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50-50 Raffle

Fundraiser Ideas

A 50-50 raffle is the most basic of raffles. All you do is sell tickets to the raffle, combine the money and award 50% of the combined money to the person who holds the winning ticket and 50% of the money to your organization. A 50-50 raffle takes next to no planning and you don’t even need to buy prizes ahead of time.

10 Raffle Ideas You Can’t Afford to Miss

Fundraiser Ideas

Raffles are an excellent way for your organization or cause to raise money. Following are 10 raffle ideas you can’t afford to miss. Table raffle. In a table raffle, donated items are laid out on tables with jars in front of each. 50-50 raffle. The 50-50 raffle is one of the easiest raffle ideas.

10 Charity Fundraising Events to Raise Large Amounts of Money

Fundraiser Ideas

Automobile raffle. As this is a big ticket raffle , publicize it in newspapers, the radio and the Internet to maximize raffle ticket sales. Add raffle items or a 50-50 raffle to raise even more money. 10 Raffle Ideas You Can’t Afford to Miss. Charity 5K. Charity concert. Charity dinner. Penny carnival.

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Trivia Night Fundraiser

Fundraiser Ideas

Consider adding a 50-50 raffle to your trivia night. Related posts: 50-50 Raffle. Lots of bars and pubs hold trivia nights.

Dunk Tank

Fundraiser Ideas

Also, a dunk tank fundraiser is likely to attract a large crowd, so be sure to sell tickets for a 50-50 raffle as well (a raffle in which the winner receives 50% of the money collected and your organization receives the other 50%). Don’t forget to make sure that it is legal to hold this type of raffle in your area beforehand.

10 Exciting Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams

Fundraiser Ideas

Like a 50/50 raffle , the winner will take 50% of the proceeds and the charity will take 50% of the proceeds. White Elephant Raffle – Make your raffle more exciting with this fundraising idea for sports teams. Place raffle items in sealed bags or boxes, so donors don’t know for sure what is in each bag or box. We do.

Planning a fundraising event? Read this.

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The best raffles and auctions feature items that tie back to your cause or reflect your community’s unique interests. It’s event season!

Size Matters – When to Write Long, or Short

Getting Attention

Answering a 3-question online survey with an attractive incentive (raffle). Eureka! Liking your organization on Facebook. Copywriting

10 Ways to Creatively Ask Friends and Family for Money

Fundraiser Ideas

Creative Way #9: Seek a Donation Gift and Sell Raffle Tickets. This way, you can use it as a prize, and sell tickets to raffle it off at the end of the fundraiser. “Oh no, here she comes with another solicitation for money for a fundraiser.”. Do you often feel as though your friends and family think that when you approach them?

Taming the Special Event Monster

Fundraising Coach

Be creative with fun raffle ideas, and never overlook the income-producing power of a Fund-A-Need. Am I being overly dramatic?

Major Gift Fundraising for Small Shops {Book Review}

J Campbell Social Marketing

I have been a fan of Amy Eisenstein’s blog for a while, so when she offered me an advance copy of her new book I jumped at the chance.

Getting People to Take Your Online Survey

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Just let them know that completing the survey enters them automatically in a raffle for the gift. Sarah Durham of Sarah Big Duck. I sure do.

Getting the Media Interested in a Milestone with Dallas CASA

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Children’s playhouses are on display for two weeks in a local mall, and we sell raffle tickets for them. Mindy Baxter of Dallas CASA.

10 Simple Fundraiser Ideas for Small Groups

Fundraiser Ideas

50/50 Raffle – You only need one person to sell tickets to make a 50/50 raffle a success. Of course, having a few people working the crowd to sell tickets will make your raffle even more successful. When people think of fundraising, they often think of a large organization hosting a huge event.

Grassroots Cause Marketing from Volvo

Cause Related Marketing

Volvo does an annual national car raffle for ALSF. Alex herself suffered from neuroblastoma and died in 2004 at the tender age of 8.

The Top 22 Art Fundraising Ideas

Fundraiser Ideas

Gallery Opening: Host a student gallery opening with a 50-50 raffle. Most of these ideas would be great as elementary school fundraisers or as preschool fundraisers, but they can be adapted for other settings, of course. Custom postcards and stationary. Many parents would buy this as a keepsake. Your group could paint for 24 hours.

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Does Amazon's new "Smile" mean a windfall for your nonprofit's year-end fundraising?

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I''m not a fan of "fundraising sales" like cookie dough, pizza kits, wrapping paper, raffle tickets, or popcorn. Is AmazonSmile a game changer?

[Guest Post] Special events: Make them worth the effort

Fundraising Coach

Consider a high dollar raffle of 3 to 5 big items instead. I love her idea of fundraising events being a “22-hour piñata”!

Don’t Let Your Fundraising Be One-and-Done

Ann Green

I recently attended an event that charged admission, had a silent and live auction, and held a raffle. This is known as one-and-done. Yikes!

Cause-Related Marketing Tombola

Cause Related Marketing

In the UK a tombala is a revolving drum typically turned by hand and used in lotteries or raffles.

Using mobile phone marketing to build an email list


San Francisco AIDS Foundation promoted a contest in which they raffled an iPad in exchange for joining the email list via SMS.

10 Ideas for Fundraising You Cannot Afford to Miss

Fundraiser Ideas

10 Raffle Ideas You Can’t Afford to Miss. One of the best ways to boost the visibility and financial stability of your nonprofit or charitable organization is by designing and implementing exciting, original ideas for fundraising activities. Here are 10 ideas for fundraising your organization cannot afford to overlook. Themed cookbooks.

Big Cause Marketing From a Small Business

Cause Related Marketing

Where's the raffle? Years ago Junior Achievement had one of the most cleared-eyed policy manuals on cause marketing I’ve ever come across.

Gambling With Your Pink Ribbon Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

This post was prompted by a raffle… the mildest of games of chance… that took place at Longevity Pilates in Verona, New Jersey.

The 14 Things You Absolutely Need to Do During Your Fundraising Events

Fundraiser Ideas

Offer additional ways for guests to donate money, such as a raffle. I’ve always found fundraising events to be a good time. I meet hundreds of people, and really get to use my fundraising skills to collect money for a good cause. Your fundraising event could create a foundation for many successful fundraisers in the future.

Haiti one year on – the view from an online donor’s doormat

Giving in a Digital World

A year ago this month, along with millions of others world-wide, I donated online in response to the terrible earthquake that hit Haiti.

10 Simple Fundraising Ideas for Clubs

Fundraiser Ideas

50/50 Raffle – A 50/50 raffle is one of the best simple fundraising ideas because you only need a roll of raffle tickets and a group of people to take part in the raffle. How to Hold a Simple 50-50 Raffle. Fundraising is a very important function for clubs. In fact, sometimes simple is better! It’s that easy!

10 Christmas Fundraising Ideas Guaranteed to Spread Holiday Cheer

Fundraiser Ideas

Add Christmas-themed raffle items for more holiday fundraising. Christmas is a time of giving. It’s the time of year that people are most likely to open their hearts and their wallets. Sell Christmas trees. Publicize the charity you support and offer free hot cocoa or hot apple cider to set your tree lot apart from others in town.

Road to the Red Carpet Silent Auction Gala

The Biddery Blog

The evening promises to provide a true Hollywood experience for all in attendance. Guests will stroll in on a red carpet passing swarms of paparazzi.

#PHILANTHROPY: What Might Inspire People To Give To Your Charity?

Non Profit Marketing 360

Takeaways: first-and-foremost, offer a raffle! The year’s fundraising drives are laid out before you and your colleagues.

Credit Card Processing for a Fundraising Campaign

A Small Change

You can even get setup to take recurring donations on a monthly basis from your core supporters.


Grow your email list without spending money


A great (yet time-consuming) way to promote email signup is to create a fun contest, quiz, or raffle. Clear the path to signup on your website.

10 Cheap Fundraising Ideas for When Money is Tight

Fundraiser Ideas

The following are 10 cheap fundraising ideas for when money is tight: 50/50 raffle – This is one of the best cheap fundraising ideas, because the only cost to the organization is a roll of raffle tickets. Sell raffle tickets to donors and split the money evenly with the winner. Positive cash flow is immediate. a piece.


10 Mission Trip Fundraising Ideas You Can’t Afford to Miss

Fundraiser Ideas

Raffle yourself off. Raffle off blocks of your time. Related posts: 10 Raffle Ideas You Can’t Afford to Miss. Undertaking a mission can be one of the most fulfilling trips in your lifetime; however, many mission trip participants worry about funding their humanitarian and charitable work. Send friends and family letters.

The Top 10 School Fundraising Ideas

Fundraiser Ideas

Basket raffle. Each classroom is charged with creating a basket to raffle off. At a school event, such as parent-teacher conferences, a school concert or an open house, sell raffle tickets and let the parents select which baskets they’d like to enter to win. Donate a brick. Tree of Gving. These are popular in hospitals.


10 Engaging Office Fundraising Ideas

Fundraiser Ideas

Day off raffle. Buy-your-boss raffle. Employees purchase raffle tickets and enter to have one of the company’s executives perform their job duties for the afternoon, while they sit back and relax. The average American worker spends 2,000 hours per year at the office. Who doesn’t want an extra day off? Recycling.

Building Your Nonprofit Email List

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You can announce a raffle or a contest, asking people to write their email addresses on the raffle stub to enter. Premiums, contests and raffles: Any kind of donor contact that has a reward is a good opportunity to ask for email addresses. When you're collecting email addresses, you need to focus on both donors and non-donors.

Where is your target audience spending money?

Wild Woman Fundraising

How much do people spend in your region and on what? Can you compare and contrast regions? What about if you hold a bake sale? Digg this! Tweet This!

Cool Ideas for Class Items for a School Auction

The Biddery Blog

Add raffle prizes as an additional source of revenue or include a raffle ticket with admission to encourage event sales.

Fundraising Tips for Twestival Local 2011 Organizers

Fundraising Coach

Use multiple streams: ticket sales, donations, ads, corporate sponsors, sponsor space on blogs, raffles…the possibilities are endless!