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Recession Advertising Opportunity

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You don’t have to look at the official figures from Association of Magazine Media (AMM), the trade group for the magazine industry, to see that magazines remain mired in the recession right now in the United States.

Biggest Jump In Giving Since Great Recession

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Blackbaud is out with its 2013 Charitable Giving Report documenting the largest year-over-year increase in charitable giving since the Great Recession of 2007-2008.

Recession-proof your nonprofit

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Make your nonprofit recession proof. Here's a link to one of a long list of articles that shows that there is a lot of anxiety in nonprofit circles over the economy. link] S--t happens and it's happening now. Here are. Free Resources for Nonprofits Fundraising Tips Mobile Fundraising Online Fundraising Software for Nonprofits Viral Fundraising Web/Tech

The secret for nonprofits recovering from a recession

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With 50 years of tracking giving, Gregg shared his take away: nonprofits that kept asking for money during the 2007 – 2009 recession and even made investments in fundraising, have recovered from the recession faster and are even seeing record giving levels.


Are you a wage slave at your nonprofit? Take this quiz!

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Are You a Wage Slave? Do you spend more each month paying down your debts than buying new things? Do you depend completely on your job for money? Do you have a giant school or credit card debt you’re paying down right now? Do you worry every week about losing your job?

The Recession Business

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I jsut received another invitation to a webinar about "recession-proofing' my business. It turns out that the turbulence in the world markets have spawned the "What To Do About the Recession" industry. For nonprofits, there are certainly many issues to

Grantseeking During A Recession

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Download the slides below! Join our special guest Cindy Adams, CEO of GrantStation, as she offers the keys to successful grantseeking in tough economic times. What you can expect: Tips for developing successful grantseeking strategies A live demonstration of A live Q&A session Participants will also learn how they can receive a free, one-year GrantStation membership (a $599 value). About our speaker Cynthia Adams has been a fundraiser for over 35 years.

5 Nonprofit Marketing Innovations for Recession Survival

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Marketing your way through a recession is gritty, sweaty, get-your-hands-dirty work. Just when the need is greater than ever, resources are way down. And that's exactly how Tracy Mitchell, General Manager of Sag Harbor, NY's nonprofit Bay Street Theatre, tackled her marketing dilemmas, even before the recession hit in full force.

10 Strategies for Recession Fundraising

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The Chronicle of Philanthropy has a great series up right now with 10 things to do now, to raise money during the downturn. You need a subscription to read the full articles but here’s their list. It is based on interviews with a variety of organizations. Some of these are back-to-basics ideas, which is what a lot of people are focusing on. Others are about being frugal and innovative. All excellent ideas these days. Don’t treat giving as a financial transaction.

#Fundraising: Smaller Donations Can Bring Bigger Change During Recession

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The definition of a ‘microdonation’ can be tricky, or at least scalable. For many of us, a $50 donation to our favorite cause is no micro-gift. To the CEO of a bank, a $1 million gift might be small price to pay for some good PR.

Success During a Recession

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I heard from DonorPerfect that their clients have seen a 6% increase in donations during this economic downturn. I thought it would be great to hear why they have experienced success while other nonprofits are having a hard time. Jon Biedermann, Vice President at DonorPerfect offered to share some tips as to why they have been so successful. What has your organization done to create such great success in spite of a down economy?

When the recession will end

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From Dilbert, advice for organizations wondering about the recession: Glad I could be of help.

More about surviving the recession

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From the recent AFP conference, a summary of what some of the speakers said about surviving the recession (as reported in the Chronicle of Philanthropy at Focusing on What Works: Veteran Fund-Raising Consultants Offer Their Ideas ). Tags: Recession Among the ingredients given for success: Focusing on the mission, not the dollars that need to be raised. Understanding which fund-raising efforts are productive and which are not. Thanking donors. Listening to supporters.

Free podcast: Fundraising in a Recession

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Fundraising in a recession of course! Fundraising in a Recession. (c) Share and Enjoy: Other Possibly Related posts: Tips for Fundraising in a Recession New Author Gives Three Ways to Recession-Proof Your Nonprofit Recession proof your fundraising. Tags: fundraising secrets fundraising leadership Specials recession 3.

Don't let the recession break your spirit

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Some are humming along at normal funding levels as if the recession were just a disturbing news report from a distant country. Respond to the recession and call on donors to respond. You can think and talk and act like a victim of the recession -- but you know where that will get you. Don't act like there's no recession. That way you can minimize the impact of the recession. Tags: Recession Things are rough for nonprofits. But not for all of them.

Why the End of the Recession Could Bring Hard Times to Cause Marketing

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The end of the recession could bring new challenges to cause marketers.I don’t think I’m looking too far ahead, either. The Index of Leading Indicators turned slightly positive in April, suggesting the economy has troughed.

How some nonprofits are surviving the recession

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That's how to thrive in a recession. Tags: Recession Another survey. This time of the fundraising results of a group of nonprofits in the Pacific Northwest (mainly Oregon): Nonprofit Fundraising Trends 2009 (PDF, from Retriever Development Counsel ). In this one, 46% of the groups surveyed said they got higher fundraising results in 2008, while 39% did worse. Not bad.

Four Essential Tweaks to Your Appeals in a Recession

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The Chronicle of Philanthropy this week said the nation's biggest charities are forecasting a nine percent decline in giving this year - the biggest drop since the publication started tracking private donations in the early 90s.

#Tech: CES 2012 Shows Off The Flat Entertainment Coming Post-Recession

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Not the back end of the financial crisis/Great Recession, not the fact that Apple has not attended in over a decade, or that Microsoft is attending this year for the ‘last’ time could stop the show from breaking attendance records at over 153,000.

Fundraising Secret #41: Round with your donors

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As I’ve been saying for years, one of the most important things about fundraising in a recession is to keep doing the basics. Ask Fundraising Secrets major gifts recession proof fundraising twitter for nonprofits As fundraisers, we know we are most effective at our job when we’re talking to prospects one-on-one. Isn’t it amazing how seldom we do it?

Your Best Email Campaign Ever: 4 Steps to a Winning Strategy This Fall

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As the economy continues to ebb and flow (recession, not a recession, recession. VIEW THE PRESENTATION OUTLINE HERE >> You have a scary dollar amount floating above your head. It's a daunting fundraising goal that seems to be edging further from you every day. it's like watching a tennis match!), you wonder how you're going to effectively reach out to your supporters and reach your numbers. Say hello to a cost-effective, personalized solution: Email marketing.

Your key to recession survival: focus on donors

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But the funny thing is, you're going to have to keep thinking this way when the rest of the economy turns around, or you're going to stay in your own private recession for a long time. Technorati Tags: recession , marketing. Here's Katya Andresen 's column in this month's FundRaising Success : Pulling Out of the Nonprofit Nosedive. Her important point: When times are hard, the best thing to do is to give donors what they want.

Frugality Persists

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Citing data from Giving USA 2013, back in June Roger discussed the very slow recovery of charitable giving since the 2008 recession — giving in 2012 was up 3.9% (only 1.5% At that rate, it would take 6-7 more years for giving to reach the pre-recession high of $344.48 adjusting for inflation) over 2011. billion reached in 2007. Earlier this month, he reported on the latest Blackbaud Index , which showed overall giving up 2.2%

Video: non-profits turning to social media during recession

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Over the weekend, we came upon this segment from Current TV , discussing how non-profits are using social media in innovative ways to battle the economic downturn. Particularly interesting information on "aggregators." Enjoy!

Four essential tweaks to your appeals in a recession

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The Chronicle of Philanthropy today said the nation’s biggest charities are forecasting a 9 percent decline in giving this year - the biggest drop since the publication started tracking private donations in the early 90s.

Bad News: Donors Don’t Hang Around, Either

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Maybe it took the prolonged recession, like a receding tide, to reveal fundamental problems hidden below the surface of the fundraising enterprise. Photo credit: Bert Kaufmann. The only news that could make a 50% churn rate of development directors look good is the 73% attrition rate of first-time donors.

What happens when you don’t pay a living wage

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According to The Guardian , we are still in an economic recession due to income inequality.

Telling Stories that Move Donors to Give

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It was the midst of the Great Recession, and about one in ten people across the U.S. We told our donors that because they supported our efforts, Amadou and his family (and hundreds like them) would make it through the Recession.

Great Depression: The Sequel

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Fundraising Research economy Great Depression major gifts recessionThese are not easy times for securing major gifts. In fact, the current economic doldrums bear an eerie resemblance to another era – the Great Depression. In the Chronicle of Philanthropy , Holly Hall compares current Giving USA data with historical data on 1930s fundraising. In both periods, major gifts dropped sharply and have been slow to recover.

This is What Nonprofits Need More Than a Facebook Donate Button

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All nonprofits are under constant scrutiny to ensure that the majority of their funds go towards direct services and not overhead, Fundraising and marketing budgets (for those organizations big enough to have staff) are the first thing to get cut in a recession.

Charitable giving on the rebound, says Giving USA

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billion, with donations from individuals driving much of the growth that sees giving inching closer to pre-recession levels. The latest Giving USA report was released today, showing that total U.S. charitable giving increased for the fourth consecutive year in 2013. Overall giving grew 4.4% last year to an estimated $335.17 Some highlights: Giving by individuals increased by 4.2%, while corporate giving declined by 1.9%. Individual giving made up 72% of total contributions in 2013.

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#ProAging: Social Security Recipients Enjoy COLA For First Time In Two Years

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Those prices have, if anything, fallen during The Great Recession, so recipients have not seen a COLA since 2009. Social Security has built into its law and budgets a ‘ Cost of Living Adjustment ‘ (COLA) tied to inflation and/or rising prices.

#Aging: Social Security Recipients Enjoy COLA For First Time In Two Years

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Those prices have, if anything, fallen during The Great Recession, so recipients have not seen a COLA since 2009. Social Security has built into its law and budgets a ‘Cost of Living Adjustment’ (COLA) tied to inflation and/or rising prices.

#Economy: The Loss Of A Functional Middle Class

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The oft-discussed possibility of a double-dip recession still looms darkly on the near horizon. For the rest of the economy, and the people who built it, the shocks of ‘The Great Recession’ are still coming.

#Philanthropy: Livestrong Bucked Economy & ROI Expectations Via SM

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The Great Recession hardly seems over, though most are confident that we have worked through the deepest part of the proverbial woods. But a few were able to fight the long dark night by sticking to a simple strategy that proved effective before the recession and even helped them expand their Return On Investment (ROI) through the downturn. The recession feels for most of us like it continues.

#ProAging: GAP Index Highlights Global Challenges Of Care For Aging

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Something well worth noting as nonprofits, charities, and government agencies contend with The Great Recession and an aging population of Boomers moving toward retirements: The country whose position flipped to the two extremes of Income Adequacy and Fiscal Sustainability was Mexico.

Finally some 2012 Statistics for the African Mobile Phone Market

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Despite the global recession and one of the lowest per-capita income levels in the world, BRICS counties and others are investing in Africa ahead of other markets.

Must-know Neuro-Nudges for Nonprofits

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As a champion for a cause, it’s your task to tap into those recesses by appealing to that urge. Network for Good is hosting a free webinar this Thursday, March 14 at 1 p.m. ET on neuromarketing - a topic definitely worth your time! The urge to help and give is hard-wired into the human brain. The simplest things – images, words, gestures, even type fonts – can have a major effect on the potency of your message.

Press Release 101: Why You Need a Good ‘Nut Graph’

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Example: “At a time when many local workers have lost their jobs due to the recent recession, this new program offers career training and placement services that are otherwise difficult to afford.”

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Need Writing Ideas? Try These Prompts

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Think about classrooms, textbooks, a syllabus, principals, teachers, students, tests, desks, chalkboard, recess, subjects, detention, field trips, homework, and report cards.

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