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Gates Foundations Seeks Communications Proposals—Game Changer

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The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has announced a call for communications proposals to “help change the narrative on foreign aid.” The submission process is simple, requiring just a two-page proposal. At last—funding specifically directed to communications! Anyone with a great idea is encouraged to apply.

[Guest Post] Telling Your Story In the Grant Proposal Budget

Fundraising Coach

Telling Your Story In the Grant Proposal Budget. Sadly, the budget often feels like a step-child to the proposal itself. Leonard, GPC.

How to write knockout proposals

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I read this book last week called “How to Write Knockout Proposals&# by Joseph Barbato. Don’t put together one proposal then send it to lots of different funders. Make sure that your proposal is a good fit, then explain that fit in your proposal. Your proposal should be written in layman’s terms.

Plan Ahead with Your Proposals

A Small Change

When doing a grant or foundation proposal you will get much further if you have a comprehensive program. What if you did this program once a year or every month, how would that change your outcomes? Work with your program staff and make sure that they are aware of your overall plan and on board with it.

EAST: A Method for Applying Insights in Social Marketing Programs

Social Marketing and Social Change

Social marketers should always be on the lookout for new ideas about changing behaviors. Make it Easy. Harness the power of defaults. Make it Social.

Tips for the Specific Writing Mechanics When Writing A Grant Proposal

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Be Succinct In Your Grant Writing That Program, Project, or Item: Writing In Your Proposal About What You Need the Grant For Use Logic In Grant Proposal Content - Yes, Logic.and for more instructive grant proposal crafting posts, click on "Grant Writing" and "How To" under 'Labels' on the lower right side of this web page.

What Tone Should I Set In Our Grant Proposal?

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There are finer aspects to writing a grant proposal that are often not so easy to teach, and not even so easy to ask about or find out how to do. There are technical aspects to writing a grant proposal such as being sure to include the usual sections (e.g. The answer, as is often the case in grant writing, is 'it depends'.

When Sitting Down To Write the First Draft of a Grant Proposal, Help Yourself Out.

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Writing a grant proposal (also called the grant application when applying for a grant) can seem like the wall between your organization receiving the grant or not. We fund Back To School programs and we are most interested in doing so in low income neighborhoods or neighborhoods with childhood attendance rates of 85% or less." You do.

How To Edit, Improve, Clarify, and Make A Compelling Case In Your Grant Proposal

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Self editing a grant proposal especially when trying, for instance, to raise a $50,000 grant can be daunting. Remember, the people who may give your nonprofit the grant have a lot of proposals to go through, including yours. Make sure your proposal is fairly easy to read quickly. Our budget for this new program will be $50,000.

Concept Testing: The Most Important Step for Social Marketing Research

Social Marketing and Social Change

Concepts are the ‘big ideas’ for your campaign or program. Audience Research Campaigns and Programs Research MethodsInspired to change?

Making Your Case for Support for the Arts

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I’m back! Guess where I was? An encaustic art conference in Cape Cod! It was so fun. ” Why am I telling you all this? Until today.

Case 58

When Writing A Grant Proposal, Should The Grant Writer Use Professional Jargon or Not?

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When writing a grant application or proposal, it can be difficult to deal with the jargon or words that are unique to a nonprofit's professional field of work. Does the grant writer take the time, in the actual grant proposal, to define jargon words, after each one's use? All nonprofit organizations work in a professional field.

Applying Service-Dominant Logic to Social Marketing Programs

Social Marketing and Social Change

Many social marketing programs, and most public health ones, have shied away from working with their customers or members of their priority groups. Then we would incorporate smokers into every facet of our discovery, design, creation and rollout of the program – not just invite them into focus groups and testing sessions. Brown, K.R.,

How to Make the Case for Your Grant Request, In the Grant Proposal

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As in all things, nonprofits looking to raise grants must execute making the case in each and every grant proposal. So.this means we will want to keep a few things when we sit down to write any nonprofit's grant proposal's main case. we nonprofits who apply for grants would be wise to create strong cases in our grant proposals.

Top Ten Formatting Tips for Any Grant Proposal

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Top Ten Formatting Tips for Any Grant Proposal 10. Edit and cull down draft grant proposals, going over them for not just content and readability, but anticipate that whomever will read it at the potential grant donor's office will likely not read it fully, but rather quickly scan it. Formatting key facts (i.e. Be on time.

What Grants Can, and Can’t Do for your Nonprofit

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You can look for grants for two weeks, spend another two weeks writing the proposal, and still only have a slim chance of getting the grant.

Guidelines for the Review of Social Marketing Papers

Social Marketing and Social Change

Are program objectives clear (how will success be determined)? What value or benefits will be proposed by the offering(s)?

What To Say About This Economy In Grant Proposals - Or Not To Say

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When applying for a grant, as described in the potential grant donor's giving guidelines , it is often required that there be some content in the nonprofit's grant proposal describing the organization's financial picture and its financial outlook. In fact, any nonprofit applying for a grant could say this. grant writing the economy how to

The Best of Social Marketing in 2014

Social Marketing and Social Change

Yes, the Bhagwat piece is two case studies, but I can take a story that is sprinkled with data and demonstrates a new application of social marketing - to food fortification programs in India. were randomized to receive no intervention or a social marketing program. Pick up most textbooks on social marketing and read the references.

Grants for Plant Conservation Programs Operated In Collaboration

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The NPCI program funds multi-stakeholder projects that focus on the conservation of native plants and pollinators under any of the following six focal areas: conservation, education, restoration, research, sustainability, and data linkages. The complete Request for Proposals and application instructions are available at the NFWF Web site.

How to Create A Budget For A Grant Proposal and Also, How To Budget In Order To Afford Grant Writing

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The Word "Gets" Is In "Budgets" Your New Program or Project Design Must Be Clear Before Applying for Grants How and Where Resources Exist To Keep One Step Ahead for Prudent, Conservative and Effective Budgeting and Planning In the Rebounding Economy. How Do We Afford Grant Writing? grant writing cost budgeting how to

The Best of Social Marketing in 2012

Social Marketing and Social Change

Campaigns and Programs International Health Research Methods Research StudiesThe list of papers is not in any particular order. Full text.

Grant Proposal Writing Tips

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After pulling together key documents belonging to your non profit organization, such as accounting reports, program results, notes from talking with programs (or service) staff, and other necessary information and research; you write a first grant proposal draft and then a wonder after the third re-write 'what is the goal here'?

What Information Goes Into A Grant Proposal?

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Grant proposals usually contain the following information and is often expected by grant donors, today: proposal introduction, organization description, proposed project description, beneficiary population description, statement of need, project evaluation description, project budget description, and closing paragraph.

John Urschel Interview

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The first is how to start your major gifts program and how to succeed professionally in major gifts fundraising, right? . Hey, everybody.

My Guidelines for Cause Marketing Proposals

Selfish Giving

Over the past few weeks I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how to prepare and use cause marketing proposals. Put it in the proposal.

How Proof of Concept Can Improve Fundraising for a New Program and What Proof of Concept Is

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Proof of concept means formulating a very similar or exact replica (or model ) of an established similar program, organization, or innovation that works, when replicated demonstrates that this new project (or nonprofit) that is being implemented (or launched) works elsewhere. This is our brand new Mentoring Program Committee.

That Program, Project, or Item: Writing In Your Proposal About What You Need the Grant For

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When you sit down to write the paragraph or two about the program, project, or item that you are asking for a grant for, have a couple things handy for yourself: __ Have answers to the basic questions' about the program or item, itself; who/what will it serve, who will provide the service, what, when, where, why do this, and how.

Considering Or Beginning A Grant Writing Program? Here's Some Help.

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Getting informed and learning (having people to do the work who have the skills) to write grant proposals will put your nonprofit (even as a newbie to grant writing) ahead of other applicant agencies that did not take the time, and over time your agency will raise more grants earlier and waste less time and money, overall. I know.

Descriptions of Different Grant Proposal Documents' Formats

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Do you know when you should format your grant proposal as a business letter, instead of in a report format? In doing this you're helping the foundation select your proposal to grant to. maybe they state they do not want photos or videos submitted with proposals, no phone calls, etc.). Maybe you aren't sure what a LOI is.

Matching Grants Program for Citizen Based Monitoring Field Work Benefiting American National Forests and Grasslands

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Deadline: January 17, 2012 National Forest Foundation Announces 2012 Matching Awards Program Guidelines The National Forest Foundation , the nonprofit partner of the U.S. Forest Service , works to engage America in community-based and national programs that promote the health and public enjoyment of the National Forest System.


Using Logic In Grant Proposal Content - Yes, Logic.

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Logic, is a great 'voice' to maintain when writing the content for an application for a grant, or grant proposal (or any other grant proposal document, such as a letter of inquiry). Yet, let's admit it: it can be difficult sometimes to state exactly why the work our nonprofit is proposing to do is important. I know this.

Target's Local Store Grants Program (Small Grants) Request for Proposals

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Target Invites Applications for Local Store Grants Program Deadline: May 31, 2007 Target is accepting applications from organizations in communities where the company does business for its Local Store Grants program. From The Foundation Center. The average grant amount is between $1,000 and $3,000.

How Do We Tighten Up Our Grant Proposal?

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The first priority when writing any proposal is to provide all of the requested information. My suggestion is this; if you can provide a concept that ties the entire proposal together, you will tighten up, clarify, and solidify your proposal. You and I have written three drafts of the master grant proposal (the case).

Should You Start a Grants Program Now?

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Look for special programs at foundations that might be called "community relief," or something similar. Corporations are cutting way back on their grantmaking but stepping up "in-kind" programs. When writing your grant proposal, work on a "sense of urgency." There are some grants for new

Tips & Tricks from the Foundation Side of Grant Seeking

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My story started as the Program Office for the Michigan Women’s Foundation. That's why I asked Diane H. Leonard to share some tips. By Diane H.

Making the Case to the Team, Board, or Executive Director

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There are many ways to make a compelling case to get all key players on board with implementing a new concept or program. programs or fundraising) goals, etc. Do not make any assumptions like, 'obviously this is a good idea - who wouldn't see that', or 'they're all going to hate it, I'm not even going to propose the idea'.

The 5 Things You Need In Your Nonprofit’s Online Newsroom

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She might even luck out and find a release put out by your organization about the proposed budget cuts and what it would mean. A News Feed.

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That Physical Address Location Question On Most Grant Proposal Applications. What Gives? Read More.

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A reader of this blog posted a question asking how their brand new nonprofit can apply for grants when so many grant application forms require the physical address of the location where the nonprofit will provide the program or service that it is requesting funding for. Which comes first? Is it the chicken or the egg? just started up.we

For Improved Grant Proposals, Be Sure to Be Succinct - Why It's Helpful and How to Be Succinct:

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Be Succinct In Your Grant Writing That Program, Project, Or Item: Writing In Your Proposal About What You Need the Grant For Using Logic In Grant Proposal Content - Yes, Logic. grant writing how to