The Cause Marketing Proposal

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The production of a cause marketing proposal is a very big topic. Today’s piece of it; "preparing for every contingency in your cause marketing proposal." Everybody back at corporate loves the proposal,” she says. While you could play off of their guilt and press for a donation from the company foundation, instead you decide to offer a counter proposal. It teaches you to think of cause marketing sponsorship as a negotiation, not just a proposal or pitch meeting.

Tips on Building Good Proposals

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Most significant six-figure asks include a proposal of some kind. Proposals can also take the tension out of a conversation by redirecting attention to a picture or statistic that connects with your conversation. You don’t have to have every question answered in your proposal, and it doesn’t always need to be four-color and on glossy paper. Here are a few useful tips I’ve found for building good proposals. You don’t have to write a long proposal.


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Gates Foundations Seeks Communications Proposals—Game Changer

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The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has announced a call for communications proposals to “help change the narrative on foreign aid.” The submission process is simple, requiring just a two-page proposal. At last—funding specifically directed to communications!

How to write knockout proposals

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I read this book last week called “How to Write Knockout Proposals&# by Joseph Barbato. Don’t put together one proposal then send it to lots of different funders. Make sure that your proposal is a good fit, then explain that fit in your proposal. Your proposal should be written in layman’s terms. Remember, you don’t want to give the proposal reviewer any reason to toss your proposal.

Plan Ahead with Your Proposals

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When doing a grant or foundation proposal you will get much further if you have a comprehensive program. Related posts: It’s Good When it Works Tips on Building Good Proposals Social Media Planning: It’s All About Engagement Creating an Online Fundraising Plan: Interview, Part 3 Meeting Outcomes. Sometimes it makes a lot of sense to fund the new exciting idea that someone has. Other times it is valuable to take a step back and think about what your long-term plan is going to be.

Time To Plan Your Proposal For The 2012 Baltimore Green Week!

Non Profit Marketing 360

The form required to propose your project, product, booth, or happening is available online , and is due on December 14th. The winning proposals will be announced in mid-January. The meeting is open to anyone even considering submitting a proposal, though GBW asks for an RSVP either to or with a call to 410-952-0334.

[Guest Post] Telling Your Story In the Grant Proposal Budget

Fundraising Coach

Telling Your Story In the Grant Proposal Budget. Rather, I will take the conversation about storytelling a bit deeper, and ask you to consider the role that a budget plays in a grant proposal and the overall story the grant proposal tells. Sadly, the budget often feels like a step-child to the proposal itself. How do we incorporate a grant budget into a grant proposal when a budget isn’t required? I'm thrilled to introduce you to Diane H. Leonard, GPC.

4 powerful major gift “probing closes” (for moving your proposal forward)


” to your proposal. The post 4 powerful major gift “probing closes” (for moving your proposal forward) appeared first on MarketSmart | . A probing close is yet another phrase I made up. I do that… a lot. Basically, it’s a question you ask when you feel your prospect might possibly be ready to agree to say “Yes!” Here they are: 1.

Introducing Online Training in Grant Proposal Writing

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From 2003-2018 I presented the class Basic Grant Proposal Writing Skills for Nonprofits at the Community Foundation Santa Cruz County about three times each year. All-in-all, well over 1,000 individual nonprofit professionals have gone through my grant proposal writing trainings, and have been very satisfied with the results.

Channel Manager Incentives: A Modest Proposal

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My modest proposal lies in transfer pricing. So the modest proposal for nonprofits is to establish transfer pricing among various fundraising units and people. When a siloed staff is channel-structured and channel-incentivized, the knives come out. Direct marketers who are measured against a net budget goal are loathe to give up “their donors” to major donor prospecting or try to drive them to events. In turn, Events folks want their walkers, bikers, gala goers, etc.

The Ancillary Opportunities Section of Your Cause Marketing Proposal

Cause Related Marketing

At the end of your cause-marketing proposal to prospective sponsors there should be a section called something like “Ancillary Opportunities.” But don’t think that just because ancillary opportunities are subordinate or secondary that you can leave this section out of the proposal. Your proposal is meant to start the conversation, not finish it. In other words, you’re unlikely to secure the campaign element that you don’t raise in the proposal or otherwise address.

Preparing for Every Contigency in Your Cause Marketing Proposal

Cause Related Marketing

Everybody back at corporate loved the proposal, she says. While you could play off of their guilt and press for a donation from the company foundation, instead you decide to offer a counter proposal. It teaches you to think of sponsorship as a negotiation, not just proposal and a pitch meeting. You’ve made your best cause marketing pitch to a would-be sponsor. It’s smart, strategically appropriate, and well activated across new media and old.

Basic Grant Proposal Writing Workshops

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This year, I will be teaching three sessions of "Basic Grant Proposal Writing" on: Monday, January 28 Thursday, May 16 Wednesday, September 18 We pack a lot of information into these sessions, but they're always lots of fun, with about 12-15 people attending per session. Putting the proposal together and submitting After the Proposal - Next Steps The workshops are held at the Community Foundation's building on Soquel Drive in Aptos, right off Highway 1.

#Philanthropy: President’s Jobs Bill & Tax Proposal Not Warmly Welcomed By Charities

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An irony in the president’s proposal is that he is getting pushback from a sector of the electorate that tends to be left-of-center. Nevertheless, they see in the president’s proposal a likely choking off of larger donations. As arguments over what to do with and about the US economy and the federal deficit continue to shed more heat than light, President Obama sought to take the fight back to the Republicans with the ‘American Jobs Act’ announced last week.

What Information Goes Into A Grant Proposal?

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Grant proposals usually contain the following information and is often expected by grant donors, today: proposal introduction, organization description, proposed project description, beneficiary population description, statement of need, project evaluation description, project budget description, and closing paragraph. The giving guidelines dictate what should be in the grant proposal and not much else should be added to the grant proposal package.

Do Your Homework First, Write Second—Examples of Successfully Funded Grant Proposals

NonProfit Hub

But I’m not going to be there pumping you up as you try to write your first grant proposal. (I We have written several blog posts on dos and don’ts, but if you’re looking for some real-deal proposals, check out my list below. Grant writing isn’t a perfect science—there are things that these proposals did well and probably some things that they could improve on, but they worked. This next example illustrates my answer to the question, “how long should my proposal be?”

Grant Proposal Writing Tips

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After pulling together key documents belonging to your non profit organization, such as accounting reports, program results, notes from talking with programs (or service) staff, and other necessary information and research; you write a first grant proposal draft and then a wonder after the third re-write 'what is the goal here'? What, though, about getting the steps that make the difference between a good grant proposal and a great one?

When Sitting Down To Write the First Draft of a Grant Proposal, Help Yourself Out.

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Writing a grant proposal (also called the grant application when applying for a grant) can seem like the wall between your organization receiving the grant or not. Blasting many different grant donors with a single, same, arbitrary, grant proposal that you wrote without including information requested in each potential donor's giving guidelines and considering each's recent giving history isn't just a waste of time and resources for your nonprofit.

How To Edit, Improve, Clarify, and Make A Compelling Case In Your Grant Proposal

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Self editing a grant proposal especially when trying, for instance, to raise a $50,000 grant can be daunting. To my point above, if you are the writer of the grant proposal always get someone else (who you know to be an avid reader and a good writer, themselves) to go over your final draft grant proposal to look for spelling errors, unclear phrasing, long sentences, and poor formatting (anything that is clumsy, or difficult to read easily and quickly).

The Problematic Proposal: Crisis as Opportunity

Fundraising Breakthroughs

I was a young Development Officer when a colleague asked me to pitch in last minute on an important proposal. The problem was everything associated with this proposal was last minute. Bleary eyed, we arrived at work to assemble the proposal. With less than an hour until deadline, a colleague of mine and I raced to drop off the proposal copies. It turns out that in all of the chaos and confusion, a section of the proposal had been left out!

6 major donor expectations you simply cannot ignore


Lead Generation Major Giving cultivation for major gifts lead generation for major gifts major donor proposals major gift cultivation major gift officer performance evaluationDialogue. Major donors expect to be able to have a dialogue with an organization and its staff. Permission. Major donors expect to maintain power over whether or not they grant permission for dialogue to happen. Convenience. Major donors expect their engagements to be convenient for them. Focus.

Using Logic In Grant Proposal Content - Yes, Logic.

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Logic, is a great 'voice' to maintain when writing the content for an application for a grant, or grant proposal (or any other grant proposal document, such as a letter of inquiry). Yet, let's admit it: it can be difficult sometimes to state exactly why the work our nonprofit is proposing to do is important. Yet, to make the argument for a nonprofit, in a proposal, it helps to articulate why its work (or mission) is necessary.

Tell Me a Story: How to Use Interviews to Enhance Your Grant Proposals

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Storytelling is a great way to liven up your grant proposals, capture your readers’ attention and add more emotional connection to your cause. Plus, these answers will directly apply to what you are going to write in your grant proposal. Once you sit down and start writing, you should put these quotes in the ‘needs’ or ‘project goals’ portion of your proposal. Interviews, if done properly, can make your grant proposals stand out and humanize the work you are doing.

Proposal to Funding Conversion Rates

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And my reply to the reader (in part) was: The industry rule-of-thumb I've heard is that 1 in 12 proposals gets funded, or about 8.5%, and that's in a good year. An established, larger, or older nonprofit might be only working with the same foundations year after year, and only responding to direct invitations to submit a proposal. Often, my posts here start as replies to emails I receive from readers.

Descriptions of Different Grant Proposal Documents' Formats

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Do you know when you should format your grant proposal as a business letter, instead of in a report format? In doing this you're helping the foundation select your proposal to grant to. maybe they state they do not want photos or videos submitted with proposals, no phone calls, etc.). It is usually a very small (one or two page) letter formatted version of the full grant proposal. It is often easiest to create after the full proposal has been written.

The 6 most read parts of any major gift solicitation letter


Fundraising Lead Generation Major Giving cultivation for major gifts fundraising copywriting lead generation for major gifts major donor proposals Nonprofit Marketing Blog nonprofit marketing tips Professor Siegfried VogeleI’m always a bit baffled when I see fundraising letters that fail to take into consideration the following. After all, research by Professor Siegfried Vogele has clearly proven what people read and in what order.

Letter 133

How Do We Tighten Up Our Grant Proposal?

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The first priority when writing any proposal is to provide all of the requested information. My suggestion is this; if you can provide a concept that ties the entire proposal together, you will tighten up, clarify, and solidify your proposal. You will demonstrate to the foundation that you submit the proposal to that your organization has a vision and direction. You and I have written three drafts of the master grant proposal (the case).

Tips for the Specific Writing Mechanics When Writing A Grant Proposal

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Be Succinct In Your Grant Writing That Program, Project, or Item: Writing In Your Proposal About What You Need the Grant For Use Logic In Grant Proposal Content - Yes, Logic.and for more instructive grant proposal crafting posts, click on "Grant Writing" and "How To" under 'Labels' on the lower right side of this web page.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Request for Proposals

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Friday, March 16, 2007 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Funding Alert: New Routes to Community Health Call for Proposals: The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has just posted a call for proposals related to Vulnerable Populations. Tags: RFP Request For Proposals Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

How to Make the Case for Your Grant Request, In the Grant Proposal

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As in all things, nonprofits looking to raise grants must execute making the case in each and every grant proposal. So.this means we will want to keep a few things when we sit down to write any nonprofit's grant proposal's main case. The "case" is the portion of the grant proposal that comprises most of what are today often considered 'standard' sections (or content) in the grant application (proposal) document.

I must sound like a broken record but here’s more nonprofit data that will inspire you to focus more on major donors


Fundraising Major Giving strategy charity blog major donor cultivation major donor fundraising major donor fundraising tips major donor proposals major gift marketing major gifts officer training marketsmart Nonprofit DataThe left-leaning Institute for Policy Studies crunched the data from Giving USA Foundation’s annual philanthropic survey to figure out who was giving what.

Top Ten Formatting Tips for Any Grant Proposal

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Top Ten Formatting Tips for Any Grant Proposal 10. Edit and cull down draft grant proposals, going over them for not just content and readability, but anticipate that whomever will read it at the potential grant donor's office will likely not read it fully, but rather quickly scan it. Remember, they receive many tens of proposals, each grant cycle deadline, and must get key information from each one. Most grant proposal submissions are not fully read, word for word.

Good Cause Marketing Lessons From Bad PR

Cause Related Marketing

Don’t Just ‘Doorbell-Ditch’ Your Cause Marketing Proposals. The lesson is, don’t just email your proposal to someone you’ve had no contact with. Don’t spam prospects with your proposal. If your cause is a model railway museum in Fiddler’s Bend, Oklahoma you’re almost certainly barking up the wrong tree to propose a CRM campaign to American Express. In terms of the format of your proposal no type should be smaller than about 20 points.

PR 128

That Darn First Paragraph In Your Grant Proposal

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Perhaps you've recently sat down to write a grant proposal and you got stumped when you tried to begin the application. You've written the statement of need, you have the project's budget, and you have most of the body of the proposal pulled together. The thing is, you're just not sure how to start the proposal. There's no need to hit someone over the head with all of the information you'll be providing in the body of the proposal.

How to Write An Effective Grant Proposal Despite Strong Emotions

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This is a case study about writing a strong and compelling grant proposal regarding, in a fair manner, but not overly stating emotion, to create an excellent grant application. As grant writers, it is sometimes difficult to cope with emotions when sitting down to write something "technical" such as a grant proposal. This is also a consideration when thinking about who is going to read this grant proposal.

For Improved Grant Proposals, Be Sure to Be Succinct - Why It's Helpful and How to Be Succinct:

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Be Succinct In Your Grant Writing That Program, Project, Or Item: Writing In Your Proposal About What You Need the Grant For Using Logic In Grant Proposal Content - Yes, Logic. grant writing how to

Standard Grant Proposal Format: Tool

Fundraising Breakthroughs

Standard Grant Proposal Format. Note: Always follow the foundation’s grantmaking guidelines. If there are no guidelines, the following is a commonly used format for grantseeking. Cover Letter. Narrative (8-10 pages). Executive Summary. Organizational History & Acheivements. Problem Statement (Needs). Program Goals & Objectives. Strategy & Implementation (Project Description; Activities; Action Plan).

That Program, Project, or Item: Writing In Your Proposal About What You Need the Grant For

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If one is still needed and you aren't sure how to create a budget for your grant proposal, see my post, "The Word "Gets" Is In "Budgets". __ Have a list of every person and their official title that will contribute any hours to the program. You will include a Statement of Need in your grant proposal so this is not the place in your proposal where you should write a series of sentences about the need. If they allow for a 20 page proposal, this section may be five paragraphs.

What Tone Should I Set In Our Grant Proposal?

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There are finer aspects to writing a grant proposal that are often not so easy to teach, and not even so easy to ask about or find out how to do. There are technical aspects to writing a grant proposal such as being sure to include the usual sections (e.g. but the finer question, once a grant writer gets writing a proposal, can become 'what tone should I set in the grant proposal's contents?'

#GRANT: Dell Computers & Dell Foundation Offer Resources For Youth & Environment

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The grant proposals must be made online , and the foundation states it will respond to your proposal within six weeks. ” Advocacy Civics Community Development Education: Technology Environment Fundraising Grants Health Low-Income Major Gift Nonprofit Philanthropy Resource Video advocacy Dell Dell computer development Grant Proposal Grant-Making Foundations greening philanthropy Sustainability Trust for Public Land video

When Writing A Grant Proposal, Should The Grant Writer Use Professional Jargon or Not?

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When writing a grant application or proposal, it can be difficult to deal with the jargon or words that are unique to a nonprofit's professional field of work. Does the grant writer take the time, in the actual grant proposal, to define jargon words, after each one's use? When any organization writes and submits grant proposals, there is always going to be someone (i.e.

The Specifics About How To Write A Viable Winning Grant Proposal for A Capital Campaign

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A competitive potentially viable grant proposal (or grant application) that is raising funds specifically for a capital campaign will include the following: __ A clear goal that is defined, finite, and truly viable. The true cost of the capital campaign's goal must be described in detail according to the grant donor's giving guidelines on what they want to know in the 'budget' section of the proposal and the attached project and campaign budgets.

What To Say About This Economy In Grant Proposals - Or Not To Say

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When applying for a grant, as described in the potential grant donor's giving guidelines , it is often required that there be some content in the nonprofit's grant proposal describing the organization's financial picture and its financial outlook. Remember, though, you always want to be indicating and demonstrating why your organization (and the program or project you're proposing in the grant application) are a sound investment for anyone considering donating anything, including a grant.