How to Prepare Your Nonprofit for a PR Crisis

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It is also good practice to engage an independent PR or crisis communication professional who can provide objective insights and advice. Nonprofit PRFlickr Creative Commons photo by fotologic. Sometimes, bad things happen to good organizations.

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How to Choose a PR Firm for Your Nonprofit

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There are various levels of outsourcing including: Big firms Name-brand marketing and PR firms often have a wide range of capabilities. The post How to Choose a PR Firm for Your Nonprofit appeared first on Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog. Hiring Consultants Nonprofit PR

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Trends That Will Shape PR in 2018

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What can PR professionals expect in 2018? PR and marketing pros will increasingly look to automation and data technology tools to ramp up efficiency and output of compelling and highly searchable content. Crenshaw Communications imPRessions public relations 2018 PR trends

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Getting Started with a PR Plan

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We try to cover just about everything a nonprofit communications director has to do here at Nonprofit Marketing Guide, but one big whole in that coverage has been PR. Let us know what PR and media relations questions you have and we’ll get you answers. PR is powerful.

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Nonprofit Marketing v. PR Battles – Your Advice?

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“We have a Director of PR as well as myself (Director of Marketing), and we constantly struggle with how the two best work together. For example, if I buy advertising for an event, she says it lessens her ability to get PR for it – but advertising is guaranteed and the PR isn’t.

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SEO and PR - Working Together For You

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small nonprofits Facebook SEO Shift Communications Nonprofit Quarterly Google+ communities search results Public relations prThis is one of the best explanations of how to currently get higher up in Google search rankings. Why do you want to get higher up?

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5 Things Reporters Really Want From PR Specialists

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When asked how PR professionals can improve, 72.8 More often than not, journalists aren’t relying on PR pitches for story ideas. Roughly half of journalists surveyed said PR professionals would serve them better by providing them with information and expert services.

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NONPROFIT BRANDING: Great Product. Crappy PR. WHY?

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So, how come the company’s PR and marketing departments blew off my requests. World Class branding product. Durable, useful, respected. Carried by tens of millions of people. Great place to put your nonprofit logo.

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6 Reasons to Take the Problem-Solver Approach to a PR Challenge

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It’s likely that long after the buzz of the latest PR issue has died down, what will be remembered is the sense that yours is an organization that deals with issues in a transparent and action-oriented way.

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PR Pick-Up Lines: Starting a Relationship With Your Favorite Reporter

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When was the last time you reached out to a reporter without a story to pitch? If you’re like many nonprofit communicators, you might be straining to answer this question because it’s been a long time.

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Why Ignoring GuideStar’s Profile Pages Damages Your PR Strategy

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Effective media relations isn’t always about proactively pitching your organization’s story to reporters and editors. It’s also about making sure you are curating the right information in the places where reporters hang out to gather information. Recently, we explored why it’s important to create a reporter-friendly online newsroom on your organization’s website to help ensure that you’re putting your best foot forward to journalists who might be interested in covering your nonprofit.

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Rhode Island Pr

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After the rhode island pr and after finding out what the rhode island pr are you doing? This is and should be utilized to determine the rhode island pr of cases on the rhode island pr , the rhode island pr into the rhode island pr on more than 5 years of our nation. Conferences are a few dollars, than the rhode island pr after the rhode island pr. The parties most seriously consider the rhode island pr of their parts, they can say something.

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Good Cause Marketing Lessons From Bad PR

Cause Related Marketing

Maybe the site's size and renown explains the volume of off-topic pitches I get from well-meaning PR people. When they send me helpful pitches that are pertinent to I call them PR angels. Heck, even PR people are outing the clueless.

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3 PR Trends You Need to Adopt in 2018

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Integrate PR to understand multiple business goals. Few other tools are as effective as getting the word out about a company than PR. Make sure that your PR strategy is looking at how all those pieces fit together in the big picture. PR needs to specialize.

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How to Know It’s Time to Fire Your PR Group

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If your firm has complications like multiple locations doing the same cause marketing promotion at the same time then your PR crew has a responsibility to step up their game. With the same press release in each market, released on the same date over the same PR wire.

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COVID-19 and Media Relations: A Quick Guide for Nonprofit Communicators

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Nonprofit PR Thought LeadershipCOVID-19 is quickly rewriting the rules for how all of us are approaching our communications. It’s also forcing all nonprofits — no matter the mission — to rethink their short-term media relations strategies.

2 easy ways to get free PR in 2012

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Each email has a PR tip from Bill or Steve. Free PR can help your nonprofit get in front of more. Those are my favorite free PR tools! Engage Samples & Tools book pr media new year's resolutions

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#SocialNetworks: Prepped For A PR Disaster? You Better Be…

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Politicians are hardly the only ones who run the danger of stepping into a PR minefield. Heidi Cohen has written a great synopsis of how Perry’s snafu should inspire businesses and nonprofits to prepare for their own PR crises that will inevitably come up some day.

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New Resources: PR Toolkit and Free Stock Images

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Free and Discounted Services from PR Newswire. First, Nonprofit Marketing Guide has teamed up with PR Newswire to provide you with some outstanding discounts, free services and resources. I’ve created a couple of new partnerships recently to help nonprofit communicators.

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Most PR Bad. This PR Good.

Marketing for Nonprofits

Of course, I have spent a lot of time working in the PR business, so I know how awful being pitched can be. Remember good PR is about good RELATIONSHIPS. Again, this title may not work for all PR pros but it's a perfect fit with Mike's brand. Tags: online PR Read this.

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Remember SPAT When Activating Your Cause Marketing via PR

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Suffice it to say that while PR has greater credibility, it’s challenging to get the frequency using PR alone that you can get with advertising. Advertising offers frequency and repeatability, but it can be expensive and it’s less credible than PR.

Is Your Communications Team Ready for 2020’s Next Big Crisis?

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Nonprofit PRFlickr Creative Commons photo by fotologic. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s to be prepared for the unexpected.

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How to Get Your Nonprofit’s Story Told During Covid-19

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Nonprofit PR Thought Leadership coronavirusFlickr Creative Commons photo by Steve Bustin. By Peter Panepento. It’s not easy for nonprofits to get news coverage. And that’s especially true during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Tips for Nonprofit News Writing

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See our blog section on Nonprofit PR for more tips on news writing and working with the media. Nonprofit PR Nonprofit WritingNews Writing is one of the seven writing styles that all nonprofit communicators should master.

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Newsjacking: From Roadkill to Rock Stars

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In our book, Modern Media Relations for Nonprofits: Creating an Effective PR Strategy for Today’s World, Peter Panepento and I talk about how nonprofits have used the strategy of embracing good, bad and ugly news to elevate their messaging with the media. Nonprofit PR

How to Make the Most of a Television Interview

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Nonprofit PROne of our nonprofit clients just landed a great opportunity to appear live on a cable network to talk about her organization’s mission. She’s a wonderful speaker – and she knows her subject matter better than anyone.

Put the 'R' Back in PR

Marketing for Nonprofits

"I like her because she smiles at me and means it." - Anonymous Calling all PR pros! I got a great email the other day from a PR pro at Convio , a software provider to nonprofits.

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5 Hooks You Can Use to Get Your Story Told

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Nonprofit PRWhat’s your hook? This question likely looms over you daily if your job is to pitch stories to the media or create content for your organization’s owned media channels.

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Bad PR Pitches Hold Lessons for Smart Cause Marketers

Cause Related Marketing

When they send me helpful pitches that are pertinent to I call them PR angels. Heck, even PR people are outing the idiots. It's very chic to complain about PR idiots right now, and who am I to resist a trend? I’m not going to out any idiot PR people by name. Yesterday in conversation with a new friend in India I learned that I am ‘quite famous’ in India.

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How to Handle Negative Online Comments

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Nonprofit PR Nonprofit Social MediaFlickr Creative Commons photo by Serra Boten. One of my clients recently celebrated a big victory. After months of talking about his desire to get an opinion piece published in The Chronicle of Philanthropy, he achieved his goal.

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Time Saver: Online Press Conferences & Media Events

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Nonprofit PRTechnology is challenging the way people gather for meetings. That’s why online press conferences and media events are a growing trend in the busy news world.

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Avoid These 10 Mistakes to Get More News Coverage

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Nonprofit PRFlickr Creative Commons photo by Jeff Eaton Many nonprofit communicators have a similar complaint about the news media. It goes something like this: “We have great stories, but nobody covers us.”

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How to Launch a Grassroots Micro-Influencer Campaign for Your Nonprofit

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Digital PR Marketing Nonprofits Social Media dana bakich Influencers micro-influencerDo you hear the word “influencer” and think of a million dollar campaign? Not anymore! You already have micro-influencers in your online community just waiting to get more involved with your organization!

Can’t Get Coverage? 5 Ways to Make Your Own News

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Nonprofit PRFlickr Creative Commons photo by Steve Bustin. The pursuit of meaningful media coverage is often a frustrating one for nonprofits. The local business journal might, for instance, post short items whenever you make a new appointment to your board.

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PR Sidebar

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When I kicked off a series on authentic PR yesterday, I got some email.  A lot of the email made it clear that I hadn't done a good job of explaining why doing more work on PR is a worthwhile use of your time. If you don't make PR a priority it's very likely that you'll let your busy life cause you to ignore the vital relationships you need to build a career in the arts. A good PR plan helps to make sure that you never become that guy.

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Cause-Related Marketing Lessons Learned from Bad PR Pitches

Cause Related Marketing

When they send helpful pitches that are pertinent to this blog I call them PR angels. Lately one of the great things about the Cause-Related Marketing blog for me is that I don’t have to go out and ‘enterprise’ my blog posts the way I did in the early days.

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Follow These 7 Tips to Improve Your Nonprofit’s Media Relations ROI

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Now more than ever, journalists need good PR people. I often find this report useful as I review my PR strategies. In other words, most PR folks are wasting reporters’ time — and their own — by creating and sending off-target pitches. Nonprofit PR

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State Department PR Expert Shares Steps to Media Relations Success

Getting Attention

Words of wisdom on media relations from guest author, Todd Calongne, Public Affairs Officer, Secretary’s Office of the Coordinator for Reconstruction and Stabilization, U.S. Department of State: Relax. Being yourself is the straightest path to gaining a new friend in the media. Feel free to engage in conversation while sussing out how much the journalist knows about the subject or the field of interest, and her slant. It's media relations as media education.

Encouragement for the Crazy Marketing/PR/Communications Person Who Wears Many Hats

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Pam Jacobsen. I think a lot of my readers will relate to today’s guest post. Pam Jacobsen shares some of the fun aspects of her multi-task job. Guest Post by Pam Jacobsen, Fort Bend Christian Academy. Can you tell by the title how I’m feeling today? It’s 5:10 p.m. on a Friday and I am the only soul in the building.

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Asics GT-1000 PR for Christina Applegate’s Right Action for Women

Cause Related Marketing

If a sponsor is going to cap a donation at a certain maximum amount, what’s the right minimum amount to donate? In this campaign, which benefits Right Action for Women - The Christina Applegate Foundation, Asics has put out a special pink running shoe with black satin laces and the iconic pink ribbon embroidered on the heel collar. During October, $2 from the sale of each shoe sold benefits The Christina Applegate Foundation, with a maximum donation of $100,000.

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PR v. Publicity

Mission Paradox Blog

Seth on the difference between PR and Publicity.

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News Releases to Tweets: Getting Your Story Straight and Composing Effective PR Writing

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As your organization works to stay top of mind for supporters and the media, you may stare at your blinking cursor wondering how to create the most effective bang for your public relations buck: "What makes a nonprofit press release pop?" " "How can I stay consistent across different media-both online and offline?" " "What's the most effective way to tell my organization's story? What are the dos and don'ts?"

Preparation Pays: How to Create an Effective Media Briefing

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Media Relations communications nonprofit PRMost nonprofit media relations advice focuses on the mechanics of pitching your story or how to build relationships with reporters. That overlooks an unseen — and equally important — part of media relations: preparation.