Powerful Segmentation Ideas for Year-End Online Fundraising Campaigns

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Segmenting your email list to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time will help you and your nonprofit get better fundraising results – more new donors, more renewals, more monthly donors and higher average gifts. What’s your segmentation strategy?

Segmenting “Cost To Acquire” Using Identity

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If one acquisition mail package has a response rate of 1.1% and an average gift of $28, you’d pick that over another with a response rate of 1% and an average gift of $25, right?

18 Email Subject Line Strategies That Will Increase Your Open Rates

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Use these words (sparingly) and watch your open rates climb! Segment Your Target Audience based on what they click on. Based on what people click on, segment your list and email JUST to those people who clicked on, for example, your donate link.

What the Simpsons Can Teach Us About Retention Rate

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Surely, your file will grow and your retention rate will increase. But your retention rate is down. Retention rate. Retention rate. Hence, no one should ever be given the sole goal of improving overall retention rate.

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How to Define Retention Rate for Customer Retention

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Then you can use some basic equations to really start to calculate your retention rate and work to create a predictive model to fight it. This measurement should be done on a daily basis to understand how each day plays into your overall rate. Importance of Segmentation.

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Do You Know Your ‘Failure Rate’?

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Of course we arrive at such a silly expectation without the foggiest idea of what the ‘failure rates’ are on the techniques and technologies we’ve been using — without question — for years. We reject the use of predictive models because they only work 80% of the time, not realizing of course that our old RFM segmentation processes may work only 50% or 60% of the time — if we only knew. This is a long, but very, very important post.

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Harlequin NASCAR and the art of segmentation

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Thunderstruck is rated 4.5 Segmentation is essential to effective nonprofit marketing. Try to group the rest of your supporters into segments of common passions, paying attention and responding to their interests - like what they clicked on in your last email.

Online Surveys: Five Ways to Up Your Completion Rate

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And don't forget that different folks have different motivations to take the same survey, so consider segmenting your list and creating more targeted invitations accordingly. Offering an incentive for survey takers is a nice way of saying that you value your subscribers' time and input, and it has the added benefit of boosting your participation rates.

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Agitators Rate Twitter

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Twitter will be only marginally useful for most nonprofits, because only a very small segment of their donors & activists will adopt it — 34%. Here are the responses to date of our one-question survey regarding Twitter : Which statement about Twitter to you most agree with? Twitter is a killer app and will become hugely important to nonprofit communications and fundraising going forward — 38%.

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Generating Leads By Combining Identity and Programmatic Outreach

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If you’ve been reading this week, you probably already have guessed that a priming statement like “we thought you might be interested because of how hangnails have affected your life” increased preference for a communication (which translates to response rate, CTR, etc.)

Are You Missing the Golden Middle?

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As midlevel files grow, fundraisers are finding ever more sophisticated ways of segmenting in order to personalize the donor journey. In 1987 I launched a series of highly successful mid-level giving programs and for years wondered why others weren’t doing the same.

Taming Facebook with identity

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We’ve also seen examples where targeting a custom audience who are receiving a mail or email solicitation can lift the response rate to that more traditional communication.

Agitator Cliff Notes: “Data Driven Nonprofits”

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Think how a simple “bird” vs. “general nature” donor identity question helped increase RSPB’s response rates and average gift by 15% each on a humble telemarketing call. I have a confession to make. I still dog-ear pages.

Advocacy Fundraising #3: Finding and Converting Advocates

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While it’s harder to stay compliant with Google, advocacy pages will often have high click-through rates and can help you stay above 5% CTR with your ads. You’ve defined your Advocate Identity. And you know the slacktivism traps.

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Introducing TrueAppend for Fundraisers

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Prepare attribute-level match rates to support your own analysis and segmentation projects. Breaking Out of the Status Quo Demographics Donor Identity Fundraising analytics / data Nonprofit management Planned giving / legacy marketing Research Segmentation Uncategorized premiumToday we’re adding TrueAppend to The Agitator Toolbox. This easy-to-use tool enables you to go online and quickly— and without charge – get a demographic overview of your donor database.

How We Cleaned Up Our Email List and Re-Engaged Our Subscribers

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Thanks to Nonprofit Marketing Guide, we knew it was important to segment our email list to increase engagement. In March, we had 18,859 subscribers on our email list, had been sending the same weekly email to everyone, and our open rate had dropped to 12%. Aubrey Brennan.

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Nonprofit Email Newsletter Best Practices and Tips

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Usually, unless it is for a specific segment of your mailing list. How to Raise Your E-Newsletter Open Rate [Results from Our Experiment] When to Stop Snail Mailing and Emailing People, Part I What content should I put in my nonprofit email newsletter? Mind Your Microcontent: 8 Little Bits That Can Make a Big Difference in Your Next Email 6 Tips for Improving Your Email Sender Reputation and Open Rates How do we get people to subscribe?

Still Time for this Year-End Tweak

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your ability to segment your list as you want to) or re-brand at this point. In fact, the likelihood of meeting your year-end fundraising goals is linked directly to improving your open rates. Assess the open rates for subject line A versus subject line B.

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Here's 28 Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Should Switch to EveryAction


Higher Conversion Rates = Raising More Money. The Audubon Society's Porter Mason said that EveryAction's network effect "increased conversion rates by a magnitude of 5x to 20x". #2. Dig deeper by segmenting data by universe, timeframe, or source.

How Much Is Spam Hurting Your Online Fundraising? [New Study]

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They took a closer look at active fundraising periods and found end-of-year email fundraising took an especially big hit with spam rates jumping to 23.61% in 2016 as opposed to 8.6% GivingTuesday 2016 also saw spam rates climb 9.27% over 2015’s rates.

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The Roles A Nonprofit's Founder May Hold During the Life Cycle or Growth of the Organization

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The IRS has a segment of their website dedicated to the life cycle of the nonprofit called Life Cycle of a Public Charity. best practices start up upping the success rate founders life cycle of a nonprofit how toNot every person who founds a nonprofit is not necessarily the very best possible candidate to either be the new organization's executive director nor the board president (and should never be both).

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M+R Benchmarks Study

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I am just covering the very basics here so you will definitely want to download your own copy which also segments the data by mission and size. Almost every individual email metric declined including open rates and click-through rates. Click-through rates. Bounce rates.

Our EveryAction Hero: Feeding Wisconsin


As far as we've been tracking since we transitioned to EveryAction, our open rate is much higher than it was before. On our old database our open rate was around 18% but on EveryAction we are averaging off all the emails we sent at a 32% open rate. Also because of the segmentation tools and our development practice segmenting our database, we are sending more emails to a smaller group of people which then drives higher engagement.

12 Key Digital Engagement Trends from the 2018 M+R Benchmarks Report


Open rates, fundraising click-through rates and page completion rates for both fundraising and advocacy all went down. Having a tool that allows for easy segmentation and testing is key to improving email deliverability. While these numbers suggest that desktop users are still the most important segment of digital engagement, keep in mind that the proportion of transactions from mobile users increased 50% between 2016 and 2017. boost in their conversion rates.

Drive Donors to your Online Donation Page with These Six Marketing Strategies, Part 1

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Here’s a sneak peek of what we’re going to discuss: Segment Your Donors. Segment Your Donors. Before you even start marketing your online donation page, you need to segment your existing database into different groups. Abby Jarvis.

6 Ways to Grow Your Email List with Facebook

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Email segmentation is a superpower! Completion rates via email consistently dwarf those of Facebook by 4X. Guest Post By John Haydon If you’re like most nonprofits, Facebook is your top social network to engage supporters and increase awareness about your nonprofit.

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10 Email Resolutions for the New Year


Anyone can send emails but the key to having a great email program: high deliverability rate. Segmenting Lists. Tackling list segments can seem daunting at first but our advice for an easy way to start is to create donor personas. These shouldn’t just be segments based off of just age or demographic. While segmenting your lists is the first step, the next is to tailor your content to target your specific audience.

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Why internet users and social media users are now essentially the same thing

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The growth rate is only expected to increase during this decade. As I’ve indicated in the past , online users should always be further segmented based on their online behaviour. According to Internet World Stats , there are now 2.3 Billion Internet users on our planet.

Connecting with Donors through Your Database

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To build connection with donors you need to segment accurately and relevantly, offer unique communication plans, determine the right time to communicate and ensure you are providing relevant information about your cause. These are four critical elements for connecting with your donors, but now let’s look at segmentation. Segmentation can be based on the dollar range of gifts or by how recently and/or frequently donors gave.

Good News For A Friday

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And it turns out that, as an industry, the nonprofit sector generates the highest open rates, with an average of 29%. Within the nonprofit sector, this study unfortunately only breaks out religious organisations which lead the way with 38% average open rates, and then medical services/associations at 32%. Constant Contact credits nonprofits with being better at segmenting based upon recipient behavior.

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6 Ways to Get More Online Monthly Donors

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We all know why nonprofits want monthly donors — fantastic ROI, high retention rates and higher lifetime value. In a campaign, segment your list, pull low-dollar donors ($5-$90) into a segment, and pitch them to join the monthly sustainer program in the call-to-action.

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Testing 101: 4 Steps for Optimizing Your Fundraising Approach

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Here’s an example: Integrated online/offline messages will yield higher results in regard to money raised, average gift, and response rate (both online and offline) than will unrelated online and offline messages. Test group segments will receive: Pre-email mirroring messaging of direct mail.

The New Email Metric You Might Want to Try

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Right now, I bet most of you are looking at your open rates and click-through rates, and maybe your click-to-open ratio. The open rate is hovering around 22%. Our Email Engagement Rate: 38%. Let’s talk about email engagement.

When to Stop Snail Mailing and Emailing People, Part II

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There’s no such thing as an open or click rate with your print appeals or newsletters. Instead, you are entirely dependent on the equivalent of the online conversion rate: Did they take any actions you requested in print? Last week, in Part I of this post , I asked this question: What do you do with people on your print and email lists who haven’t responded to your content in a while? And exactly how long is “a while?”

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Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators

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M+R dove deeper into the numbers from their Benchmark Report to give us Benchmarks Bonus: Email Rates by Segment. Happy Friday, good people out there doing good work! Thank you for making the world a better place.

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5 Tips to Maximize Your Nonprofit's Presence on LinkedIn

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Use images: According to LinkedIn, posts with images have a 98% higher comment rate , so don''t skimp. Include links: Posts with links to other content have twice the engagement rate than posts without.

What Comes Next

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The retention rate for new donors continues to be abysmal. This is why segmenting your donors and personalizing their correspondence is crucial, so is a good database to help you with this. Strengthen Your Donor Segmentation: 7 Successful Strategies.

3 scientific concepts you should understand and use properly to break through the noise and gain your supporters’ attention.


Signaling theory , first mentioned by Anthony McGann and Raymond Marquardt at the University of Wyoming in 1975, states that communication messages with high rates of repetition signal quality to consumers, which leads to high ratings in Consumer Reports. People are busy.

Looking to Kick Your Online Fundraising up a Notch? [Tomorrow]

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Here’s what you’ll learn in this 60-minute online training: How to segment your email list to boost response rates. If you’ve mastered the very basics of online fundraising campaigns – goals, story arcs, deadlines, etc.

3 Surefire Communication Strategies to Follow Your Events

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To meet donors’ expectations, you’ll need to do more than send generic thank you emails ( even if you have high open rates ). That’s why it’s important to segment your donor list so that you can reach your donors in the most meaningful, genuine ways possible. Kerri Moore.

Learning About Email at #15NTC

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Engagement – Send only relevant messages which will require segmenting your list. Metrics – Track open rates, click-through rates, and other meaningful metrics to see what’s working.

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How Greenpeace & Other Environmental Groups Are Using Technology to Build a Better World


Send them some of your greatest successes or any actions you have with high engagement rates, but most importantly use this welcome series to convert them into new donors! It involves segmenting your audience and creating customized emails just for them, but with a good CRM it’s easy. There are thousands of nonprofits changing the world in big and small ways every single day.

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Making the Most of Monthly Giving

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Plus, monthly giving will raise your retention rate. According to the Fundraising Effectiveness Project, the retention rate for monthly donors is 90%. You should be personalizing and segmenting all your appeal letters, anyway. Image via Bloomerang.