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4 Ways to Incorporate Corporate Philanthropy into your Digital Fundraising

J Campbell Social Marketing

Corporate philanthropy has been a hot button topic recently. Guest blog by Adam Weinger. Promote corporate giving programs online. It’s simple!

Charity vs. Philanthropy and Charitable People vs. Philanthropists


Philanthropy – Making an investment that stimulates other investments or provides opportunity for others. Tweet This! But how? Tweet This!

Back to the Future of Philanthropy

Nonprofit Consultant Blog

In Erik's call for Future Philanthropy blogs he links to a TED Talk from 2007: Katherine Fulton on You are the future of philanthropy.

Creating a Culture of Data-Driven Philanthropy

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Financial Scan is new and evolving—one in a growing toolbox, including Philanthropy In/Sight , The Strategy Landscape , and Policy Map , to name a few.

Reader Questions: Snow White and the 7 Faces of Philanthropy

Wild Woman Fundraising

Here are the 7 faces of philanthropy: Dopey? Dynast Donors: Gave because their family has a history of philanthropy. Dear Queen B, LOL!

Thoughts On National Philanthropy Day

The Agitator

As we mark this year’s Philanthropy Day, two occurrences strike me as significant and deserving of special attention by our fellow.

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Can I get a hell yes? Thank you RE:Philanthropy & Dan Pallotta!

Wild Woman Fundraising

RE:Philanthropy wrote this review of Dan Pallotta’s talk to the council on philanthropy, and I just want to shout, “FRABJOUS DAY!&#. When I read this on the RE:Philanthropy blog, I was floored. Pallotta tasks philanthropy leaders with finding “the next AIDSRide, the next Newman’s Own, or Product Red. Welcome!

What will happen in philanthropy in 2013?

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

My response is that there is a huge power shift brewing in philanthropy, and in 2013 it will turn old school charity on its head. Philanthropy is next, folks. I was recently asked to post on LinkedIn what I thought would be a big trend in our sector in 2013. And you shall see it, if you are paying attention.

How to get a bigger nonprofit salary? Read what I said in The Chronicle of Philanthropy!

Wild Woman Fundraising

Recently Little House Communications asked me to help them write an article about negotiating your nonprofit salary, for the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

4 Trends That are Changing the Face of Philanthropy

Marketing for Nonprofits

In particular, finding ways to engage more people of color, women and young people in philanthropy. Cheers! jocelyn.

Philanthropy Outlook Rosy, Reports IU Lilly School of Philanthropy

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Giving momentum is strong and getting stronger, according to research findings recently released by the IU Lilly School of Philanthropy and Martz & Lundy. Here’s more of the good news reported in The Philanthropy Outlook 2015 & 2016 charitable giving predicted to rise 4.8 percent in 2015. The tide may be turning!

How the Benefit Concert is Shaping Philanthropy

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Music has been one of the most powerful ways causes, celebrities, and communities can connect to raise money for serious issues. Know your partners.

#Philanthropy: Get Involved With Some Of The Biggest Corporate Donors

Non Profit Marketing 360

Others counter that without a role for institutionalized CR, innovation and economic dynamism are often replaced with market suppression and cronyism.

Ever wonder about the history of philanthropy and fundraising? Here it is!


Thanks to the good people at the National Philanthropic Trust , now you can take a journey online to learn about the history of modern philanthropy.

Be Glad It’s Called Cause Marketing and Not 'Marketing Related Philanthropy'

Cause Related Marketing

Back in the 1980s, at the behest of Jerry Welsh, American Express trademarked the term ‘Cause-Related Marketing.’Welsh, a Feb.

Feb 56

Teva’s BOGO Cause Marketing Returns Company's Philanthropy to its Watery Origins

Cause Related Marketing

But as the company grew the footprint of its corporate philanthropy got ever-wider and more diffuse. million linear feet of water.

Your donors want to find meaning in their lives. But are you helping them?


Sick of my rants yet? And, of course, value is in the eye of the beholder (the donor’s eyes). That’s why they sought you out.

The 7 faces of philanthropy simplified


I finally got around to reading a terrific book titled The 7 Faces of Philanthropy (Prince & File). Boy am I sorry I waited so long.

Wrap-Up: Philanthropy Midwest Conference

Selfish Giving

Thanks to everyone who came out to my workshop at the Philanthropy Midwest Conference yesterday. Cause Marketing News cause marketing philanthropy midwest conferenceAs promised, here are my slides and some links to some key posts that will enhance your learning. My Presentation: Cause Marketing 101. What is Cause Marketing?

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Stop complaining because your success is up to you


All of us have been there. Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in situations that just plain suck! Think yours is worse than someone else’s?

How to use verbatims and digital body language to raise more money


Recently I was interviewed by a woman named Mazarine at Wild Woman Fundraising ! You can hear the interview here. Tweet this! Where they navigate to.

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Is your job really to raise money?


” His book, written in 1968, is about a poor camel boy who achieves a life of abundance. Tweet this. Tweet this. Tweet this. Tweet this.

Dr. Russell James’ Greatest Hits: Free webinars and eBooks


Fundraising Major Giving Planned Giving strategy best practices for fundraising case development case loads Dr. Russell James fundraising resources Lead generation for planned giving major gift fundraising marketing for nonprofits nonprofit marketing tips Philanthropy philanthropy blogWant more interesting research from Dr. James?

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Cause Marketing or Corporate Philanthropy Program? It’s Not a Yes or No Question.

Cause Related Marketing

The question was prompted by a press release I saw recently announcing a new cause marketing effort from Godiva, the high-end chocolatier owned by the Turkish company Yildiz Holding, and headlined ‘Godiva Launches Philanthropy Program.’ For that matter, corporate philanthropy in general isn’t a ‘meal replacement’ for charities either.

Are you being tested?


Related Posts. >> How to get a million dollar donation. >> Charity vs. Philanthropy and Charitable People vs. Philanthropists. So what happened?

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Cause Talk Radio Ep59: Reinventing Philanthropy: Choosing Impact Over Emotion

Selfish Giving

and chats with Eric Friedman , author of the forthcoming book, Reinventing Philanthropy. CauseTalk Radio Podcast cause marketing philanthropy

5 lessons fundraisers can learn from Subway (Yes! The sandwich shop)


Here are 5 great lessons fundraisers can learn from Subway : 1. Ask for feedback. Say please. . Use the word “YOU” often. Tweet this!

9 reasons why it’s time to uncover philanthropic mindsets


> Inside the Mind of Your Major Donor: The Science Behind Major Giving and Philanthropy. >> But, mostly, they give strategically).

5 things great nonprofits do (according to Veritus Group)


Veritus Group knows more about fundraising than most people learn in a lifetime. They make their projects and programs awesome! Click to tweet!

Could December be the month when you will LOSE the most donors?


I’m worried about fundraisers who get too excited about Giving Tuesday. I’m not the only one feeling this way. Tom Belford (a.k.a Sugar!?!

HOT OFF THE PRESS: A Golden Age of Philanthropy Still Beckons With a New $59 Trillion Target


The post HOT OFF THE PRESS: A Golden Age of Philanthropy Still Beckons With a New $59 Trillion Target appeared first on MarketSmart. trillion].

Should your donors be given a chance to “tip” your organization?


Are you confused by that headline? Similar to how you tip a waiter, why not allow the donor the choice between several overhead support options?

Are you chasing wealthy people or philanthropists?


Fundraising strategy Charitable People vs. Philanthropists donor cultivation philanthropic mindsets Philanthropy philanthropy blog

6 reasons why some donors prefer to stay anonymous


They have religious reasons for anonymity (this is the #2 reason according to the same survey study mentioned above). Related Posts. >>

12 Fundraising Questions Major and Planned Gift Officers Should Be Asking


Who inspired you in your life, your work and your philanthropy? Everyone says the number one reason why people give is because they were asked.

8 Great Ways to End Emails or Letters


Cultivation starts and ends with great communication. Goodbyes are just as important as hellos. First name], I’m really counting on you! Whew!

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How to create a culture of philanthropy at your nonprofit

Wild Woman Fundraising

And she’ll be speaking about how to create a culture of philanthropy at your nonprofit. What an appropriate conversation. MT: Wow.

Donor Psychology: Do you know what really makes your supporters feel good?


Funny thing about fundraising is that it all boils down to this: Making sure that your supporters feel good! I know, I know. Get the idea? Tweet this!

Do you have a ‘commendation mindset’?


Fundraising Lead Generation Major Giving Planned Giving strategy charity charity blog charity organizations donor stewardship tips donor-centricity fundraising tips for nonprofits healthcare fundraising higher education fundraising major gift marketing tips Philanthropy relationship fundraising top philanthropy blogsWin it together.

RIDDLE: How do you measure the success (or failure) of your planned giving program?


Today I’m very proud to provide a guest post written by one of MarketSmart’s brilliant, yet curious, Account Managers— Lizzie Weiland.