Talking ’bout my rights of women and girls

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Just ask young Malala from Pakistan. What do we want? Equality! When do we want it? YESTERDAY! I want you to pay attention to the vocabulary in this speech.

Fundraising And ‘Connected Spenders’

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Do you need to know the latest consumer spending behavior in Indonesia, Pakistan and Nigeria? Probably not a lot of those addresses on your donor list … nor on any mailing list! But as it happens, by 2025 these three countries will be among the top ten countries on the planet that are home to ‘connected consumers’, joining the more expected likes of the US, Germany and Japan, the only ‘mature’ economies that will remain in the top ten.

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Here are two other menus: Barakat seeks to provide exemplary basic education in Afghanistan and Pakistan, particularly for girls and women.

11 Tips On How to Write Original Appeal Letters

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60,000 were killed in Pakistan in an earthquake last month. 6,000 were killed in Pakistan in an earthquake last month. If your appeal letter isn’t pulling in enough money in the last few years, it might be the downturn.

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Online Fundraising Stats and Trends for Nonprofits

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Between 2009 and 2010, the international sector saw a huge 163% increase in the total raised online, likely due to two major emergencies – the earthquake in Haiti and massive flooding in Pakistan – that received substantial media attention and resonated strongly with donors.

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Disruption of the 'Usual' - Rethinking Behavior Change and Communication in Nutrition Education

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Some of the countries outside the US that were there included Canada, Columbia, Czech Republic, Spain, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Malta, Mexico, Pakistan, Romania, Somalia, Turkey and Uganda. How do I help public health professionals disrupt their usual ways of doing their work?

TEST RESULTS: Strengths and Weaknesses of the Identifiable Victim

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The flood in Pakistan (which affected an estimated 20 million people) received only 2.2 Stalin said “If only one man dies of hunger, that is a tragedy. If millions die, that’s only statistics.”. Mother Theresa said “If I look at the mass, I will never act. If I look at the one, I will.”.

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Disaster giving: not all natural disasters are created equal?

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Have you given to help with relief efforts for those affected by the disastrous floods in Pakistan this summer ? The response to the floods in Pakistan has been "lukewarm" in both size and speed from governments and individual donors alike, compared to Haiti and other natural disasters.

#ADVOCACY: Make Sure Pitch Has Call To Action, Not Just High Concept

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This newspaper appeal is for the Canadian Red Cross striving to raise funds for the flooding in Pakistan two years ago (left). What happens when you get corporate assistance to launch a new campaign, or pro bono development from a commercial ad agency?

The Reality Distortion Field: Focusing on the One

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The flood in Pakistan (which affected an estimated 20 million people) received only 2.2

'Three Cups of Tea' Author and Nonprofit Founder Determined To Have Mismanaged Org After Year Long Investigation

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Mortenson, in it, alleges an experience becoming a humanitarian in Afghanistan and Pakistan ultimately building schools for girls in both countries. the girls of Afghanistan and Pakistan who have no resources, themselves - in this instance) that are harmed the most. This week, headlines have risen declaring that Greg Mortenson was found to have mis-manged his nonprofit organization, after a year long investigation, and must repay it $1 million.

The Gmail Promotions Tab – stop whining and get back to work

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During these groups with concerned American, every time we’d be discussing Sandinistas or nukes in Pakistan or the budget deficit, if anyone happened to mention their favorite coffee brand or a movie they saw recently, the group would hurl itself down that conversational side street. Much hand-wringing and apocalyptic angst has attended the roll-out of Gmail’s tabbed interface.

New studies show online giving up - but results may vary

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M&R says online fundraising revenue grew overall by 14% between 2009 and 2010 when you include the enormous 163% increase in the International sector due to emergencies like the earthquake in Haiti and flooding in Pakistan: The reason for the wide data gap is that M+R looked deeper and found that when you remove international groups (whose numbers received an enormous boost due to crises in Haiti and Pakistan) from the equation, then last year’s growth was the same as the year before.