The Top 10 School Fundraising Ideas

Fundraiser Ideas

Basket raffle. Each classroom is charged with creating a basket to raffle off. At a school event, such as parent-teacher conferences, a school concert or an open house, sell raffle tickets and let the parents select which baskets they’d like to enter to win. Have a contest to see which class can collect the greatest weight in cans, with the winning class receiving a pizza party at lunch or an ice cream treat at recess.

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Free Business Cards for Your Organization and Fundraising Events

Fundraiser Ideas

To increase the effectiveness of promoting a fundraising event with free business cards, you could try the following: You can hand out cards that automatically enter people into a free raffle. All you would have to do is write a number on the back of each card and something along the lines of “You’ve just been entered into a free raffle. Come to Pete’s Pizza at 5:00PM to see if you are the winner of a brand new television!”

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5 Ways to Get Parents Involved in School Fundraisers

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Pizza parties. Consider any of these tried-and-true school fundraisers: Raffle. As a general trend over the past several years, public schools have seen repeated budget cuts at the federal, state and local levels. Nonetheless, school needs are as great as ever.

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I''m not a fan of "fundraising sales" like cookie dough, pizza kits, wrapping paper, raffle tickets, or popcorn. I think they do have a place in the realm of fundraising. But while I love asking for money, I don''t like doing this type of sale. So it''s probably no surprise that I''ve never been a fan of the shopping portals that are supposed to give donations to nonprofits.