3 things every fundraiser needs to consider before they talk politics in front of their donors


I don’t have any data on this whatsoever but something tells me that a good number of fundraisers might lean left when it comes to politics. Could you be alienating them by assuming that their politics align with yours?

Should you talk with your donors about politics?

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All marketing is political now- Umair Haque. Alexa Clay says, “Advertisers are becoming our moral compass” Umair Haque replies, “All marketing is political now, the best and worst most intensely so.” TO get Political or NOT get Political, THAT is the question.

Why Your Nonprofit Needs to Get Political – Now

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It’s time that even the smallest of nonprofit organizations steps up to the plate and gets political. The post Why Your Nonprofit Needs to Get Political – Now appeared first on JCSM. Nonprofits Budget proposal IRS lobbying politics soapbox Trump

Book Review: How to Raise Money for Political Office

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Lately I’ve been researching how to do political fundraising for a friend of mine. Since in politics what you communicate doesn’t matter as much as how you communicate it, you’ve got to start fundraising early and never stop, even after you get elected.

Best U.S. Political Ad Of 2016

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have been inundated with political ads of all kinds. Agitator readers in the U.S. An estimated $4.4 billion in TV spending alone. Up from $3.8 billion in 2012. Enough is enough. Too much”, as Grandma Craver used to say, “will make a dog sick.”

Political Digital

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Here’s a good rundown of how the political candidates are using online video and social media — ad targeting on Facebook, Pawlenty breakthrough video treatments, budget allocations, and more. ClickZ’ Politics & Advocacy is a good news feed if you want to follow political use — often at the cutting edge — of the digital realm. advocacy communications issue fundraising online activism online advocacy online fundraising online video politics

#SocialNetworks: Primary Politics Offer Models For SM Strategy

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Whatever your political affiliation, don’t let divisive partisanship cause you to ignore what works for your organization. Click to enlarge.

Want to do political fundraising? Interview with Joe Garecht of The Fundraising Authority

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I chose to interview Joe because I was interested in his political fundraising background. Joe, what is your fundraising background, and why political fundraising? I met my future wife there, I had the time of my life and got a HUGE range of connections in politics. Joe Garecht.

Mobile Politics

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Pew terms 26% of adult Americans “mobile political users.&# 12% of adults used their cell phones to keep up with news about the election or politics. Don't Miss these Posts Hot Research mobile advocacy politicsPew Internet Research published some good stuff during the holiday break. For example, a report on mobile use in connection with the 2010 US congressional elections.

Online Politics Update

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For those who study how political campaigns use the online channel, and advocacy groups in particular should, here’s a recent update from ClickZ Politics … the latest in political use of Twitter, mobile, and the ‘plain old’ web. Your donors will be receiving a blizzard of political persuasion and fundraising messages in the next four months. advocacy communications issue fundraising online advocacy online fundraising politics

Youth And Online Politics

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Here’s a good Independence Day read for our American Agitators in particular, but for all who want more insight into how online tools are re-shaping political participation amongst youth (15-25 year-olds) … Participatory Politics: New Media and Youth Political Action , funded by an arm of the MacArthur Foundation. And of this group, fully 90% either vote or engage in traditional institutional politics. candidate, campaign or political issues.”

What Nonprofits Can Learn from Political Campaigns

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Political campaigns, especially in presidential years, are great testing grounds for new communications and fundraising techniques that eventually transfer over to the nonprofit world. Howard Dean revolutionized small-dollar online giving and Barack Obama was the first to integrate mobile/texting both for campaign advocacy and fundraising. I wonder what we’ll learn about in the coming year? Well, nevermind all that for now.

Learning From Political Digital

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The political guys say they’re looking for audiences (folks sharing some key online behaviors), as opposed to targeting sites. For a broader update on campaign and issue advocates’ use of digital media, check this latest report from ClickZ Politics , where you’ll find that the Obama campaign is on pace to spend $35 million on web ads. advocacy communications Don't Miss these Posts issue fundraising online advocacy online fundraising politics

Politics On Social Net Sites

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Pew Research has just published findings on social nets and political activities. Here are some key findings: 36% of social networking site (SNS) users say the sites are “very important” or “somewhat important” to them in keeping up with political news. 26% of SNS users say the sites are “very important” or “somewhat important” to them in recruiting people to get involved in political issues that matter to them. pew internet project politics social networking

Politics On Social Net Sites

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Pew Research has just published findings on social nets and political activities. Here are some key findings: 36% of social networking site (SNS) users say the sites are “very important” or “somewhat important” to them in keeping up with political news. 26% of SNS users say the sites are “very important” or “somewhat important” to them in recruiting people to get involved in political issues that matter to them. pew internet project politics social networking

Will Political Fundraising Harm Your Bottom Line?

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As Bernie Sanders’ Presidential campaign nears the $150 million mark in small gift (average $27) fundraising, and as record amounts pour into the rest of the Presidential primary campaigns, there’s no doubt that nonprofit CEOs and Boards will be wondering: How will all that political giving impact support for our organization this year?

Digital Political Campaigning

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As this report from ClickZ Marketing news indicates, political video ads have surged in this election season, to the point where inventory is scarce — and significantly bid up in price — in hotly contested markets. Tags: Don't Miss these Posts advocacy communications fundraising issue fundraising nonprofits online activism online advocacy online fundraising online publishing online video politics social networking

Target Audience: A Lesson from Politics

Mission Minded

It’s election season. While you might get tired of the constant commercials, news clips, and solicitations, we have to give a nod to the candidates and their campaigns. Because perhaps more than anyone, politicians know their audience. And, just like our nonprofit branding clients, knowing your audience is the first step in creating the brand, […].

ClickZ Politics & Advocacy

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ClickZ, an online marketing news service, offers a feed focused on online political and advocacy marketing. Agitator readers in the cause world might want to check it out. The latest edition includes an item on how Urban Ministries of Durham (in Durham, North Carolina) is using the mobile app Foursquare to draw attention to homelessness in the community. Check it out.

From The Political Online Fundraising Front

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It pains me to do this already in July 2011, but here’s a rundown on what the emergent 2012 political campaigns are doing with respect to online fundraising. This report from Clickz.com provides several articles for you political groupies, covering Obama, Romney, Palin, Bachmann, Pawlenty, Huntsman … and even Ann Coulter. As always, my interest in this political propaganda is chiefly from the perspective of … Anything here for us legitimate, principled fundraisers?

Connecting Protests to Political Power

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But they couldn’t move it enough to match the power held by Republicans inside the political system. We progressives have a bad habit of assuming that large numbers of people supporting our positions is the same as gaining political power. When we lose statehouses in places like Florida and Texas, the key levers of political power like the ability to gerrymander districts into Rorsach tests of political affiliation, are lost with it, often times for a generation.

Politics Of Online Ad Targeting

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This tool, aimed more at legislative advocacy, has backing from both sides of the political aisle. Tags: Don't Miss these Posts advocacy communications fundraising online activism online advocacy online fundraising online publishing online video politics If you’re in the biz of targeting online ads for member acquisition, fundraising or issue persuasion, here are two articles that illustrate the data-driven capabilities that exist.

Making The Most Of A Charged Political Climate

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Recent news of the fundraising results of Senator Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign — $33 million in the last three months from a base of 2.2 million donors who give an average of $27 — got me thinking about the various problems and opportunities faced by vastly different types of organizations.

Are your politics hindering your fundraising?

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Fundraisers: Stop the political vitriol! We need to participate in the politics of our communities and countries. Unless your cause is political, your politics can seriously hinder your fundraising. Ask politicsA few weeks ago I sent a version of this to my Fundraising Kick subscribers. But I’m seeing someting that will seriously impair your fundraising so I wanted to share it with you too. If we live in a democracy, we need to be active.

Celebrity Advocacy: Do Stars Influence Issues & Politics?

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In a celebrity-obsessed society, how effective are A-listers at focusing public attention, support and advocacy on our causes? Kenneth Jost with CQ Press just released a fantastic whitepaper that explores the good, the bad and the ugly of celebrity advocacy. He takes an amazing historical look at celebrity involvement in charities over the decades ( Comedian Milton Berle hosted the first TV telethon for cancer research in 1949).

Political junk mail can hurt your fall fundraising letters

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NPR did a great piece on political direct mail. According to NPR, if you thought the political ads on TV were bad, you haven’t seen anything yet. Political junk mail is about to hit.

Fall 68

Voter Tools and Resources for 2012: Political Ad Sleuth

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The best place to begin is with the fantastically fun Political Ad Sleuth sponsored by the Sunlight Foundation in partnership with FreePress. Individuals register on the site to help crowdsource the source of political ads. There has been an avalanche of political ads broadcast this year the origins of which (meaning who paid for the ad) are hard to ascertain (thanks Supreme Court for the Citizens United decision !)

Art and Politics - Field Style

Mission Paradox Blog

One of my favorite political blogs is Al Giordano's The Field.    In this excellent post, Al talks Obama's Stimulus, the Arts and the implications for the NEA.

Political Campaigns Have Changed the Way We Communicate

Social Marketing and Social Change

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Recently There Are Concerns By and About the IRS and Its Oversight of Political Organizations In This Election Year

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Many political organizations wishing to acquire or retain their 501(c)(4) charitable status also collect donations without reporting from whom or where the donations came and how much those donations were. Watchdogs claim that the right these political organizations have to raise tax free dollars without having to provide any true charitable service is not just unfair, but leading to a lack of real welfare programs in a wake of many dollars being raised tax free.

Grants for Photojournalists Telling Compelling Social, Political, And Cultural Stories

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The Grants for Editorial Photography program is designed to provide professional and student photographers with the creative freedom to create compelling social, political, and cultural stories. From The Foundation Center. Deadline: Various Getty Images Offers Grants for Editorial Photography and Nonprofit Work Getty Images has announced a new round of Grants for Editorial Photography and Grants for Good.

Grants for Nonprofits Using Art to Address Root Causes of Economic, Political, and Social Injustice

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Deadline: April 25, 2011 Left Tilt Fund Invites Grant Applications for Social Justice Projects The San Francisco-based Left Tilt Fund is a private nonprofit social justice foundation that funds organizations and artists working to address the root causes of economic, political, and social injustice through community-based organizing, education, legal advocacy, and other innovative means. From The Foundation Center. [As

Why fundraising is so important, at least until Campaign Finance Reform

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Recently I’ve been reading up on how to get money for political office, because I will be assisting a friend in running for office. According to Jerry Brown, quoted in Money and the Meaning of Life, by Jacob Needleman, “The essence of politics is communication.

Grants for Independent Film Or Radio Projects Relating Critical Social or Political Issues

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The fund invites applications for projects of all genres that address critical social and political issues, combine intellectual clarity with creative use of the medium, and demonstrate understanding of how the production will be used for progressive social justice organizing. From The Foundation Center.

4 things I learned from making an ask this week

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They had never met anyone like Irene before, coming from a community that does not get involved in politics. A community that would actively try to prevent her from succeeding in politics. Political fundraising is more personal than nonprofit fundraising.

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Book Review: Campaign Craft

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I’ve been learning more about political fundraising lately, to help a friend of mine run for office. As it turns out, political fundraising is a bit different than nonprofit fundraising. In political fundraising, they say that there are 3 stages of getting a donor to give to you.

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Research: Just how much do faith, ethnicity, politics and age affect giving?

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I recently posted some fascinating information on ethnicity and online behavior; now there’s a study on various donors by religion, political persuasion, ethnicity and age and it, too, may reveal some surprising things. The study also looked at the influence of political persuasion, ethnicitiy and age. Most popular among people in the 45 – 69 age group and political moderates and liberals. Making sweeping assumptions about donors and activists is dangerous.

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Happy Birthday to Me!

A Small Change

Politics & Motivation If you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s my birthday. Birthdays seem to be the only day of the year everyone is okay with someone tooting their own horn. So here it goes… A Small Change has sort of been a life’s work for me.

7 steps to decline donations you can’t accept


Fundraising strategy charity blog cultivation for major gifts cultivation for planned giving decline donation request email decline donation request sample donor cultivation engagement fundraising fundraising tips how to decline a donation offer how to decline a request politely how to turn down a donation Philanthropy response to decline sponsorship response to donation request solve problems unable to sponsor letterShe was really ticked off because they wouldn’t accept her gift.

Oh No! Not Another Good Idea

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Politics & Motivation Do you ever feel like you have way to many ideas? Or do you feel like you have a lot of great ideas and things you want to do but never end up with time to get them done? How do you manage your good ideas?

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