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A Small Change

When considering which provider to use, it can be difficult to find their pricing information so I’ve aggregated it here. Below I’ve provided a price chart for each business. There are more variables beyond cost since different businesses offer different options in reporting and wrap around services. Some of the providers require an application process for nonprofits for charitable or logistic reasons.

Price 166

Fisher-Price Wildlife Conservation Society Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

These and other questions came to me when I say this campaign from Fisher-Price benefiting the Wildlife Conservation Society, which I saw advertised in the Jan 2009 issue of Parenting magazine. Infant and baby toymaker Fisher-Price. Fisher-Price offers a whole collection of wild animal-themed baby and infant toys it calls Precious Planet. Is the fit between Fisher-Price and the Wildlife Conservation Society valid?

Price 100

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New CrowdRise Pricing: Options for every nonprofit


At CrowdRise, we know that nonprofits have varying goals, strategies, and supporters that are unique to their organization and mission. And therefore, they often need a unique set of tools to meet their needs

Price 41

#Marketing: Netflix Blows Its Public Goodwill In Announcing Price Increases

Non Profit Marketing 360

The title of this post requires some parsing: the blowback Netflix has received with its 60% price hikes in its on-demand and DVD media services comes less from the price increases but in its ham-fisted announcing of those increases (note the 5000+ responses to the blog post linked to above). The only other possibility I can think of is that your initial $10 pricing was a mistake.”. The size and timing of that price leap still don’t make sense to me.

Price 116

CEO Compensation: Value vs. Price

The Agitator

For some inexplicable reason, Tom let our subscription to Air Force Times lapse. Nonetheless, a Tweet from @nonprofitnews alerted me to an Air Force Times ‘exclusive’ Important in terms of the questions it triggers. The Agitator never sleeps.

Price 68

The Price is Right! Brought to you by Business Intelligence

JCA Insights

Pricing. We are confronted with pricing all the time — making a series of value judgments on the relative worth of the item or service in question. Twenty times a day or more, our brain decides “that is a fair price for a TV” or “that’s pretty expensive for a bagel” or “gee, what a deal on a lawnmower!” . Some industries seem to have more predictable pricing than others. If the show is selling quickly, why not raise the prices?

Price 135

Another Benefit to Cause Marketing: Better Supplier Pricing

Cause Related Marketing

Two professors at the Ohio State University have a new take on the benefits of cause marketing; it helps keep supplier pricing in check. As such, the cause marketing pledge makes the firm''s input demand much more sensitive to supplier pricing. This increased sensitivity to pricing persuades the supplier to charge a lower price so as to boost demand for its input.

Price 121

The story of price

Mission Paradox Blog

Price is a pivotal part of the story. In some cases, price is really the only part of the story.  Cut the price to $15,000 and most of what makes a Mercedes "special" disappears. You can build a billion dollar company based on a story about price. The crucial question isn't really whether a price for art (or anything else) is low or high.  What does your price say about your art? Marketing is storytelling.

Price 42

The High Price Of Failure To Listen

The Agitator

“Roger, please don’t talk to me when I’m not listening.” ” That was the standard response from a client who expressed surprise each time something blew up and I reminded him that we had discussed the very issue months before. “Don’t talk to me when I’m not listening.” ” Those words came flooding back as I wrote Monday’s post, Playing the Fundraising Blame Game in the UK.

Price 64

#TECH: We Catch Up With Dropbox Collaboration Tool (With Nonprofit Pricing)

Non Profit Marketing 360

We’ve covered collaboration tools in the past, and Dropbox is a favorite for its ease of use and inexpensive offerings (including a personal favorite price: free for 2GB of storage space). Sync files among your devices, whatever OS they run. We wanted to return to the program this Tech Friday because Dropbox continues to develop and people are finding new ways to use it.

Price 122

Riffs on Price

Mission Paradox Blog

 I've get my little series on arts marketing tactics all laid out and then BAM another conversation about dynamic pricing kicks off.  So I'll do this one brief detour and talk about price. I guess I'm a little disturbed by how quickly some of my friends in the arts world have embraced the idea of dynamic (or demand based) pricing. No matter how high our prices get it's still cheaper then Alternative X and still doesn't cover all our costs. 

Price 44

Newsletter: Everything You Need to Know About Virtual Sponsorships ; Special Olympics Asks Brands to ‘Put Your Ad Here’ ; Bicycle Company Offers Reparation Pricing

Selfish Giving

Bicycle company offers reparations pricing for black customers. ?? We had so much fun at the Learning Club last week! We talked about personal branding and social impact career growth. 40+ people joined us. I especially want to thank our special guest, Lisa Anastasi from the USO.

Price 52

7 reasons why wealth screening your donor list might be an incredibly foolish activity.


Fundraising strategy best practices for fundraising best wealth screening tools charity blog donor search vs wealthengine donorsearch pricing how much does wealth screening cost major gift fundraising Philanthropy Strategy wealth screening companies wealth screening definition wealth screening vendorsBefore you send me angry responses to this headline, know these two things first: What I’ve written is NOT coming just from me.

Using Cause Marketing to Preserve Retail Pricing Power

Cause Related Marketing

In the process, retailers ceded their pricing power and maybe their sustainability. Instead, Groupon is another sign that retailers don’t have many weapons left in that arsenal to preserve pricing power. The Consumer Wars have been fought, and frankly, Consumers won. Can cause marketing come to the rescue?

Price 109

The price flag

Mission Paradox Blog

Price is another one of those flags you waive that indicates who you intend on serving.   Art is such a complex thing so you can't really have a simple set of rules about how to price what you do, or whether your price is too "high" or "low"   You can justify any price point (including free). So there are any two questions to ponder in terms of price: 1.    Are you comfortable with the price you are setting?

Price 37

The moral part of pricing

Mission Paradox Blog

The always awesome Thomas Cott has sent out this recent roundup on a consistent issue in the arts, dynamic pricing. If you have followed this blog over the years, you know that I'm not a fan of dynamic pricing but I'll rehash those arguments later.   I believe pricing, particularly pricing for nonprofit arts organizations , has two elements.    Is this the right price?   Should we be charging this price?

Price 40

Price and Pressure

Mission Paradox Blog

Last post on art and pricing.   As the arts pricing discussions continue in the nonprofit arts world, particularly the theatre world, I want to point out the circumstances that got us here: 1.  It's amazing the amount of digital ink that concepts like dynamic pricing have gotten in the nonprofit arts world.    I really don't give care how prices are set because, like I said yesterday, any price can be justified.

Price 41

Democratized Cause Marketing With a Lower Price of Entry

Cause Related Marketing

American Express has its Member’s Project and Pepsi has Pepsi Refresh, both of which award millions of dollars in prizes and cost perhaps two to three times as much to activate, promote and administer. But can smaller sponsors do this voter-driven democratized cause marketing in a way that is both in reach and effective?One One sponsor that’s trying is Redwood Creek, a wine brand owned by Frei Bros.

Price 119

The price of love is…hate?

Sea Change Strategies

Once upon a time we had a client who was allergic to criticism, any criticism. We first learned this after launching a very successful email appeal, only to be called on the carpet because they had received two, count them two, complaint emails. That was out of a quarter million people who received it. We’ve said this 100 different ways – all good brands polarize. If you want to be loved, you have to be willing to be hated. No one says this better than Seth. General Interest

Price 43

99Designs -- Get a New Logo for a Bargain Price

Getting Attention

Need a new logo but don't have much of a budget? Turn to 99Designs to run a design contest sourcing your logo or other design challenge from a vast array of emerging graphic designers.All you need is a clear idea of what you want designed and how much you're prepared to pay for it. Here are some current design contests , and here's how 99Designs works: Craft your creative brief -- The brief articulates all the tough prep work your org needs to do -- brand definition, goal, target audiences, etc.

Price 100

The high price of attention

Mission Paradox Blog

For marketers, the Super Bowl demonstrates the power (and price) of attention.   Think about it.  Why in the world would anyone pay milliions of dollars for a handful of 30 second commercial spots? It is because the Super Bowl is one of the few times that we are willing to be interrupted by commercials.  It's one of the few times that we, as a culture, are actively paying attention to advertising. The advertisers are willing to pay a lot for that attention.

Price 40

Velodyne cuts price of VLP-16 Puck LiDAR sensor in half

The Agitator

Velodyne LiDAR is now offering its most popular LiDAR sensor, the VLP-16, to customers around the world for up to a 50% cost reduction. Demand for our VLP-16s grew tremendously in 2017. As a result, we increased capacity and now can pass along savings as cost reduction to our customers. We want to make 2018 a year of optimism for the autonomous vehicle, especially as the first waves of robocabs hit the road.

The perils of dynamic pricing

Mission Paradox Blog

Over at 2am theatre Trisha wrote this post on the benefits of dynamic pricing   that merits a response. A quick primer:  This is how she defines dynamic pricing -. Under this model, you advertise your lowest regular adult price, with the phrase “Starts at $XX.” Then you make sure the lowest advertised price requires them to buy early, come to the least popular performance night and sit in the very visible but not very good seats right up front on the side.

Price 38

Pay the price

Mission Paradox Blog

Through the miracle of the internet I was exposed to the Saddleback Leather Company , a place that sells high quality leather bags, luggage, etc.    It's run by a guy named Dave. Of course when I say "high quality" you can also guess that I mean expensive.    His messenger bags cost about $550.    His luggage runs well over $800.

Price 34

More Riffs on Price

Mission Paradox Blog

  Price alters perception - The more you charge, the better people are going to expect the event to be.   High prices to some can lead to low prices for others - I know, tickets to things like theatre and other artistic events are too high.    But there is a pleasant side effect to charging a high ticket price that gets overlooked.  If so, then don't drop the price from like $30 to $25. 

Price 32

Arts Marketing 101 - Discount Pricing

Mission Paradox Blog

Price is always a tricky issue when it comes to the live, professional, performing arts.    This is particularly true when discussing whether to discount your admission price for some reason.    Defined purpose - Never, ever, do anything with your price until you know exactly why you are doing it.    Don't panic and lower your prices, don't get greedy and automatically raise them.

Price 33

The perils of dynamic pricing - Part 2

Mission Paradox Blog

  I've got two more reasons why we should approach dynamic pricing with caution: 1.    Creates too many choices - Most performing arts organization have too many pricing options as it is.    We have different prices based on day of the week, seat location, etc.    I wonder if dynamic pricing will add another unecessary to the mix. Looks like yesterday's discussion merits a follow up. 

Price 35

Incentives for Change in Public Health and Social Marketing Programs

Social Marketing and Social Change

"The idea of price as an incentive mechanism for social marketers can be traced back at least to Lefebvre and Flora (1988; link to pdf ). Charging fees for this screening service is much like the product pricing models used in social marketing programs in developing countries. Price

Science of Giving 6: The donation box-How do social norms, price & scrutiny affect what people do?

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Today, I continue my ongoing blogging of the fascinating book, The Science of Giving , which covers a range of seminal studies about giving psychology. This is the latest installment in my “ Cliffs Notes &# version of the book for nonprofit marketing and fundraising folks. Today, we find out what happens when a clear donation box is placed in a museum. Do people give when there’s no money in it? Do people give more when there are bigger bills in the box?

Price 56

Pricing Grant Writers - What Should We Pay for A Grant Writer?

Seeking Grant Money Today

I've written several posts (their links are listed at the end of this post) about how to hire and begin working with a grant writer. The next question is: what is fair compensation for a grant writer? First of all, I've said it before, here, and I'll say it again. Never pay a grant writer a portion of a grant that your organization receives after they write the proposal for it. This is called ' contingency pay', and it is unethical in American fundraising.

Price 68

CVS Embraces Behavior Economics and Social Marketing

Social Marketing and Social Change

The Price of Change. From my POV, and as my students hear, behavioral economics is a set of principles perfectly suited to allow us to understand the Price 'P' and how to better integrate it into our programs (and stop relying on just using persuasive communications). Tags: Price

Get the New Edition of The Nonprofit Marketing Guide [and Get a Bunch of Bonuses Too!]

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

you might want to go with Amazon to save , because right now, it’s less than half price there. I don’t know when they will, but as of right now, the book is only $18 and change, rather than the $40 list price.

Guide 173

Free Stock Photos for your Nonprofit, NGO or Social Enterprise

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

When you decide to buy stock photos there are three kinds of models in this branch: Macrostock: These are high priced and exclusive stock photography, it is also known as traditional stock photography. Microstock: Low price and inclusive stock photos.

Photos 113

Week of Freebies, Day 1: The 2021 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

That’s a savings of $200 off the regular price and comes out to less than $12 a week. Happy Holidays! Toward the end of every year, we spread some good cheer with some free stuff for our awesome readers like you!

Trends 234

Analyzing Budgets and Saving Money at a Nonprofit

Get Fully Funded

As the economy changes, so might vendor pricing. If you have a long-term relationships with or have a great connection with your current vendor, let them know that someone else has offered a better price for the same service. As a result, ask if they are willing to “price match.”.

Budget 169

Don’t Let Time Run Out…

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Prices go up in 2020. Sales price will be reflected in your shopping cart automatically. After 4 years of keeping our All-Access Pass the same price, we will be increasing the regular price $100 (from $699 to $799). Prices go up in 2020. Sales price will be reflected in your shopping cart automatically.

Price 127

Week of Freebies, Day 2: The Nonprofit Editorial Planning Starter Kit

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

That’s a savings of $200 off the regular price and comes out to less than $12 a week. Happy Holidays! Toward the end of every year, we spread some good cheer with some free stuff for our awesome readers like you!

Plan 179

Week of Freebies, Day 4: How to Say Thank You – A Guide for Nonprofits

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

That’s a savings of $200 off the regular price and comes out to less than $12 a week. Happy Holidays! Toward the end of every year, we spread some good cheer with some free stuff for our awesome readers like you!

Guide 172

Kick 2021 Off with a Bang: 25% Off Annual All-Access Pass, Communications Planning Workshop and 2021 Trends

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

That’s a savings of $200 off the regular price. Here’s what’s happening this month at Nonprofit Marketing Guide…. Online Training: [FINAL DAYS] Save $200 Off Our All-Access Training Pass NOW.

Trends 190

Six Inclusive Stock Photography Sites Every Nonprofit Should Have Bookmarked

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Prices often vary based on image, size and intended use. So, here’s a quick list that will help you do things differently : 1: Photoability.net – provides photo options at reasonable prices including $14 based on the intended use. So why is it so hard to find stock photography that doesn’t come with a hefty price? Pricing currently includes an access pass in which users can opt to have access to over 200 photos via the platform or direct email.

Sites 219

[PREVIEW] Top Nonprofit Conferences of Spring 2016


Price: $$$. Price: $$. Price: $. Price: $. Price: $. Price: $. Price: $$$. Price: $$. Price: $. Price: $$$. If you're like us, you can't wait to ditch those winter layers and welcome the springtime bloom. Why not celebrate the start of spring with some terrific nonprofit events? We narrowed down our full list of conferences to some of our very favorites coming up between March and May.

Spring 115

What’s Up in July? Huge Discounts, Mentoring Availability, and How to Reuse Content

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

That’s a savings of $200 off the regular price. Here’s what’s happening this month at Nonprofit Marketing Guide…. Online Training: Save $200 Off Our All-Access Training Pass NOW.

July 217

CALM not BUSY is Now Just $9.99

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

And the price for the Kindle edition just dropped to $9.99. Now is a fabulous time to implement the CALM not BUSY approach to your nonprofit communications work. There’s already a ton of disruption and people are learning new ways to work together.