7 Ways to Get Better Response Rates to Your eNewsletter

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Here are my 7 ideas for better response rates. Too many articles and sidebars and buttons and images will overwhelm the reader and lower your conversion rates drastically. Tightly sticking to a theme and reducing the options for action to one (or at most two) will boost response rates. Want to increase donations through your email outreach? Have a subject line that makes you want to read more. .

Three Tips for Improving Direct Mail Marketing Response Rates for Nonprofit Organizations

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In the Information Age, social media and other digital avenues now constitute the majority of fundraising efforts.

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No April Fool’s Joke – Email Response Rates Drop – A Lot

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How fast do you respond to your major and planned gift donors’ needs?


Fundraising Lead Generation Major Giving Planned Giving best practices for planned giving donor acquisition donor cultivation donor relationship management donor retention fundraising blog fundraising solutions major donor fundraising major gift fundraising marketsmart Nonprofit Marketing Blog philanthropy blog Quick Response Code response rates SalesThe private sector knows all about responding to leads.

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7 Ways to get better response rates to your e-news

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Here are my 7 ideas for better response rates. Too many articles and sidebars and buttons and images will overwhelm the reader and lower your conversion rates drastically. Tightly sticking to a theme and reducing the options for action to one (or at most two) will boost response rates. Blog reader Marla Grant of the Florida Blood Services Foundation recently sent me a copy of her newsletters ( you can see them here ), which are chock-a-block with great stories.

Direct Mail Hanging In

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The Direct Marketing Association notes in its recently released 2012 Response Rate Report that direct mail response rates have dropped nearly 25% over the past nine years. Even so, direct mail pulls a better overall response than digital channels.

Thanks In Advance

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Email software firm Boomerang looked at the response rates for over 350,000 emails, most asking for some sort of reply. Believe it or not, those three words — Thanks in advance — have magical properties.

Digital Campaigns: What’s Working Now (2012 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study)

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Fundraising and advocacy campaign open rates hold steady, but response rates rose for advocacy campaigns. Not clear what that means in terms of ultimate response. Fundraising and advocacy campaign open rates hold steady, but response rates rose for advocacy campaigns.

After-Action Pop-Ups: The Secret to Getting Gifts From Your Online Advocates

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MomsRising recently tried this tactic and achieved an astounding 15 percent response rate on an after-action popup – 15 percent of the advocates who took the action also made a donation. Just to put that number in perspective, the average response rate for an email appeal is.06

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So, they went through all of my posts from 2015 and pulled the blog posts that generated the highest response rates from all of you. I love my staff!! They are so thoughtful!

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Do people prefer when others pay for a nonprofits’ administrative costs?


Not only did it win, it crushed the others garnering a response rate that was nearly 3 times better than the control with gift amounts almost 17% higher.

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Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators

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Get these 5 Donation Page Blunders That Kill Fundraising Response Rates fixed before year-end fundraising begins.

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Powerful Segmentation Ideas for Year-End Online Fundraising Campaigns

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Reference their interest area (“as a member of our Safer Schools rapid response team”). ” Did we get a higher average gift by sending certain donors to a different landing page, without sacrificing the overall response rate?

Testing 101: 4 Steps for Optimizing Your Fundraising Approach

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Here’s an example: Integrated online/offline messages will yield higher results in regard to money raised, average gift, and response rate (both online and offline) than will unrelated online and offline messages. Response rate (measured separately by channel and then combined).

Why go to Amazon when you can get it here for free?


Copywriting tips that will guarantee you better response rates. Each year my amazing staff grab the best, most popular blog posts from the prior year to create a book for our readers. . At last, the digest is ready to ship and you can get it for FREE by simply going here.

Onboarding: The Fierce Urgency of Listening

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This simple change resulted in a 15% increase in response rate and a ten-pound increase in average annual gift. It’s tempting to think of this as a neat one-time direct marketing response raiser. Their responses were illuminating.

How does your online engagement stack up? Check the benchmarks.

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How do your response rates stack up? M+R and NTEN are about to release their annual ebenchmarking study, and they have offered this sneak peek at the data. (If If you have trouble viewing the image in my post, the original is here. ).

3 ways to use direct mail effectively in the age of social media


To improve your response rate, you must send highly targeted, relevant offers and information to your prospects. Although direct mail requires printing and postage, we still include it in our marketing plans because it can be effective if you do it right. Don’t discount the traditional methods. MarketSmart has generated millions of dollars for clients with direct mail. Combine online and offline channels. Often it is best to combine direct mail with an Internet landing page.

New Study: Online giving is up; Email response is down

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The bad news is that email response rates are declining. Possible explanations are that electoral campaigns or (for international organizations) a lack of a major international humanitarian crisis in the news may have hurt response rates.

How Does Your Nonprofit’s Donor Retention Rate Stack Up?

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This year’s report also dug into one of the most important data points for individual donor fundraising – your retention rate. Your retention rate is the percentage of last year’s donors who give again this year. Heather Yandow.

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Highlights from the 2016 M+R Benchmarks Study: Focus on the Big Trends

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For example, the report shows that open rates, click-through rates, and response rates were down in 2015. Last week, the 2016 M+R Benchmarks Study was released with an emphasis on what’s changed since 2006 when this study was first released.

The 5 Questions Nonprofits Always Ask Me About Fundraising Emails

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Some nonprofits avoid Sunday like the plague, yet others find great response rates sending on Sunday evening. Photo Credit: https://flic.kr/p/ekEBbH. p/ekEBbH.

It Pays to Pay Attention to What You’re Sending

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The response rate was just OK, as were donations. Monica Turner. Today, Monica Turner reminds us if you run annual appeals (like the Mother’s Day appeal Monica discusses today), don’t just send the same thing year after year. Kristina. Guest Post by Monica Turner.

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6 Tips for Launching Your Own Member Month Campaign

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Doing so could boost response rates. December is done. Looking for your next great fundraising campaign? Try a member month campaign.

But Why?

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It’s all about transactional data — response rates, Donor retention / loyalty / commitment Fundraising analytics / data Research premium Let me suggest that for fundraisers there are three levels of analysis — three forms of perspective — about what’s going on with donors. Here are my terms for them: 1. Ignorespective 2. Retrospective 3.

The Power Of Reciprocity

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What is a successful response rate for acquisition direct mail appeals, in which you ask strangers for a first gift? [ ].125% Another Tom Ahern gem arrived the other day.

Mobile Fundraising: The impact of mobile technology on peer-driven fundraising campaigns


And the pervasive use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets increases the fundraising response rate within that circle of trust. This is a very important and timely research paper by Artez Interactive which is one of the solution vendors that serves nonprofits in the U.S.

Email Marketing Stats and Trends for Nonprofits

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The Convio study has median growth rate for email lists at 17% while M+R has it only slightly lower at 16%. The average unsubscribe rate from a single email was 0.19%. (M+R). 2011 fundraising response rates flat at 0.08%, while the advocacy response rate increased 3.8% (up 28% from 2010). (M+R). On Wednesday, I shared how nonprofits are using social media according to reports released over the last few weeks.

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Explaining Abstract Numerical Concepts–Like “Eleven”– To Your Boss

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Any discussion of metrics in The Agitator must include a nod to “ The Curse of Fundraising Innumeracy ” about an Agitator reader who tried to keep a straight face when someone said they had a 95% retention rate.

MIND YOUR MICROCONTENT: 8 Little Bits That Can Make a Big Difference In Your Next Email

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Even a simple word switch can make a dramatic improvement in your open rate. Just don’t switch sender name without purpose (improving open or response rates, or establishing authority). Photo credit: https://flic.kr/p/7R6ZER. p/7R6ZER. microcontent.

[Guest Post] Donor Acquisition – the painful necessity of fundraising

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Bob is a direct response/direct mail copywriter and consultant. With a 1% response rate at an average gift of $25, you are bringing in $2,500 (100 gifts at $25 each). A 2% response brings that number up to $5,000 – still shy of your outgoing costs.

Variety is the Spice of Email

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Return Path shows that click-through rates can be 75% higher in emails that have subject lines with 49 or fewer characters versus subject lines with 50 or more. Experiment with sending frequency, and compare opens, clicks and opt-out rates to gauge your audience’s engagement. There is no need to settle for mediocre response rates when a spiffed-up subject line or more personalized content is all that’s standing in the way of stellar response rates.

Want more planned gifts? Focus on why not how


In fact, in case you haven’t figured it out by now, that’s precisely why your response rates are so low! There are a whole bunch of so-called “marketing companies” out there that say they help nonprofits get more planned gifts. I have a lot of issues with these firms. Here’s why: 1- Too often they seem to be too interested in selling cookie-cutter websites, spam emails, and printed newsletters than achieving real results.

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Feedback Week: Channel and Volume Preferences

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For perspective, the next most comment response accounted for four percent of comments. As Spiderman’s Uncle Ben would have said if he were a direct marketer, “with great consent comes great response rates.” Asking permission also increases opt-in rates.

Looking to Kick Your Online Fundraising up a Notch? [Tomorrow]

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Here’s what you’ll learn in this 60-minute online training: How to segment your email list to boost response rates. If you’ve mastered the very basics of online fundraising campaigns – goals, story arcs, deadlines, etc.

TESTING: When A/B Tests Attack (your results)

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The researchers found an interesting split in the data: effectiveness data significantly harmed response among smaller (under $100) donors (.6 In yesterday’s post we talked about when A/B tests show results, but all that’s really there is noise.

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How to Set a #GivingTuesday Goal

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Achieving a 3% response rate: 45 donors. Download our template and input your goals, number of current donors, and expected response rate and we’ll do the calculations for you Are you ready for #GivingTuesday 2015?

Do you know the names of your donor’s influencers?


Doing so will increase response rates, commitment, and donations. Life stories are like fingerprints. No two are alike and everyone has them. All of our life stories are filled with challenges that must be overcome, successes and failures, good times and heartaches, help we received from others and times we provided assistance. When people think about giving, they often start by visualizing their own autobiography.

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Social Media with M+R: How to Measure the Metrics that Matter


Goal: Engagement Metric: Overall Engagement Rate. Amy recommends setting metrics around the responses a post receives. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram now report on engagement rates right within their native analytics so be sure to figure out how these numbers are represented. To help boost engagement rates, Amy suggests using rich media like graphics and video, asking questions, and creating content that's just begging to be shared.

EAST: A Method for Applying Insights in Social Marketing Programs

Social Marketing and Social Change

Reducing the effort required can increase uptake or response rates. Making the message clear often results in a significant increase in response rates to communications. Help people plan their response to events.