themselves in the role of no-nonsense business moguls. Hard numbers for social media have been hard to come by. Not so anymore. Now there are at least 67 examples of social media successes here and here.

Parting the Kimono (a little) on Cause Marketing ROI

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I’m working a speech I’ll give next week on cause marketing and the meeting planners asked if I could share some actual ROI data. Komen for the Cure Cause Marketing ROI UNICEF Pampers Buy One Give One Procter and Gamble

#SocialNetwork: Senior Living Communities See ROI On Social Media

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Social Media: Is There ROI for Senior Living? And as the case study in the presentation demonstrates, the cost to garner almost 200 new Facebook Friends was a mere $27 per follower – offering a stunning ROI if even just one or two become part of the retirement community.

6 Steps to Showcasing Your Marketing ROI

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Build support for marketing in your org by learning how to showcase your marketing ROI (return on investment). I was really jolted by this Ask Nancy query I recently received. Jessica (names have been changed to protect the innocent) asks for help with the most challenging (and most critical) step in nonprofit marketing -- getting the support of decision makers and colleagues for doing it right. Q: Help -- We're losing ground past and we need professional marketing help.

#Philanthropy: Livestrong Bucked Economy & ROI Expectations Via SM

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But a few were able to fight the long dark night by sticking to a simple strategy that proved effective before the recession and even helped them expand their Return On Investment (ROI) through the downturn. The Great Recession hardly seems over, though most are confident that we have worked through the deepest part of the proverbial woods. Nonprofits, whose work is even more vital for many thousands of people during an economic downturn, suffered as well.

#SM4NP: In Search For ROI, Can We Put A Number On A Relationship?

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ROI can bring strong relationships as well as income to nonprofits. Understanding The ROI of Social Media from Jason Falls on Vimeo. Who doesn’t want a high return on investment?

#SM4NP: ROI Via Social Media May Be Elusive, But It’s Not Ephemeral

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In the ongoing effort to quantify ROI in social media, Sudha Jamthe of eBay (a company well versed in SM outreach) proposes three standards on his latest posting at Gigaom. There is your charity’s ROI.

Democracy 2.0 Summit: The ROI of Gen Y


Award Summit Exploring the Millennial Generation’s ROI. This week I am joining us 150 Millennials in Chicago and thousands more on the Web will gather to discuss, debate and act on timely topics and ideas on civic engagement and public policy at the Democracy 2.0 BusinessBoomer will provide live and interactive webcasts from Tuesday, November 17th to Friday, November 20th.

Measuring your ROI in multichannel fundraising campaigns


This complexity makes it even more critical to be able to understand – and measure – the return on your fundraising investments (ROI), so that you can make data-driven investment decisions across channels or across a combination of channels. STEP 2: START WITH THE “I” IN ROI – DEFINE YOUR INVESTMENT. STEP 3: UNDERSTAND THE “R” IN ROI – CALCULATE YOUR RETURNS. The ROI for the online campaign = $21,250/$19,750, or 108%.

ROI of Listening: 17 Things to Do with What You Hear

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If you’ve already started incorporating social media into your communications strategy and have done any research on it at all, you’ve come across the advice to LISTEN FIRST.

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators

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M+R Looks at the ROI of media campaigns in their Mediamarks Study. Credit: p/8H9NoQ. Happy Friday! It’s time for some Mixed Links… The #NPBaton on Instagram still has a few spots open in October if you are interested in taking the baton.

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The ROI for Social Media Fundraising

Fundraising Breakthroughs

This week, a tech company VP called for my advice about a social media application under development that involves giving. Sort of. Their idea combines an E-bay/Freecycle idea with a give-to-my-favorite-cause idea. I'm a "creative" and generally, love combining the unrelated.

5 Steps To Successfully Fundraise on Social Media: A Guide For Nonprofits

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Metrics to measure the ROI of your social media efforts. If you missed my free webinar – 5 Steps To Successfully Fundraise on Social Media: A Guide For Nonprofits – with CauseVox, you can view the slides below or on SlideShare. .

7 Steps to Passionate Volunteer Messengers

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Analyze impact vs. what it takes to deliver the program and ROI of other approaches. You face an uphill battle to recruit volunteers and retain them at ever higher and more effective levels of engagement.

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Sarah DiJulio on ROI of list building

Sea Change Strategies

In addition to being one of the very smartest people in our business, Sarah juggles two kids and helms M&R’s very significant online consulting operation. Following is a post she made on the Progressive Exchange board that’s quite worth sharing (thanks Sarah for permission!): Many nonprofits share the same goals with regards to paid online media. campaigns. I can share some data, assuming your goals are to: A) Build your email list.

6 Ways to Get More Online Monthly Donors

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We all know why nonprofits want monthly donors — fantastic ROI, high retention rates and higher lifetime value. Photo Credit: p/aVmeYp. So, how do we get them? Specifically, how do we sign more supporters up for an online monthly giving program? First, the basics.

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