Nonprofit Marketing and Fundraising Zone is a collection of blog posts and articles all around nonprofit marketing. It uses the Aggregage technology to create this topic hub. Topic Hubs are sites that aggregate content from a variety of sources, organize that content around keywords in the topic domain, and support both manual and social curation of that content. The goals of Nonprofit Marketing and Fundraising Zone are:


Collect High Quality Content - The goal of a content community is to provide a high quality destination that highlights the most recent and best content from as defined by the community.


Provide an Easy to Navigate Site - End users most often are people who are not regular readers of the blogs and other sources. They come to the content community to find information on particular topics of interest to them. This links them across to the sources themselves.


Be A Jump Off Point - To be clear all content communities are only jump off points to the sources of the content.


Help Surface Content that Might Not be Found - It's often hard to find and understand blog content that's spread across sites. Most users of Nonprofit Marketing and Fundraising Zone are not regular subscribers to these blogs and other content sources. Nonprofit Marketing and Fundraising Zone is a collaborative effort that was started by Katya Andresen, Nancy Schwartz, Kivi Leroux Miller, and Tony Karrer. Please let us know if you have thoughts on this system.