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Taking information learned and using it for social engineering schemes such as targeted phishing messages.

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I was fishing (not phishing) for some e-marketing tips and came across an article titled, Eight Myths E-Commerce Marketers Must Stop Believing In. Overall, the article is more pertinent to commercial marketers, but it did include a couple of points worth passing along. First, it was great to read about the acquisition myth: “Traditionally, most marketers were focused on top-of-the-funnel activities.

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New Scams Claiming to Be the IRS - Aim for Nonprofits

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Those who have received a questionable e-mail claiming to come from the IRS may forward it to a mailbox the IRS has established to receive such e-mails, , using instructions contained in an article titled “ How to Protect Yourself from Suspicious E-Mails or Phishing Schemes.” More information on identity theft, phishing and telephone scams using the IRS name, logo or spoofed (copied) Web site is available on this Web site. From