It’s called PIZZA PARTY PLANNED GIVING. Here’s how to do it: 1 - Invite a bunch of board members and volunteers to a pizza party. 2 - Order the pizza. 3 - While everyone waitings for the pizza, discuss how to make outbound calls to say “thank you” to donors (and I suggest you leave voicemail thank you messages too). 9 - Eat some pizza, share successes/stories, and count your leads (and uncovered gifts).

Pizza 139

4 things pizza and major gift fundraising have in common


Later on, my kids wanted Domino’s Pizza. But after I ordered the pizza I realized that they treated me really, really well. Thanks to their Pizza Tracker, I realized that I like to see what’s happening with my pizza! Then it dawned on me that my pizza delivery experience and your major gift progress reports have a lot in common. Whether it’s $15 for a pizza or $1.5

Pizza 126

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As Quoted in Pizza Today

Cause Related Marketing

Along with David Hessekiel of the Cause Marketing Forum, I was quoted in the April 2009 issue of Pizza Today on the subject of cause marketing (the article "Just Cause" begins on page 55.)It’s It’s not the New York Times, to be sure.But there’s an interesting side benefit to being quoted in Pizza Today; you get a special voucher that’s accepted at most small pizza parlors across the country that. Tags: New York Times Cause Marketing Forum David Hessekiel Pizza Today

Pizza 100

Pizza Hut Paper Icon Program for the World Food Program

Cause Related Marketing

Pizza Hut is currently raising funds for the UN's World Food Program using the paper icon at the left, a mobile phone text fundraising effort, and celebrity support from songstress Christina Augilera. The campaign called From Hunger to Hope also invites direct support through the campaign website.From Hunger to Hope comes from Yum Brands, franchisor of Pizza Hut, KFC, Taco Bell, Long John Silver’. Tags: paper icons Pizza Hut World Food Programme Taco Bell KFC Yum Brands

Pizza 103

Social Entrepreneuers Galactic Pizza and Endangered Species Chocolate

Cause Related Marketing

Tags: Galactic Pizza Endangered Species Chocolate

Pizza Chain Uses Co-Marketing to Raise Funds for Causes

Selfish Giving

This year I noticed the pizza and sub chain added coupons from other businesses: Showcase Cinemas , Boston Red Sox , AAA , Battleship Cove , Modell’s , Boston Duck Tours , iParty and The New England Revolution. With hundreds of locations in New England, this pizza and sub chain packs quite a wallop all by itself. For 33 years Papa Gino’s and its sister company D’angelo have been raising money a buck at a time for Easter Seals and The Genesis Fund.

Pizza 66

Study Links NFL Sponsorship and Purchasing Decisions. Does it apply to Cause Marketing?

Cause Related Marketing

The study compared official NFL sponsors to non-official sponsors in banking, beer, credit cards, pizza and telecommunications over the three year period between 2008 and 2010. So in the pizza category Papa John’s, the official sponsor, was measured against two non-official sponsors; Pizza Hut and Domino’s. NFL Domino's Pizza Anne Rivers Kirk Wakefield Pizza Hut Papa John's Ph.D.A study from Kirk Wakefield, Ph.D.

Pizza 124

Cause Marketing Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Cause Related Marketing

Pizza Hut would like to do some cause marketing with your charity. I know this because a flyer pasted on top of the box of the Big Dipper pizza we ordered the other day said as much. What Pizza Hut has in mind is discount card promotion. If Pizza Hut’s is compelling to your audience, consider calling the number listed. Moreover, I’m suggesting that Pizza Hut keep the contest element so that one charity would get a bigger payoff every day.

More Instant-On Cause Marketing from Colorado's Front Range

Cause Related Marketing

In Colorado Springs Borriello Brothers Real New York Pizza has been feeding evacuees, firefighters, volunteers and others and asked patrons to ‘Donate Your Discount,’ a cool idea. Colorado Wildfires 2012 Steve Drake Borriello Brothers Real New York Pizza LaMar's Donuts and Coffee Noodles and Company Panera Instant-On Cause Marketing cause marketing

A New Twist on Displaying Paper Icons

Cause Related Marketing

Twenty CiCi’s Pizza Buffet locations in Georgia have come up with a fun idea of how to display the paper icons for their charity of choice, Special Olympics Georgia. A pizza joint probably doesn’t get that many repeat customers in a 30-day period. Instagram CiCi's Pizza Buffet Facebook Special Olympics Social Media Pinterest paper icons Twitter pinups cause marketingPaper icons can be a license to print money if all the elements come together right.

Cause Marketing: The All Packaging Edition

Cause Related Marketing

I can’t do the calculus it would require to compute the exact surface area of this Dominos Pizza box, but counting the bottom it’s better than 300 square inches. Ronald McDonald House Charities Domino's Pizza Coca-Cola Susan G. One way to activate a cause marketing campaign when the sponsor sells a physical product is on the packaging.

Cause-Related Marketing to Your List

Cause Related Marketing

I was in California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) the other day and spied this handcard as the waiter presented me with the bill.The offer is straightforward. Tags: California Pizza Kitchen Charity Member Lists Have a party at CPK and they’ll kick back 20 percent of the total sales to your charity. CPK will even help you maximize attendance at the event by putting together a promotional flyer for your use.It goes without saying that CPK didn’t invent this.

List 100

Some Questions to Answer When Cause Marketing With Franchises

Cause Related Marketing

Subway Restaurants… American Heart Association Ace Hardware… Children’s Miracle Network Circle K Stores… United Cerebral Palsy Pizza Hut… Book It reading incentive program Wendy’s… Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption Marriott Hotels, Resorts & Suites… Children’s Miracle Network. Wendy's Burger King 7-Eleven Circle K Ace Hardware Pizza Hut cause marketing Franchises McDonalds Franchise Times Marriott Subway KFC

Seven Tips for Businesses… Large and Small… When Employing the Techniques of Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

In the meantime, I’m reprinting a column I wrote for the Salt Lake Enterprise, the local weekly business newspaper, and which was published Monday, Tags: Paul Jones Alden Keene Paul Godfrey Salt Lake Enterprise Galactic Pizza Faithful readers:Waiting for your computer to return from the shop after a motherboard-ectomy is a little like waiting at the hospital for a baby to come…it can’t get here soon enough! But the computer doctors are telling me no later than Saturday!In

7 Tips to TurboCharge Your Small Business Marketing With Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

Tags: Causewashing Trout Unlimited TOMS Shoes Small Business Cause-Related Marketing Galactic Pizza General Mills BoxTops for Education Kiva

Does Your Organization Have a Soul?


I seriously doubt that he would say the same thing about the closing of a Pizza Hut or Dominos. And, why do you think he felt so passionate about a slice of pizza? Because that pizza restaurant had a soul! Most businesses don’t have a soul. They are cold and heartless. And, that’s probably (at least in part) why most businesses don’t succeed. But the ones that thrive and endure are usually the ones that have a soul.

4 keys to fundraising success you might be overlooking


In 2009, Dominos Pizza’s stock price was $7.73. So they publicly admitted their failure and asked customers to help them fix the pizza. Humanity – Understanding human beings — really taking a deep, genuine interest in their wants, needs, desires, hopes, and dreams. The best way to do this is by employing feedback loops that capture self-reported information and nonverbal, digital body language (such as clicks, views, downloads, time-on-site, etc.).

Pizza 100

10 Powerful Twitter Marketing Tips [That Work like Magic]

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

For instance, If you are at a restaurant or cafe, you can search for a food item specifying your area like Pizzas in Sepia, chicken tandoori in London etc. 10 Powerful Twitter Marketing Tips [That Work like Magic].

KFC Concept Restaurant Gives a Nod to Cause Marketing for Local Causes

Cause Related Marketing

Pizza Hut, another Yum company has raised more than $115 million for the World Food Programme. Pizza Hut has also long supported literacy efforts. Of all of them, the World Food Programme effort from Pizza Hut is the splashiest in part because it features Christina Aguilera as the face of the campaign. Pizza Hut has invested a lot in the effort, including encouraging employee volunteerism on behalf of the World Food Programme.

Zo maak je vegetarisch eten een makkie

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

Van Italiaanse pasta’s tot quiches en pizza’s. Als vegetariër kun je namelijk net zo makkelijk en lekker een AGV-maaltijd eten, of traditionele Italiaanse gerechten, of pizza, burgers, en soepen. Zo maak je vegetarisch eten een makkie.

Pizza 52

7 Steps to Motivating the Actions You Need (Case Study)

Getting Attention

The second ad features this pizza box with mini pizza inside (much less than you and I are used to eating), highlighting that the 3.5 Plus, pizza is not nutritious! The pizza ad features a clear call to action but it’s in small type and the last element in the text block. Thanks to New York Times writer Jane Levere, I was pointed to this print ad campaign from Action Against Hunger (AAH).

Looking for an Alternative to Pinups? Try Coupon Books

Selfish Giving

The book pictured comes from Massachusetts-based pizza chain Papa Gino’s and benefits The Jimmy Fund, the fundraising arm of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. A good alternative to pinups is a coupon book. Last year this coupon book raised $90,000 for The Jimmy Fund. This year’s program began July 1st and runs through the end. Cause Marketing In Action cause marketing coupon book papa gino's pinups the jimmy fund

Pizza 59

Kroger’s Giving Hope a Hand Campaign is Gaining Momentum

Cause Related Marketing

That is, Giving Hope a Hand… like Campbell’s Labels for Education and General Mills Boxtops for Education… has made the leap from its exclusive relationship with Kroger to including the participation of other brands, including Dannon’s Activa brand of yogurt, Freschetta pizza, Kraft cheese, Pepsi, Purina, Windex, and Ziploc, among others. Freschetta, the freezer pizza brand from Schwan’s, can piggyback on the framework that Kroger has built.

Pizza 142

Newsletter: Not Business as Usual ?; Companies Tweet Support for Protests But What About Real Change? ; The #1 Reason to be on Twitter

Selfish Giving

Pizza Hut and dairy farmers team up to deliver 500,000 pizzas to America's high school graduates. ?? I have to be honest with you. I don't much feel like talking about corporate partnerships this week. After the events of the past eight days, it seems insignificant.

Pizza 52

Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator – Amie Bennight

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Maybe spaghetti, maybe take-out from our favorite pizza spot but it will be recovery time until we get up and do it all over again tomorrow. Amie Bennight. Here’s the latest installment in our series on the “Day in the Life” of nonprofit communicators, where we ask you to describe your day in your own words. Want to be featured in this series? Tell us what you do in a typical day as a nonprofit communications pro.

Free Business Cards for Your Organization and Fundraising Events

Fundraiser Ideas

Come to Pete’s Pizza at 5:00PM to see if you are the winner of a brand new television!” That’d be a great way to get people to a fundraising event being held at Pete’s Pizza at the same time, even if the event is as simple as Pizza for Charity, in which the restaurant donates a portion of its revenue from their dinner shift that evening to your organization.

Cards 163

Respecting Your Cause Marketing Partner

Cause Related Marketing

From Freschetta, the bake-at-home pizza brand found in your grocer’s freezer case, comes a pink ribbon cause marketing campaign that seems slightly ashamed of its esteemed non-profit partner. Here’s the campaign: when you buy pink-beribboned packages of Freschetta pizza products and Schwan Food Company , the brand's owner, will donate $1 up to $50,000 total to guess who?

To Take a Page from Kohl's Cause Marketing Success, Start With IKEA

Cause Related Marketing

A small operator like Dante’s Pizza, a real three-store chain in Dothan, Alabama that I Googled, wouldn’t be able to pull off that kind of deal. So if Dante’s Pizza in Dothan wanted to try a cause marketing promotion like IKEA’s, they’d just need to find appealing toys that they could get inexpensively and then sell for a competitive price, say $5 or less.

Pizza 119

Your Official 17NTC Local's Guide to DC


While the restaurant is known for their incredible pizza, they also have a wonderful bar with hipster-vibe and lovely cocktails. We're just a few weeks away from one of the most highly-anticipated nonprofit conferences of the year and, seeing as it will be hosted in Washington, DC, our team wanted to share some favorite local spots to eat, drink, and enjoy the sights while visiting for 17NTC. Check out the list below and make sure to read the travel tips at the end! The Dabney.

DC 126

Training: Getting More Media Attention

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

The Pizza Party Quick-Start Media Plan. Our September E-Clinic is all about getting your nonprofit and good cause more media exposure, and registration is now open! During this month-long e-clinic, you’ll get the training and coaching you need to learn how to get the media interested in your organization and your cause today.

#ADVOCACY: Make Sure Pitch Has Call To Action, Not Just High Concept

Non Profit Marketing 360

Plus, pizza is not nutritious, neither is vodka!” ” When we saw the ad, our first thought was that it’s an advertisement about how cheap/skimpy pizza companies can be. What happens when you get corporate assistance to launch a new campaign, or pro bono development from a commercial ad agency? You can get some fabulous ideas and some valuable insights on establishing your brand.

Jokin’ ‘Bout Jargon: The Lighter Side of Nonprofit Marketing

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Now, I’ve found the perfect entertainment for the next Kivi and Claire Nonprofit Marketing Guide girl’s night-in wine and pizza party – the Jargon Generator ! With great pleasure, I present another guest post today, this time from Claire Meyerhoff. It’s been faaaarrrrr tooooo loooong since Claire wrote for us! Enjoy! Guest Post by Claire Meyerhoff. Claire Meyerhoff. At, we kid about jargon all the time.

Pizza 182

Newsletter: How to Recruit Sponsors for Virtual Events ; United Way, Cottonelle Partner for #ShareASquare ; Adopt a Dog, Get Three Months of Free Beer

Selfish Giving

Reader Amanda Ponzar of Health Charities sent along this note on a creative activation during the pandemic: "We just launched a year-long cause marketing partnership with Pie Five Pizza in early March -- and then coronavirus and quarantines hit.

Pizza 52

4 (Mostly) Free Ways to Appreciate Your Employees

NonProfit Hub

Sometimes we bring in donuts or breakfast pizza, but none of the bells and whistles are necessary. Nonprofit employees are truly unsung champions. They work tirelessly for the causes they care about, and usually for a lower wage than their for-profit counterparts. They deserve our recognition and celebration, but it can be hard to show your appreciation on a shoestring budget. Here are easy, cheap (or free) ways to show your employees how much they mean to you.

Pizza 55

Newsletter: Creative Examples of Benefits for Virtual Sponsors ; OkCupid Wants You to be a VILF in November ; 5 Ways to Market Your Nonprofit in Age of Resistance ?

Selfish Giving

Director of Corporate Affairs & CSR, Papa John's Pizza , Atlanta Do you have a partnership position you are trying to fill? Three things to share with you today. First, join Doctors Waters and Giagrando (the Cause Docs !)

How to Hold a Successful Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Fundraiser Ideas

Set up teams of fundraisers and offer a prize, such as a pizza party, for the team that sells the most cookie dough. Cookie dough fundraising has become increasingly popular over the years. People love cookies, making it an easy sell, and organizations can earn up to 80 percent profit on their sales. However, to maximize the profit your charitable organization receives from your cookie dough fundraiser, there are some critical points that need to be covered.

Vendor 106

An open plea to hold better events

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

A wood fired brick pizza oven on wheels serving pizza. I got the following email today from one of my blog readers, John Scott Foster of the Wesselman Nature Society. I had an experience this weekend I thought you might be interested in. I attended two “gala” type events. One was the standard, at a conference center. Held from 6 to 8:30. Coat and tie. Arrive at 6, cash bar, sit at a table at 7. People say nice things. You eat. People say nice things. Silent auction.

Pizza 80

The CMS Roundtable: Which Website Solution is Right for You?

Fundraising 123

His knowledge, vision and ability to speak "English, not tech" have helped turn top-tier companies such as Technicolor, and California Pizza Kitchen into long-term clients. RESERVE YOUR SEAT NOW! Download the presentation slides below Related Documents! Too often organizations are overwhelmed with technology choices and simply do not have enough information to make decisions.

8 Ways to Start A Social Media Committee for Your Nonprofit

J Campbell Social Marketing

Could you provide pizza at the meetings? Last week I discussed the actual work of “ doing social media ” and some of the time-consuming and important tasks required in doing it effectively. The other important point I want to get across to organizations is this: . To be effective and to get results, social media cannot be done by one person and one person alone. A social media strategy must be embraced by the entire organization if it is to grow, to thrive and to succeed.

Spot Cause Marketing Fireworks – And Win My Book!

Selfish Giving

One active promotion I found for the holiday was Pizzas 4 Patriots , which with the help DHL Express have delivered more than 60,000 pizzas to U.S. and Canadian military to authorize pizza deliveries on the Fourth of July (and the first of July for Canadian independence day). Monday is Independence Day and I’m in search of cause marketing promotions that will help me celebrate the day!

The Top 10 School Fundraising Ideas

Fundraiser Ideas

Have a contest to see which class can collect the greatest weight in cans, with the winning class receiving a pizza party at lunch or an ice cream treat at recess. As school budgets tighten across the country, school fundraising becomes an increasingly critical pursuit. Whether funds are needed to build a new playground or maintain an arts program, effective fundraising can dramatically impact the quality of a child’s education.

School 122

Google Algorithm Cheat Sheet for Nonprofits

NonProfit Hub

Best pizza delivery near O’Hare Airport Chicago” and “pizza delivery” should return the same results. Andrew Garberson is a guest contributor for Nonprofit Hub and the Manager of Search at LunaMetrics , a Google Analytics certified partner and search marketing consultancy. In addition to leading the SEO and PPC departments, Andrew is a GAIQ certified analytics junkie with a special interest in nonprofit marketing. Be sure to find him on Twitter. _.

How Can Nonprofits Use the Facebook Local App for Marketing?

J Campbell Social Marketing

This is where you can discover businesses and places near you – for example, search for coffee, Indian food, pizza, etc. . Welcome to Facebook Fridays! Fridays at noon I take 15 minutes to help you navigate the crazy wilderness of Facebook for your nonprofit. Today I answered your question: How can my nonprofit use the Facebook Local app for marketing? What is the Facebook Local App? .