Nonprofit Event Promotion: 10 Simple Ways to Get More People to Your Nonprofit Event Using Social Media

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Despite (or perhaps because of) the increased use of social media and online community building tools, in-person, live nonprofit events have kept their popularity. Showcase impact first hand through donor-centered storytelling and person-to-person connections.

10 Best Cause Marketing Promotions of 2016 [SLIDESHARE]

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10 Best Cause Marketing Promotions of 2016 from Selfish Giving Welcome to my annual 10 Best Cause Marketing Promotions of 2016. As always, it was a great year for cause marketing. Did your favorite promotion make my list, or did I pass it over?

A Turnkey Cause Marketing Promotion for Restaurants

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If you’re a restaurant, even in the quick-service category, it’s hard to imagine a transactional cause marketing campaign you could launch more easily or quickly than a dessert promotion. In most cases you wouldn’t want to promote a salad or a main course.

Has Subaru's 'Share the Love' Cause Marketing Promotion Boosted its Net Promoter Score?

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A new consumer opinion survey shows that among the major car makers, Subaru enjoys the highest net promoter score. Could it be that Subaru’s score started catching fire just as it’s cause marketing effort called ‘Share the Love’ started to gain momentum. The Net Promoter Score, as you’ll recall is a super-simple measure of customer satisfaction. The Net Promoter Score is measured with an eight word question: “would you recommend this product/business to a friend?”

How to Sell Cause Marketing as a Groupon-Like Promotion

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It means that we are usually more convincing when we can identify with our prospect’s needs, attitudes, interests and beliefs. String enough of those sparks together and you have the light and warmth that comes from the flame of a new partnership. Me: I do and we will.

Fun Cause Marketing Promotion, Wrong Holiday

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Memorial Day is a federal holiday, but also a day to do a little cause marketing. CSK, the big railway company is doing just that with their campaign on behalf of the Wounded Warrior Project called, Drop and Give Them 10. Drop and give me ten is an American colloquialism that means to do ten pushups. When you do 10 pushups and visit the campaign website and affirm that you did yours, CSX will donate a dollar to the Wounded Warrior Project.

6 Cause Marketing Promotions You Can Learn From

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I’m always finding good examples of cause marketing on Twitter. I had these seven cause marketing promotions saved in my “favorites.&# Since 2007 this point-of-sale campaign has raised a whopping $8.4 Any nonprofit do cause marketing, if you have a partner.

[Guest Post] Three Ways Nonprofits Can Use Promotional Products Effectively

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I’ve been impressed with her commitment to nonprofits and her knowledge of promotional items. (I The company also distributes promotional products as part of its product and service mix. Three Ways Nonprofits Can Use Promotional Products Effectively.

Add a BOGO to This Cause Marketing Promotion

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Yesterday Tempur-Pedic, which sells mattresses, ended a month-long promotion in support of the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. In 2010 43,000 people in the United States were diagnosed with the disease and 37,000 died (although not necessary in the year they were diagnosed).

Market or Promote Your Cause on Social Media? Yes, You Can!

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The conventional wisdom these days seems to be that nonprofit organizations should not use social media for marketing, communications, promotion or anything like that. Instead, the CW goes, social media is only for listening and learning (call it market research and professional development if you actually want it to survive your work planning process). 1) it assumes that all marketing, communications, and even promotions are one-sided sales pitches.

Do you have an online rep to promote? Get on this 3-D Nonprofit Reputation Engine Webinar!

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Has your nonprofit ever tried to be more relevant to your donors and failed? Or worse have you tried to get more attention and failed? And I want to help you succeed. For you AND your nonprofit. And social media channels you can safely ignore.

Cause Marketing Miscellanea

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Three different cause marketing efforts worth calling your attention to. 16 participating Menchies will donate 10 percent of sales to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy relief. The campaign is activated via in-store promotional materials and public relations.

Cause Marketing and Branding

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Done right, cause marketing can be a terrific branding tool for the cause and the sponsor. It’s easy to slap together a transactional cause marketing campaign for some consumable item; a box of Kleenix, a candy bar, a toothbrush. Cause-Related Marketing does a world of good.

Matching Cause and Sponsor in Cause Marketing

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Trey Watson owns a fruit tree nursery in East Texas called Legg Creek Farm and so naturally when he decided to do some cause marketing he choose congenital heart defects. Wait a minute, you say, a fruit tree nursery and congenital heart defects?

Cause Marketing Goes to the Dogs

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Shep may be loyal, true, affectionate and well behaved… the best thing that’s ever happened to you. But you love Shep and want the world to know it. Best of all, “30 percent of the proceeds” from the sales of the pendant benefit the Millan Foundation’s DEAR Fund.

(Re)Defining Cause Marketing

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Last January I wrote a post on What is Cause Marketing? Over the past year I’ve gone back to that post many time and reread the comments again and thought about how I was defining cause marketing. They include: Point-of-sale. Message Promotion.

How to Get More People At Your Nonprofit Event Using Facebook

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Fundraising and cultivation events are a vital piece of the puzzle for many nonprofits, large and small. In-person events are a great way to energize supporters and connect directly with donors and volunteers. How does your nonprofit use Facebook to promote its events?

Co-Sponsorship and Cause Marketing

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All cause marketing is a form of co-branding. But one kind of co-branding is far less common in cause marketing than in sports sponsorship, namely the kind of co-sponsorship you see at the left in this page from a Shopko sales flyer. Some charities have done this kind of co-sponsored cause marketing with certain media properties. And notice how smart the match is between Iams, the premium pet food brand and Febreze, the household odor eliminator.

Anatomy of a Cause Marketing Pinup

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Point-of-sale programs are the backbone of cause marketing, raising the majority of consumer donations each year. The dominating point-of-sale tactic is pinups. One question I get all the time after I present on the different types of cause marketing tactics is “What’s a pinup?

Capital One® Card Lab Connect: How to Promote Your Affinity Card Program

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How can you promote the program to your audience without being too "sales-y" as an organization? Here are a few quick outreach and messaging tips to get your program off the ground and into your supporters' wallets, so to speak: Promote the program on your home page. Make sure to give your new program some real estate on your home page, and not just hidden away in the depths of your website. and supporting your organization is top of mind.

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The Marriage of Cause Marketing and Weddings

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It’s wedding season and what with Prince William and Catherine Middleton celebrating their second anniversary this month (and the coming birth of their first child) it’s time to think again about the marriage of weddings with cause marketing. William and Kate’s marriage lead to an avalanche of collectables for sale. James’s Park, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament and finally to Buckingham Palace for the wedding reception.

Impious Cause Marketing?

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I saw a recent post on Just Means critical of Kellogg’s new cause marketing campaign called ‘ Share Your Breakfast ’ and I wondered, should sinners or the impious be permitted to pray? Again, it contains HFCS and 11 gms of sugar. It also makes and sells unhealthy food.

Which is The Better Cause Marketing Fundraiser, Merchandise or Paper Icon?

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Both MDA and the Variety Club are august charities that in the main serve children. Both approaches have advantages to recommend them and shortcomings to overcome. Sales of both the paper shamrock and the pins will eventually go stale.

The Gmail Promotions Tab – stop whining and get back to work

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Much hand-wringing and apocalyptic angst has attended the roll-out of Gmail’s tabbed interface. Prognostications from the digital chatterati range from severe depression of open rates to the end of online marketing as we know it. The issue is the new “Promotions” tab, which brings together email offers from your favorite retailers, along with action alerts, solicitations, and other emails from the causes you follow. I have seen the truth of that play out over and over.

4 Ways to Segment Your Donors for More Effective Marketing

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Donors want and need to be treated like the unique people that they are. Ideally, if a nonprofit had the staff, time, and money to fully individualize marketing, that nonprofit would. So, what’s a nonprofit marketer to do? Sarah Tedesco.

Yes and Yes Pink Ribbon Cause Marketing

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4 post titled, ‘Transactional Cause Marketing is Not the Boogeyman.” In it I dismissed people who get heartburn from the practice of transactional cause marketing, that is, when a purchase triggers the donation. Here’s what I wrote then : “Transactional cause marketing is a promotion. So are coupons, sales flyers, sampling, among many others. Cause marketing pulls many of the same psychological strings. And so it’s not the same.”

Avon and 100% Donation Cause Marketing

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Why not just follow MAC Viva Glam lipsticks and glosses lead and give 100% of sales of this product to Avon Breast Cancer Crusade? The short answer is those Avon ladies need all the sales arrows in their quiver that they can get. They need a low-threat way to talk about Avon products and the Avon business opportunity. Eight of the items were merchandise and two polishes represented transactional cause marketing; buy this and a donation of $x is made.

How to Get Others to Buy Into Your Cause

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Yes, you’re in sales. You’ve told me that sales can feel icky; sleazy or inauthentic. Think used cars, or the seedy, conniving sales guys in David Mamet’s Glengarry Glen Ross. And I know just what you mean. I used to turn away from sales, too. That’s sales.

Social Media Can "Help" Build & Promote Your Personal Brand - Part 1

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Other people, like my pal Geoff Livingston , take an even strong position and believe personal branding is contrived and fake. As we in marketing well know. perceptions impact purchase and loyalty (job offers, promotions, project opportunities, relationships). .

A Hole in Dunkin Donuts’ Cause Marketing

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On September 21, Dunkin is executing a classic form of cause promotion with their Purple With A Purpose campaign. And Dunkin is adding even more dough by contributing $10,000 from its foundation to the Alzheimer’s Association (AA). Purple With A Purpose is a good cause promotion.

In This Post I Get Defensive About Cause Marketing

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Chau asked Hemingway the following: “Why doesn’t cause marketing work?” Taking garbage questions like this out to the back alley and shooting them? As a practice, cause marketing has been grown faster than the rate of inflation for 20 years.

Nonprofit Uses QR Code, Quora to Make Cause Marketing More Transparent

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Side by side is the front and back of the Bruins' pinup. Back in January I talked about Quora and how it could be a resource to consumers who had questions about a cause marketing promotions, and an asset to causes that wanted to be more transparent about their programs.

The Best of Social Marketing in 2016

Social Marketing and Social Change

What are some of the best papers published in social marketing this past year? This list of 10 represent the best work I came across in journals outside of the social marketing journals - Journal of Social Marketing and Social Marketing Quarterly.

What’s Your Advice on Measuring Marketing Success?

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Our numbers are increasing: clients served, sales at our thrift stores, donations, etc., But how do I determine how much of the increased activity is due to the work I’m doing in marketing, communications and advertising? Here’s a question that came in last week.

Cause Marketing in the ‘Hood: Starbucks, Whole Foods

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In my travels this past weekend, I came across two cause marketing programs at two stores my family frequents a lot. You load the card with dough and every time you spill the beans at Starbucks through the end of the year five cents goes to CI.

KPIs for Cause Marketers

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If you ask a regular marketer what his KPIs are he may have a handful. But ask a digital marketer what her key performance indicators and she may have 100 or more. Allen, a product marketer at Adobe Marketing Cloud at an American Marketing Association meeting yesterday is that digital marketing generates a huge pile of data that can be efficiently cross-tabulated in countless ways. Which prompts the question for cause marketers, what are your KPIs?

New digital tracking study reveals UK consumer views on promotional email and social media use

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Last Thursday I was out at the launch event for the DMA’s Digital Tracker Study, a research initiative (backed by online research company FastMAP and email marketing company SilverPop ) that aims to provide regular insights into some of the key questions online marketers are asking in relation to using email and social media use.

UK 41

Need Marketing Help? Listen to Marketing guru, Vicki Flaugher

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Bathh meetup with Vicki Flaugher, (L) Mazarine (Center) and Cait (R). I would encourage everyone who needs marketing help to meet her, but since chances are, you’re not in Austin, TX, I’ll give you other ways to meet her. She’s now focusing on B2B marketing.

Bounceback Cause Marketing

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Cause marketing sponsors might have several reasons for engaging in cause marketing including boosting sales, building brand, and bolstering PR, among others. Informally, it’s called a bounceback and you’ll see it commonly in retail settings for food and other consumables.

Viva Cause Marketing!

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Jose has a half-dozen years experience in cause marketing in North America’s second largest country. With this post, Jose gives us an update of where cause marketing has been in Mexico and what it’s future might be. A Glimpse at Cause Marketing in Mexico It's 7 pm in Mexico City.

Spot Cause Marketing Fireworks – And Win My Book!

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Monday is Independence Day and I’m in search of cause marketing promotions that will help me celebrate the day! Share them with me via email, Facebook or Twitter and the person with the best submission will get my book when it hits stores the end of July!

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Social Media Can "Help" Build & Promote Your Personal Brand - Part 3

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Katharine Hepburn You many not be an actor or a celebrity, however, how your peers, colleagues and employers perceive you is as critical to your career path as the carefully craft "brand" of Kate Hepburn or Lady Gaga. . Be active and consistent. Nazanin Weck : Be active, and consistent!

Social Media Can "Help" Build & Promote Your Personal Brand - Part 2

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pre social networks, who you were was confined by space and time. If you stumbled and fell only the people in the room saw. Oh sure the water cooler gossips might be working overtime but it was soon forgotten and life went on. Laura Bennett : No, we are one and the same.