50-50 Raffle

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A 50-50 raffle is the most basic of raffles. All you do is sell tickets to the raffle, combine the money and award 50% of the combined money to the person who holds the winning ticket and 50% of the money to your organization. A 50-50 raffle takes next to no planning and you don’t even need to buy prizes ahead of time. There are plenty of events at which you could hold a 50-50 raffle to increase your fundraiser’s profits.

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10 Raffle Ideas You Can’t Afford to Miss

Fundraiser Ideas

Raffles are an excellent way for your organization or cause to raise money. Following are 10 raffle ideas you can’t afford to miss. Table raffle. In a table raffle, donated items are laid out on tables with jars in front of each. Ticket buyers place their raffle tickets in the jar in front of the prize they’d like to win. 50-50 raffle. The 50-50 raffle is one of the easiest raffle ideas. Basket raffle. Automobile raffle.

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The Top 10 School Fundraising Ideas

Fundraiser Ideas

As school budgets tighten across the country, school fundraising becomes an increasingly critical pursuit. What follows are our top 10 school fundraising ideas: Corporate sponsorship. Partnering with your local businesses to raise money for a specific school project or event is one of the best school fundraising ideas out there. A Tree of Giving is a permanent wall memorial of those who generously gave to the school. Basket raffle.

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10 Fundraising Ideas for Schools You Can’t Afford to Miss

Fundraiser Ideas

With budget cuts being more and more frequent for schools nationwide, fundraising for extracurricular programs has become increasingly important. Active fundraising is a perfect way for schools to raise money for new uniforms, trips or new equipment. The following are 10 fundraising ideas for schools you can’t afford to miss: Discount Cards – Discount cards are a popular fundraising idea for schools. Related posts: 10 Raffle Ideas You Can’t Afford to Miss.

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Cool Ideas for Class Items for a School Auction

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If your school has a fundraising event with an auction, you may already ask classes to provide something to be auctioned. Schools like the Huntington Seacliff Elementary and Temple Aliyah had some neat ideas for class projects.

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Charity Fashion Show

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For instance, have your school ’s fashion design club design the clothing; have your school’s TV production students film the show; have students from your school’s theater department do the lighting and set design; and get a charismatic student to emcee the show.

10 Charity Fundraising Events to Raise Large Amounts of Money

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Automobile raffle. As this is a big ticket raffle , publicize it in newspapers, the radio and the Internet to maximize raffle ticket sales. Add raffle items or a 50-50 raffle to raise even more money. 10 Raffle Ideas You Can’t Afford to Miss. Charity Fundraising Church Fundraising Creative Fundraising Ideas Fun Fundraising Ideas Fundraising Events Fundraising Ideas for Kids Non Profit Fundraising School Fundraising

10 Good Fundraising Ideas for the Novice Fundraiser

Fundraiser Ideas

50/50 Raffle – This is number one on our list of 10 good fundraising ideas for novice fundraisers for several reasons, but chief among them is its ease; the only material you really need to get this fundraiser going is a roll of raffle tickets. Sell the 50/50 raffle tickets at $1/ticket (participants can buy as many as they’d like). A bake sale at a school function, office, or other event is easy to organize, even for the novice fundraiser.

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10 Ways to Creatively Ask Friends and Family for Money

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Creative Way #9: Seek a Donation Gift and Sell Raffle Tickets. This way, you can use it as a prize, and sell tickets to raffle it off at the end of the fundraiser. Charity Fundraising Church Fundraising Easy Fundraising Free Fundraising Ideas Fun Fundraising Ideas Fundraising Ideas for Kids High School Fundraising Ideas School Fundraising“Oh no, here she comes with another solicitation for money for a fundraiser.”.

Trivia Night Fundraiser

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Consider adding a 50-50 raffle to your trivia night. A 50-50 raffle is when people buy a raffle ticket, one raffle ticket is drawn and the owner of that raffle ticket receives half of all of the money collected. Related posts: 50-50 Raffle.

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The Top 22 Art Fundraising Ideas

Fundraiser Ideas

Most of these ideas would be great as elementary school fundraisers or as preschool fundraisers, but they can be adapted for other settings, of course. Live Art Auction: You could have high school students create pieces of art to be included in a live auction. Teach an Art Class: If you and your group members cannot teach a drawing or painting class, try to convince the high school art teacher or a local artist to lead a class.

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10 Simple Ways Nonprofits Can Prepare for A Successful #GivingTuesday

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Example: “We need to raise $10,000 to provide free after school homework help to 350 high school kids in upstate New York this school year!”. If you donated on #GivingTuesday you were automatically entered into the raffle.

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Free Business Cards for Your Organization and Fundraising Events

Fundraiser Ideas

To increase the effectiveness of promoting a fundraising event with free business cards, you could try the following: You can hand out cards that automatically enter people into a free raffle. All you would have to do is write a number on the back of each card and something along the lines of “You’ve just been entered into a free raffle. School Fundraising with Custom T Shirts.

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Why You Need a Fundraising Thermometer and Five Places You Can Get One for Free

Fundraiser Ideas

From traditional magazine sales and candy bars to basket raffles and office perks auctions, there are numerous fundraising ideas out there that are sure to meet your organization’s unique fundraising needs. School-Fundraisers.com. Charity Fundraising Church Fundraising College Fundraising Non Profit Fundraising Online Fundraising PTA Fundraising School Fundraising

The 14 Things You Absolutely Need to Do During Your Fundraising Events

Fundraiser Ideas

Offer additional ways for guests to donate money, such as a raffle. Charity Fundraising Church Fundraising College Fundraising Fundraising Events Non Profit Fundraising Other PTA Fundraising School FundraisingI’ve always found fundraising events to be a good time. I meet hundreds of people, and really get to use my fundraising skills to collect money for a good cause.

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Getting the Media Interested in a Milestone with Dallas CASA

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Children’s playhouses are on display for two weeks in a local mall, and we sell raffle tickets for them. As a former newspaper reporter, I always remember what I learned in J-school: a man walking a dog is not news, but a dog walking a man? Mindy Baxter of Dallas CASA.

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10 Ideas for Fundraising You Cannot Afford to Miss

Fundraiser Ideas

10 Raffle Ideas You Can’t Afford to Miss. Charity Fundraising Church Fundraising College Fundraising Creative Fundraising Ideas Easy Fundraising Free Fundraising Ideas High School Fundraising Ideas Non Profit Fundraising PTA Fundraising Sports FundraisingOne of the best ways to boost the visibility and financial stability of your nonprofit or charitable organization is by designing and implementing exciting, original ideas for fundraising activities.

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6 Simple Tips for Outstanding Charity Events

Fundraiser Ideas

How to Hold a Simple 50-50 Raffle. Charity Fundraising Church Fundraising Fundraising Events Non Profit Fundraising PTA Fundraising School FundraisingPlanning engaging and crowd-pleasing charity events is a must if you are going to increase donations to your cause and generate meaningful financial support to your organization.

10 Simple Fundraiser Ideas for Small Groups

Fundraiser Ideas

Have each member make a couple of different treats and then host your sale at an event with lots of foot traffic, like a school open house. 50/50 Raffle – You only need one person to sell tickets to make a 50/50 raffle a success. Of course, having a few people working the crowd to sell tickets will make your raffle even more successful. Flower Day – This is one of the best fundraiser ideas for small groups within a larger organization, like a school.

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Major Gift Fundraising for Small Shops {Book Review}

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The book provides a great example of how to reword donor communications: Instead of: “This year, we helped 150 children succeed in school through our after-school programs.”.

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Go Team Go! Live Auction Action!

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Ask your local college or high school cheer/drill team. Dressed up for an elegant dinner, they can encourage raffle / drawing sales and live bidding! During a live auction in San Diego, the bidding got going with the help of a couple board members and their daughters. Splendidly dressed, they stood near the stage as the auctioneer worked the crowd. The first few bids would get appreciative claps from the charity's unofficial cheer team.

Silent Auction Guide: Solicitation Letter

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Develop a sexy solicitation letter to request a donation for your auction/raffle. Historically, best selling items based on the Biddery Travel Dining Beauty Products and Services Personalized Items or Offers from Board Members (or students if having a school auction Include your logo, 501c3 or tax ID information, brief description about your organization and event and an explanation on what the funds raised will be used for.

#FUNDRAISING: Maximizing Your Organization’s Return on Fundraising Events

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Sometimes, however, as she was seeing her own children off to their private, very well-heeled school, this prospective donor thought about what might have been possible for her friends growing up, if only they had had the same opportunities as she. Yet another raffle.

Taming the Special Event Monster

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Be creative with fun raffle ideas, and never overlook the income-producing power of a Fund-A-Need. You might find a tech savvy high-school student willing oversee your event’s social media plan for little to no cost to you. You know it’s there, lurking in the shadows of your workload.

Cause Marketing With Other Nonprofits

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The Legion has long sponsored Boys State and Girls State, a summer leadership and citizenship program for high school students. I loved going to Log-a-Load for Kids events because they were really grassroots… pheasant hunts, bass tournaments, raffles, and the like… and because the people involved were so genuine and real. We’ve seen many times that not all cause marketing takes between a company and a cause.

#Interview: Marc Pitman, Owner of the “Fundraising Coach” Blog, Author, and Fundraising Consultant

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You can sell a raffle ticket for only so much. I took computer classes as early as grade school, I love technology and I’m an extrovert, so social media makes sense to me. Marc A.