7 great old quotes about philanthropy


The post 7 great old quotes about philanthropy appeared first on MarketSmart, LLC |. Fundraising Philosophy/motivation bill gates philanthropy quotes charity blog charity famous quotes charity quotes for fundraising donor cultivation major gift fundraising Philanthropy philanthropy blog philanthropy is almost the only virtue which is sufficiently appreciated by mankind philanthropy poems quotes about charity and generosity the results of philanthropy are always beyond calculation

Charity vs. Philanthropy and Charitable People vs. Philanthropists


Philanthropy – Making an investment that stimulates other investments or provides opportunity for others. In addition to helping people learn about your organization, its programs, and its impact, I think you should help them learn what philanthropy is all about. Perhaps, give them a book about philanthropy. The post Charity vs. Philanthropy and Charitable People vs. Philanthropists appeared first on MarketSmart | . Charity – Helping people in need.


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4 Ways to Incorporate Corporate Philanthropy into your Digital Fundraising

J Campbell Social Marketing

Corporate philanthropy has been a hot button topic recently. Your nonprofit can’t afford to miss out on the benefits that come with corporate philanthropy. Here are the top four ways to use corporate philanthropy to boost your online fundraiser. The post 4 Ways to Incorporate Corporate Philanthropy into your Digital Fundraising appeared first on JCSM. Fundraising Nonprofits Online Fundraising Adam Weinger corporate philanthropy Crowdfunding Double the Donation

The 7 faces of philanthropy simplified


I finally got around to reading a terrific book titled The 7 Faces of Philanthropy (Prince & File). Fundraising Major Giving Philosophy/motivation Philanthropy philosophy Strategy Boy am I sorry I waited so long. I strongly recommend checking it out. But if you’re lazy like me, here’s Larry Van Oort ‘s simplified description of what their research uncovered. 7 basic segments of philanthropists: Communitarians (26%): Doing Good Makes Sense.

Creating a Culture of Data-Driven Philanthropy

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

On one end of the philanthropy continuum, many “traditional donors” make investments based on their passion for mission and their personal relationships. Financial Scan is new and evolving—one in a growing toolbox, including Philanthropy In/Sight , The Strategy Landscape , and Policy Map , to name a few. But we believe that tools like this can support a culture of data driven philanthropy. Anjali Deshmukh.

Ever wonder about the history of philanthropy and fundraising? Here it is!


Thanks to the good people at the National Philanthropic Trust , now you can take a journey online to learn about the history of modern philanthropy. According to NPT’s blog, this is “a one-of-a-kind digital resource about the past 500 years of global philanthropy, launched at HistoryofGiving.org. The post Ever wonder about the history of philanthropy and fundraising? This is so cool! You’re going to love it!

#PHILANTHROPY: What Might Inspire People To Give To Your Charity?

Non Profit Marketing 360

Advice Audio Interview Blogs Campaigns Cause Marketing Community Crowdfunding Development Fundraising Grants and Funding How-to Marketing Measurement Nonprofit Philanthropy relationships Charitable organization development Donation Freakonomics Non-profit organization philanthropy Stephen J. The year’s fundraising drives are laid out before you and your colleagues. The sting of the Great Recession still hurst most Americans, even if the stinger is gone.

#PHILANTHROPY: #Sundance & A3 Foundation Extend Cooperation for Asian-American Artists

Non Profit Marketing 360

The post #PHILANTHROPY: #Sundance & A3 Foundation Extend Cooperation for Asian-American Artists appeared first on Nonprofit Marketing 360. Shot from a film sponsored by the A3 Foundation. Though the Initial Public Offering of Facebook devolved into comic fodder last May, the fact remains that it made many people quite wealthy ? especially those who had been working with Zuckerberg’s company from the early days.

10 Breakthrough Planned Giving Insights from Chronicle of Philanthropy’s Latest Report


In the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s recent report, 9 Trillion And Counting: How Charities Can Tap Into the Transfer of Wealth , researchers undertake a qualitative and quantitative study of the state of nonprofit planned giving programs. Chronicle of Philanthropy has termed the “windfall years.”

#Philanthropy: Could Text Messages Circumvent Apple’s Restrictions On Charity Apps?

Non Profit Marketing 360

Campaigns Case Study Communications Crowdfunding Development Donor Acquisition Fundraising Grants and Funding iDevice iPhone Apps Marketing Nonprofit Philanthropy Technology American Red Cross App Store Apple communication IPhone marketing Mobile Computing philanthropy Smartphone SMS Social Media Text messagingApple Inc.

Thoughts On National Philanthropy Day

The Agitator

Around the globe today, more than 100 communities and 50,000 people will have participated in events and celebrations marking National Philanthropy Day. Outstanding donors, volunteers, corporations, foundations, small businesses, youth in philanthropy, and others are honored in recognition of their work in improving their communities and their world every day.

#PHILANTHROPY: Zuckerberg’s Millions Suggest New Style Of Giving By Young

Non Profit Marketing 360

And in general, the world of philanthropy has started to skew younger. Stars of ‘Nerd Philanthropy’ Dominate Top 50 Givers. The post #PHILANTHROPY: Zuckerberg’s Millions Suggest New Style Of Giving By Young appeared first on Nonprofit Marketing 360. Mark gives big again. Mark Zuckerberg always makes headlines, and few were as stunning as the ones he made in the fall of 2010 when he donated $100 million to the Newark, NJ school system ?

Upside Down Philanthropy – Foundation for the Future of Giving

Mission Minded

The post Upside Down Philanthropy – Foundation for the Future of Giving appeared first on Mission Minded. Mission Minded works with many outstanding foundations. The 3 featured below have turned foundation support upside down, so if you work for a foundation or seek support from them, this post is for you. Here’s what these foundations do that many others still don’t: Ask communities, people, and/or benefactors what they need and want, rather […].

#Philanthropy: Get Involved With Some Of The Biggest Corporate Donors

Non Profit Marketing 360

Uncategorized Bank of America Business Corporate Social Responsibility Corporation education Environment Foundation Center Nonprofit Novartis philanthropy Sanofi-Aventis Sustainability Wal-MartIn the midst of the present economic crisis, the debate about whether corporations should have social responsibility to give to philanthropic causes has grown heated.

#PHILANTHROPY: Evidence Of ‘Emerging Charitable Markets’ & How To Tap Into Them

Non Profit Marketing 360

An article on yesterday’s E-Jewish Philanthropy caught our eye because the authors did a really interesting bit of research into the top givers in US in this calendar year. The ostensible foundation of their work was to try to explain why some 130 of the wealthiest Americans on the famed Forbes 400 list are Jewish, yet only about thirty of them have given gifts that break into the list of top donors as compiled by The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Embedded Philanthropy: A New Age of Giving

A Small Change

Philanthropy has become more than gifts to charity and is now a form of self expression. This can be best seen as businesses have started to use philanthropy to sell their products and improve their world. We are at the beginning of a new age of giving and embedded philanthropy is one of the first signs. I get more excited when I see a business that is willing to tackle a problem than one is using philanthropy as a tool to increase sales.

Aging 120

Back to the Future of Philanthropy

The Nonprofit Consultant

I received a kind email from Erik Anderson, of the Donor Dreams Blog , suggesting I take on the subject of The Future of Philanthropy for this month's nonprofit blog carnival. In Erik's call for Future Philanthropy blogs he links to a TED Talk from 2007: Katherine Fulton on You are the future of philanthropy. Even the story of "modern philanthropy" predates Rockefeller by at least 150 years, with the establishment of the Foundling Hospital in London.

#Philanthropy: As Steve Jobs The CEO Retires, Will Steve Jobs The Philanthropist Step Forward?

Non Profit Marketing 360

Mr. Sorkin speculates (with contextual evidence) that Steve Jobs has never needed the image-polishing that others have hoped to enjoy after some timely philanthropy (for example, Mark Zuckerberg’s gifts just before the movie The Social Network tarnished a bit of his luster). In other words, Apple and Jobs seem not to be indifferent to corporate philanthropy, they appear hostile toward it. Keep your hands off of my stack.

Aerial Philanthropy

Fundraising Breakthroughs

Now there’s Aerial Philanthropy. Tags: giving philanthropy First there were Instant Grants. GuerilLA , the West-coast sister of NYC's Improv Everywhere , recently threw dollar-bill airplanes off the ArcLight parking lot in Hollywood , CA : What I love about these social experiments is how they highlight our reactions to giving and receiving and to money in general. One wonders, however, what this project would have looked like had they distributed funds in needier areas of the city.

Kid Philanthropy

The Agitator

Tags: Don't Miss these Posts charities fundraising nonprofit management philanthropy

#Philanthropy: President’s Jobs Bill & Tax Proposal Not Warmly Welcomed By Charities

Non Profit Marketing 360

quote from The Chronicle of Philanthropy ). Community Donor Acquisition Fundraising Grants Grants and Funding Low-Income Major Gift Major Gifts National/International News and Current Affairs Newspaper Article Nonprofit Philanthropy Politics Barack Obama Charitable organization Chronicle of Philanthropy economy Itemized deduction Non-profit organization

Philanthropy Outlook Rosy, Reports IU Lilly School of Philanthropy

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Giving momentum is strong and getting stronger, according to research findings recently released by the IU Lilly School of Philanthropy and Martz & Lundy. Here’s more of the good news reported in The Philanthropy Outlook 2015 & 2016 charitable giving predicted to rise 4.8 percent in 2015. The tide may be turning!

Next Generation of Philanthropy: Jolkona Foundation

A Small Change

What role would you like Jolkona to play in changing philanthropy? Related posts: Jolkona Foundation: Measuring Impact A New Kind of Philanthropy Embedded Philanthropy: A New Age of Giving The Wellspring Foundation: Org of the Month. Yesterday your read about the motivation behind Jolkona Foundation and a little bit more about some what they are trying to accomplish with the ability to measure the impact of each donation.

[Guest Post] Quitting the Culture Club – Why blaming a lack of culture of philanthropy is just plain lazy

Fundraising Coach

In the midst of our conversation, Dan said he didn''t let his team use the term "a culture of philanthropy." If you''ve ever been charged with creating "a culture of philanthropy," you''re going to love this! Quitting the Culture Club - Why blaming a lack of culture of philanthropy is just plain lazy. I have a problem with the term “Culture of Philanthropy.” Like sculpting an elephant, culture of philanthropy is almost always defined in the negative.

Club 84

Humble and Flexible Philanthropy

Fundraising Breakthroughs

Last month, Sean Stannard-Stockton, @tactphil, invited folks to offer a word to describe good philanthropy, along with a sentence defining it and a paragraph to further explain. Humble philanthropy knows “no small actors, just small parts.” And also because he is tough and solid and unafraid to challenge the established systems governing philanthropy and wealth in this country. s soon going to be releasing a report on ways to improve impact in philanthropy.

HOT OFF THE PRESS: A Golden Age of Philanthropy Still Beckons With a New $59 Trillion Target


The post HOT OFF THE PRESS: A Golden Age of Philanthropy Still Beckons With a New $59 Trillion Target appeared first on MarketSmart. Here you can find a combination of two impressive new studies focusing on estimates of wealth transfer and philanthropic giving by households during the period from 2007 through 2061. I find this fascinating because the authors (John J. Havens and Paul G. Schervish) have revised their previous estimate of $41 trillion upward to a whopping $59 trillion.

Press 151

Wrap-Up: Philanthropy Midwest Conference

Selfish Giving

Thanks to everyone who came out to my workshop at the Philanthropy Midwest Conference yesterday. Cause Marketing News cause marketing philanthropy midwest conferenceAs promised, here are my slides and some links to some key posts that will enhance your learning. My Presentation: Cause Marketing 101. What is Cause Marketing? A Primer on Pinups. The Power of Free (and why you should give away your cause marketing). I talked a lot about Ocean State Job Lot and iParty.

Why I pay for the Chronicle of Philanthropy

Fundraising Coach

Years ago, the school that employed me as a fundraiser paid for a subscription to the Chronicle of Philanthropy. And I was getting pretty much all the news I wanted from their free Philanthropy Today email. When other media outlets report on philanthropy, they tend to just scratch the surface. Very few news agencies even have a "philanthropy" beat. Subscribing to the Chronicle of Philanthropy is less than $6.50/month!

Cause Talk Radio Ep59: Reinventing Philanthropy: Choosing Impact Over Emotion

Selfish Giving

and chats with Eric Friedman , author of the forthcoming book, Reinventing Philanthropy. In the book, Friedman challenges traditional donor-driven philanthropy and contends that decisions made emotionally may not be the most effective use of personal or corporate contributions to charities. CauseTalk Radio Podcast cause marketing philanthropy Today on Cause Talk Radio , Megan flies co-hostless (Oh, no!)

Radio 69

Disrupting Philanthropy

A. Fine Blog

Lucy, Ed Skloot and Barry Varela of Duke University have just released a draft of their paper called “Disrupting Philanthropy.&# Tags: Social Media Barry Varela Disrupting Philanthropy Ed Skloot Lucy Bernholz Well, there, Lucy goes again being super smart! I had read and commented on an earlier draft of the paper and am delighted to see how much furhter it has come along since. Here are the [.].

Chronicle of Philanthropy Discussion on Millennials


This Tuesday, the Chronicle of Philanthropy hosted a live discussion -"Engaging Millennials for Social Causes" with guest host Allison H. Fine , a senior fellow at Demos: A Network for Ideas and Action, in New York, and a writer. Fine also recently published a very interesting paper- "The Social Citizen" -on the Case Foundation's Social Citizens blog. This paper is a MUST read. Here is a sample Q&A from the Chronicle discussion. Read the full transcript.

#Philanthropy: Livestrong Bucked Economy & ROI Expectations Via SM

Non Profit Marketing 360

The Great Recession hardly seems over, though most are confident that we have worked through the deepest part of the proverbial woods. Nonprofits, whose work is even more vital for many thousands of people during an economic downturn, suffered as well. But a few were able to fight the long dark night by sticking to a simple strategy that proved effective before the recession and even helped them expand their Return On Investment (ROI) through the downturn.

ROI 100

The Business of Philanthropy - A Rant

The Nonprofit Consultant

Philanthropy is understood as the giving (and sometimes volunteering) for the love of humanity. The fact that the family required $15 million (plus other things) in order to relinquish their rights underscores that this is business and not philanthropy." Or, maybe, we could stop fearing our donors, stop babying them and trying to protect them from the realities of our world, and stand up to them when they have ridiculous demands that make a joke of philanthropy.

The Rational Aspect of Irrational Philanthropy

The Nonprofit Consultant

I remembered this conversation this morning reading Hewlett Ends Effort to Get Donors to Make Dispassionate Choices on Giving on the Chronicle of Philanthropy. Hewlett had been a major funder behind encouraging better and more effective philanthropy through the use of results- and impact-driven data. Such is the extent to which the message of "effective philanthropy" has permeated the culture. Effective Philanthropy Achieved!

100 Incredible Philanthropy Blogs

The Nonprofit Consultant

No, I'm not going to give you the list of 100 incredible philanthropy blogs, I'm going to tell you where you can find it, and brag that this very blog is part of it! Tags: philanthropy Nonprofit online resources blogging

Caring Enough to Change Philanthropy

Fundraising Breakthroughs

I just finished reading a new report on bettering philanthropy, Caring to Change: Foundations for the Common Good, the result of a project developed by Mark Rosenman in collaboration with the Aspen Institute's Program on Philanthropy and Social Innovation. A veteran researcher and thought leader in the nonprofit and philanthropy sector, Mark’s expertise is in critique and improvement its infrastructure and capacity to influence public policy.

What will happen in philanthropy in 2013?

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

My response is that there is a huge power shift brewing in philanthropy, and in 2013 it will turn old school charity on its head. Philanthropy is next, folks. I was recently asked to post on LinkedIn what I thought would be a big trend in our sector in 2013. And you shall see it, if you are paying attention. The consumer, not the nonprofit, will be the source of innovation and growth.

4 Trends That are Changing the Face of Philanthropy

Marketing for Nonprofits

AFP NC - The Changing Face of Philanthropy View more presentations from JocelynCHarmon Yesterday, I had the great pleasure of giving the keynote presentation at the 2011 AFP (Association of Fundraising Professionals) NC Philanthropy Conference. In particular, finding ways to engage more people of color, women and young people in philanthropy. AFP NC social giving philanthropy online fundraising

Teva’s BOGO Cause Marketing Returns Company's Philanthropy to its Watery Origins

Cause Related Marketing

But as the company grew the footprint of its corporate philanthropy got ever-wider and more diffuse. Watch now to learn how Teva refined its corporate philanthropy efforts by interacting directly with its customers. Teva, the footwear company, started out making sandals for Colorado River Guides. And at its founding in 1984, Teva supported the nonprofit Save the Colorado, as it still does today.

The Future of Philanthropy

A. Fine Blog

The Monitor Institute released a new report, What’s Next for Philanthropy. A few of the highlights: Great context setting for this report and discussions of how philanthropy has to change with this statement: philanthropists operate today in a stressful, rapidly evolving, networked, and interdependent world. Lots of good, thoughtful stuff here.

How the Benefit Concert is Shaping Philanthropy

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Music has been one of the most powerful ways causes, celebrities, and communities can connect to raise money for serious issues. We recently caught up with Art Taylor, president of the BBB Wise Giving Alliance , who shared his insight on why these events can be so successful for nonprofits of all sizes. Legacy of Aid: August is the Anniversary of the Benefit Concert.

Cause Marketing or Corporate Philanthropy Program? It’s Not a Yes or No Question.

Cause Related Marketing

The question was prompted by a press release I saw recently announcing a new cause marketing effort from Godiva, the high-end chocolatier owned by the Turkish company Yildiz Holding, and headlined ‘Godiva Launches Philanthropy Program.’ Now Godiva almost certainly didn’t write the headline for the release I saw, but a quick reading made it clear that what Godiva was announcing was more a cause marketing than a corporate philanthropy effort.

Striking the Right Balance of Philanthropy, Marketing & Business

Selfish Giving

The lesson here for cause marketers is that we have to carefully balance philanthropy, marketing and business in the programs we create. If we overweight philanthropy we may miss the real opportunity corporate partnerships offer. Just think if U2’s Bono had been blinded by philanthropy when he first solicited companies to support Product RED. Tags: Cause Marketing News absolut vodka cause marketing community cafe edward boches panera philanthropy Product RED