Basic Improvements To a Promising Paper Icon Campaign

Cause Related Marketing

Yesterday, December 22, 2010, I bought this paper icon at a local chain of 31 stores called Fresh Market, which is owned by a large grocery co-op headquartered in Utah, called Associated Foods. Alden Keene Cause Marketing Database Facebook Associated Foods QR code paper icons

Paper 138

Paper Icon Campaign from Smith’s Food and Drug

Cause Related Marketing

Smith’s Food and Drug is in the middle of its annual campaign for Primary Children’s Medical Center , a key part of which is this paper icon. The paper icon is large, more than 6½” in diameter, and in full color. If it’s food bank the paper icon should represent patrons.

Paper 165

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What’s Wrong With This Cause Marketing Paper Icon? Let Me Count the Ways

Cause Related Marketing

A friend recently found the paper icon at the left at a bowling alley in metropolitan Salt Lake City, Utah, where I live and asked my opinion. There’s no identifying marks on the paper icon except the pink ribbon. The paper stock is pretty heavy, I’d say at least 80-pound.

Paper 171

Cause Marketing for the Chamber of Commerce

Cause Related Marketing

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The Cause Marketing Script

Cause Related Marketing

In entrepreneurship the script, says Mitchell (who like Bob McDonald , the CEO of Procter & Gamble, and yours truly is an alumnus of the University of Utah) is “commonly recognized sequences of events that permit rapid comprehension of expertise-specific information by experts; mental representations of the causality-connected actions, props, and participants that are involved in common activities.” Current theory from Professor Ronald K.

Getting Ahead at Your Nonprofit or Mission-Driven Company

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The research comes from the paper called “Status and the true believer: The impact of psychological contracts on social status attributions of friendship and influence,” published in the May 2013 issue of the Journal of Organization Science. A new study finds that “true believers” are more likely than non-believers to increase in status and influence, especially at organizations that are ideologically-oriented. So stow away that cynicism.

Fundraising problems are LEADERSHIP problems

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In September, I was privileged to keynote for the Utah Nonprofits Association. Write their name on a paper. Image courtesy of Peter Wood A couple weeks ago, I shared a story with nonprofit executive directors who get my Fundraising Kick coaching emails.

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Bringing a Reporter to a Pine Beetle Battle (With Apologies to Dr. Suess)

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Many of my in-laws spent their formative years in and around Cedar Mountain in Southern Utah, where the devastation to the conifer forests due to pine beetles is widespread. You’ve probably heard the old joke whose punch line talks about “bringing a knife to a gunfight.”

3 ways fundraisers can slow the revolving door

Fundraising Coach

The paper editions come out far faster than I can read but the Chronicle team does amazing work for our industry and deserves our support.).

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